First time with dad - Pt. 3

After he had cum into his hand and I’d rubbed it all over my mound and tits before licking it off myself, we had breakfast together and I just came straight out with it, I asked him what he thought of when we were in bed together. I must have caught him there because he thought for a few moments and kind of asked me the question back again, he just asked me what I wanted him to think of.

I didn’t think about it at all, I just blurted out that I wanted him to think of me as the person that loved him the most in the whole world and the person that was begging to do anything, and I mean anything that he wanted to do.

He just looked up at me and tears started to well up in his eyes, I couldn’t see him like this so I ran to him, threw myself into his arms and whispered into his ear that I wanted him to love me the same as he would any other woman and to make me feel like his wife.

We both froze at that and it was obvious that I hadn’t put much thought into my answer because the last thing he wanted from any woman was me to treat him like my mother had done.

Luckily, we both started to laugh and that broke the moment, he looked down at me and said that it was going to take him some time to get used to the idea that I wanted him to treat me as a woman but it sure would make him feel easier about the little mistakes he had been having.

He started to apologise again for the couple of times he had cum all over me and I put my hand to his mouth and told him to stop it, in fact those times were embedded in my mind for ever and they were the sweetest things he could do for me because it proved to me that he felt the same way towards me as I did towards him, hadn’t he noticed how many times he had made me cum?

He said that he did and he felt very proud, not only as my dad, but also as a man that he had been able to do that for someone as young and as beautiful as me.

That very night, he was in bed when I got in and instead of him coming to me, I went to him. I quietly got undressed next to his bed and I could feel his eyes burning into my tiny bum when I deliberately turned round to take my trousers and pants off, made a big thing of bending over in front of him and then climbing in next to him.

We kissed and kissed as he fumbled with my tiny nipples so I took hold of his cock and waited for the response, I didn’t expect what he did next, but I will remember it until the day I die.

He held my hand around his rock hard cock whilst he spun round and pulled my hairy pussy to his face. He buried his face in my hair and inhaled me, I could feel his warm breath on my mound and pussy and I just couldn’t keep my legs together.

I spread myself over him and climbed on top, although I had been in a 69 with Chris many times, it was as though I was learning how to all over again, you see, I knew exactly what Chris liked when I did this to him, but I had no idea what dad wanted me to do, so I just did what came naturally.

You can imagine how hot and wet my pussy was by this time can’t you, well I just slowly lowered myself down onto his mouth and pulled myself as far forward as I could go without making him uncomfortable so that I could hold his cock straight up and still get my mouth to it.

To begin with, all I did was to slowly wank his big, fat cock for him and he must have thought that I would want to stop at that. Little did he know, as he was driving me absolutely crazy with his tongue and lips, he suddenly felt something warm and wet take the head of his cock into my mouth whilst I still wanked his shaft.

He stopped licking me for a moment and I heard him gasp, “Oh my god”, he then attacked me twice as hard, twice as quick and millions of times nicer and more fulfilling than before.

I was cumming and I knew with him doing it, it was going to be a really heavy one, I warned him that I was going to cum and that there was going to be a lot of it.

He opened his mouth, completely covered my tiny hole and lashed my clit with his tongue. No-one had ever done that to me before, not even Chris and it threw me over that huge edge into the biggest, wettest climax I think I had ever experienced.

Whilst I was cumming, I heard him trying to tell me something and pull out of my mouth, but I wouldn’t stop pulling so hard on his shaft, I pulled my mouth off his cock for a moment and strained to say, “Cum for me daddy, fill my mouth with all that lovely cum, I want you to fill my mouth with as much cum as you have” and then I pulled him back to where he belonged.

Man oh man did he cum, I felt this long, thick continuous spray hit the back of my throat. It really wasn’t what I was expecting and I have no idea why because every time Chris came in my mouth, he was exactly the same.

I think it was probably because I had so little of him in my mouth I just expected it to pump out and land on my tongue or in my cheek but I managed to control this frantic urge to cough and swallowed as much as I could.

It probably helped a lot that I was still cumming gallons into dads’ mouth and knowing he was fighting the same urge.

When we both finished, we just lay there gasping for breath, not from not being able to breath but more from the over powering feelings that we had raged in each other. I could feel him still occasionally pumping and some of his cum hitting the bottom of my chin.

We started to giggle – both of us, he was swamping my pussy and bum with thousands of little kisses and I was licking his shaft like a lollypop and literally chewing on the side of him. Not hard of-course but enough for him to move me around and take me in his arms and hold me close.

This of-course got his cum from my chin on his chest and he still seemed surprised when I licked it into my mouth and then shared it with him through the closest, most loving kiss I could give him.

That was the first time I spent the whole night with him and I must have been so tired, I didn’t even know that he had got up and gone to work and had left me where I was.

I slowly got up myself and went over to Chris’s room to tell him what had gone on the night before, but he was out too, his football bag had gone so I assumed he had a match.

I never really did get round to telling him. It was going to be my s******th birthday the following month and I was wondering what they might have planned for me.

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2 years ago
Very erotic.
2 years ago
Lovely, I like the description of her climax...very erotic.
2 years ago
Nothing's sweeter than a girl 69ing with her daddy!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Hot stuff! Nicely written.