The Visit

As I sat on the loo getting rid of last night’s beer, it felt bl**dy cold out there. I gave a little shudder, as you do when you go for a pee and dried him off.

When I crawled back into bed, Sami felt lovely and warm next to my now slightly cold front. I slowly cuddled up to her back and pressed Mr. ‘I’m starting to go hard just thinking about this’ into the crack in her butt.

As I reached round under her arm, I could feel her nipple start to harden in my hand. She wriggled her arse very slightly and moaned. This was all the encouragement I needed.
I pressed Mr. ‘See, I told you’ up and down the crease and felt him fill rapidly with the bl**d he needed for penetration.

Gradually he was working his full length up and down that tight little butt hole as Sami curled up into a tiny ball of expectation. She grabbed her crotch and pressed down on her pubic bone as her juices reacted to my movement.

“Here, you’ll need this if you are going in there,” she said softly as she leaned over and passed me the KY from the bedside table, “and please be gentle, I’m still a bit tender after last night.”

Oh yes, last night, I had momentarily forgotten about last night. Terry and Don had come round for one of their ‘Oh too rare’ visits and things had just gone from good to better as the night progressed, but I will tell you all about that later.

I gently rubbed my hand along the full length of Sami’s crotch and brought my hand up to my face. I could still smell and taste Don on my hand. Sami smiled, “Do you like Don’s flavour darling?”

“Always have, he has a very distinctive taste, a kind of caramel flavour, it’s great, do you?”

“I prefer you,” she said very diplomatically, “here, let me get that top off for you.”

With that, she had the top off the KY and was squirting some onto my fingertips.

“Now remember, gentle.”

I gently worked my fingers into her butt as she once again, rolled up into a little ball, pressed down on her crotch and shivered. I put some more all over Mr. Meat, who by now was throbbing in anticipation and slowly lowered him into position.

My stomach muscles tensed as Sami opened her cheeks to give me a beautiful sight of her butt hole slowly opening slightly and closing again. It shone in what light there was coming in and didn’t seem to mind when I eased the bulbous head past the muscle at the opening to her chute.

I waited for a moment until her breathing went back to almost normal and then pressed gently home she groaned again and grabbed my arse cheeks to encourage me to penetrate her as much as I could.

I brought my KY hand round and found Don’s favourite hole. Sami was already there but was grateful for the KY. She used it to speed up with what she was doing and was soon gasping for breath and moving her arse rapidly backwards and forwards.

She was soon into the deep throws of her first climax of the morning, gripping the pillow and moaning into it. I was moving her butt cheeks as far apart as I could get them so that I could penetrate up into what must almost be her bowel.

The slow pumping action had gone, I was now slamming in and out of her for all I was worth. I could feel this vicious attack on her arse was building her up to her second cum and her hands on my arse told me I was hitting just the right spots for her.

I rolled over onto my back, dragging her with me, still pumping furiously, I grabbed her fanny and pumped her ‘G’ and her clit for all I was worth.

She came, she went rigid, she stopped breathing, still I frigged, still I pumped. Suddenly, she pumped cum all over my hands. It gushed from her, ran down the cheeks of her arse and all over my balls and inner legs. She exhaled, quietly screamed, shuddered and pumped again, again and finally, again.

She went limp and gestured for me to stop what I was doing to her different holes.

“Just give me a minute darling and then we’ll finish him off.” she said exhaustedly.

I gently massaged her boobs and her wet through pubic hair as she purred into my ear.

“I love it when you make me cum as hard as that, she said, Don has never been able to do that you know.”

“Your k**ding,” I said in amazement, “I though you came like that every time for him.”

“No, not at all. Don’t get me wrong, he makes me cum all right, and he makes me cum hard, but I have never gushed when we have been shafting. I don’t know what it is that you do to me to get me to do that, but no-one else has ever been able to make me do it.”

That brought a nice little satisfied smile to my face. She gently kissed my cheek and sat up, still impaled on my slightly softening Meat. She spun round to face me and tucked her legs behind her so that she was now kneeling up.

This gave her all the mobility she needed and started slowly rocking backwards and forwards, wanking him as she went. Oooo, that’s all he needed, he was up and alert again in the blink of his eye.

Her fanny was pressing down on my pubic bush and occasionally, I would see her clit hood disappear and her little pink knob stick out. This, she vigorously rubbed in my hair which made her shudder again.

She leaned back on her elbows, still working her hips but allowing me access to her fanny. I immediately pushed two fingers up and worked them around inside. I could feel Meat just the other side of that thin skin wall as she wanked him. She sat back up as I played with her clit and clenched her arse muscles around him.

This was just too much. She had obviously decided it was time he came and who was I to disagree. I felt that familiar rumbling deep down as my balls started to explode.

Suddenly, just as my first spirt left me, she lifted off and grabbed him with her right hand. She wanked him furiously and smiled as she watched spirt after spirt shoot into the air.

Her hand movements slowed as my spirts turned to a dribble so that she could pop him straight into her mouth and clean him before concentrating on the pool of cum on my stomach.

She gathered my cum together with her tongue and when she had pushed it all into a heap in and around my belly button, she slurped it up and licked my stomach clean.

“Waste not, want not.” she said smiling.

I couldn’t believe it, this beautiful woman was so fucking horny.
I lay there cuddling a very sl**py, warm Sami and my mind drifted off to last night.

Don and Terry had only just arrived and yet Sami had grabbed Terry and was in the throes of a very passionate, long, deep kiss with her.

“God, I’ve missed you two,” Terry said when they finally both came up for air. “We have been so busy, it seems like ages.”

“It is ages,” I said as I led them both into the living room, “Time just seems to fly, it must be six months, how do we manage to let things slip like that?”

By this time, Sami was now putting her tongue down Don’s throat but broke off when she heard my question.

“I don’t know, but would anyone mind if I had this man right now, I’m sorry, but I just can’t wait any longer to have his lovely thick shaft between my legs.”

“What took you so long,” Terry said, “I thought you would be on your third time by now, anyway, if Bob here doesn’t stick that tent pole up me soon, I’m going to scream.”

Let me explain, it’s traditional for both me and Sami and Don and Terry to lay off it for a few days leading up to one of our get togethers and then the traveling couple talk dirty all the way to the other couples house, whilst the hosts watch hot, hot, hot home movies of the four of us up until just before the doorbell rings.

That way, the pre-cum is all over the four of us and we are desperate for it and desperate just about sums us all up right now.

We didn’t even bother to go up to a bedroom, it was ‘at it’ right there on the living room floor. There was clothes going everywhere, Sami and I didn’t have much on as we had been watching the home movies and had been fondling each other as we did.

Poor old Don and Terry were getting in such a pickle trying to keep up with us and we were down to our underwear before they had even got their trousers off. I pulled the tie ups on Terry’s hips from her pants and as they fell from her, I spun her round, bent her over slightly and pushed home.

She raised her leg on the arm of the chair next to her, put her hand between her legs and grabbed my nuts. She squeezed them so hard just as she came for the first time.

“Oooo, Oooo, fuck me Bob, fuck me hard, God, I’ve missed this so much, Fuck me, make me cum again. I held onto her hips and pumped her as hard as I could. The sound of our flesh slapping together sent shivers down my back.

I looked over to Sami and Don. Sami was laying on her back with Don on top of her. She was almost bent double with her legs over Don’s shoulders. This gave him enormous penetration and I could hear her squeal every time he rammed his thick cock up inside her.

Suddenly, I heard Don gasp so loud, it stopped me and Terry for a moment. He withdrew from Sami’s hole and shuffled up to her face. Just in time, he blasted her left cheek and hair with thick white beads of cum, then more, this time rubbing it in to her other cheek, then more and more, into an open, waiting, lapping mouth.

Still more, a huge groan every time, where was this man getting it all from.
I was back to pounding Terry’s fanny while she shuffled over to lick Sami’s face and then share Don’s cum with Sami in a very wet, sticky kiss.

Don had no intentions of going soft just yet. His meat had stopped pumping for the moment and he was now face fucking both Terry and Sami saying to them, “Make him stay hard, work on him girls, he wants more where that came from, suck him, suck him in and out like a fanny.”

This they both did gladly. He gently lay down on top of Sami and took a mouth full of her pubic bush between his teeth. He pulled on her hair, much to her delight as this opened her fanny and allowed him to stick his tongue in and find her clit.

She jumped when he found it and sucked all the harder on his tool. He opened up her pink butterfly with his hands and fluttered his tongue all over her wet, pink flesh.

This made her cum without hesitation. She moaned and groaned, still trying to keep Don hard. She couldn’t concentrate, she was cuming so hard by now and she needed her mouth to breathe through for a change.

This kick started Terry, she started to moan and grabbed Don’s free prick and wanked it hard - and I mean hard. He wasn’t aware of what she was doing or just how vicious she was being, he was too engrossed in Sami and her cum soaked fanny.

He was drinking her every drop, he slurped, rubbed, squeezed, slurped some more. She squeezed his arse, grabbed the bottom of the chair just behind her head, gurgled, spat, groaned and coughed.

Terry’s cum was running down my legs and I assumed down her’s as well. She was still pumping Don, but not quite so hard now. I had withdrawn and was spraying cum all over Terry’s arse and fanny hair, rubbing it in with a still very hard Meat.

Don sat up and turned Terry round so he could see just what a mess her arse and crotch was in. He couldn’t wait to start eating what I had deposited there. I in the meantime fed Meat to Sami who had no intention of allowing my cum to hit her nice new carpet.

She squeezed every last drop out of me and whispered to Terry how nice I tasted.
We spent the next hour sucking and fucking in every position you can imagine and eventually the girls had to admit defeat.

Don’s Meat and mine had shone three times each and were desperately in need of a break. The girls were looking a bit worse for wear and had very red knees and elbows and of-course, there fanny’s were almost in need of surgery.

Someone mentioned that there were still a couple of little holes that had so far missed out on all the action, someone else said, “Make that four little holes.”

We all laughed and agreed that the night was young.

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man I wish I could join in very nice story