Fathers Day - Pt. 6

He let me lower my upper body on trembling arms and must have felt my hair touch his thigh. I need his cock, I need his cock in my mouth NOW. I had my head turned to one side, lying on his abdomen, and I was just sucking away like a nursing baby.

He did the same to my little clit, occasionally pausing to push his tongue as far as he could into the tiny opening of my cunt. I was so hot by this point that I just lay there, sucking him at one end, and pulsing into an orgasm every half-minute or so at the other end.

The flow of my juices never slowed and it must have given him an idea.

Reaching around the outsides of my thighs with both hands, he let his fingers walk over my taut, tiny bum. His fingertips lightly grazed in the crease of my hard little cheeks, then continued further, between my thighs. He slowly sank his right index finger into my sopping pussy. When I felt it enter me, I gripped it fiercely, then I stiffened and shook through another orgasm, pausing in my sucking only long enough to try to scream around his cock.

He withdrew his finger and then sent the index finger of his left hand inside me - with the same reaction. But this time he kept it there, moving it in and out in time to his licking and lip-nibbling on my bloated pussy lips and my swollen clitoris, he moved his well-slicked right finger back up to my bum hole.

I tensed slightly when I felt it pressing there, but when my next orgasm struck and then passed, he pushed it slowly inside, to the first knuckle. He must have been able to feel his other finger working in my tight pussy – I sure could. My bum was so tight that the circulation in his finger must have been nearly cut off.

He pushed it in a little more and I tried to loosen up a bit – so I rotated my hips. He began working both fingers in and out of my twin openings, synchronized so that as one went in, the other came out. Each time, I took more and more of his finger into my small bum hole.

When it was in all the way to the palm, I suddenly tensed all over. He couldn’t have missed me yowling on his cock as I came. My bum hole clenched spastically, in time with my pussy. He pushed the pussy-reaming finger in all the way too - but without withdrawing his other finger from my bum.

This was the closest I’d ever been to being double fucked and I was loving every second of it. I came like a woman having a fit, writhing and humping, bucking and growling. I abruptly redoubled my sucking on his cock, vacuuming it as if to vent all the sensations I was feeling, swallowing loads of his delicious pre-cum.

Despite his three earlier cums in the last twenty-four hours, the combination of my flavours, the feeling of my now nearly constant orgasms on his finger and the feel of my mouth around his dick, I could feel they were all threatening to set him off again.

He pulled his fingers slowly out of me and leaned up to lick first my cunt, then my bum hole. I shook all over. He pulled me off him and quickly turned me to straddle him. My expression was crazed as he lowered my trembling hips over his cock. I could barely hold myself upright. For what he must have had in mind, that was okay.

I managed to wedge my tiny, flowing pussy open against the tip of his cock and held his dick in place until it was lodged there. Then my arms hung limp as he lowered me onto his monster.

At first I didn't think it was going to fit. I was still spasming and the fearsome constrictions seemed incessant. Finally he pulled my hips down a little and his cock head was going back into my velvet vise. I groaned, a low sound from deep in my throat, and sank slowly onto his spear. He let me fall gently forward onto him.

I didn’t feel as though I had any strength anywhere but inside. My hips barely moved, but my cunt muscles kept fluttering on him as my head came to rest on his chest. He moved my legs until I was crouched on my knees, he grabbed my hips and began pumping me up and down on his cock, using just the strength of his arms.

I remember hardly making any sound at all now - if you don't count the rasp of my breath through my nose and the little grunts of pleasure each time I did a round-trip on his cock. But he must have been able to feel that I was cumming all the time because of the way my pussy was clenching on him.

His arms seemed to give out pretty quickly, but I could feel that the effort had brought him back from the brink of cummimg, so he rolled me onto my back, turning with me to keep his rigid, wonderful cock inside me. My arms, limp, fell wide apart to either side of me.

He looked down and started to scan my bod as he began slowly pumping me again. I don’t think I was able to raise even the slightest smile, except for the occasional tightening that matched the movements of my pussy on him. My nipples were swollen like the tips of biros - dark and sharp-pointed and perfectly defined. He looked lower, to where my up-tilted hips were caught in his grip. When he pressed into me, he could see my abdomen bulge, and watched the rippling of my firm muscles as I clenched down on him and came.

His cock was soaking wet and looked monstrous sliding in and out of my mangled, smashed bush of pubic hair. My cunt lips were stretched around his shaft and seemed to be coating his cock. My clit was clearly visible, protruding above my stretched-thin pussy lips like a little beacon.

He lifted my right leg high and turned me as if I were speared on his cock. I lay limp, hips rolling gracefully, as he turned me over the rest of the way onto my belly. Lifting my hips with one hand, he stuffed the pillow under me. He lowered himself slowly, nearly covering me, letting his weight drive his cock into my upturned, tortured pussy until he felt my hard little bum against his abdomen and his knees outside of mine.

Moving only his hips, he began thrusting in and out of me, long, slow, loving strokes that changed in angle and speed just enough to keep hitting me from new directions. I began to moan again, loudly, with each push, but I only had enough strength to press my hips up to meet him.

He bent as much as he could to kiss me under my right ear. "Feel good, darling?"

“Oh daddy, you’ll never know just how good, but I’m nearly out of it, you’ve made me cum so much, I don’t think I can carry on much longer but you still haven’t cum have you?”

“Oh don’t worry about me darling, this was about you,” he said as he tried yet another angle, getting another low groan out of my surprised mouth.

“Here, I tell ya what, let’s just roll over onto our sides and I’ll keep him right where he is and if either of us wants to, we can just do whatever.”

I can’t even remember sliding over onto my side.

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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Another great chapter.
2 years ago
Great as before...
2 years ago
as always fucking hot
2 years ago
Very nice, very erotic.
2 years ago
great story.
2 years ago
Fantastic writing. It's real, it's realisticly acurate and so erotic.
Keep going it makes for wonderful reading.