First time with dad - Pt. 5

I looked up again at dad who was still stroking himself although all the cum seemed to have gone and he asked me if it was as nice as it seemed.

I told him that it felt a thousand times better that what it must have looked like and asked him if he enjoyed cumming as much as I did sharing it with him, he just replied, “Ohhhh, a thousand times more”.

Whilst we were talking, I couldn’t take my eyes off his beautiful cock, standing so hard and straight out from his body. I put my arm out to try and reach it but couldn’t, I signalled him forward with my fingers so he sunk to his knees and was now not only in arms reach but mouth reach as well.

He took his dressing gown off and lay over the top of me, he pulled my legs in the air, parted them and lowered his cock into my mouth as he lowered his mouth to my pussy. Do you know the best bit of that position for me was having his balls dangling in my face, as he moved forwards and backwards, all the lovely soft skin that holds them would slide across my cheek and across my nose.

In that position, I could take more and more of his cock into my mouth, I could feel it at the back of my throat, but I found that if I swallowed just as it reached the back, I was able to take a little bit every time and although I got no-where near taking all of him, he was well and truly in my throat and he knew it too.

His mouth was going wild on my pussy, he was literally sucking Chris’s juices out of me, he would take a mouthful, spit it out on my bum and then play around with the hole for a while before pushing the end of his finger into it, then back to my pussy.

He would ask me to clench my muscles and of-course, this pushed even more out. Finally, he pulled out of my mouth and spun round so that he was lying right on top of my open legs, I held my breath.

I looked up into his eyes and all I could see was hesitation. Finally he looked down at me and said “Honey, do you think I can make love to you please?”

I just burst out crying, I loved this man so much, I had waited three years for him to make love to me and here he was thinking he had to ask. I just nodded my head and he smiled, kissed me slowly, lovingly, and passionately on the lips and lowered himself into me.

I can feel to this day, this minute, this second the feelings that went through my body at that moment. I couldn’t breath, I didn’t want to breath, I couldn’t move I just wanted to take in every single thing that I felt of him, from the heat of the fire on my legs, the rub of the carpet under my bum and shoulders, the feel of every muscle, bone and sinew in my body being tensed to the finest degree.

His hairy arms and legs tickling me wherever they touched me, his lips just brushing mine, my tongue stuck so far out I must have looked silly, his eyes shut tight . . . . . . but most of all the feel of how relaxed my pussy was without even trying, she was open as far as I have ever known her to be and yet he was still stretching her.

I could feel how first his glans worked their way past my outer lips, then his shaft, strong and wide. Inch after tremendous inch of him lowered itself so slowly inside of my body, he would pull out slightly and then sink twice as much as he had just pulled out, back inside, then again and again until finally, I could feel him pushing at my cervix, a feeling I had often felt with Chris but somehow this was different, this felt right, this didn’t feel as though I had to be careful of what else was still to come.

The shaft of his wonderful weapon had now widened to stretch me to my limit and felt glorious. I held still to see what he wanted to do until I couldn’t take it anymore, I wrapped my legs round him, my arms round him, my lips round him and my pussy round him, I grabbed his bum and pushed him in even further, he stretched my cervix, I didn’t care.

He started to pound my pussy, then rolled me over onto the top, then back again, he knelt up and pulled me into his lap, still we pounded into each other, onto his back again, this time he did give me time to settle on top so I could really lift up and down on him.

He tweaked my nipples, he pulled them, he almost hurt them but not quite, he did the same to my clit, my bum, he pulled me forward so he could gently leaver his finger actually inside my bum, oh my God, I can’t describe what world I was on but it was an entire world of paradise.

I had been cumming almost constantly for about fifteen minutes when he suddenly gasped at me that he was going to cum, he pulled me to him so close his cock was as far up inside me as it was ever going to get and started to shake, his hips were making that tiny almost not there movement backwards and forwards.

He just kept going and going, I held him, I frantically kissed him, I squeezed him, I hurt myself clamping shut my pussy, I didn’t know what else to do to make it hopefully the best cum he had ever had.

Slowly, very slowly, he started to relax but then suddenly would shudder again inside of me. His little aftershocks went on for about another three or four minutes until he let go of me enough for me to sit upright again and wipe some of the sweat off my face that had been dripping on him.

He slid me to the side so that we were watching each other, he was still deep inside of me whilst he licked almost my entire top half of all the sweat, and he particularly loved the hairiness of the underneath of my arms for some reason.

Finally, he fell out of me and rolled over onto his back, eyes closed, arm across his face.

I couldn’t wait to get to his cock to let him know I didn’t think my job had finished just yet.

I cleaned him up, I took my time, I cleaned his semi hard cock, lifted it out of the way and cleaned his lovely balls, then rolled him over and spread his cheeks for him and cleaned his bum all over for him. Once again, the one thing that sticks in my mind of that exact moment was ‘Wow, dad, what a hairy bum’, silly I know, but in amongst everything that had gone on, at that very moment, I remembered how hairy his bum was.

We both stood up, hugged each other again and low and behold, I felt his flagging cock twitch again, I pushed myself away from him, took hold of his hands, looked down at his definitely twitching cock and looked up into his face.

Sorry sweetheart, he said, little do you know what you’ve woken up in me tonight.

I hugged him tight to me again and just whispered up to him, “Your bed or mine stud.”

He slapped my bum and chased me upstairs, his cum was pumping out of me.

Oh shit, my pussy’s quivering again, I’m sorry, I’ve got to go and take care of her, but it’s the end of my story anyway, hope you enjoyed how hot my first time with dad had truly been.

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2 years ago
awesome series
2 years ago
Loved all 5 parts.
2 years ago
Five lovely stories...very nice indeed.
2 years ago
Nothing beats cleaning up daddy after riding his hard, sexy cock!
2 years ago
Excellent, please post more. Xxxx
2 years ago
Wonderful series, thanks.