Fathers Day - Pt. 2

I hope you don’t mind me telling you all this stuff, it’s just that he really knows how to work wonders on me, he knows exactly how I’m feeling just by looking at me and just what to do to make all those nasty things go away.

Am I telling you too much or do you want me to carry on telling you?

I really feel all soft and sloppy now reliving this for you.

Please let me know what you want me to do.

I just knew you would understand about how much I needed dad that night.

It must have been nearly midnight when we finally closed the patio doors behind us, we’d sunk nearly two bottles of wine between us and I just couldn’t let go of him.

“Is there anything else you need before we go to bed hun?”

“Oo no dad, I just need to go up and stretch out on some lovely cool sheets.”

“Ok then darling, you go up, I’ll just finish up here and then I’ll be up.” He patted my bum as I walked in front of him, I giggled and started up stairs.

I walked in my room and there was a rose on my pillowcase, for some reason, that made me sad but then I could hear him singing down stairs and I forgot anything that was sad right then. I pulled my top over my head, shook my hair out – wow, I wish I hadn’t shaken my head – sat on the edge of my bed and just flopped back feeling the lovely softness of the bed I’d spent so many happy years in.

I sat up, pulled off my socks, pulled down my jeans, stood up, put them over the back of a chair and looked at myself in the mirror – god, I looked tired. I ran my hands over my boobs, pulled my nipples a bit – they immediately went hard, slid my hands down to my tummy and hooked my fingers in the sides of my thong.

I watched myself as I slowly started to pull them down.

“Leave those on darling, you look so beautiful in them.”

“Oh dad, you scared me,” I said shocked that I’d missed him coming up the stairs.

“Sorry darling, I’ve been here a couple of minutes, you looked so young again getting undressed, it took my mind back to when you used to live here, can I come in?”

“You don’t have to ask dad, of-course you can come in.” I took him by the hand and led him across to the bed. I sat him on the edge and as I stood in front of him, he pulled me to him and kissed my belly button. He put his hands behind me and I felt him gently knead each cheek of my bum. He made his tongue into a little point and stuck it into my navel as he kneaded my bum slowly pulling my cheeks apart – oh how I needed this.

With one hand he pulled the string of my thong out from between my cheeks and with the other hand started to rim my bum hole – I immediately melted, holding onto his head.

I bent over slightly so that he’d know he was doing just the right thing and kissed the top of his head.

He slipped both hands free and started to lower my thong down my thighs, slowly I could open my legs a bit at a time for him and by the time I had both legs free, his hands were slowly tracing up the backs of each leg – it tickled, it sent shivers up my spine, it made me wet just thinking about where his hands were going to end up and what they and hopefully his tongue were going to be doing any second.

He reached the join of my legs and pulled me back to him, his nose disappeared into my bush and his tongue snaked out to find my clit. It disappeared in between my folds and I could feel my legs beginning to shake.

His gorgeous tongue was snaking in and out of my folds – all I could do was to stick my hips out towards him and spread my legs further apart. His face rose up slightly and his mouth was sucking in my pubes, I felt his hand slip down between my legs and cover my pussy – I WAS SOAKING.

He stuck one, then two fingers up inside my pussy and started a gentle rhythm going that had my hips swaying backwards and forwards, I was so close and he had only just started.

I felt the other hand come down to my pussy, gently replace the fingers that were already up there, dive inside, stir up my juices then back out again to, once again to be replaced by his original hand.

His wet fingers now trailed around my hip and again he pressed one at my bum, it slipped in with no trouble and every time I swayed backwards, he f***ed even more up my bum and when I went forwards, he curled his fingers and pushed hard on the back of my pubic bone – he was driving me mad.

I could hear the sound my juices were making every time he f***ed his fingers up my fanny and every time he pulled them nearly out, I was soaking his hand and wrist, he had me and he knew I was going to cum RIGHT NOW.


My head slumped forwards and my hips just went wild, I was thrashing about stood in front of him. My juices were running down my legs and he pulled at my pubes with his teeth.

Suddenly, both his hands were gone but I couldn’t stop gyrating. One of his hands was still between my legs and he f***ed his thumb up my fanny and a finger of the same soaking hand up my back hole.

His free hand pulled me to him and his tongue suddenly hit my clit. He pinched his finger and thumb together and shot them both backwards and forwards whilst his tongue flapped at my clit.

I think I screamed, I know my legs buckled but he wouldn’t let me fall, all I succeeded in doing was putting more and more pressure on the two digits way up my insides.

His mouth encircled my clit and he sucked it into his mouth – I exploded, I came so hard, it gushed out of me hitting my dad’s hand and chin. It poured from me in short squirts then I was on the bed and dad was stroking my hair out of my face.

“Are you ok darling, I’m sorry, maybe you were too tired for that, I’m so sorry Wend, are you going to be ok?”

I slowly raised my shaking hand up to his face and smiled up at him, I was so weak and tired and THIRSTY, I suddenly realised that I was really thirsty.

“Oh dad, that was wonderful, you made me cum so hard I can’t remember the last time I did that, but I’m so thirsty, you couldn’t get me a drink could you?”

“Sure darling, I’ll only be a minute, you sure you’re going to be ok?”

“Yeh, I’m sure dad, I’m sure.” I whispered.

He came back from the bathroom with a tumbler of lovely cold water, handed it to me, held on to it because of the state I was in and I downed half of it. I slumped back down on the bed still gasping for air.

I swiped the hair out of my face again, looked up at him and started to laugh.

“You really had me worried there darling, you just kinda keeled over, luckily I had hold of you otherwise you would have been on the floor.

“You’re not k**ding you had hold of me, you had hold of my soul. Wow, that was some climax, I really felt it inside my head then everything just kinda went blank.”

“Do you want some more water, you must have been dehydrated again?”

“I wasn’t dehydrated dad, it was what you were doing to me, it was absolutely wonderful, I just had emotional overload and passed out, that was so mega dad, I still feel as if all my insides are just scrunched up in a tiny little ball somewhere and that I’ve just been driven over by a truck.”

“Well I think we better call it a night, don’t you, you must be so tired.”

“Ok my lovely, lovely papa, but you will stay with me won’t you?”

“Yes I will darling Wend, I’ll stay with you, I’ll cuddle you, I’ll kiss you just like I used to do when you were a girl and you were poorly, now lets get some rest.” He started to get undressed and I could see the bulge of his penis in the front of his pants as he started to pull them down.

“Come here, let me get my arm round you, that’s it darling, good night sweetheart” he said and spooned into my back, I could feel his lovely organ pressing into my cheeks, I groaned, wriggled back against his cock until it shot up inside my still soaking fanny and drifted off to sl**p.

Would it be ok if I carried on reliving this, it still makes me feel all lovely and warm inside whilst I’m writing it for you?

96% (25/1)
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2 years ago
I, would love it if you would do your stories the way that makes youthe happiest. It also makes the stories sexier and more erotic, So go for it you sexy thang you!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Just one word: PERFECTION
2 years ago
great story and so loving.
2 years ago
Terrifc writing of a terrific story.
2 years ago
guess thats happy father day for you:):)
2 years ago
Another good one.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very nice, I like the description of her orgasm.
2 years ago
Wow good!!!!!!