Fathers Day - Pt. 3

During the night, I don’t know what it was, maybe the heat, maybe because I had someone in bed with me, but I woke up a couple of times literally dripping with sweat.

I pulled the covers off me, trying to make sure dad still stayed covered up but not succeeding, with the covers now off us I could, once again try and settle down.

But uncovering dad like that must have disturbed his sl**p pattern as well, I could hear him moan and move. Every move he made bumped into me, we were still cuddling in the spoons position so his cock and hair would tickle me. It sent shivers down my whole body knowing that even in his sl**p he had the power to get my body shaking.

He took hold of my right boob and squeezed lightly, then cooed into the pillow, I felt his lovely cock twitch right in the crack of my bum where it had been now for who knows how long – I didn’t dare move in case I woke him up but I knew I needed that weapon to grow and to spear me into the bed.

I wriggled a little and so did he, I wriggled again and I could feel his cock starting to respond – he squeezed my boob again. I gently pushed back against his growing tool and slowly twisted my hips against him, the sweat was dripping from us both again and this time without being able to blame the covers.

We kept up this momentum for some time, him pulling me into him, me backing into him and grinding. Within minutes, his cock was like a steel bar gently running up and down my slippery crack, he pulled his sweating hand off my boob and ran it down onto my stomach and pressed.

He felt my stomach muscles tense when a small climax suddenly hit me, I was sure he was awake now and had felt that – neither of us said a word.

He lowered his hand again and pushed down on my pubic bone, once again all kinds of rivers ran out of my pussy, round the back of my leg, onto his balls and the sheet below, oh, if only you’d been there to slurp up all those juices for me, with your wonderful long tongue driving me to the limits.

I know how much you love drilling into my pussy so that you can make sure none of my juices are wasted, they are all gathered up by that magnificent tongue and slip down your thirsty throat.

His rhythm was still driving me mad, I could feel his cock graze up against my bum hole, then past and up to the top of my crease, then down again.

One time, he pulled it so low that he almost pushed his wonderful cock forwards and into my aching pussy, but at the last minute it changed direction and headed back towards my bum hole.

He held it there just at the entrance then slowly pushed, it was nearly in – I held my breath, was dad really going to be able to fuck me in my bum without any kind of help or guidance from me.

It wouldn’t go, it just wouldn’t move, he pushed a little harder and I felt my ring give just a little but not much – please don’t give up dad, please try again.

He backed off a little and tried again but this time, all he ended up doing was to slide on by the same as he’d been doing earlier.

I slowly put my right arm behind me, took hold of his so powerful, so hard rod and led it down to where I knew we both wanted it to go. He was way ahead of me and patiently waited for me to get it properly lined up and when he felt me slowly push back at him, he knew it was ok to push forwards.

Slowly, very slowly, we edged his massive crown into my tiny bum. I relaxed as much as I could but it still felt as though he was trying to get a tree trunk up there. He could feel me flinching, which stopped his pushing immediately. Slowly I started us rocking backwards and forwards again and I could feel him twisting his hips to try and cork crew his cock up inside my tiny hole.

It was working, it was going in, once the head was in, I could feel every time I pushed back, more of his magnificent shaft sunk up my insides.

Oh, it felt absolutely stunning, absolutely gorgeous, absolutely perfect. He pushed his hand down further into my hairy groin and searched for my clit, no trouble, that was sticking out as far as it would go and he rolled it between his thumb and first finger, I groaned and pushed my head into the pillow.

Still I felt more and more cock pushed up inside my bowels, he withdrew a little then pushed more back in, withdrew, back in. Finally, every time he pushed in I could feel his hair on the cheeks of my bum, he was in, he was wwwaaaaayyyyyy in, I pushed his hand down on my clit and scrunched up in a little ball, I was going to explode.

I was panting and gasping, clutching and howling, rolling and pitching, pushing and tilting. His thrusts were getting faster and harder, I was there, I’d gone, I clamped my hand over his on my clit and thrashed it about, my clit went ballistic, my legs came up to my chest, my bum went back onto even more of his cock, my other hand pulled a nipple far too hard and I held my breath.

“Oh god darling, I’m going to cum, I’m sorry darling I can’t hold out any longer, I’ve got to cum.”

He was pounding in and out of my bum as hard and as fast as he could go, he pinched my clit one last time then froze.

His cum thumped into the back of my bowel wall, again and again he thrust forward, each time I felt another bolt of cum hit my insides. I held onto my stomach as my muscles clenched up. My sphincter gripped him in a vice, I must have been squeezing him so hard – god it was even hurting me, so what it must have been doing to his poor cock.

I relaxed and felt another two blasts leave his pee hole to make their way as far up my insides as he could push them.

Slowly we both started to slow down. His hand moved away from my clit and rested gently squeezing my right boob, my right hand covered his, he kissed the back of my sweaty neck, I snuggled back into him, he gently kissed my shoulder.

Except for his out burst just as he was cumming, we still hadn’t said a word to each other and now we were hotter than ever. I was thirsty again.

I slowly picked up the glass from my bedside table and tried to take a drink. I couldn’t raise my head enough to be able to pour it so I put it down again.

I lay down to listen to his breathing, it was the same again as it was before I woke him up, I started to drift off to sl**p again still feeling his wonderful, wonderful cock inside my bum, holding in the huge amount of cum he’d just deposited there.

I’m panting right now just reliving that nights love making session with dad up my tiny bum and it’s making every nerve end in my body scream with delight.

Last night, I lay in bed thinking about how I could finish this part of my story to you and every time I closed my eyes, I could see dad laying on the bed with me on top of him also on my back with you laying between my legs.

I’ve got them open and over your shoulders, dad’s got hold of my thighs and is lifting my bum up and down so that his cock slides in and out of my back hole whilst your tongue and fingers drive me to the edges of the world from the front.

All I can hear is dad breathing deep in my ear and the squelching of your fingers and the lapping of your tongue as you get me closer and closer to that cavern that I have no doubt the two of you will have me leaping into any second.

Can you see it, can you feel the soft folds of my pussy as you prize them apart with your fingers and you drive your tongue in so deep to slurp out all the gushing liquids you’re making my body produce?

Oh I must calm down, I’m far too hot and hyperventilating.

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great reading
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You aren't the only one thats HOT, and Hyperventilating. These stories are REALLY HOT!!!
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Excellent story.
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The same perfection as before
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Horny as hell, she's a wonderful daughter.
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nice story
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Very nice.
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Really Hot!
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Another HOT chapter!