Fathers Day - Pt. 5

We stood outside in the boiling sun, looked each other up and down, I don’t know what he saw, but I saw a very sexy guy that I loved enormously, with a nice bulge still in his trousers, grabbed his arm and we walked into the high street.

Of-course, what we hadn’t thought about was that there might be some wind blowing outside. Thankfully, the weather was so hot that only a light breeze was blowing or heaven only knows just how much of my boobs would have been on view.

Several times, I caught dad watching me, he said it was to check that not too much was showing but I doubt that somehow. Quite a few times, as I held his hand, I’d try and walk off to a shop window and he’d keep walking straight on, well of-course, my arm went out full length and even I could feel the breeze shoot up the gap where my sleeve should be so I should think quite a bit of my boob was on view.

“Do you mind me showing people my boobs like this dad?” I said as we walked along.

“Not at all hun, have you seen some of the looks you’re getting, have you noticed that guy yet over there – NO, don’t look, you’ll frighten him off.”

“What the guy with the dog?”

“Yeah, that’s the one, he’s been with us for about five minutes now.”

“What’s he been doing?”

“Well he’s passed by us four times, I don’t think he’s seen too much yet but he’s obviously seen enough to get him interested in you, here he comes again.”

“Oh, what a lovely dog,” I said when he got to us and stopped, “What’s his name?”

I squatted down and started petting the dog behind the ear.

“Patch, he’s only a puppy really, he’s only eight months old.”

The dog moved slightly away but instead of moving with him I just leaned further forward, put one hand on the floor and started petting him again. I could feel my boobs swing forwards and backwards as I used my hand on the dog and there was that tell tail breeze again, there was also a significant breeze going down the back of my huggers too, I must have been putting on a great show for our dog lover.

I started to chicken out, so I stood back up, put my hair behind my ear with my arm but this time Patch came up to me, so I bent at the waist and petted him again – he loved all the attention and if the truth be known, I did too – there was that breeze again down my pants.

I stood again, turned to the guy, thanked him for letting me play with his dog, smiled at him, grabbed dads arm again, said goodbye to Patch and we walked on – the guy just didn’t move.

“You’ve made him very happy this afternoon Wend, I wonder what he’s going to be doing when he gets home?”

“Probably Patch” I said.

We both laughed and looked for our next victim. It wasn’t so much a victim this time, more of an opportunity, dad thought of it, he said, “Oh look, there’s a bench over there, why don’t we sit on it and have a coffee or something.”

I looked kinda sideways at him wondering why he wanted to do such a thing when he explained, “Well, if you sit well back, your bum’s going to be practically hanging over the edge, just imagine how far down your huggers are going to be on show this time and sitting that far back, you’re going to have to bend forward quite a bit just so that you don’t fall backwards, as long as you don’t make an issue out of covering up, everyone will think you have no idea about showing yourself to them.”

I sat down and dad went to the shop in front of the bench to get too coffees keeping a close eye on me all the time, a couple of times I saw him make a hand signal to me but didn’t know what it meant.

When he came over with the coffees, I pushed my bum even further back and asked him how much you could see. Without making it obvious, he stood up, walked away from the bench to a waste bin behind me, dropped his napkin into it and came back.

“Oh nice, very, very nice Wend, from nearly over at the bin I could see about a third of your crease and from right behind you I could see all the way down, I feel quite the little voyeur this afternoon.”

I giggled and hung onto his arm, as I sipped my coffee, I caught him turning his head slightly to look inside my shirt.

“Wow Wend, just then, when you lifted your arm, the wind caught your shirt and I could see your nipple, they’re hard aren’t they?”

“How could they not be with all this happening around me, my own little perv sat right next to me and heaven only knows who else.”

Just then, two guys maybe in their teens came and sat on the other side of me facing the other way. There is no-way that they both couldn’t get a perfect view of nearly my entire crease right down to my hole. Occasionally, the one right next to me would pull away and whisper something to his friend, then there was a scrabble and they changed places.

As his friend was sitting the furthest away from me and facing the same way as me and dad, he was only going to get to see my boobs but as his friend was leaning well forward to see my bum, I decided to drink my coffee out of my other hand, raised it to my lips and took my time drinking some, I felt the breeze harden my nipple again.

More whispers.

His friend shot upright and looked straight at my boob, I turned and looked very indignant at him and put my arm down. I nudged dad, whispered to him that I thought it was about time to leave, he looked over at the lad, shook his head at him and we stood and walked in the opposite direction.

Big arguments behind us from the lads.

“You know dad, my fanny’s so wet at doing all this, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there’s a dark patch on my huggers right now.”

We both giggled as dad said, “Well I know there’s one on my front, I could feel it when we sat down, even though you gave me that wonderful blow job not three hours ago, I feel like I could shag a mule.”

We both laughed as we made out way home – enough sun for one day and anyway I was getting hungry.

When we walked through the door, it had hardly shut before dad spun me into his arms and hugged me to him, he kissed me hard on the lips, dropped his hand down inside my huggers at the back, rimmed my bum hole and thanked me for some terrific fun this afternoon – I could feel his cock, full mast, pressing into my lower stomach.

“Dad, I’m so wet, it feels like it’s leaking down my leg.”

“Well we better get these off then before you ruin them hadn’t we?” he said dropping to his knees and undoing my top button.

My new leggings dropped to the floor and he pulled me by my bum cheeks to his face and inhaled a huge breath right from my soaking pubes.

“Oooo darling, can I do something about all this lovely girly juice before it goes to waste?”

I watched him as he flicked off his shoes with his feet, unbuckled his trousers and pulled them free. I couldn’t wait to see his cock again, oh my god, there it was, hard, long, thick, shining, wet, throbbing and red.

"Oooo daddy, c'mon, c'mon, do me," I softly panted the words, as I pulled off my shirt. He worked his hands under my back, grabbed my little arse and lifted me into his arms, with my head against his shoulder.

Cradling me against him that way, he carried my lusty, curled-up, ninety six-pound frame to the bedroom and lowered me to the bed, then he lowered his lips to my pussy.

"Oh yes, YES!" I yelped as his tongue hit my clit. I unfolded and shook as I came. He was still standing at the foot of the bed, bent over me with his cock waving above my face as he bent to savor my pussy. The backs of my thighs were resting against the backs of his arms. He shifted to let me flop my legs on the bed, spread. With one hand under me and bracing himself on the other, he pulled my bum up off the bed, keeping his mouth on my delicious little quim.

I reached up to grab his cock and squeeze it, then arched my head back. I couldn’t quite reach it.

Shrugging off the rest of his clothes, he crawled up on the bed. He took my narrow hips in his hands and rolled onto his back, bringing me with him. He wedged a pillow beneath his shoulders so he could rest comfortably, his head slightly raised. He pulled my fanny back down onto his mouth and started eating me again. He slid his hands up to my waist and then to my breasts.

He caught my nipples lightly in his fingers as he continued licking my pussy and clit and I groaned like I was possessed and mashed my whole crotch down on him. Again my juices were flowing everywhere.

He let me lower my upper body on trembling arms and must have felt my hair touch his thigh. I need his cock, I need his cock in my mouth NOW. I had my head turned to one side, lying on his abdomen, and I was just sucking away like a nursing baby.

He did the same to my little clit, occasionally pausing to push his tongue as far as he could into the tiny opening of my cunt. I was so hot by this point that I just lay there, sucking him at one end, and pulsing into an orgasm every half-minute or so at the other end.

The flow of my juices never slowed and it must have given him an idea.

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very good
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Phew! It's HOT in here...
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good bitch
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I can't wait for the next instalment. Great..
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great story. cant wait to read the next part