First time with dad - Pt. 2

As far as dad and I are concerned, it was obvious that he didn’t want to f***e me to do anything at that age, he knew about me and Chris and he must have thought there was a big difference somehow between me and Chris and me and him.

Of-course, at that age I didn’t see it because if I loved someone as much as I did those two guys, then why couldn’t I do all I could to make them happy.

But of-course now I see the dilemma he must have been in, he saw it very differently, it’s one thing for two youngsters to find out about each other, but it’s very different for a father to get involved, especially as he should have known better.

When he would come to tuck me in and give me my goodnight kiss, I would pull the covers off myself and hold out my arms to him. He would slip out of his dressing gown and climb into bed with me and we would hold each other so tight, sometimes it was difficult to breath.

This would make my little nipples screw up like pebbles and my pussy flow. I could feel it was having an enormous effect on him too, but he would never try to get on top of me, or me on top of him.

To begin with, he would just stoke my hair for me and then my back and his left hand would come to rest on my bum and he would pull me into him. At first he would have his leg on top of mine so that I couldn’t even open mine and put myself in a position of ‘danger’ from him.

I suppose he just couldn’t trust himself as much as I did. Yes, I would try and I would hold his bum for him and grind my mound into his cock, I would feel his sides and the back of his thighs and all around his bum as we kissed each other so deeply.

Later on, when I was well into my f*******h year, he would nearly lay on top of me but he would make sure he had his legs outside mine so that I couldn’t part them and let him get at my aching, dripping pussy.

He would grind his raging hard-on into me, right up from my mound to my belly button, and I would be gasping for breath as I came and came. He must have known that I was cumming because I was squirming and shaking and would go ridged below him, but still he wouldn’t let me f***e him inside.

I can remember one time that he was doing this and suddenly he went ridged and he came all over my hairy pussy. He was so embarrassed, he didn’t know what to do, I just stroked his screwed up face for him and kissed his face all over and told him that I thought he was wonderful and not to worry.

After that, when he would slip into bed with me, I suppose he had made his mind up that that wasn’t going to happen again because instead of climbing on top of me, he would lay next to me and his raging cock wasn’t allowed anywhere near me.

Instead, he would put his arm between my legs so that his hand was covering and playing with my bum and his forearm was pushing against my pussy and he would encourage me to hump his arm instead of his cock, he would push his arm backwards and forwards until he had brought me off at least three times.

After that he would know that I would be exhausted and too tired to do anything about his needs, but oh boy, did I miss his cock.

Obviously, him coming to my bedroom didn’t happen every night because on some occasions, he would be in bed before Chris and I got in, other nights I would be with Chris, but when he did, I would be so much in love with him, I just didn’t feel as though I could cope with it all.

On a morning, if I woke up early enough, I would creep into his bedroom and slip into his bed trying not to wake him up and snuggle up to him. When he was laid on his back I would kiss his nipples and play with his mound but I never got bold enough to get hold of his cock and do what I desperately wanted to do and suck him to an enormous morning climax.

If he still didn’t wake up, I would slowly turn round so that we were spooning together and slide back into his arms, I would take hold of his right arm and wrap it round me and put in on my still growing boobs and push my bum back until I found his cock.

I would hear him moan and push back into me, his hand would wrap itself around my boob and he would squeeze it time and time again, I would be moving my hips forwards and backwards and desperately try to get his cock between my legs, then one morning he let it happen.

His cock was so hard, he had trouble with it not going between my legs and I felt him push past my bum, up through my lips and then on out the other side until it was sticking out in front of me, he rode me like that, tweaking my clit until he had me on the verge of cumming again.

He felt me try to push him into my soaking pussy and he pushed himself as far forwards as he could get to make sure that didn’t happen, so I knew he was awake and knew what he was doing and he was between my legs because he wanted to be there, not because he was asl**p.

I kept riding his cock as hard as I could because I was cumming almost none stop now and suddenly I felt him stiffen again and I just knew what was going to happen

He pulled his hand away from my boobs and put it down to hold the end of his cock and came and came into it, I could actually feel his cock jumping between my legs and when he was starting to slow down, I moved my hand down to cover his and started pushing the back of it into my hair.

This made him open his hand and rub his cum into my mound, whilst I rode his wilting cock for as much more cum as I thought he might have.

He started to get slowly out of bed and I knew again he must be really embarrassed, so I spun round to face him, pulled myself hard into his body and we rubbed my cummy mound into each other just lying there kissing.

Once again, I told him how much I loved him and took his cum covered hand and rubbed it first into my boobs and then started to lick it. I think this must have really shocked him because he leapt out of bed and ran to the toilet.

When he came back in, he just grabbed hold of some tissues and went to clean me up, but what he didn’t know was that in the meantime, I had slipped as much of his cum as I could find into my mouth and was loving his cum taste nearly as much as I did him.

Oh, I better go, it’s made me go all funny again telling this stuff, it just makes my pussy flow with my thick cream and I’ve just got to go and lay out and finger myself to a glorious cum, I need to cum so bad right now.

Sent with smells of a steaming pussy filling the room.

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Very mice story, written with such honesty.
2 years ago
What a good little girl! So eager to please daddy ;-)
2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
You have a lovely father. I understand why you sometimes need to stop and put your attention to your body.
2 years ago
nice story
2 years ago
great story do tell more
2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Very HOT!
2 years ago
Nicely written text, love how u describe it and the sleeping part is just amazing since i'm into this. My regards. :)