The Visit - Pt 4

As the four of us sat having brunch (after all it was now one o’clock) we looked for something to do. I couldn’t take my hands off Terry. She loved all the attention and returned it tenfold. Sami and Don were all but making
love as we sat at the table. She had a hand full of his meat, which, as usual, was as hard as a rock and wanting to spit again.

She was teasing him by pretending to sit on it and then at the last minute just taking the pre-cum off the end and licking her finger. Sometimes she would actually pretend to loose her balance and actually put him inside her, but then immediately pull him out again. He could tell just what it was doing for her by the amount of her cum running down her legs and dripping off his Meat every time it was withdrawn from her fanny.

I was sat on the edge of a high stool with Terry’s arse in my crotch. I had both my hands round the front of her and they were going from one erotic area to another. First two fingers were up her fanny, the next minute they were in my mouth and then grabbing and rubbing her nipples.

I was kissing her neck and she would squeeze Meat. When she squeezed him, she would put him to the entrance of her arse and try to dry feed him in. This was obviously painful for her and me, but excruciatingly pleasurable at the same time.

All the time this was going on, we were holding a conversation as though nothing was happening. Then suddenly I had to stop talking, she had pushed me too far. He came with a flash of pain and a flash of ecstasy. It stuck to her wonderful back and trickled down the crease of her arse.

This is what she had been waiting for, she guided him up inside her arse, beautifully lubed by my own cum. I kissed her neck and came again and again deep inside that smooth tube and again she shuddered as her fanny quivered, she let out a little shriek, pushed down on her pubic bone and came herself.

Noticing how quiet it had gone over our side of the room and the intensity on both our faces, without looking away from us, Sami guided Don’s Meat far up into her fanny and proceeded to quake into an eruption herself. As she lifted off Don, most of her cum followed her on to his leg, so she straddled him and rubbed it in with her fanny.

When Meat plopped out of Terry, her arse hole closed quick enough to capture most of my cum. When she turned to crouch down and clean him up with her snake like tongue, she whispered something about saving that lot for later when she gets a bit peckish.

Once again, Don was the only one to miss out but I’m sure he will make up for that in the not too distant future!!

“Now come on you lot, get washed and ready, I’ve got a bit of a surprise for you.” said Sami.

That got us all going, including me. What has she cooked up now and how has she been able to keep it quiet from me, I thought I knew all there was to know about her, it just shows you doesn’t it.

“Don’t get dressed though, well not unless you really want to, it would be a bit of a waste of time you see.” she said with a very cheeky grin on her face.

We all dutifully got ourselves up and cleaned, and believe me, there was a lot of cleaning to do.

Come three o’clock, the doorbell rang and Sami bounced up to answer it.

“I’ll get it she said,” hardly able to contain herself, “this will be them.”

“Right on time,” she said, “thank you for that, come in, come in and meet everyone.”

When she walked back in the room, she kind of sheepishly seemed lost for words, held her hands tightly in front of her and with the broadest grin on her face said:

“Lady and gentlemen, I would like you to meet Kitty and Oscar.” and as she skipped to one side, two of the most beautiful looking individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet stood before us.

I would say Oscar looked in about his late twenties, weighed about 160lbs. stood about six feet tall, wasn’t particularly muscular, but obviously looked after himself, jet black hair, dark brown eyes and a tan to die for. He was either Latino or had just spent the summer out there and had just got back.

If the bulge in his trousers, (that couldn’t be and wasn’t missed by anyone) had anything to go by, at least the girls around here were in for a very busy and very stretched time and who knows which way Oscar swings, perhaps us lads were in for a few surprises as well!!

Kitty, well, where to start? She, I would say was in her early twenties, stood about 5’2”, perhaps 5’3”, weighed in (wet through) at about 100lbs. had the tiniest of hips, perhaps her measurements were 34” x 24” x 28/30” but it was a bit difficult to tell as the clothes she was wearing didn’t hug.

She was the opposite of Oscar in colouring, she had white blond hair, very unusual dark eyes and an all over summer tan, one that was obviously encouraged rather than natural. I immediately started making comparisons with the wonderful Kitty from our holiday who visits us all the time now. Sami had obviously gone for this Kitty because of her name, but apart from that, the comparisons were not really there.

Our Kitty was wonderful looking in a devilish, naughty, independent and streetwise kind of way. This one was a lot smaller, almost c***d like in her looks, innocent, vulnerable and very, very appealing.

“Come in, come in,” demanded Sami, “come and meet the troops, this one with his mouth open, not knowing whether to look at you Kitty or you Oscar is Don, he’s our guest for the weekend, as is his absolutely beautiful wife Terry who can’t take her eyes off your bulge Oscar.”

“Oh, eh, sorry, guys, but lets be fair, if that things loaded, it’s dangerous” blurted out Terry, quite lost for anything else that might sound sensible to say.

“And that gorgeous guy stood in the corner just about to dribble is my other half, Bob. Would either of you like a drink, I’m sure it would break the ice.”

“Oooo yes please,” said Kitty, I’ll have a very stiff one.”

Cough, splutter from Don.

Everyone laughed and that did break the ice. The drinks were now flowing fast and free as Sami explained that she had met Oscar and Kitty in the shopping mall of all places, dressed up as calypso dancers and trying to sell time share.

They got chatting and he explained to her just how much the two of them hated it and would do almost anything to earn enough to get back to Greece where Oscar had a villa.

As they had both been in beauty modelling before going to Greece, they were never embarrassed by anything and as long as people were respectful towards them, they were up for anything.

When Sami heard Kitty say this, she couldn’t believe her luck. She explained what went on every time Don and Terry came over to stay and both Oscar and Kitty agreed it would be wonderful if Sami would give them a call next time they were due.

They would unfortunately have to charge her but they would do all they could to be value for money, they were just desperate to get back to Greece, something I could understand.

By now, they had put their bags down and Don had sat next to Kitty and Terry was sat on the arm of the settee with her feet on Oscar’s leg. She was hanging on his every word; looking longingly deep into his eyes as he described the island he was from and massaged her feet almost incidentally.

Don was slowly playing with Kitty’s long curly blond hair and you could tell she was melting under his attention. She would gently push back against his hand as it drifted through her curls and suddenly loose the thread of what she was trying to say.

Sami and I just quietly sat in the shadows having a very tender cuddle as we watched the four of them.

“I’m very proud of you, you know, how on earth did you come up with this, it’s just perfect, and you kept it a secret from me, I don’t think I will ever talk to you again, well not for at least the next two seconds.”

“Would you mind if I kissed you Don?” said Kitty, “it’s just that I feel so relaxed with you and I’m so pleased to be here.”

Without saying a word, Don slid down the settee slightly as she was so much smaller that him, gently took the back of her head in his hand and slowly their lips met, gradually pressing harder and harder together as the passion of the moment took over.

She squealed slightly as his right hand took hold of her wonderful left breast and squeezed it. Her eyes rolled in her head and she gasped for air as their kiss broke and she flung back her head.

They pressed their bodies together and could feel just how much electricity was between them, how much passion. Don undid the shoelace that laced up Kitty’s trousers and she whispered concern that they were in front of everyone and someone might mind if they went much further.

Don reassured her that although he couldn’t speak for Oscar, everyone else would feel highly cheated if they attempted to go somewhere private and would probably come along with them if they tried to leave.

He knelt on the floor in front of her and she giggled at what he had just said as she picked her legs up to her chest so that he could peal off her trousers. She did indeed have nothing on underneath and as she put a leg over each of his shoulders, he lowered his head down between hers and nuzzled into a perfectly smooth, shaved fanny.

She hissed as her legs went out straight and wide and she took the back of his head and pushed it hard into her very wet flesh. She rubbed her fanny lips roughly over his stubble. Up and down, round and round. His tongue snaked in and out of her hole.

She bolted forward and held his head still as she came gently. He lapped at her as a cat would a bowl of milk. Every lap hit home true and took her further and further. Each lap caught her right where it should as she wet the settee and Don’s face for all she was worth.

Finally, she drew his head up to her lovely tiny, heaving stomach and held it still whilst she lay back and savoured the feelings that were surging through her body.

Don slid up to sit next to her and picked her up like a doll and sat her on his lap cuddling her as you would a c***d. She recovered quickly and slipped off Don’s lap to go and look for another drink in the kitchen. I couldn’t get over how small her hips and butt were as she disappeared round the corner.

“I better go and see if she’s OK.” Sami said as she broke our cuddle.

“Yea, thought you might, you lucky devil.” I said.

“Your turn next.” she said with a devilish grin as she rounded the same corner.

I wandered over to where Terry and Oscar were sitting and cuddled Terry from the back and looked straight at Oscar.

“Is that really all you down there?” I said.

Terry looked at me in astonishment.

“What – what – what did I say wrong?” I stammered.

“Ask it as it is, why don’t you, you cheeky bugger,” she said, “I have just taken the last quarter of an hour to get round to saying what you just blurted out in five seconds.”

“That’s not like you Terry, you don’t normally ask the questions until afterwards and then with a question like that, you would know the answer anyway.” Don interjected.

“Cheeky buggers, both of you,” and then as quick as a flash she turned back to Oscar and said, “Well. . . . . .is it?”

“Why don’t you find out for yourself?” Oscar said as he lifter his arse off the seat. He had shell pants on and with shaking hands (can you believe it) Terry very slowly pulled them down.

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