A new fur slave

A new fur slave

I’m laying here fucking another hooker, a rabbit hooker, and I’m about to cum and this is where my story begins.

"Take my hot horse cum, slut!" I grunt as I cum in the rabbit’s pussy. My cock grow bigger as each string of cum stretches my cock and her eyes widen as her pussy is opened wider until my cum reached the head and flows straight into her womb. Three more strings shoot out and her belly grows bigger with each one until she looks four months pregnant. I lay her down on the bed having fucked her in a chair and pull my cock from her tight pussy watching my cum leaking out after my cock and I can see her cervix is gaping open after my flare slips out of it. I wipe my cock on her belly and drops the money nest to her u*********s form "I’ll be back in a few day to get you" I say and lean down and kiss her forehead and leave.

Out in the cool night air I smile another hooker is going to have a surprise in a few days then she’s mine forever. Ever since that night with a dolphin I’ve changed furs every time I cum in them they grow a cock and become a slave to me. I’ve already got four women under my control and in a little while I’m going to see what happens to males.

Two hours later I walk up to a fox dressed as a woman, but clearly a male by the cock under his skirt. "How much for an hour?" I ask walking up to him.

"50 an hour and as many orgasms as you can have or give" he says looking me up and done and grinning.

"deal" I say handing him a 50 and letting him lead the way into an abandoned building next to us and I watch his ass move under the short skirt and feel my cock swelling.

We enter the building and I grab him and lift his skirt "ooh, your well endowed and a nice set of cum filled balls" I say rubbing his sheath and balls making him moan.

"What’s your name?" I ask him.

"You can call me, max" he says.

I easily lift him up and lick his cock as the pink tip of his cock appears and I wrap my tongue around his it and he moans feeling the wet heat around it and more comes out filling my tongue until his whole cock is hanging out and I suck on it making him moan and groan with each movement of my tongue. I drop him to the floor and open my pants "your turn" I say and pull him to my cock. He grabs it and use both hands to wrap around it and runs his hands up and down then he lifts my cock to his lips and licks the head and wraps his lips around the head and moans vibrating my cock straight to the root and deep into my balls.

"You’ve been fucking a rabbit tonight" he says tasting the rabbits cum on my cock head and I nod "I’ve had her and she’s a real looker."

I push more of my cock into his mouth and moan feeling his throat swallowing around my huge horse cock trying to milk the cum from me. I pull him off my cock and push him back onto the ground and starts sucking his hard cock and fingering his tight ass and he starts pumping his hips thrusting his cock into my mouth and I feel his cock swelling and flooding my mouth with his hot thick fox cum. He cums and cums gushing down my throat as I rub his prostate and he cums harder gushing more until he’s empty I pull my fingers from his ass with a slurping sound and push them in his mouth as he noisily sucks them clean and I roll him over and pick him up and bend him over a chair and lick his asshole getting it wet and ready for a hard horse fucking. I put the head against his ass and he moans when he feels the heat and his hole clenches and relaxes as I push in and his back arches as I push more and more into him until my whole 2 foot long cock is buried deep in his ass. I start fucking him pulling out a foot of cock and driving it in deep and hard feeling his ass rippling around my cock. I hold my cum back until I feel him cumming again, so I turn him over still on my cock and his cum shoots all over both of us. I shout and start filling his ass with cum my cock growing with each gush of cum giving him 2 more inches of cock and when I stop cumming and only dribble I let my cock soak in his ass. When I recover I give him a punch to the head and he passes out and I let him lay their with my cock in him until it softens completely and I pull out and get dressed and pick him up and leave going home carry him to my car.

When I get home two of the slaves a cat and a dog both wearing their French maid uniforms with no underwear come out to meet me at my car "take him up to the spare bedroom and tie him to the bed and wait until he wakes and call me" I tell them.

An hour later he wakes up and they call me over the intercom and I go to the room and call the lizard and hawk slave come to the room too. "Okay girls we’ll have a guest for the next few days" I tell them.

"Are you gay or bisexual?" I ask him.

"Where am I?" he asks pulling at his bindings.

"Doesn’t matter you are my property now" I tell him "now answer the question".

He turns his head to the side not looking at me.

"If you answer my question, I can make your life very easy" I tell him.

He ignores me and keeps looking at the wall.

"I’ll ask again" I tell him "are you gay or bisexual?"

He exhales hard, but ignores me.

"Fine, I gave you a chance for a better life where you didn’t need to sell your tight fox ass" I tell him walking over to him and cupping his cheek. I turn "okay girls, it looks like we need to f***e him to answer my questions" I tell them as I step to the side "girls arouse him but don’t let him cum, if he cums you’ll all be punished".

They go over to him and start running their hands all over his body. Rubbing his nipples until they harden and shoving fingers in his ass and he let’s out a quite moan they all grab his cock and his hips jerk up and his cock grows in their hands.

They all let go of his cock and the lizard climbs up on his face and rubs her wet pussy and hard cock all over his face. She smacks him on the cheek with her hard cock leaving a spot of pre-cum on his cheek and rubs her clit on his nose making him smell her wet sloppy pussy. She rubs the head against his lips and pushes between them and sinks her cock into his throat and he moans around it.

The cat licks his balls and he jumps with each lick because of her sandpaper tongue. She wraps her lips around his cock and he moans into the reptilian pussy above him and the cat moves to his balls and bathes them in saliva. She lightly bites his cock making him jump and his cock to jerk and hit her square in the face and she laughs. She sucks the head and gets a mouthful of his pre-cum.

The dog licks and tongue fucks his ass and prostate. Each jab of her tongue makes his ass grab her tongue and pulls at it.

The hawk climbs up and mounts him dropping her weight onto his cock and he grunts and moans loudly into the lizard pussy covering his face. The cat moves to his balls and work them while the hawk rides him.

They work him until they feel him about to cum and then stops until he calms down and starts again doing this five times. Each time they stop he struggles trying to get off, but they won’t let him.

"okay, girls get off him and come over here" I tell them and they all give his nipples, cock, balls and ass a lick before moving over next to me. "Are you gay or bisexual?" I ask again "when you answer my questions you will get some relief." I grab his cock and squeeze it milking out a drop of pre-cum and her moans loudly jerking his hips.

"I’m bisexual now please let me cum my cock and balls feel like they’re going to explode!" to moans jerking his hips trying to get some relief.

"Good, now do you have any f****y?" I ask him running a finger over the head of his cock wiping up some pre-cum and sucking my finger clean "you taste good" I tell him.

"No, I don’t have any f****y!" he says moaning when I grab his cock.

"if I let you cum, will you stay here under my watch for a few days to see if you change after getting a belly full of my cum" I say rubbing my thumb on the swollen head.

"YES, YES JUST LET ME CUM!" he shouts.

"Girls, get him some cuffs and a collar. Level 4 should be strong enough" I tell them as I slowly stroke his hard throbbing cock.

"Just a few more minute and I’ll let you erupt like a volcano" I say licking more pre-cum from his rock hard cock.

The girls return and secure a cuff to his wrist and ankles and a collar around his neck.

"Are you ready to cum?" I ask him grinning and sucking on the head and stroking the shaft and he stiffens.

"YES, OH GOD YES HERE I CUMMMMMMMMMM!" he shouts thrusting his cock into my mouth and floods my tongue with hot creamy fox juice. I swallow feeling his thick gooey cum oozing down my throat only to be replaced by more and more until he collapses back into the bed panting and moaning.

I move up his body and kiss him pushing my tongue into his mouth and rubbing my cum covered tongue against his and he tries to grab my cock, but he’s still tied to the bed.

I untie him "these cuffs will shock you if you leave my property all of these girls were normal, no cocks and a will of their own until I came in them and a few days later they grew a cock and were submissive to me only. As long as you are here you will be cared for. If you want sex, tell one of use and we will fuck you as long as you want. If you want food I can get you anything you want." I tell him "Do you have any questions?"

"How can you change a fur?" he asks.

"Long story short I had a one night stand with a dolphin. A first for me and I fucked her through the night and in the morning I woke up next to her. I saw her ass and just had to fuck it, so I did and she was an anal virgin, so she cursed me. They have always said dolphins were magical and they were right another part of the curse was I can only cum at night. I can be aroused and fucked during the day, but no matter what happens I can’t cum during the day" I tell him.

"Okay, like I said I will stay here whether I change or not if I’m still welcomed" he says reaching for my cock and stroking it and licking the head and I moan in disappointment.

"I really wish I could cum and fill you with more hot horse cum, but I cant" I say.

He goes over to the girls and strokes their cocks and they all moan as he strokes them.

"The girls all have a trigger word that causes them to cum instantly. I worked hard on that and am proud of it" I tell him.

When he‘s in front of the hawk and sucking her 7 inch cock "caw" I say as he licks the hawks cock and she cums in his mouth and he gets a face full of cum until he wraps his lips back around the cock and drinks her hot birdie cum.

"Next do the cat" I say and he goes over to her and sucks her cock.

He reaches around and pushes a finger in her pussy and ass fingering both holes. "meow" I say and she grabs his head and drives her cock into his face and throat as she cums hard and floods him with feline cum.

"Next is the lizard" I say and he goes over to the lizard and strokes her huge cock making her his in pleasure and thrust into his hand. He licks the head and it grows to the full 12 inches and he swallows half of it and around it and she hisses louder.

"Hiss" I say and she grabs his head and drives the rest of her cock into his mouth and cums straight in his stomach. She loudly hisses and moans through her orgasm until she collapses against the wall pushing him away from her sensitive cock.

He moves over to the dog and grabs her hard cock and kisses her shoving his tongue in her mouth and feeding her his cum covered tongue and breaks the kiss and moves down to her cock and sucks the pre-cum from it.

"Let me guess" he says "bark".

She howls and his face is covered in hot canine cum even as he swallows and her cum still covers his face. She grabs his head and drives his spurting cock into his mouth and her cum overfills his mouth and coats his chin.

"She has always been a fire hose when she cums" I say grinning and stroking my cock milking pre-cum out and covering the shaft with it.

"If you need anything give me a call over the intercom and have fun with the girls" I say and leave.

The End
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