Awayday (chapter 7)

Back from my lovely hot shower, I dried off quietly, hoping not to wake the girls. I was just scanning the images of last night still fairly fresh in my mind when a hand gently touched my leg, it was Kitty.

"You all right," she whispered, "you look knackered."

"A bit numb at the moment, my head won't get into shape, any idea what time we all got back here?"

"I think it was about five, what time is it now?"

"About nine, Christ, no wonder I feel like shit."

"Come back to bed, you must be shattered, what are you doing up anyway?"

As I climbed in behind her I said, “I don't think I had any idea of the time, I don't know really."

"Silly." she said gently rubbing her butt into 'meat'.

"Mmmm." Oh no, he's off again, she felt him twitch, she looked over her shoulder at me and sweetly smiled, then pushed her butt further back into him. I guided him to her back door and pushed slowly.

At first, nothing happened, so I put my fingers to my mouth and wet them. As I put my hand down to her rear, I felt her hand, it had also been getting wet in her vagina and she too was wetting her butt.

I pushed again and his purple head dropped past her ring of muscle, she shuddered and put her hand on my leg. She encouraged him by pulling on my leg and I pushed in a little further. He slid all the way in up to my pubes and she sighed.

"That's lovely," she whispered, "just hold it there for a moment."

After a few seconds, I felt her muscles start to contract and relax around him. I didn't have to move, her muscles were doing all the work for the both of us. I cupped her breast closest to me and gently rubbed it into her chest. I kissed her shoulder, she very slowly rotated her hips, milking him all the time.

I passed my hand from her boob to her pelvic bone. As she had no pubes, her bone was quite prominent. I pushed down on it and slipped two fingers inside her. Her head went forward, her rear jutted out and still she milked.

I bit the pillow and came quietly inside her, she milked him again, and again he sprayed her bowels. I bit her shoulder and came again. She gripped my leg and squeezed him. I stayed perfectly still and let her shudder gently through her orgasm so as not to wake the rest.

Within seconds we were both back to sl**p, me still deep inside Kitty. Some hours later, I woke to the sound of water running, it was the shower. The only ones still in the bed were me and Kitty. 'Meat' was still buried deep inside her, but plopped out the first time I moved.

Kitty awoke and asked me about the others. "I think they're both in the shower, why don't you go and investigate." She climbed out and stumbled into the bathroom. She didn't return.

The laughter got louder and the swearing got cruder and cruder. I just had to get up and go to see what was going on. All three were in the shower scrubbing furiously at Sami's painted body. It was difficult to see whether they had made any improvement, it simply looked as though she had turned bright red. They were laughing, clinging onto each other, dropping the soap. Sami was swearing, twitching and generally making a fuss.

"Never again, fucking paint, it's never going to come off."

I got on the phone and ordered some coffee and sandwiches as I had just noticed it was three o'clock and that made me feel starving. I poured myself a long overdue vodka and sat on the bed waiting for the girls to give up on Sami and reappear from the bathroom.

By the time they trickled out one by one, the sandwiches had arrived and the coffee smelled great. They each dived into the sandwiches as I poured the coffee. You would think they had never seen food before the way they were getting rid of them.

After they had each had their fill, Mandy suddenly realised what the time was and announced that she had to go. "I'm supposed to be going out to dinner tonight with my parents but I want to stay here with you lot. I can't though, I promised them weeks ago."

As she was getting dressed, the girls made a real fuss of her and said how lovely it had been to meet her and how they hoped to see her again before we all had to go home. Finally, she was dressed and ready to go. She came over to where I was sitting, looked me straight in the eye and thanked me so dearly. She put her head on my chest and a tear rolled down.

I picked her up by her shoulders, wiped her eyes and reminded her what I had said. "Anyone who doesn't appreciate the gift you have to offer, doesn't deserve you, remember that, it's very rare, it's very sensual, it's very special, thank you for helping to make it a very special night for us all, don't ever forget us will you."

"Never," she said, "never." and she was gone. The three of us just sat quietly after she closed the door, she had left a lasting feeling of softness in all of us. She had felt vulnerable and we were able to help – nice feeling.

"I'm going round to Tony's shop to thank him for last night." said Sami.

"Yea, me too," said Kitty, "coming with us?"

"No I don't think so, I'm just going to sit here and recover a bit more I think."

"You going to be all right, darling?" Sami looked over all concerned, "she's going to be ok you know, you were probably the best thing that could have happened to her."

"I know darling, thank's for asking, see if Tony's got any more cream would you?"

"Why, you don't need some do you?"

"No, cheeky, but you never know when you or someone around you might need some."

"Ok, good idea, see you hon. won't be long."

The room was suddenly very quiet, very lonely and yet somehow very peaceful. What a mess, clothes and bits everywhere, could I be bothered to tidy up. . . . . could I hell, anyway that's the job of the maid tomorrow, why should I put her out of work by doing her job for her.

I woke up, still laying on the bed nude and Sami was sat in the chair opposite where the camera still was from earlier on in the week. I rubbed my eyes and sat up.

"You been back long?"

"About an hour, I was just watching you."

"You should have woken me up, was Tony all right?"

"I didn't wake you up because I just wanted to look at you for a while."

"Not much to look at am I, what took you an hour?"

"Don't be like that, I love watching you and feeling how close we are, I can live a very different life because I know you're always there to look after me, you know."

"I know, I was watching you this morning feeling exactly the same way."

"So there you are. Tony's fine, he wasn't at the shop so we went round to the house. There's a small army in there cleaning up, I wonder how many times he holds a party like that. I suppose he just lets the house have about three months to get over the last one then he starts again - God, what a mess in there."

"Did you get any cream?"

"No, he said the 'Gravy Train' took most of it home with them last night and the rest went with some other guests this morning, he’s getting some more in though and he says he will let us have some before we go."

It was starting to get dark and I was starving. Sami sat smiling at me from the chair, so I just had to nibble her ear. I bounced up off the bed and sat across her. She made a vain attempt to pretend I was too heavy before I dived on her ear and pulled on it. She squirmed and giggled.

"I do love you you know,” I said.

"And I love you you big galoop, now get off me before I give birth to my bladder."

"Oops, sorry, I didn't know you wanted to go, off you go then."

As she was having a pee, I asked her, “What do you want to do tonight, fancy anything in particular?"

"No, not really, why, what did you have in mind?"

"I just fancied a very lovey dovey evening in with you, just the two of us, what do you thing?"

"You old romantic you, do you really, that's not like you," she said coming back in from the bathroom, "oh, now I see why you feel like that, is there no getting him to lie down?" her eyes were pinned to my hand slowly rubbing up and down a very hard 'meat'.

"You wouldn't have it any other way, would you?"

"Too damn right I wouldn't, what would I do if I couldn't rely on him being awake twenty three hours a day?" she said, slowly laying down between my legs, propping herself up on her elbows and watching what I was doing to him, "what a lovely sight, he really has got a lovely head on him you know."

As I slowly waved him in her direction, she pulled herself up to him and enveloped him in those lovely hot lips of hers. "Hang on a minute, let me turn the camera on."

And with that she was off the bed, switched it on, ripped her clothes off and climbed back to where she had been. She replaced my hand and I sank down into the bed, I closed my eyes as she took him again into her mouth.

She took him out, looked at him again and squeezed all the bl**d up to the head. This made him bulb out at her and she flicked him with her tongue, scooping up the pre-cum she had squeezed out of the top.

"You taste gorgeous, you know,” as she licked over the head again. Back in her mouth again, pumping the bottom half of his shaft, licking around the head, she moved further up and rubbed him round her left breast, still lightly pumping him, she was sending shivers down both my legs, his sack shrivelled under the feelings that were being sent all over my body.

She slowly turned round so that her crotch was inches from my face so that I could let her enjoy some of the fabulous feelings that were surging through me. I gently pulled open her lips and found her butterfly head with my tongue, she moaned. I rubbed it hard backwards and forwards. I could feel her getting wetter and wetter.

I nibbled her bald lips and felt the stubble of a couple of day’s growth, it excited me even more at the thought of her shaving her most delicate area. I lifted her up so that I could rub her with my hand. She gently shivered, her legs went goosey, she shivered again and a slight froth oozed from her lips. I lapped it up as I sucked on her clit, her hand and mouth were now going frantic on my shaft.

Was she cuming? Would I be able to cum with her? Would I be able to judge it just right? Oh, I do hope so, I wanted to please this wonderful woman so much. We were there, she was cuming and I could feel I was too. I wanted her to be slightly ahead of me, could I do it?

She's cuming, here she cums. Yes, she's there, cum my darling, cum all over my face, yes that's it, oh, wonderful, that smell, that feeling, that taste.

He shot into her mouth, his sack disappeared, she pumped him hard, not fast. He came again, just as she did, she shuddered and squealed, she came again, she was strangling him, he shot onto her cheek, she rubbed him round her neck, rubbing his cum into her face and hair.

She pushed back at me, juddered, shook and then went quiet. Her strangle hold relaxed, a slight pump, a dribble, a tongue, a lap, a moan, a grunt. We flopped and gasped for air. After minutes of kissing him and me licking her up and down, she slowly turned round and hugged me.

We laid there not saying anything, slowly coming back down from our wonderful climax. Still holding him and gently pushing him up and down, keeping him away from the hair that would entangle him, she said, “I do love you you know, I really do."

"I feel very warm, close and secure right now, only a very special love can do that and they don't come much more special than you.

"Talking of cum,” she said, “how was that, was it nice?"

"Glorious," I said, “you?" "How was it for you, did the earth move? I said sarcastically.

"No , but those fanny muscles did, I don't know how you do it, obviously other men make me cum, you know that, but when I cum with you, it always seems more intense and not only more intense, but totally different. Oh, I don't know, do you know what I mean, do you know what I'm trying to get at?"

"Yes, I think so, that's one thing I think I've realised this week as well. Yes, other people make me cum, but somehow that's a****listic, you want to cum because it makes you feel great, you want the person you are with to cum because you know it makes them feel great and you can rub it in or on you and it tastes great too. But when I'm with you, I want you to cum because you mean so much to me and I want you to have wonderful feelings, the a****l in me's replaced with consideration and passion, but you've still got stubble - you need a shave, do you fancy us both having one now?"

"Oh, I'm sorry darling, have I - well now you know what it feels like when you go down on me first thing in the morning."

"I already knew!!!"

"Oh, did you now, you'll have to tell me about that one some time!!!"

"Come on, who's first with the razor,” I said bouncing off the bed and heading for the bathroom.

"Razor, I’m not letting you loose on my fanny with a razor, scissors and then electric shaver for you my lad."

"Spoil sport, you can do me with a razor."

"Yes, you may have more to cut off, but you don't have as many nooks and crannies to get into. It's difficult enough when I do it, and I've done it loads of times. Here's the scissors, where do you want to do this?"

"How about the bed first of all, until we're ready for the shaving bit?"

"Ok, you first," Sami said as she lay on the bed, spread-eagle with her hands behind her head. For the next twenty minutes, I inspected every square centimetre of Sami's beautiful crotch, searching out every hair she had previously missed from her belly button to her butt, making sure to pull gently on the odd ones attached to her pussy lips and her clit hood.

It was like a body massage, you could see the tingles race down to her toes, you could smell the excitement as it trickled out between her lips - I would casually dip my fingers in it so that when I next found a hair, it would lubricate it's release from my pulling - she was done, she was almost ready for the shave.

Now it was my turn, I was ready for a feeling I had never found with anyone else, (not that many have been let loose with a pair of scissors anywhere near 'meat'). Sami knew just what to do to have me on the verge of cuming.

Sometimes, she would ask me to hold 'meat' out the way and tease him by just snipping around the base hair, she would gently pass him from side to side, flicking him occasionally as if he was being naughty. It was almost as though she was wanking him with little or no motion at all.

The thought of her eyes inspecting me this close was also a turn on, if ever you were vulnerable to criticism it's now. If there are any flaws in your makeup, most times you have the opportunity to hide it, but when you are this naked for this long, there is no covering up anything. It's something you don't really have the urge to share with many, it's very personal, it's very sensual and if only her mouth was available as well (hardly, with so much loose hair), he would shoot, there's no doubt about it.

Have you ever masturbated for an hour, not to cum, but to revel in the feelings that come from masturbation, the fantasies, the images, those gooses, the tenderness afterwards, the constant reminder between your legs for the rest of the day, the extra cum cramming your balls - that’s how good she is - she can create all that in a fraction of the time.

We were both ready, “Do you really want to use the razor hon?" she suddenly said.

"Only if you're at ease with it darling, the whole point of this is to enjoy, not to worry."

"Yea, I know, I just think earlier that I jumped down your throat a bit without thinking about it, but thinking about it now, it's not as if your getting rid of lots of hair, it's only stubble and you won't have any trouble seeing what and where you're shaving will you, ok, I'm up for it, lets do it, I think we better do this bit in the bathroom, yea?"

She sat on the edge of the bath and propped her leg up on the ridge. I got a hand full of lather and gently rubbed it all over her would be hair area. Oops, some just happened to disappear up inside her.

I warmed the razor in water and started with the little tuft she had left just above her clit. The scr****g sound of the razor made us both jump a little but we both just sighed and returned to the job at hand. Down a little, she was either very brave or was gaining in confidence all the time.

I held her right lip with two fingers and ran the razor down the edge. "That was good hon, now do the edge itself, good, well done; now the other one, will you be all right with the razor in your other hand?" I slowly crossed hands and went back to observe my handy work on her lip, it was great, no bristles and I hadn't had to go back for more than one swipe at it. "Do you want me to hold this lip hon?"

"Good idea, - no sorry darling, not a good idea, I can't see what's going on with your hand there, I'll try. There, how's that, feels nice from here?"

I was gently parting her lips with a couple of fingers and rubbing them through what was left of the foam and some of Sami's natural foam, I'm sure.

"Yea, that's good, well done, you forgot a bit though,” and she got up, bent over, spread her cheeks and ushered me to her butt. I bent over and kissed her little pucker, licked into the centre and rubbed some more foam on my hand, rimmed her with the foam and found one finger sliding in and out, much to her enjoyment, she released one cheek and held on to the bath edge with it.

"Mmmm, come on, finish me off, I want to get to him,” she said. It didn't take long, there was nothing there, but I went through the fabulous motions of parting her cheeks, rubbing the razor gently round the rim, wiping the rest off and stuffing it inside her, then wiping it off again and cleaning her up.

"Can we do me on the bad?" I asked.

"Yea, why not, you could lie on a towel, couldn't you?"

She was massaging in the foam, he went mad, he was as hard as steel. She loved that, she rubbed him backwards and forwards like an Indian making fire with two sticks.

"No hair up there darling but for god sake don't stop."

Unfortunately it did, she had got me close again, knew it and was letting me suffer again, she knows so well when he's going to cum. She put a couple of pillows under my rear, covered them with two towels and started in there.

"The only problem I've got hon, is knowing where to start and where to finish. If you think about it, I could trace my finger from the top of your head to the end of your big toe and not leave hair. Your pubes join onto your stomach hair and your butt hair joins on to your hairy arse, this could look silly."

"Well if you just shave where the hair becomes obvious pubes, you know, thick, long and curly and just follow them wherever they go, we can thin the rest out to make it look ok."

Ten minutes went by and she was finished, it looked good, she had done a great job. It felt very cold, very weird, very bald, very vulnerable, but looked great.

"Great job, darlin, how about a quick shower to get off all the hair and mess." We both knew what was going to happen as soon as we stepped into the steam.

She had hand fulls of soap as did I and we were exploring our handy work like novices. It felt so different, I know that she often has very little hair, but for her to have none and as a result of what I had done, felt great, my whole hand slipped over her so easily, she lifted one leg for me and my hand and wrist went between her legs.

As my middle finger pressed hard at the short bit of skin between her butt hole and her fanny, my palm was pressing hard up against her clit. As she rocked back and forth a little, my finger went slightly in her butt then hard against the skin then slightly in her fanny, back and forth, back and forth, arse, pussy, arse, pussy.

All the time, her hand is hard round his shaft, squeezing him hard, pulling on and off of him at the same rate she is moving my hand. We are pressing our bodies close, grinding in the hot water, letting it tingle our bodies.

She's going to cum, she knows it, she speeds up, just slightly, just enough. She pushes him against where the tuft used to be, she's christening her baldness.

She cums, not powerfully although being stood up does make it more intense. She rubs him around her baldness, letting him feel her wetness on her skin. Her gentleness, the water, the shaving, her cuming, her holding him, guiding him, her bending over to rest her head on my chest, her grinding, tensing, God she's wonderful.

One last pump and she knows she's finished, she releases him and I slowly kiss my way down her shaking body and suck her wonderful milk, I come up again to kiss her and share my find.

In the restaurant, we eat our fill to overcome the starvation we both feel from neglect, long hours and so much appetite building. The weeks nearly over, or at least it feels that way, we just wish this could be us, for good, no going back to those same old faces, that same old routine.

We walked slowly along the beach trying to get over that 'too full' feeling, arm in arm, kicking sand, in the moonlight. Does this stuff happen in real life, I guess so, we're not the only ones on the beach.

We hit the dunes, we sit on top of the big one and watch the moon twinkle on the sea, the soft sound of small waves breaking on the beach just below us.

I lay my Sami down and kiss her softly, our lips hardly touching, more finding the length of our mouths, we circle each other twice before her tongue probes inside. Again, she finds my tongue and we play, our bodies are together.

Through our clothes we feel each others heat, I gently caress her breast, I feel how hard her nipple is. She hangs on to the skin on my back, her legs slightly part, this time without any encouragement. My hand is flat on her writhing crotch, pressing down on that protruding bone.

She has my zip undone and is pulling me towards her. I pull the thin cotton material to one side and glide past her lips and deep inside her beautiful vagina. Her legs slowly, but firmly hook round my waist and dig into my back. We just hold there feeling each other gently pulsing against one another. I can feel her wrapped tightly around him, cuddling him softly. She can feel me, the thick vain pounding deep inside.

I search for her cervix, I gently rub the side of it, she squirms under me, pressing down to see if I can go deeper, that last bit slides him past her servix and she shivers - "OMG".

She is so wet, her breathing is high, mine is occasional. We hold each other tight, we don't even want air between us, she's cuming.

Very gently, very slowly, very definitely, she shudders as she presses down. My pubic bone presses against her clit, she rubs there, in and out, up and down, shit, lost it - ah there it is, back down hard, rub against it again, very quietly, jagged breaths, she's there again.

And again, she's cuming almost continually now, just a little, no floods, no noise, just held breath. Wet, lots of wet, lots of holding close, lots of grinding, rubbing, grabbing, no noise.

Suddenly she breaths again, she kisses my ear, she moans, she rubs my back, my head, she kisses me passionately on the mouth, her tongue, she loves me, she loves what we just did, she loves the heights she was able to gain.

We slowly role onto our sides, slowly pull ourselves together, slowly make ourselves decent. Gradually it feels a little colder now so we stand, look at each other, kiss, hold hands, turn to walk back to the hotel, not a word had been spoken since we had sat down.

We suddenly look at each other, we heard giggles then. I'm sure I did and the way Sami's looking at me, she did too. Well good luck to them, hope they enjoyed the show. Could be us watching them tomorrow night.

Might even be someone we know!!!

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