ROTC Bootlicker Gay Authoritarian/Military story

Most people thought I was just a normal k** when I was growing up but
what they didn't know was that by the time I had reached junior high school
I had developed a growing fascination with men's boots. When I started
high school I found myself dreaming about boots as I rubbed my crotch..
Next I found the joy of masturbating while fantasizing about being under
the domination of men or boys in big black boots.

Since x-rated movies and adult shops were still off limits, I fed my
boot lust by watching war movies. I was really turned on by army commandos
kicking and stomping their way to victory. I sat on the edge of my seat
hoping there would be a close-up shot of some hulking army ranger's
powerful boot just before he kicked the shit out of the enemy.

In my junior year of high school I got a job after school and with
some of my new found wealth I bought a pair of army combat boots from an
army-navy store. Although I had seen and admired the spit-shine on
sailors' shoes and the mirror brightness of soldiers' combat boots when on
parade, I didn't know how to give my boots that kind of a polish, so
settled for just applying Kiwi boot polish and brushing the boots like

In selecting a college, I made sure my choice had an ROTC program. It
was great to get away from home and start some independent living. ROTC
was great and I had quite a job keeping my cock limp when our instructor
strutted in front of the class in his spit-shined shoes. After we got our
uniforms and dress shoes the sergeant taught us how to spit shine our
leather. At last I found out the secret! Back in my room that night I
worked for five hours spit shining my new shoes until I could see my face
in them. The instructor and other guys in the class were impressed by my

As the semester went on I got to know Bob pretty well. He was in two of
my classes plus ROTC. Bob was a real hunk of a guy and popular with the
women. Because of his social life he didn't keep up with his assignments
very well, so began asking me to help him with various projects. While
this was going on, Bob was catching hell from the ROTC instructor because
he had made no attempt to polish his shoes, let alone give them a spit
shine. One day after being chewed out yet again Bob said to me after class:
"Hey John, I'll give you a couple of bucks if you'll spit shine my dress
shoes to look like yours." What an opportunity! A chance to spit shine
another guys shoes and maybe get off while doing it. I replied: "Sure I can
do that, but I can't take your money. I'll do it because we're friends."
And so, every week I'd polish his shoes.

Each week I would look forward to Thursdays when we had to wear our
uniforms to class. I lived for the chance to gaze at the other guys
shoes. I found myself beginning to really lust after Bob when he wore his
uniform and the shoes I had worked so hard on. At the end of first
semester Bob's roommate dropped out and he asked if I would like to move
in. I guess he saw it as a good opportunity to get more help with his class
assignments and keep his uniform and shoes in good shape. I didn't have to
be asked twice.

Bob became more demanding as the weeks rolled by. Not only did I
spit-shine his shoes and help with assignments, but he told me to do his
laundry and pick up after him in the room. Actually I liked taking orders
from Bob as he was now the focus of my masturbating in the shower. I
imagined Bob standing in his uniform and me down on the floor licking his
shiny army dress shoes. As the fantasy grew in my mind I thought of Bob
giving me verbal abuse and then kicking my ass with his army shoes. In
spite of my admiration for Bob I managed to keep my growing boot lust
hidden from everyone.

When we came back from spring break our ROTC instructor began telling us
about summer camp that we had to attend. At summer camp we would be
evaluated and a decision made if we could continue as cadets for the second
year and eventually complete the four year program. Two months before for
camp, our instructor gave us our BDU's and two pairs of combat boots. He
told us he wanted the boots spit shined just like our dress shoes before we
left for camp. I was in bootlicker heaven!

We carted our stuff back to the room where Bob dropped his size 12 EE
combat boots on my bed and said with a smile: "Get started, grunt!" I told
Bob I'd work on a pair of mine first, then do his and then mine and finally
his. I couldn't wait to get through my classes and rush back to the room
to work on spit shining my boots. However, I found the going pretty slow as
boots have about four times more surface to cover than shoes. But it was
fun for me, because I really was not spit-shining my boots, I was lick
shining them. I had discovered a few months before that I could get a
brighter shine by running my tongue over the smooth leather surface. So
after applying the wax, I would lovingly lick the boot and then rub the
polishing cloth in circular patterns. When the wax became dry, I would lick
the leather again, enjoying the sensual feeling of my tongue gliding over
the boot.

As the gloss on my boots began to grow, so did my excitement. I found
myself licking the boots more than polishing. Once I had finished shining
the boots I would get off by softly rubbing the boot against my crotch. My
cock was usually pretty hard already from the excitement of licking the
boot, but the feel of that boot toe on my cock was pure ecstasy. I always
tried to stop rubbing in time to grab my jack-off rag to finish the job and
keep the jizz from going everywhere.

It took more than two weeks but finally I finished my first pair and was
able to turn my attention to Bob's boots. This was even more exciting
because somehow putting my hand inside a size 12 was more stimulating that
just sticking it inside my size 10's. After a few days Bob noticed that
the boots under his bed were beginning to look shiny and told me to keep up
the good work. Work? Shit it was pure pleasure to wax and lick those boots
into shape.

One afternoon I rushed back to the room as usual. Bob usually had a
class at that time so I had some privacy to do my boot polishing, boot
licking, boot rubbing and masturbating. I got to work on Bob's size 12's
and was completing the first application by carefully licking the powerful
toe of Bob's huge boot, when the door burst open and Bob came in. As he
entered the room he saw my tongue fully extended and moving over the smooth
surface of his boot.

"What in the hell are you doing?" Bob asked.

As I quickly lowered his boot from my mouth I replied: "I'm shining your
boots." While making this lame excuse my mind was racing, trying to figure
out how to cover up what I was really doing.

"Shining my boots, like hell. You had that boot in your mouth!"

I decided to try salvaging the situation by telling of my recent
discovery: "Actually, I'm still spit shining your boots, but I have found
that I can control the amount of spit better by just lightly licking the
boot. I'm not really licking it, just putting some spit in the right

As I said this, Bob moved closer to inspect the boot which I was now
resting on my knee. But as he looked at the boot his eyes spotted the big
tent in my lap. In one fast move, Bob bent over and groped my crotch and
said: "Shit! You're fucking around with my boots!" As he said this he made
another grab at my crotch and caught my balls which he proceeded to

"Please, Bob! Let go of my balls! That hurts."

As Bob released his grip on my balls a smirk began to creep across his
face. "You're a bootlicking faggot, aren't you!"

"No, Bob! No! I'm just trying to shine your boots the way you want."

Bob's grin widened: "With your cock at full attention like that and my
boot in your mouth! I don't think so!"

It looked like my "dirty little secret" was out in the open. I was at
Bob's mercy. As various scenarios raced through my mind Bob commanded:
"Give me that boot....and the other one, too".

I meekly gave him both boots which he took over to his bed. As he sat
down he kicked off his Nikes and said: "You like boots? Let's see you
really lick my boots good. Get your ass over here!"

As I came over to the bed he dropped the boots on the floor and ordered:
"Lace up my boots so I can kick your ass."

I dropped to my knees and slipped his boots on, pulling the speed-laces
tight. Bob stood up and said: "OK faggot, start licking my boots!" As he
spit out those words my cock made a big twitch! At last I was going to be
able to lick Bob's boots while they were on his feet.

I quickly began moving my tongue across the shiny toe. It was fucking
bliss to feel my tongue glide across the smooth leather. I slowly retraced
my path with my tongue fully extended to cover as much of the boot leather
as possible. Bob didn't seem to understand my ecstasy because all of a
sudden he yanked his boot out from under my tongue, took too steps behind
me and delivered a heavy kick to my left ass cheek. His powerful combat
boot sunk deep into my ass causing me to cry out. "Shut up, bastard!" And
with that his shiny boot connected again with my ass. "When I tell you to
lick my boots, I want to see you lick those boots like you mean it! If you
can't lick fast enough, then next time I'll kick your balls so hard the
pain won`t stop for a week!"

I swung around and began licking his left boot as quickly as I could. My
tongue flew across the toe of the boot until it glistened. Next I licked my
way up the tightly bound boot shaft. First one side and then the other,
then I crawled behind Bob in order to lick the back. Quickly I switched to
the right boot. Although I was licking quickly, it was still the most
exciting experience I had ever had! My cock was hard and I wanted so badly
to stroke it, but didn't dare with Bob towering over me.

As I licked up the shaft on Bob's right boot I shifted my eyes upwards
to see if Bob was really as mad as his voice made him sound. As I gazed
upwards I saw Bob slowly rubbing his crotch. As I ran my tongue up the
side of his boot again I took another look and saw that Bob's basket was
growing. Obviously he was getting off on seeing his roommate groveling at
his feet and licking his boots like some helpless prisoner.

"What you looking at, asshole? Keep licking those boots until I tell
you what else I have for you to lick." It wasn't long until I heard Bob
undo his heavy leather belt and felt his jeans drop down his legs.

"OK, bootlicker! Get your tongue up here and start licking my balls."
Quickly I straightened up and started licking Bob's massive balls. After a
couple of minutes of that he spoke again: "OK, wrap your lips around my
cock. If you don't give satisfactory service I'll kick your balls so hard
you'll never fuck again!" I sucked Bob until he shot his full load into my
mouth. I managed to swallow it all as Bob pulled out and collapsed on his
bed. "You make a pretty good cock sucker. I've had better, but with a
little training I think you'll do OK. I tell you what. If you keep my
boots polished and suck my cock whenever I need it serviced, I'll keep your
dirty little secret for you. Deal?"

"Sure Bob" I quickly responded.

The next few weeks of spring semester were a busy time for me as I spent
hours spit shining Bob's two pairs of combat boots and sucking him off
whenever he needed it. And then in the last two weeks Bob would give me
some extra pleasure by putting on his boots and ordering me to lick them.
When he was satisfied with my boot service he would tell me to lie on my
back so he could rub my crotch with the toe of his boot. As my cock grew
he would jab at my balls with his boot while continuing to rub my cock
until I shot my load. When that happened I knew I was in boot heaven!

The End

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2 years ago
I'm not usually into boots or that type of fetish, but I found your story quite arousing. Thanks.
2 years ago
By: John Brant