Fathers Day - Pt. 1

I’ve just got back from dads house and I had a wonderful time. Even though it was Fathers Day, you would have thought it was my weekend the way he treated me, he’s such an old softy my dad.

I got there Friday night and he could tell straight away that I’d been crying on the way over. He didn’t say anything, he just pulled me to him and cuddled me, you know, one of those cuddles where you can smell all his lovely daddy smells, you feel right back at home and as safe as houses.

He took me by the hand and led me over to the settee, sat me down and went out to the kitchen.

When he came back in, he had two huge tumblers of wine and he wished me all the love that he had and hoped that I could stay forever and if not that, then a month, if not that then a week, if not that then the whole weekend.

“No need to go any further than that dad, I want to stay for ever but it’s only for the weekend I’m afraid.”

He sipped his wine but I didn’t see that he’d taken his lips off his glass to watch me and by the time I did, my glass was empty.

“My goodness darling, it is hot isn’t it, you must have been really dehydrated, here let me get you another one.”

When he came back in, he had one of those trays that has like a cushion on the bottom and put it on my lap. Not only was there another glass of wine on it but also a lovely roast dinner that he’d made for me.


Since my darling Jen left three days earlier, I hadn’t hardly eaten anything but dad always knows how to get me to eat and he’d made me roast chicken with all the trimmings. He didn’t say another word, just sat there and watched me eat, I kept looking up at him and all he did was to smile back at me.

I think within minutes I had finished the whole plate.

“Let me get you some more,” he said, and off he went.

“No dad, I couldn’t eat any more, please, I’m stuffed.”

But this time when he came back in, he had a bowl with strawberries and ice cream – how does he know.

Not another word until that too had gone, now I really was stuffed.

I got up and undid my trousers and burped. I immediately put my hand to my mouth and looked at dad, all he did was laugh and clapped really loud which of-course got me laughing too and there’s me thinking I’d never laugh again.

We both had our glasses in our hands when he led me through the patio doors and onto a settee out in the garden, he sat down and patted the seat next to him, I sat on his lap.

We both cuddled for ages, not saying anything, just nearly strangling each other. When we finally relaxed, I just looked at him and gently kissed him on his lovely, sweet, soft mouth.

“Thank God for you my darling, I really am a lucky guy to have you as a daughter, it’s so lovely of you to remember its Fathers Day soon and want to spend it up here.”

“Don’t be silly dad, where else would I want to be but with my lovely old pops?”

“Not so much of the old, young lady,” he said grabbing my knee, he knows I can’t stand that and am so ticklish.

It was still hot, even though it was gone ten, the sky was clear, it still wasn’t really dark and I felt really relaxed. I was resting my head on my dads shoulder, he was tracing his fingers down the side of me face, my neck, my arm, my hip to my knee, then back up my front across my jeans zip, up past my open button, up my tummy, between my breasts to my chin.

He pulled my face up to his and gave me another lovely really gentle kiss, I was in heaven.

I moved to get my glass from the table and he groaned.

“You all right dad, am I squashing you?”

“Just a little hun, when you moved then, you squashed my important bits but it’s ok.”

“Oh I’m sorry dad, here let me kiss you better.”

We both burst out laughing, he knew I wasn’t going to but he looked kinda scared for a second until I started to laugh.

I did rub him though, just as I was about to sit down again, I sat forward on his knees and just gently rubbed his groin for him, left my hand there for a second before leaning forward, kissing him again, squeezed his ‘important bits’ then sat back on his lap again.

When I squeezed it, it really jumped in my hand and when I sat back over it again, I could feel it pressing into me even through my jeans.

“Do you want me to sit like this dad, you’re really hard and I must be hurting you?”

“Perhaps you’re right darling, I’m sorry, I was really enjoying cuddling you, I’m just a horny old fool I guess.”

“Don’t worry dad, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just lay down here and make myself comfortable.”

I lay down on the settee next to him so that my head was in his lap and my feet were tucked under me.

I immediately put my hand on his hard cock and gave it another squeeze and once again it jumped in my hand, it felt so big and hard that I doubt right then that I would have been able to get my tiny hand round it. He gasped and I pulled my legs up tight to my fanny that suddenly felt very wet.

“Oh darling” he sighed.

“Has that girlfriend of yours been taking good care of you lately dad, you seem awfully hard?”

“Oh, I haven’t seen her in weeks darling.”

I sat up and looked at him.

“Oh dad, I’m so sorry, what happened?”

Oh, don’t worry about her darling, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters right now is that you’re here, I’m here and we’re together.”

“Are you sure dad, you can tell me what the matter is you know.”

“Maybe later darling, don’t worry about it.”

I lay down again and of-course, went straight back to his lovely cock. I traced the outline with my finger end and kinda pulled my nail over the end of it a few times, it made him push his hips up slightly towards me.

Without saying anything to him, I undid his top button and gently, slowly, pulled down his zip. When it was all the way down, I put my hand inside his trousers and pulled out this enormous, wonderful cock that was my dad.

He was already wet on the end and when I took hold of it and slowly pulled my fist up from the base to the end – another huge drop of his juice came sliding out of his slit.

I put my tongue out and without letting him even know I was going to do it, I let it drip onto my tongue, I swiped it back into my mouth and licked the end of his cock and then on down the underside to my fist.

I quickly stuck my head over the huge end and sucked as hard as I could so that any more fluid that was hiding in there came out and into my mouth, then I laid my head back down with it still in my mouth and just gently stroked it with my tongue and lips as I drew my hand slowly up and down his leg.

By now, his hand had gone to my rib cage and was finding my breast to gently squeeze, he lifted my top and slid his hand underneath and he could immediately feel how hot I was by how wet my skin must have been. He cupped my breast in his hand and let his fingers slowly squeeze themselves out to my nipple.

When his fingers connected on either side of my nipple, he started to increase the pressure he was putting on and slowly he pulled my nipple away from my chest and squeezed harder and harder.

I could feel him gently pushing just an inch or so of his super hard cock into my mouth then out again. He set up a slow deliberate rhythm and soon I could hear his breathing getting more and more laboured.

I was squeezing his leg right up near his balls when I heard him whisper to me that unless I stopped now, he was going to cum in my mouth.

I immediately drew my hand up to his balls and rolled them gently on his leg, brought my hand up further and wanked the five or six inches of his bulging cock not in my mouth, I felt him flinch and shudder, I knew he was close.

I pulled my head all but off his cock so that just the head was held in place by my lips, I held his shaft steady in my hand and waited for the inevitable.

The first blast of hot cream landed near the back of my mouth – he seemed to stop so I licked over the sensitive edge of his crown. This got him to where he just couldn’t stop himself flowing into my mouth.

The second and third blast flew out of his pee hole and landed on my tongue, I swirled again over the top of his cock just as the fourth one spewed out of the end – he was moaning and groaning really deep down in his throat.

I rolled his balls again and then back to the shaft that was shuddering in my hand, I squeezed the base and I felt his hand flutter above my head, I wanked his shaft again and after what seemed like minutes but was probably only seconds he blasted two more wonderful shots right at the back of my tongue.

I needed to cough but held on to swallow instead, some of his sperm had leaked out the side of my mouth and was making a squishing sound next to my ear but I just bathed his cock with short jabs of my tongue and slowly pulled all the rest of his wonderful, hot cum out with my hand and suction.

He started to relax, so I just held onto his leg and sucked his cock for him as hard as I could. Little after shocks tightened his stomach muscles and small dibbles landed back in my cheek.

I just couldn’t let go of my dads cock, it’s so wonderful to know that I can get this close to him and all the worries of the world simply seem to drift away.

Of-course, in the end, he slowly tugged at my shoulder to move me from his lap, so I sat up, scooped up the cum that was on my cheek, licked it off my fingers and smiled up at him.

His head flopped back on the cushion and he seemed to chuckle to himself.

“What dad . . . . . . why are you laughing?”

When he could speak, he looked at me and said, “Well here I am supposed to be taking care of you and here you are draining me of all my cares, you’re so wonderful to me you know.”

He cupped my face with his hands and then looked at the one that had landed in the stickiness of my cheek, he wrinkled it between his fingers and then stuck them on my lips.

I licked his fingers clean and then dropped my head to lick away the mess where my cheek had been.

“Is there anything you need from me Wend, would you like me to do the same to you?”

“No dad, not just now, I’m still trying to get over that great big meal you just gave me, but when we go to bed – that would be nice.

He pulled me up into his arms, cuddled me, we kissed, he wrinkled his nose and said, “Do me a favour darling, would you go and fill the glasses again please sweet, I need just to sit here for a couple of minutes.”

That’s all I can remember for Friday night until he took me to bed but that’s for the next part.

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2 years ago
I will enjoy them all.

2 years ago
Your story is so
Between dad and daughter.
2 years ago
I take it that this isn't the first time they've been" together", but they sure warmed everything up. Really great story!!
2 years ago
What a great Dad, and a really wonderful daughter!! So understanding!!
2 years ago
2 years ago
The best I have found on x-hamster. Simply great.
2 years ago
very nice story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wonderful and loving story. Thanks
2 years ago
Nice taboo always
fucking turn on
I always think of how this makes a bitch turned on at and nympho in trainiing
2 years ago
perfect Fathers day and I have 3 daughters! Lucky me!
2 years ago
Nice !!!!
2 years ago
your story is so sexy.
2 years ago
A lovely story.
2 years ago
Nice story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very very hot! Great work mate!
2 years ago
thats was one happy fathers day
2 years ago
Excellent more please.
2 years ago
realy good,
2 years ago
That was different. I like taboo stories cause I can relate.