Fathers Day - Pt. 7

He bent as much as he could to kiss me under my right ear. "Feel good, darling?"

“Oh daddy, you’ll never know just how good, but I’m nearly out of it, you’ve made me cum so much, I don’t think I can carry on much longer but you still haven’t cum have you?”

“Oh don’t worry about me darling, this was about you,” he said as he tried yet another angle, getting another low groan out of my surprised mouth.

“Here, I tell ya what, let’s just roll over onto our sides and I’ll keep him right where he is and if either of us wants to, we can just do whatever.”

I can’t even remember sliding over onto my side.

I must have slept so soundly, it was just getting dark when I first tried to open an eye. I was alone, laid nude on a very crumpled bed, covered only with a thin sheet.

Slowly I rolled onto my back and rubbed my eyes, every muscle in my body ached the wonderful ache of excess. I reached down to my pussy and could feel the remnants of our earlier juicy games. My lips were no longer bloated, my clit no longer extended, my bum back to its tight normality but all of them screamed of pleasurable pain.

Slowly I sat up wondering where dad was and what kind of state he’d be in by now, I couldn’t hear him and couldn’t smell anything cooking in the kitchen. I slipped into a T shirt and padded off to the loo, had a glorious pee, cleaned myself up a bit and slowly made my way out into the living room.

“Hi darling, how ya feeling?” he said, looking up from the TV that was on with no sound. He too hadn’t bothered to get dressed, just his dressing gown was between him and his chair.

“Kinda numb really, but in the most amazing way, you ok?” I said as I slumped down on top of him.

“Feeling the best I’ve felt for ages darling, you must be starving.” His hand caressed my thigh whilst the other surrounded me and pulled my hair over my back.

“I could eat a horse dad, all that walking and excitement’s given me a real appetite, shall I make something?”

“No, I’ve got it sorted, whilst you were asl**p, I ordered an Indian, it should be here any minute.”

“Oo thanks dad, I just fancy an Indian, I hope you ordered a lot.” I brought my hand up to his face and kissed his chin. “I really love you dad, you do know that don’t you?”

“Oh I think so hun, but not half as much as I love you, you know.”

“Now let’s not get into that, you know that every time you say something like that, I’ve got to persuade you that I love you more than you love me” we both laughed as I snuggled down, “What ya watching?”

“Oh nothing really, I was just waiting for you to wake up, shift your bum, I better set the table.”

“No, you stay there, I’ll do that,” I said and slowly started to lift myself off his lap deliberately showing him my bare bum as I moved.

He didn’t miss a thing, I felt his hand drop down my leg to my bum cheek and run around the back of it and pull up from my clit to my back hole, I could immediately feel myself starting to get wet.

“Mmmmm, if you do much more of that, I might just forget the table.” I expected him to pull his hand away but instead, he pushed his hand back up in the same direction as he’d just come and slowly pushed his middle finger deep inside my dripping pussy, gently pulling it back towards my bum – I stayed right where I was, half up, half down.

Slowly, he finger fucked me for about ten seconds before the front door bell went.

“Saved by the bell” I said as I got up and ran to the door.

Whilst we ate, he didn’t take his eyes off me, I lifted my foot and found the join in his legs. With my toes, I lifted his dressing gown out of the way and found his soft cock dangling down.

His eyes bulged when I came in contact with his wonderful wand and he coughed slightly – I smiled at him but pressed down on it.

“Careful darling, he’ll start again” I drew my foot slowly up and down the top of his cock as I continued to eat.

I could feel it starting to straighten so I lifted my other foot to trap his growing excitement between them, I pulled one up as I pulled the other down. Soon his eyes half closed and his fork, full of food, just hovered half way to his mouth.

I grabbed his cock between both sets of toes and pulled it from the base to the tip, I felt a drop of his cum drip onto my left foot, I rubbed it back to the base and did the same again.

“It’s a good job we’re nearly finished dad, it doesn’t look like you know where that folk goes any more,” I said with a huge grin on my face, “do you want to go back into the living room?”

I walked round the table and stooped to kiss him on the mouth, pulled him up and walked him back to his chair, his cock, bulging between the flaps of his dressing gown led the way.

I sat him down so that he was right on the edge of his chair and gently pushed at his chest. He got the message and leaned against the back, I spun round and bent over with his legs between mine. He took hold of my hips and I slowly sat down so that his now rock hard cock rested between the lips of my pussy and stuck out in front of me.

As I sat on his crotch, I took hold of his cock and started to rub my hands up and down so lightly he must have wondered if I was really doing it to him. As his cock lay in one hand, I drew my nails of the other up the front of his cock to the purple head that was bulging and shiny.

By this time, it was covered in fluid so I spread it all over the head and f***ed more out onto the sticky surface, I plucked the new glob up between my fingers and slurped at it so that he couldn’t miss what I was doing.

Slowly, I slid forward so that my fanny opening was now right where the pearls of clear fluid were appearing and pressed him up inside my tight, red-hot tunnel, he gasped and pressed his hips forwards sinking all the way to the top, resting next to my womb.

Slowly I raised myself and dropped, raised and dropped feeling him pressing so deep inside but on the next raise, I let him plop out of my pussy and turned. I dropped to my knees and engulfed the head of his slimy cock in my mouth, my cheeks caved in as I applied pressure drawing even more fluid from him.

He groaned and sank back into the chair. I pulled my mouth off his cock and wanked his shaft in my very tight fist, watching all the bl**d rush to the head with each upward stroke, his hips started pumping.

I dropped the head back into my mouth and sunk down about three inches twirling it with my tongue. I continued to wank him into my mouth with my hand and twisted my head so that he could push up into my cheek, it bulged out so much, I could see it in the corner of my eye.

I could feel his hips pumping up and down into my hand in time with my fist so I pulled my mouth off and stopped my fist, allowing him to fuck my hand, my head was just above my hand so every time he pushed forward through my hand, my mouth was waiting there to welcome him home.

All the time, he was watching me with a face that was turning more and more red, his veins were sticking out on his face and neck as he frantically pumped my fist and watched the head disappear into my mouth, his breathing and groans were getting louder and louder.

Suddenly, his hips stopped pumping and he slumped back into the chair. I immediately started to wank his shaft again as fast as he’d been pumping me.

“Oh no darling, I’m going to cum so hard if you keep that up, please slow down and let me enjoy it a bit longer.”

I understood exactly how he felt because this afternoon, he’d let me cum for over an hour without coming himself so I slowed and altered the thing to do to him, I sucked some more, I wanked (slowly) some more, I raised my pussy and sunk down on him again and again, stopping each time I thought he was getting close.

I pressed him up and down between my legs so that he could see it disappearing between my bum cheeks each time - my bum hole opening and closing in time to each penetration, but he was slowly getting to the point where there was going to be no holding back and I knew exactly where I wanted him to be when he came.

Finally, I sunk down on his cock so that he was pounding my cervix with each stroke and I could hear him starting to squeal and gasp with each breath. When he was about to cum, I leapt off his chair, spun round took hold of his cock and pointed it at me face – he came.

He came and came and came, pulses of hot, white, thick liquid raced from his balls, all the way up his cock and burst out the top. The first couple of spurts hit me straight in the face, the next flew into my hair, the next went in my closed eye, the next and the next went in my mouth as I closed my lips about his shaft.

I pumped his shaft as I sucked with all my strength, I licked his head, his shaft, his balls, that bit of skin immediately behind his balls and then went to gather up all that had left his cock since my mouth came off it.

I stuffed as much of his ridged cock into my mouth and pushed my head down onto it. He held still, knowing full well what I was trying to do, it started to make me want to gag – I swallowed – it helped, I pushed again, a little more went in, I swallowed again.

I’d taken as much as it was humanly possible for my throat to take, I finally pushed down one last time but no more would go in, I lifted up and gasped for air, back down again but this time just for the head to be seated in my mouth, still I sucked, still he stayed hard, still he dribbled gorgeous cum onto my tongue.

Slowly, I could feel the bl**d leaving his fantastic erection, I could feel the skin start to get loose around the shaft, I still sucked, I pulled my thumb up the bottom of his shaft and two fingers up the top – another lovely gob of cum fell onto my tongue – I cooed as it slipped down my throat.

After he had relaxed some, I used his so manly weapon as a spoon to pull most of the white strands off my face and then sucked it clean every time.

I felt his hands on the sides of my face lifting me to his. He tongued my face perfectly clean then leaned forward and slipped his tongue into my mouth, I sucked it hard as though it was his second cock, he was sharing his own cum with me, something we’d never done before.

I pulled away from him and sat in his lap pulled up into a little ball, both of us were breathing so hard, it was difficult to stay in one position, he clamped his arms around me and hugged me like a bear with its prey.

“I love you much more than you love me you know,” he said.


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2 years ago
Great series...thanks!
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2 years ago
very good story,thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Exceptional story. Thanks
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Like it....very much.