ARMY GRUNT - rimming / w/s

It was my first day of a full-time two week block of army reserves at the
Milford Falls barracks and I didn't wanna be there. During a break after
our first dinner I was sitting in the quad with five other reservists, all
first year and all but two of us had obviously taken on more than we
bargained for, in between bitchin' about the mornings orientation manoeuvre
we got to talking about why we joined up in the first place. It was the
money, pure and simple we wanted the money. Some fuck wit whose name I
didn't know started on about "defending our shores".

"yeah right" I said with a smirk. All the five other reservists suddenly
glared at me, pissed at my cynicism. Two minutes ago they're telling each
other they're all in it for the money then a minute later it's all about
'defending the shoreline'. For all the crap about joining the army to
become a leader the fact is 95% of the armed f***es are born to follow - I
wasn't gonna argue, besides I had only one more week of this full-time
reserves then it was back to the one day a fortnight until the winter.

I went and sat in the rec. room and watched some TV. The whole setup was
fucked, I kept telling myself that at the end of the five year stint I'll
have more than enough for a deposit on a house but it was gonna be hard
work gettin' there. The stupid thing was that my day job was paying better
these days so in a way I didn't even need to be an army reservist - what
the fuck can you do I guess.

I thought it was gonna be a painful two weeks but things change.

'Baby Chambers' he called me - I admit I do still have a young looking face
but the fact is I'm 26 and almost as tall as him. Sergeant Brinsky was a
weird fuckin' bloke in his early thirties who was 'career army', he's the
kind of bloke that's a thick as a fuckin' brick but I knew damn well that
in the army he'd always out rank a guy like me. He made a point of calling
me 'baby Chambers' in front of the other men, but he also didn't act like a
total bastard towards me when going through the days drills and exercises.
He kinda hated my guts but on the other side treated me with respect.

The reason I mention Brinsky is because for the two weeks I was there me
and Kendal (another reservist) were sharing a room with him at the
barracks, normally you'd never get three reservists with their own room but
seeing as Milford Falls was half empty we all got assigned small share
rooms instead of beds in the dorms. We were all reservists but each room
had two first years and a third year as supervisor. Brinsky was the
bastard we got.

Anyhow, on the second night here Brinsky caught me and Kendal foolin'
around. Kendal was this big, heavy lookin' bloke of 27 who was perfect for
the army, he kind of struck me as prime canon fodder when I first saw him
but his serious stupid lookin' face had a genuine decency behind it so I
made a point of subtly tellin' him things that he might not have understood
straight off. His one weak spot was his libido - it was fuckin' out of
control. On the first night here I woke up to the sound of the bunk
springs squeaking, I like stuff like this but not in the reserves with
gettin' up at 5:00 a.m, I whispered for him to shut up and then he whispers
back "all right mate, nearly done" a couple of seconds later I hear him
grunt as he came. Brilliant stuff - only straight guys would be that
upfront about taking a wank.

The next night all I could think about was Kendal jerking his dick, as I
said stuff like that gets me hot, I keep it quite in the reserves but
outside of this place I don't mind some cock.

After the previous night I wasn't expecting anything, but when me and
Kendal were alone in the room I lay back on my bunk to wait to see what
happened, the only light on was a small lamp near the bunks so it was
pretty dull. He was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and sitting in the only
chair in the room and I very casually got the talk around to his sex life,
he mentioned a girl called Rachel and what they did together. Crossing his
legs to try and hide the tent in his shorts didn't work too hot, I kind of
laughed at his efforts which got him relaxed so he had no qualms about
displaying the hefty lookin' bulge. He was the one that mentioned he
needed to have a wank,

"Yeah me too" propping myself on my elbows I made it obvious I was also
hard. "I gotta get comfortable", Kendal was about to get up onto his bunk
when I hoisted my cock from the front of my briefs and started to slowly
work my fist on my shaft, I made no attempt to hide it and trying give an
impression that guys wanking off together was no big deal I took my eyes
off him to see what happened. Standing in the middle of the floor he got a
distracted look on his face and then pulled his meaty lookin' cock from
underneath his shorts leg hole, slowly pulling at it wasn't long before we
got in the same rhythm.

When it was clear he wasn't going to stop till he blew I reached out my
hand and indicated he should come closer, he hesitated at first but being a
horny bastard he was happy to let my 'straight curiosity' take over.
Raising myself off the bed I wrapped my fist around his shaft and started
to pummel it in the same way he'd done himself. He made no effort to go
for my cock in fact he let his head fall back with a low groan so he
couldn't even see my hand at work on his body. His cock was uncut and the
skin moved easily and smoothly in my hand as I watched the beautiful purple
head jut out from his body, I would've fuckin' killed to be able to suck
this cock but I knew he wouldn't wanna go that far. With one hand on my
own cock and the other on Kendels I angled myself until I sat on the edge
of the bed, I'd picked up the speed and was getting close to making him
blow, I 'absent mindedly' leant forward until the engorged cock head was
only a foot from my face.

Thinking he was doin' me a favour Kendal said he was gonna blow, so going
along with him I kept pummeling his hand but pointed the cock head to the
centre of the room, sure enough I felt movement inside the firm cock shaft
and cum began to ooze from the slit...

...right at that second, right when the first ribbon of cum shot out into
the air, fuckin' Brinsky walks into the room.

"What the fucks goin' on ere!! You're fuckin' cock suckers!!"

Kendal spun round, his cock still cumming, grabbing his stiff he tried to
hide it but more ribbons of cum shot out onto the floor. He looked real
scared, his face a bright red, all he could say was that "he didn't, he
wasn't suckin' me".

I sat on the edge of the bed any covered my cock with my folded arms, the
shock sent it flaccid within seconds - I'd gone too far and I knew it.

Brinsky's mouth was open in shock, glaring at Kendal he soon had him
heaving himself up onto the top bunk. I wasn't gonna move until I could
figure out what was coming next. Brinsky didn't yell, this had more to do
with not wanting others to hear what was going on more than anything else.
Glancing at the cum glistening on the floor he took a deep breath, looking
at me all said was "you fuckin'...ya play with guys cocks do ya' baby better keep this quite all I fuckin' brain the both a ya..."
shaking his head he looked deep in thought as he began to remove his
uniform. Carefully hanging his fatigues in the closet he finally stood
there in his standard issue army green briefs, holding the track pants he
wears to bed, he looked at me with contempt and disgust, it was like he
couldn't figure me out and I guess he couldn't.

Pulling his briefs off he then quickly yanked on his track pants and
singlet, holding his briefs in his hand the look he gave me made it clear
he blamed me, he knew about Kendels girlfriend so he'd sussed straight off
that I was the one.

With a sharp movement he through his briefs at me, catching them I was
surprised how warm and sweat damp they felt, "wipe the floor", quickly
shoving my flaccid cock back into my undies I knelt on the floor and with
wide sweeps of Brinsky's briefs I wiped the cum from the lino floor.

Brinsky turned off his bedside lamp and turned over to sl**p. I thought
that that'd be the end of it. I was wrong.

The next morning at five I woke to the alarm, rubbing my eyes I heard
Brinsky's voice "get me jocks Chambers and wipe this up", looking across at
his bunk I saw his flaccid circumcised dick lying large against his
stomach, cum glistened at the piss slit and his stomach and chest had pools
of cum dotted on them. Climbing out of bed I noticed Kendal had already
left for the showers, I picked up the still damp green briefs from the
floor and began to wipe at Brinsky's cum soaked body, he must've just
finished jerking off as the cum was still thick and white and his forehead
was beaded with sweat. Wrapping the briefs on his soft cock I squeezed the
last drops of cum into the fabric, wiping at the trail of hair below his
belly button I soon had him dry, finally a few dabs at his belly button had
soaked up the cum that'd collected there.

Bransky's face had this weird lookin' smarmy, triumphal look about it.
When I finished mopping him up he told me that he had "a lotta' uses for a
cock sucker so you stay alert and keep yer mouth shut"

That morning we had basic and rifle use and care lectures, I didn't see
Brinsky again until the end of a three hike up past the local waterfalls.
He spoke to me and acted like nothing had happened, the other reservists
had no idea of what had gone on the night before. Kendal was real awkward
around me but I could tell that he was glad that I was the one taking the
heat over our jerk off session.

For two days nothing happened then at five one morning I heard that tone in
Brinsky's voice, sure enough Kendal had been sent to the showers and
Brinsky's chest was wet with cum. Looking around I realised the only pair
of briefs around were the ones I wore and the pair Brinsky had pulled down
mid thigh. I began to look for something else to clean him up with.

"Nah Chambers, your gonna lick this off" squeezing the last of his cum from
his cock head Brinsky gave me that smart ass smirk again. Despite myself
my cock had started to grow, stupidly I'd worn just briefs to be the
previous night so now I had no way of hiding the rising tent in the fabric.
Kneeling on the floor I lent close to the bed and making a show of
hesitating I then began to lick up the cool white drops of jizz, the clammy
saltiness had a refreshing taste, using my tongue I smeared the cum across
my teeth. Puckering my lips over Brinsky's hairy stomach I sucked up the
cum that had soaked into the coarse black hair, working on his belly button
which again had pooled with cum I darted my tongue into the cleft until I
got out all I could, I would've happily sucked out what was left in his
cock shaft but I thought I better stay away from there. As I got to my
feet I could barely hide my erection as I turned quickly around.

"Ya got yourself a boner there ya' wanna wank doncha'...well
fuck ya' Chambers...a faggot like you can use the energy...get goin' to the

Wrapping a towel around my waste I had to hold my fatigues in from of my
crotch for the walk to the showers, it wasn't until I saw the other
reserves that my cock started to subside.

Later that morning we drove five miles to some forest, there we joined up
with another division for 'field logistics' which was really just war
games, again Brinsky acted like nothing weird was goin' on. The exercise
didn't wind up until late in the afternoon, it took an hour to send the
convoy of reservists, equipment and machinery back towards the barracks.
Me and a few other blokes were waiting around to be told what truck we were
going back in when Brinsky shouted out for me to go with him to pick up
these strategic markers they put all over the forest.

Climbing into the jeep Brinsky talked through the days events and what was
done right and wrong, it was all strictly business as the jeep headed into
the forest, after we'd spent an hour collecting the markers he said it was
time to head back. Driving along the thin forest track Brinsky stopped
talking about the days logistics, suddenly he pulled the jeep into a small
shaded clearing, turning off the engine he looked at me with that smart ass
smirk that I'd seen these last few mornings.

"Did ya' have a wank in the shower this mornin'?"

"No Sergeant"

"Didya' try?"

"Too crowded Sergeant"

"Drop the Sergeant bit Chambers"

"Did you suck Kendels cock the other night?"

"No sir"

"You sure about that"

"Yes sir. I only jerked him off"

"Chambers, the hats off, drop the 'sir' for now"

"Yes s...Yes"

"You're a cocksucker aren't ya' Chambers"


"I saw the bulge this mornin' Chambers. Go sit on that log Chambers"

I made my way to the log that was set back from the track, sitting down I
adjusted the front of my trousers, despite not knowing which way this
situation was heading I still started to bone up. Brinsky stood in front
of me, his army fatigues had a heavy bulge in the front.

"What are we doing here sir"

"Well Chambers, I'll tell ya'." He started to untie his boots, kicking
them off he looked down at me.

"You're gonna suck my cock" Pulling his green t-shirt off he threw it at my

"And your gonna eat my ass and you're gonna love it" He undid the buckle on
his fatigues and shucked them onto his T-shirt. Standing with his hands on
his hips I saw he was wearing those army issue briefs, the bulge in the
fabric was clear enough.

Pulling his briefs off he threw them at me "here's a preview", like the
other day they were damp with sweat, holding them in my hand I couldn't
hide my attraction to his pink skinned body as it contrasted with the cool,
dark forest around us. His long pink dick jutted out into the cool air as
he took in the feel of being naked out here and miles from the barracks.

"Sir. May I get undressed aswell please" I wasn't gonna hide what was

"Chambers I'm not like you, I'm not a cock sucking poof who jerks off
soldiers. I don't wanna see your cock or your ass"

He could see in my face that I was disappointed.

"OK, get it off but you gotta put those on" he said pointing to his briefs
he'd just thrown at me.

I quickly got naked, pulling Brinsky's damp underpants on I was relieved to
see no sk** marks of any kind. My stiff cock tented the fabric, despite
himself Brinsky was checking it out.

Turning around he stuck his heavy pink ass cheeks towards me, kneading the
base of his cock the stiff shaft pointed straight at the ground.

"Whattya waitin' for Chambers, get ya' tongue out"

I placed my finger tips deep down into his ass crevice, wet with sweat and
grime from the day of manoeuvres I hoped like hell that it wasn't dirty,
bringing one hand to me nose I was relived to smell nothing more than the
heavy but clean smell of men's ass.

With fingers positioned I pulled the arse cheeks apart to reveal a hair
lined crack with a small twitching hole at it's centre. Leaning forward I
inhaled deeply, the iron like smell of this private, secret ass hit my
senses with f***e, stale sweat also wafted across my face. With I wipe lap
of my tongue I scooped along deeply into Brinsky's ass crack. Pungent hot
sweat soon coated my tongue as I prodded wildly looking for the very
private part of a man.

"You like the taste of my ass Chambers? I been sittin' on that ass all day
ya' know. You're lucky I haven't needed to take a dump aren't ya'. You
fags wouldn't mind licking me clean then would ya', would ya' Chalmbers"

With feet shuffling in the dirt Brinsky f***ed his ass tighter against my
face, with two ass cheeks on either side of my eyes I couldn't see what I
was doing, suddenly I felt my nose rub across the moist pucker of an
asshole. Lifting my head slightly I soon pummeled against the sweat moist
contracting hole, a shudder went through Brinsky's body as my tongue hit
the mark.

"Yeah, lick it out...lick it out Chambers...whoooh yeah...lick my chute.
You filthy ass sucking poofter, clean me good now. Oh yeah...oh

I was liking this as much as him, getting my cock out of his briefs I began
to slowly rub the head in my palms, careful not to rush I was gonna savour

"Show me ya' tongue, show me ya tongue" Brinsky pulled his ass from my face
and sighed and writhed his hips as I stuck my pointed tongue out for him to
see. " got that right up me did ya' fuckin'
whore....ya taste me..."

His hand pinched the tip of my tongue then he sniffed his fingers deeply.
He then squated down low to the ground and began to finger his asshole, I
watched stunned and hot as his middle finger sunk up his own chute,
wrenching it out he wiped the clean greasy digit across my lips, ramming it
up himself again he then held it to my mouth and this time I sucked it
between my lips, surprised at the cleanliness I was still knocked horny by
the muskiness of the aroma. How many times had he stuck his own finger in
his own arse and then sniffed greedily at it.

"Yeah, ya filthy faggot" Turning around again he wrenched his own cheeks
apart and put his ass inches from my mouth.

"Suck it fag....suck my hole...." I dove onto the twitching brownish pink
pucker, pursing my lips I began to suck greedily as this straight guys
hole, sweat and tangy ass flavours had my head spinning in lust and hunger.

"Suck it out fag....suck it out....whoooaahh yeah" Grinding his cheeks into
my face was wet with sweat and juice, when he suddenly pulled his ass from
my face the air felt cool against the heat of my red flushed face.

Still kneeling Brinsky turned to face me, holding his cock he began to slap
it hard against my face, all this time I was still steadily pumping at my
own violent boner, he glanced down at my fist as it wrapped around my
shaft, with another slap of his cock he kept at me...

"ya love cock doncha' Chambers....doncha?"

"oh yeah sir I love it" I tried to catch his cock head between my lips but
he moved it to fast.

"ya let blokes blow in ya mouth doncha....let em' fill ya guts with sprog loved lapping up me cum didn'cha" He slapped his shaft against
my ear.

"yeah, yeah I did"

"you'd suck em' all if ya could wouldn' wanna blow my cock wanna taste gonna suck it for me arn'cha....gonna
blow me -cock- sucker...." He rammed his cock head into my
eyes, sticky pre-cum stung my eyes.

"ya gonna drink it aren'cha....drink cum...what about piss....ay
Chambers?...ya' gonna let me piss in ya' mouth...ya gonna drink it...."

"Yeah, just give it to me" I was acting that the fuckin' whore he was

"I'm close Chambers...I'm gonna blow take it in your lips"

Holding the base of his cock Brinsky aimed it at my wide open mouth,
lustful spit coated the head, sucking hard and tight on his piss slit the
familiar saltiness of pre-cum coated my tongue, my teeth and my throat.

"I'm gonna fuck ya' face Chambers...that cock breath mouth a' yours..."

With both hands gripping the back of my head he rammed his cock into my
mouth, hitting the back of my throat I gagged wildly, tears streamed down
my face, sweat from his cock shaft mixed with dirt and grime and pre-cum,
clamping my lips onto the steel cock shaft I sucked and sucked at the cock,

Brinsky pulled his shaft back so I could slather the cock head with my
tongue before once again thrusting it deep into my mouth, the squelching
hot sound of spit covered cock filled the forest clearing.

"Whooah yeah....suck it...suck it....hoooh....close Chambers I'm

I reached up and felt his tight drawn up balls, clammy with sweat the stuck
close to his groin, he was close...."whoooaahhh...suck me..." The humping
into my face gathered speed and
gonna...huh...huh...huh..huh...HAHWOOOHHHH....White hot cum erupted into my
mouth, wave of Brinsky's hot male jizz raged down into my throat...sucking
at the head my tongue was soon a warm oozing mass of cum....stringy
dribbles of spit and cum ran from the corners of my mouth and landed on hy
leg....Brinsky rubbed hard against my head...."oh yeah boy....your do it....whow yeah....I gotta lie down...don't let go....keep it
in there now...."

Lowering himself down onto his back clumsily and awkward from orgasm
Brinsky lay flat onto the dirt. I knew what was coming, I knew when I
wanted to blow. My cock felt like it'd shoot any balls held
tight into my body I was close. "You ready Chambers?...It's coming soon"

I still held Brinsky's cock between my lips, cum slowly oozing down my

"Here it comes Chambers"

For a second the limp cock firmed up, the head lifted slightly off my
tongue then POW! My mouth was flooding, hot tangy mans piss filled my
mouth with such f***e that it was spurting out the corners of my lips and
running down onto Brinsky's crotch. After a second I started to gulp, to
drink as fast and as furious as I could. Two quick tugs of my cock and I
was blowing, my cock head exploded in ecstasy as my hot jizz shot onto my
chest, shooting wildly I knew some was splattering onto the underside of
Brinsky's balls. Despite myself I let out a large groan of pleasure my
mouth opening over the cock sending a flood of piss cascading across
Brinsky's body, trickles of golden pungent piss ran into the dirt and
pooled around my knee's and Brinsky's ass.

Letting Brinskys soft piss soaked dick slide from my lips I to lay back
down into the piss mud below us, looking up at the slowly darkening sky I
experienced my own kind of triumph when I felt Brinsky's foot tenderly and
gratefully rubbing against my leg in appreciation.

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That was Awsome!
What a finish!
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It is HOT!!
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Such passionate story it.
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