First time with dad - Pt. 1

As you can well imagine, talking about their ‘sexy’ families really gets people hot and so, so turned on, and what I’m about to tell you will explain why I am no exception to that rule.

I’m sorry but to be able to tell you what dad and I did, I’m going to have to take off my jeans and panties so that when I really get runny, it won’t be any bother for me to play with my little cunny and rub it until I explode.

If there are any breaks in what I write, I will try to cover them up but if you notice any, you will understand that I’ve had to take a break or two either to calm down a bit or if it’s gone too far and I really need to cum, I can sort myself out, so here goes.

Well now, about me and dad, after Chris my b*o and I started making mad passionate love together, we just couldn’t keep our hands, or anything else for that matter, off each other. It wasn’t until months later that Chris said that he had become so worried that he might get me pregnant because at that time, we weren’t taking any kind of precautions.

I suddenly realised how lucky we had been because although he didn’t always cum up inside my pussy, over the months he must have pumped gallons up there.

I immediately went to see dad and told him that me and this guy had become very close and although we weren’t legally allowed to have sex, there was no telling what might happen.

He was so pleased that I had gone to him and immediately booked me in to an appointment at the FPC.

When I first moved in with them, he explained that Chris and he had never been shy with each other and didn’t always cover themselves up when they wandered around the house, but he said that seeing I was going to be joining them, he would try much harder to cover up and he told Chris to do the same.

I felt terrible because I already felt as though I was putting them out by moving in and having this on top of it made me feel even worse. I told him this and he said that he was going to try anyway but he was going to leave it up to us k**s to decide what we wanted to do about it.

As Chris and I were bed mates as often as we could be already, it didn’t take long for him to start moving around almost, if not totally naked at times and I wasn’t very far behind him. First of all I would come out of the shower and have breakfast with them in just a towel around my tits and bum, tucked in.

This then developed to just a towel around my bum and finally just a pair of my big school pants, I felt very at ease and it never seemed to mean anything to either of them, so Chris would sit at the table with just a pair of boxers on, dad would do the same and I would have on my big pants.

Now and again if we were laughing and joking about something and Chris was trying to embarrass me, I would notice that both of them would start to get more of a bulge in their pants than normal and I kind of liked the idea that I could do that to them.

We used to do all kinds of funny things like walk past each other and pinch whatever part of the other person’s body we wanted to do, that would end up in us chasing each other around the house playing tag, that would then break down into a wrestling match and we would all end up in an exhausted heap on the floor, especially dad.

But oh, were those times great, you have got to remember what kind of household I had come out of to realise just how wonderful and free I felt.

Soon, I got my first glance of dad naked, he had just got out of bed when I walked in on him with a cup of tea, he went past me seemingly unnerved by the whole thing and went to the loo. When he came out, he was putting on his dressing gown, but not before I got another long look at him – he was beautifully hung.

I had brought my cup with me and not to be outdone, had taken my dressing gown off and climbed into his bed. He didn’t seem fazed by the idea and although he could see my tits, like he had so many times before, he just climbed in bed with me – with his dressing gown still on.

We chatted for ages like that, just sipping our tea and talking about anything. In the end, the tea was gone so I climbed out of bed, put my dressing gown over my arm, walked round to his side of the bed and kissed him.

It felt so wonderful to be kissing him, I felt so grown up. I slumped down into his arms and I kissed him long and lovingly on the lips.

When we broke the kiss, I don’t know who was blushing the most, he asked me what that was for and I just told him that I had never felt so wonderful, loved and in love in my whole life and it was all because of him and Chris.

He pulled me down again, gave me a quick peck on the mouth, looked down into my eyes and said that I had made him the proudest man alive by saying those few words and just to remember that they would both be there for me anytime I wanted them for the rest of my life.

I started to cry and he held me to his chest like you would a baby. Chris came in and asked what was going on and why I was crying and I told him I was so happy.

He didn’t even seem to notice that I was still in the nude, which must have made dad think at the time because it wasn’t long after that that he asked both me and Chris at the table one morning if Chris was the reason why I had gone on the pill.

We both looked at the floor and nodded that it was and that we were so much in love, we didn’t know what to do about it.

He was very calm about it, asked us how far it had gone, how many times we had had sex, how we felt about that knowing it was so taboo, asked if anyone else knew about it, he even asked Chris if he had ever f***ed himself on me, he did apologise to Chris later for that one.

We sat for over an hour talking about things, how did we intend to cover up the fact if we weren’t going out with other girl and boyfriends. Now that one we hadn’t thought about especially as Chris is so handsome and so popular.

We told him that that could easily be fixed as long as at least one of us did go out with other people, no-one would be any the wiser and I suggested that it should be Chris because he was so popular anyway, it would seem strange if it was him who stopped.

He did stipulate that there would be no sharing bedrooms or anything like that, we must be careful not to write anything down to each other that might give us away, never to mention it to anyone, anyone at all and not to leave anything in each other’s bedrooms except the things that you might borrow off each other anyway, like T shirts, CD’s and the like, but definitely no underwear or dressing gowns or shoes and socks.

When you think, he was so good about it wasn’t he, he could have thrown me out back to my mums place and made Chris’ life a hell, with no comebacks.

He just said that he was pleased it was all out in the open now because he had been wondering for some time about the two of us, the way we were so comfortable with each other’s nakedness, the little things he had found around the house, the funny noises coming from my room or Chris’ and the deciding factor was Chris coming into his room when I was crying the other day and not batting an eyelid at me being totally naked.

I’m so glad he took that attitude when he did because it has made my life you know. The last eight or nine years have been just perfect at home.

After he had seen me nude for the first time and we had all had our chat about me and Chris, things were a bit tense for a while with us all watching our P’s and Q’s, watching that no mistakes were being made like dad had asked us to do, but it didn’t take long for us to relax again.

Chris and I didn’t have to hide the fact any more from dad that we would often end up in bed and dad just seemed to accept the fact that he would often see Chris leaving my room with a semi hard cock or see me running to the loo holding myself.

I think he was dying to break the ice so one day after he saw Chris leave my room he knocked on my door and asked if he could come in. I was laid on my bed absolutely knackered from what we had just done and in quite a mess.

Dad didn’t seem to worry too much and just asked if I fancied the cold drink he had brought with him. I was so pleased to see dad and the drink, I just patted the bed next to me and he lay down, handing me the drink.

I lifted up on one elbow and took the drink from him – it was gone in seconds. I looked up at dad and he was just watching me. He smiled and took the hair out of my eyes so that I could at least see him, he leaned forward and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips – I swooned.

I said something like “Dad, you are so good to me” and he just reminded me that he was always there for me whenever I needed him.

I told him that I should really go and get cleaned up but he said not to worry about that, he would do it for me. Without saying another word, he just took the box of tissues that were next to my bed, took a handful out and wiped my face for me.

He then asked me to lift my arms up and he wiped underneath them, next he wiped underneath my boobs (which weren’t very big in those days – still aren’t I hear you say) and then down between them.

By now, I had flopped back down on the bed and was going crazy at the feeling of these lovely soft tissues being slowly dragged all over my body.

Next he dried my shoulders and tummy, made me giggle when he dried my tummy button for me, then down each groin to the bit of hair I had on my mound. My legs weren’t open at this point, so he skipped past my mound and went down the top of each thigh.

When he reached my knees, he lifted one and dried the inside of my thigh back up to my mound, he put it down again and did the same to the other thigh. When he put my leg back down again, I noticed that now they were about six inches apart, so I opened them even further.

He dropped the wet tissues to the floor and I thought he had finished but he fished out some nice new tissues and put them over my mound so that you couldn’t see my pussy at all. He just dipped one finger down and started to clean up the mess that was leaking out of me.

He screwed up the tissues and pushed them down between my legs again. I lifted my bum slightly and really separated my legs for him. He was now able to get his whole hand down there and he started to wipe my bum hole and cheeks, then up to my fanny.

I was going crazy by now and he must have seen what he was doing to me, my hips were going up and down, pushing into his hand, he kept up the rubbing making sure it glided over my clit every time he reached the top of his wipe.

Suddenly he was done, he dropped the dripping tissues onto the floor next to the bed and put his hand back on my hair, he slipped two fingers all the way down to my bum and dragged them slowly upwards, past my bum hole, into and out of my pussy, past my clit and onto my hair again.

“There” he said, “That’s better, you know, Chris should have done that for you.”

I didn’t say anything, I couldn’t, I was breathing so hard. We both looked down at my chest heaving and the rest of me just lying there almost spread eagled. We suddenly started to laugh at what we saw.

“Well maybe I didn’t do such a good job after all” he said and I could see what he meant, I was covered in little rolled up bits of torn off tissue, they were stuck all over me.

I said something like, “Oh dad, you did a wonderful job, I’ve never enjoyed being cleaned up so much in my entire life” which was a bit of a funny thing to say and sounded stupid at the time, because, how many times had I been cleaned up anyway?

Dad just put one hand around my back and under me, the other behind my head, lifted me up like a rag doll and kissed me, slow, long and with so much love.

He put me back down, pulled the sheet over me and left, blowing me another kiss as he closed the door.

It was very close to my f*******th birthday and yes, I felt so special, protected, loved, safe, free, deliriously happy and contented, how could life get any better, but it did.

95% (39/2)
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2 years ago
Very nice story
2 years ago
Lovely story...I've got such a hard on thinking about it.
2 years ago
Gotta love them sexy families! Great story
2 years ago
A story of pure love.
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good story
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very good
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Excellent start...looking forward to more.
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Great story, taboo ios cool.