A new fur slave - The next day

A new fur slave - The next day

"Wake up. Time for breakfast" I say opening max’s door.

"What time is it?" he asks rubbing his eyes.

"8:00 AM" I tell him.

"I’ll be down in a few minutes" he says getting up and getting dressed.

I leave heading down stairs and starting the bacon and eggs. Ten minutes later max enters the room "I thought you’d have the women cooking" he says seeing me in front of the stove.

"I like to cook, but usually the women do the cooking in the afternoon" I tell him putting the bacon and eggs on a plate and serving him.

"Aren’t you having anything?" he asks seeing me turning off the stove.

"When you finish I’ll have you" I say as he eats.

When he finishes the food I crawl under the table and lick his sheath feeling him starting to grow. I suck on the head and he moans putting a hand on my head and stroking my ears. "That feel amazing just like the lizard tongue!" he moans pushing his hips up at me. By now his cock is fully exposed and I suck him down to the root and press him against the top of my mouth and pull back creating a powerful suction drawing a steady stream of pre-cum from him and down my throat. I back off and see his cock bobbing in the air with his heartbeat and he grabs it slowly stroking it "if you want a meal you better get back to work" he says rubbing the head and smearing pre over it. I pull him to the edge of the chair and licking his asshole until its dripping and push a finger in. he groans arching his back and pushing against my finger and I add another finger and his cock jumps shoots a string of pre-cum across my face. I lean foreword and suck him deep down my throat and swallow around it milking more sweet pre-cum from him. Suddenly he grabs my head and starts thrusting into my mouth and I feel him cumming filling my throat and backing up into my mouth and I pinch the flow off and swallow with his cock still in my throat and he groans louder. I suck and swallow until he stops cumming and he pushes me away "stop, it’s starting to hurt" he says slumping back into the chair.

I look around and see the girls standing in the doorway stroking themselves. "Girls, what have I told you" I say.

The hawk speaks up "when we’re hard and it’s daytime to not masturbate".

"That’s right, now calm down" I tell them.

"I gave them all the same trigger word to make them soft if their hard when I don’t want them to be" I tell max.

"Ice brick" I say and all their cock starts to slowly shrink.

"max, I have some work to do today so, today the girls will serve you and try to not screw them because I want some tonight since I didn’t get any last night" I tell him.

"Ok, I won’t screw them but I want to fuck you tonight" he says.

"Okay deal" I say shaking his hand.

I work for the rest of the day.

That night, I go to max’s room and open the door seeing him laying the idly stroking himself. "Started without me" I say with a chuckle.

"Not really I just wanted to kill some time" he says letting go and letting it fall on his stomach.

I go over to him and run my tongue from his balls the tip and back "you wanted to fuck me tonight" I say "do you want top or bottom".

"Top" he says and I get on the bed with my ass facing him. He lifts my tail and licks my asshole and I feel my cock growing. He works his tongue into my ass going deeper and licking my prostate and my cock shoots up hard and throbbing and every time he presses against it a squirt of pre-cum shoots out. He stands up on her knees behind me and presses his fox hood against my ass and slips the head in and I groan arching my back and pushing back against him and he pushes deeper into me. I feel his knot slowly growing and he pulls back to keep it out of me.

"Push your knot in me and tie with me!" I moan feeling his knot against my ass.

"Are you sure?" he asks and I push back forcing him deeper in me and his knot swells up and ties us together

He starts fucking me hard and fast moving only about two inches, but feeling like a foot as her jackhammers my ass. I groan and squeeze my ass tight around him and he sinks his teeth into my shoulder and I can hear him scream as he starts cumming.

I feel him swelling and jerking as he cums in me. He moans and his hips jerk each time he shoots off in me and I feel the hot cum coating the walls of my ass. He slumps foreword on my back and lays there panting and sweating.

"God, I’m so hard it hurts" I tell him and he reaches around and grabs my cock.

"Well I’ll need to help you with that" he says jerking my cock and I wince feeling him jerking me off and soaking the bed in pre-cum. "your ass grabs me every time I rub your flare" he says emphasizing it by focusing on the flare. I groan out and starts cumming unable to talk through the blinding pleasure his stroking causes me. I shoot cum all over the bed and the head board turn from light brown to white as more cum shoots out. He keeps flexing his cock against my prostate and rubbing the flare making more cum shoot out then normally would.

"stop please stop I’m to sensitive" I say flexing my cock and breaking it from his grip and flinching as it rubs my belly hair and splattering cum on it.

We both collapse on the bed panting and sweating his cock hard again in my ass and he starts fucking me again. He fucks me for tem minutes then he cums again and I cum at the same time as him. When this orgasm ends he pulls his cock from me and we both yelp in pain.

"I hope you sl**p well tonight" I say kissing him goodnight and squeezing his sheath.

"I will after that workout" he says squeezing my sheath back.

I turn and leave shutting the door behind me and I can feel his cum leaking out of my ass.

Walking over to the intercom "girls come to my room" I say pressing the button and head for my room tightening my asshole holding the cum in

"Girls, max just filled me with his hot fox cum and I want you all to suck it out" I tell them getting on my knees on the bed and moving my tail to the side. The dog comes over and I relax my asshole and she sucks out a mouthful and moves aside swallowing it. The cat shoves her tongue up my ass and I jump "HEY, what do you think your doing" I say and she grins at me and suck out a mouthful for herself and moves aside and swallows it. The hawk moves in and shoves her beak in my ass and pushes her tongue deep in my as scooping up as much as she can and pulls her cum covered tongue back in her beak and swallows it and moves aside. The lizard moves up to my ass and sucks a mouthful and swallows it.

They each take two turns until they get it all and I roll over grabbing the hawk and driving my cock deep in her avian pussy and she shrieks loudly feeling my cock break through her cervix and into her sensitive womb. I fuck her for an hour and when I finally cum she’s laying their dead to the world in a sex induced trance that a lot of hard sex causes in these girls. She snaps out of her trance when I cum and stretch her womb with hot cum watching her belly grow bigger and I groan out my orgasm. She grabs her stomach in pain because I rarely fuck her or any of these girls wombs "god you’re tighter the I remember" I say pulling her hand away from her stomach and rubbing it making the tissue relax and stretch making the pain go away. I leave my cock in her for the rest of the night fucking her twice more filling her with so much cum she looks very pregnant and she should be by noon the next day.

The rest of the girls asl**p in their own rooms and the house quiet only the sound of the sl**ping furs and the hawks belly gurgling especially when I dump more cum in her stretched belly.

The End
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