Fathers Day - Pt.4

I woke up Saturday morning and quietly crawled out of bed busting for a pee, my head was on the floor and my mouth was like the base of a parrot’s cage – the wine.

It always happens to me at dads, I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s because he brews his own, maybe, for some reason, I always drink it faster than normal, but it always happens.

Suddenly there’s a knock on the loo door, dad pokes his head round the door and asks if I’m ok.

“Yeh, I think so why?”

“Well it’s just that you’ve been there for half an hour in there, so I was just wondering.”

“Half an hour, I must have gone back to sl**p just sat here.”

I wiped myself and stood up – oo, my head. Dad saw me hold my head and asked if I had a hangover.

“Uhuh” was all I managed to get out as I stumbled back to bed.

“Fancy some nice strong coffee?”

“Ooo, not half dad, thanks.”

Two hours later we were giggling arm in arm walking down the high street, dad was taking me for breakfast and then shopping, he wanted to buy me something special, as it was Fathers Day?????

I couldn’t wait, I dived in the shoe shop and looked all round for a new pair but couldn’t see anything – anything, me, normally the easiest person in the world to please for fashion, so he dragged me in Marks and Sparks.

I dragged him over to the lingerie and sat him on a chair, he was soooo embarrassed, he had his head in his hands and didn’t know where to look, I had deliberately sat him in the chair right next to the ladies changing room – I just couldn’t do this to him.

I laughed, stood him up, turned him round and pushed him towards the door.

“Oooo, they’re nice.” I stopped pushing and leaned round his arm to see what he’s seen. He’d picked up a pair of tiny white lace embroidered shorts. Mmmm, dad always did have good taste when it came to my undies. I took them off him and held them up to my hips, they might just fit you know.

They were pure lace round back, lace embroidery for the complete front with a frilled lace edge, I had to agree, they were lovely. He picked up the bra to go with them, I just looked at him.

“I know you don’t wear them but I was just thinking, they’re not wired, they would just hug to you, you know give you that bit of mystery and in any case, they’re so cute?”

I held it up to my chest – it felt really strange – Jen would get a surprise – oh, I wonder what made me think of her.

Before I could say no, dad had both garments in his hand and was walking over to the cash desk – “There you are darling, happy fathers day.”

I trapped them under my arm and we sauntered off to the next shop. By the time we got home, he had a new flat cap, a new jacket with leather patches, new socks and a bottle of eight-year-old malt whiskey.

I had my bra and pants, new trainers, new hip huggers and a really cool white top. No sleeves and open from top to bottom under the arm both sides, plunged down in front with a high collar at back.

We got home and I couldn’t wait to try on my new stuff, we walked into the living room, I put down the bags and started opening them up, first of all I wanted to try on the hip huggers and trainers. I wriggled out of my jeans and pulled up the huggers, they were tight but fit beautifully. They really dipped in front so I was going to have to be really careful not to stretch up in them or else everyone would get an eyeful of my pubes.

I squatted almost to the floor because I wanted dad to tell me how much of my bum you could see like that. I knew from all my friends who had them that when you bent over or squatted like that, you could see as much as you were willing to show but I wanted to know what dad thought, did he think it was too much or ok.

He came up behind me and looked down my back. “Well?”

“Well, if I ever need anywhere to park my bike, I’ll know where to come.”


“Well you can see a lot darling, how much did you want to show and I’ll tell you if you can see it or not?”

“Well it depends where I am and who I’m with, for instance, if I’m at home, I don’t mind showing off the top of my thong round front and back but when I squat like this I don’t want to show any more, but if I’m here with you, I don’t really mind what I show so long as you don’t get embarrassed.”

“You’re not going to get me embarrassed – obviously, I don’t want to get you arrested but all you’re going to do is to make every other fella we see as jealous as hell wondering what an old fart like me’s doing with that gorgeous girl showing everything off, you won’t mind that will you, everybody’s going to be looking at you, including the girls you know?”

“Why, do I look a tramp?”

“No darling, you look anything but, you’ll look absolutely stunning in that top with the huggers and your new lingerie.”

“Do you want me to try it all on so that you can see for yourself dad?”

Before he could answer, I was naked in front of him. I suddenly realised, looked up at him and smiled.

“Quick darling, put something on otherwise we’re not going anywhere else this afternoon.”

I ran over and leapt in his arms wrapping my legs round his waist and rubbing my crotch into his, his hands came up, caught my bum cheeks as they landed and squeezed.

I jumped down and walked back to the lingerie bag, I got out the new gear and pulled on the shorts, they were really cut low too but just covered my pubes, I stretched up and out they came, I giggled at dad.

Next, I pulled on the huggers again and then the top, finally the trainers.

“Haven’t you forgotten something darling?”


“The bra?”

“Oh hell, yea, do I need to wear it dad, can you really see them?”

“Well not if you keep your hands down by your sides, but just walk about pointing at things and swinging your arms like you normally do.”

I marched up and down the living room pretending to be a soldier, then a tourist with a camera, then pointing up at some magnificent building.


“Hhmmm, well, I could see them because I knew you weren’t wearing one, but you didn’t show too much, just a quick glimpse now and again and even then quite a lot of your breast but not all the way to the nipple – enough to get any hot bl**ded male cumming in his pants but that’s normal for you anyway isn’t it?”

“No it’s not,” I shouted indignantly at him, “Anyway, it’s one thing doing this where people know you but quite another where they don’t, that’s why I don’t mind when I’m here with you but I’d never do it at home.”

“So do you want to go out like that, with me like this I mean?”

“Would you mind dad, I’m not showing you up am I?”

“Not at all darling, but maybe before we go, you could help me with something could you, just so that I don’t show you up?”

“Yea sure dad what is it?”

“Well, unless you do something about this,” he said pointing at his very tented trousers, ”I’m going to have to walk round with a hard on all afternoon.”

“Oooo dad, I thought you’d never ask, I saw it earlier when I got naked, that’s why I went to jump all over you, but you never mentioned it so I didn’t know if you wanted me to take any notice of it.”

“Well I didn’t like to say anything because you seemed so excited but now seeing you like this and knowing that everyone, including some of the women are going to be drooling all over you, I just know it’s not going to go down on it’s own and I am going to be embarrassed if they look at you and then at me and see it.”

“Look dad, if any of them knew what you had in there and exactly what you could do with it, you’d have no need to be embarrassed,” I said as I sauntered over to him as sexily as my legs would carry me.

“Do you want me to take my top off for you dad?” I said as I raised my hands over my head as high as I could so that he got a clear view of my bush, “Or do you want me just to squat down in front of you and slowly pull them off?”

When I squatted in front of him, I turned round and the huggers had pulled down my shorts far enough for him to see half of my crease.

I spun round again and grabbed hold of the impressive bulge in his pants. I pulled down his zip and lowered his trousers and pants around his ankles, his cock sprung out to just above my head, he hung on to the back of the chair just behind him and stuck out his hips towards my face.

“Oooo daddy, look how hard you are, can I suck it please, can I roll my tongue all around that gorgeous head and suck as much of it into my mouth?”

I wanked his shaft with my hand a few long strokes and watched as the crown started to sparkle with all the pre-cum oozing from his slit, I licked at it with my tongue and plunged my head over the big, fat helmet and sucked my cheeks in gaining all the juice out of his big tube running along the bottom of his shaft.

I hung onto the strong legs in front of me, pulled it out of my mouth and said, “Fuck my face daddy, please try and get as much in my mouth as you can, I want you to cum in my throat and make me gag, I want you to drain your balls in my mouth and spray my face with your cum.”

He gently wrapped his fingers in my hair and started fucking my face making sure he didn’t put too much in my throat. I could hear him groaning and moaning. I looked up into his eyes and he looked down at me, his face was beginning to distort with the energy and concentration he was putting in to this wonderful act of father/ daughter love.

Only minutes later I started to feel his legs shaking, I could tell by his strokes and his breathing that he wasn’t going to last much longer, I took hold of all the cock he was reluctant to shove down my throat and copied his rhythm with my hand.

He started to gurgle deep in his throat, “Oh darling, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum so much, I’m going to fill your mouth and cover your face, here it comes darling, here it cums.”

With that he took hold of his cock where my hand had been and started wanking just the glistening head, I stopped moving and just opened my mouth waiting for his wonderful gift.

“Fill my mouth daddy, give me your cum, cum all over my face daddy, I want all your cum.”

The ropes of white hot juice flew out of his cock and straight in my mouth, the first one bounced off the back of my tongue, the second landed half on my lip, half in my mouth, the third hit my cheek bone, the fourth on my nose before I had chance to get him back in my mouth.

I took over the slow wanking again as his knees started to give way. He gripped hold of the chair again as I sucked and sucked for all I was worth. Again he flooded my mouth with his delicious cream before he took hold of my head to stop my movement.

“Ooooo darling, just suck gently, I’m so sensitive, just suck gently.”

I slowed with my hand and gently played my tongue around the head of his still hard shaft. Some small dribbles of cum rewarded me. His cock was gently going down, I continued to suck him. I cleaned his cock and sucked at his tight balls, still some leaked from his slit, I licked it up and sucked the very last drains out of that famous tube.

Finally I let him go and sat back on my heels, looked up at him and smiled. He turned and slumped over the back of the chair – I could hear him giggling to himself. I kissed his bum and stood up on very shaky legs. He stood up too and turned again to cuddle me. I could still feel his cock pushing into my bare midriff; I tucked it into the top of my huggers and pushed against him.

“Mmmmm, don’t start him off again darling, we’ll never get out of here,” he said pushing me gently away.

I looked down and he still wasn’t totally flaccid but instead of letting my hand that was reaching out to him grab it again, he said “Oh no you don’t.” and bent over and pulled up his pants and trousers.

“If I’ve got to look like this for you dad, then I want you to go commando for me this afternoon.”

“What, you want me to go outside with no pants on, wow, I haven’t done that in years, I suppose it’ll be ok, these trousers won’t rub – ok then sexy, if you want that, you’ve got it.” He said pulling off his trousers, then his underpants then pulling his trousers back up again.

After cleaning my face with my fingers and licking them clean, I watched him in the mirror and said “You ready?”

“Well my legs are still a bit shaky but as long as I don’t have to run anywhere, I suppose I’ll be ok.”

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10 months ago
I will agree with both x-pac6969 billsday. this is just great writing. I really hope you continue, and I hope to see more stories from you.
1 year ago
loved this one
2 years ago
I know you are a man, but you sure write like a really sexy erotic woman, and I'm answewring you like I would a woman, these stories are that good, your a very good writer!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
This getting better and better.
2 years ago
Great incest story
2 years ago
very good.
2 years ago
Really good!!!!
2 years ago
good series. part 6 soon? is her lover going to join her and her Dad?
2 years ago
A very nice father-daughter relationship, very nice indeed.
2 years ago
(puke) bad str !
2 years ago
lucky dad.
2 years ago
Mmmmmm....So sexy and so real..Loved it!
2 years ago
great story