The slut

Chapter 1

* * *

The rabbit stretched and leaned back on his thick legs. Raising his arms above his head, he let out a grunt. Practice had been rough today - lots of running. Lawton let his arms drop back to his sides as he stared into his open locker and let out a sigh. He enjoyed the workouts, even if they were pretty tough, but his favorite time of the day came after.

He stuffed his lacrosse gear into the locker before pulling his jersey off, revealing his slim frame. Slim as he was, lean muscle coated his body and rippled beneath his dark grey fur. His ears, both upright, swiveled a bit as he heard the rest of his lacrosse team enter, as well as members of the college football team, whose practice usually ended around the same time.

There were only a few other male members of the college lacrosse team. The rest of the team and the coach were women. The football team members were the ones that interested Lawton.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw them enter. Slowly undressing, he watched as they strode past the entrance to his row of dark red lockers. Covered with grass, mud, and mounds of pads, he couldn't help but lick his lips. He could smell their perspiration and turned his head a little to get a better view of their bulging shorts. The jockstraps they wore helped pad things a bit, but Lawton knew many of the players were packing.

The rabbit smiled to himself as he turned back to his locker and slipped his shorts off. They were light blue, matched to his white and blue jersey. Lawton could have played football, even with his comparatively short stature, but he wasn't interested in playing football, only the football players. Instead, the rabbit excelled at soccer and lacrosse.

Now clad only his blue, calf-high socks, with a white band at the top, and a pair of tight bikini briefs, he raised his arms and stretched again, grinning as he planned which team member - or members - he would play with today.

Lawton was well-known to the football team. It was a kind of public secret. After all, nothing felt better than a good blowjob after a hard practice, something the rabbit was usually more than happy to supply. Most of the players on the current team had enjoyed his attentions so far this year, even the straightest ones imaginable. Even the coach knew about it, but he figured it was good for team morale and didn't say anything.

Speaking of the coach... Lawton nodded at the burly bear as he strode by, whistle hanging off his chest, bouncing against his dark blue jersey and broad, heavily muscled chest. The bear grinned at him knowingly and tapped a finger against the bridge of his snout, next to his large black nose.

Lawton giggled to himself as he turned back to his locker and pulled out his towel and soap. He headed down the row of lockers towards the showers when he heard footsteps behind him. Turning around, he grinned.

Darius and Jared were heading his way. The wolves were quite a pair and often mistaken for b*****rs. They did look very similar: black fur, broad shoulders, black eyes, and similar hair styles. In their matching jerseys and pads, they looked like twins. They even played the same position on the football team and were, naturally, best friends.

"Hey, Lawton," Darius said, stopping in front of the rabbit. He leaned against the lockers, an elbow up to prop himself against the red doors as he grinned down at the shorter male.

"How's it going, Lawton?" Jared asked, moving around to the other side of the rabbit.

Lawton grinned cheekily as the two larger, thicker males moved to surround him. "Doing good, guys... what's up?"

Darius grinned over Lawton's head at Jared. The rabbit could hear the heavy wolf's low chuckle over the sounds of the locker room - guys changing, yelling, goofing off, the showers. His sheath bulged in his shorts as he felt Jared bump up against him from behind. The wolf's large, oversized hands slid over his shoulders, holding him.

"Well, we thought we'd see how our favorite team mascot was doing," Darius said, moving in closer. Lawton could smell the sweat on them both, the overpowering stench of wolf flooding his nostrils. He loved it.

"Just getting ready for a shower," Lawton said, tipping his head back to look up at Darius, who was a little over a foot taller than him. The rabbit grinned, eyes traveling across Darius's strong jaw line and neck. He was still wearing his shoulder pads, giving him a really bulky look.

"That so?" Darius asked, stepping in closer, until Lawton felt his hard plastic jockstrap press into his belly. He felt Jared do the same from behind and squirmed delightedly, but kept his hands at his sides.

"May have to borrow you for a minute, first," Jared said, a note of lust creeping into his voice. "Darius's girlfriend is out of town for the week, you know?"

"That's a shame," Lawton murmured, eyes dropping down to the wolf's stomach, where the uniform hid anything of interest from view. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Now that you mention it..."

Jared hooked his arms under Lawton's armpits and hoisted him up easily. Lawton gasped - the wolf was strong. He shivered, loving how the male's huge biceps squeezed his shoulders and sides. His sheath bulged further in his tight briefs.

Darius grabbed his legs, so that between the two wolves, they had the rabbit completely off the ground. Keeping Lawton's legs tucked against his side, Darius reached down and quickly undid the string of his pants, pulling the open a bit before shoving his jockstrap out of the way. The wolf's incredible shaft flopped out, mellow pink in color, already curving up as it hardened.

As Jared watched, Darius pulled Lawton's briefs down to his thighs. The rabbit's balls were still covered, but his sheath pushed out, erection lewdly crawling up his belly. Darius grinned at Jared as he squeezed Lawton's leg under his armpits and reached down, guiding his erection towards Lawton's firm bubble-butt.

The wolf didn't waste time. There was more than enough pre-cum to act as lube as the wolf pushed inside Lawton's tight sphincter, growling lowly as he felt himself fit into the rabbit's tight tunnel. Jared pushed forward as well, forcing the rabbit deeper onto the other wolf's wrist-thick erection.

Lawton tipped his head back and arched his body, letting out a hiss of pleasure. The wolf was big. Not the biggest he'd ever taken, but still big enough. And he wasn't very gentle. Darius treated Lawton like anything else he'd fuck and Lawton loved every second - and inch - of it.

Darius thrust in again and again. His fingers grabbed the sides of Lawton's hips, pulling the rabbit harder over his erection. The wolf's tail waved rapidly behind him as he tipped his head back, tongue lolling out. He pumped his hips rapidly as his erection spurt good amounts of pre-cum into the smaller male.

Lawton shuddered and bit his lip, knowing most of the guys didn't like to hear him cry out. Despite this, he couldn't help but let out a deep moan and curse as the wolf hilted inside him again and again. With Jared squeezing him from behind, he thought he was going to pop. The pressure felt incredible.

"Yeah, give it to him, buddy!" Jared crowed, laughing loudly as he held Lawton up, body moving back and forth, adjusting to Darius's increasingly erratic thrusts.

"Ffffuck!" Lawton groaned, and a second later: "Mmf!"

Darius came. He came hard. Thick seed burst from his tip, filling Lawton's ass. White cum shot splurt out around the wolf's thickness and dripped wetly onto the floor. It was more than enough for Lawton, who jerked in the wolves' arms as his cock throbbed and spit, soaking his chest in seed.

In the back of his head, Lawton was thankful the wolf hadn't tied with him - he still had other plans today, though this was a good way to start the evening.

Darius finished quickly. He wasn't the type to linger. Pulling out roughly, he grinned as he saw the flood of white pouring from the rabbit's rear end.

"Thanks, man," he said, as he and Jared set the rabbit back on the bench. They high-fived each other as they walked back over to their lockers on the other side of the room. Darius had a bit of trouble shoving his still half-hard cock into his pants, but managed, though he didn't bother tying them up again.

Lawton breathed hard as he recovered. He used a spare towel to wipe away the worst of the wolf's cum before tossing it on the floor to soak up what had spilled. He heard a few whoops coming from the other side of the lockers, including one from Darius, and grinned.

The shower was great. The water was hotter than normal, which Lawton enjoyed as he breathed in the steam. He washed himself off thoroughly, cleaning off the thick scent the wolves left all over his lithe frame. He smiled at a few of the other guys in the showers and nodded appreciatively at one of the larger linebacker's thick package. The horse didn't acknowledge him, but Lawton knew better. He'd fucked the horse last week under the bleachers, where they'd been discovered by said horse's very un-amused girlfriend. So that was the end of that.

He was still grinning when he emerged from the showers, a fresh towel wrapped around his waist. The water dripped from his fur, which clung to his skin and showed just how good of shape he was in. Well-formed pecs and abs, combined with a slight hourglass figure, gave him just a touch of femininity. Lawton's arms were lean and strong-looking, while his legs were thick and very powerful as befitting a rabbit.

He headed back to his locker and toweled himself mostly dry. It was warm out and the heat would take care of any remaining dampness. He was wondering if he'd be able to catch any of his favorite players before they left the locker room when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

He grinned as he turned around, but did a double take when he saw who it was. Coach Roberts stood there, a knowing smile on his face. The bear was huge, probably two feet taller than Lawton. Muscles rippled across his beefy body. The coach had been a professional lifter and football player before going into coaching. He still lifted every day, resulting in the kind of large, massive, intimidating form more at home on the field than the sidelines.

"Oh, hey, Coach," Lawton said, his impish smile returning. "How's it going?"

"Just thought I'd see how you're doing," the grizzly replied. The creases in the corners of his eyes wrinkled as he grinned down at Lawton. "Heard you've been... ah, helping out the team quite a bit lately."

Lawton paused before replying. Was the coach... hitting on him? His smile widened as he replied. "Well, I'm a big fan of all the... members... of your team."

He was proud of that one.

Coach Roberts' smile broadened across his wide muzzle and his fingers tightened around Lawton's shoulder. "I figured I should check in, see if there's any way to repay you for your... help."

Lawton, had he been born feline, would have been purring up a storm right now. Instead, he simply took the initiative. Reaching out, he stuck his hand down the waistband of the coach's jersey-style shorts. The size of the sheath he found there shocked him in a good way as he started to squeeze the fleshy tube, already semi-firm.

"I can think of a way or two," Lawton murmured as the coach's eyes widened, before shutting with pleasure.

Lawton had a hunch about what the coach would like. He was, after all, in a long-term marriage and in his forties. It wasn't hard to guess what his wife was refusing to do for the massive grizzly in the bed at home.

Keeping his paw firmly wrapped around Roberts' firm and growing sheath, he used his other to tug the waistband down, hooking it under the bear's large balls. Then, dropping to his knees, Lawton went to work.

Oral wasn't his favorite thing in the world, but it certainly wasn't his least favorite, either. And, the rabbit thought proudly, he had to have guessed correctly about the grizzly's needs: as soon as the rabbit's lips so much as brushed against the thick ebon head of the grizzly's mostly flaccid shaft, it jerked out of its sheath faster than Lawton could blink. Within a minute, it was fully hard and throbbing.

Lawton grinned as he heard the coach's moans slowly drifting over his ears. The bear's erection was massive, at least as thick as Lawton's thigh. It curved upwards delightfully, at least a foot and a half long, and with a huge set of balls below, Lawton was only sorry he hadn't gotten to do this for the coach sooner.

There was no way Lawton could fit much more than the head of the grizzly's shaft in his stretched muzzle, but with how Roberts had reacted, the rabbit figured it was more than enough. And it was... the grizzly's claws left tracks on the floor as he clenched and unclenched his feet. Lawton could hear him breathing incredibly hard and feel the coach's muscled, roundish belly push against his face as he inhaled deeply.

Using both paws, Lawton pulled his mouth off the head of the massive cock and started to lick and kiss his way up and down the thick erection. He made sure to tug and squeeze the grizzly's overripe testicles before returning his muzzle to the head, suckling it in and tonguing it as hard as he could while his paws stroked quickly.

The coach did not last long. Lawton hadn't expected him to, after all. Roberts' fingers squeezed down around his shoulders as his formerly rock-steady hips began to quaver. A few seconds later, a blast of thick cum flooded Lawton's muzzle. He wasn't prepared for the size of the bear's massive load and pulled off coughing. More and more thick jets of seed shot out of the coach's throbbing cock, splattering over Lawton's naked body and soaking into his dark grey fur.

Recovering quickly, Lawton licked his lips, tasting the rich and musky seed. He even tipped his head back and opened his muzzle, catching a few streams on his tongue. Looking up, he saw the coach watching, a glazed expression of pure lust on the huge bear's face. Yeah, Lawton thought, he definitely did not get this kind of treatment at home.

Lawton grinned as he let go of the massive cock. It was about a foot long now and half-hard as it drooped over, cum still dripping from the engorged tip.

Coach Roberts stood there nervously as Lawton stood up in front of him. He reached over and carefully hiked the large bear's shorts back up. He liked the way the coach's erection wrapped over his thigh, outlined by the stretchy, smooth fabric of the shorts.

Then, flashing the coach a grin over his shoulder, Lawton carefully held his towel away from his cum-streaked fur and headed back to the showers. Most of the time, he wouldn't need to shower after just a blowjob, but the coach's load had been a monster. Lawton wouldn't mind needing a shower after every blowjob if they all came like that.

Lawton made sure to put a little sway in his step as he walked away from the grizzly. He knew how good his ass looked - heart-shaped, almost, full and curvy - especially with his wispy tail sitting on top. And he knew the grizzly would be watching. Next time he "assisted" the coach, the big grizzly may want more than a blowjob.

Lawton half-expected the grizzly to be waiting for him as he left the showers the second time. But no, as he toweled himself dry in front of his locker, he was all alone in the room. There was no other noise.

As he dressed, Lawton checked his phone. It was already quarter to eight, but he didn't mind the late hour - he only had some light homework tonight. He had a new text message - it was his roommate, inviting him to dinner at the campus cafeteria at eight. It was about ten minutes away, so he had time to make it.

Lawton grabbed his bag and headed out, glancing back at the locker room as he left. A smile played at the corner of his lips and he shook his head. Being a mascot was fun.

* * *

Chapter 2

* * *

Lawton lived on campus more as a matter of convenience than a lack of funds. He preferred, for obvious reasons, to share a dorm with 100 other guys. As a sophomore, it wasn't too unusual, though he'd probably get his own place next year.

He slung his backpack over one shoulder as he headed to the dorm. He'd just finished eating dinner with his roommate and a few other people and needed to get his homework done. It was Thursday and he was looking forward to the weekend. Besides his lacrosse match on Saturday afternoon, he didn't have much else going on and he was planning on a nice, relaxing weekend with, hopefully, a few good hookups.

He didn't see anyone he recognized on the short walk to his dorm, but that wasn't surprising on a campus of 30,000. He nodded to the RA on duty at the front desk of his dorm before bounding up the stairs two at a time to his second-floor room. There were eighteen rooms on each floor, each with two occupants. His room was in the middle of the floor.

As he walked past the room just before his, he peeked inside. The light was off, but a computer screen cast a flickering blue glow over the interior. Lawton grinned. Danny was home.

Danny was a tiger and a foreign-exchange student from somewhere in Asia - Lawton didn't know from where, exactly. He didn't really care, either. All Lawton knew was that the tiger was ripped from head to toe with beef and didn't really care who he fucked. A good attitude in Lawton's book.

Right now, the tiger was crouched at his desk. His roommate was gone - probably at a study group. Lawton knew he was majoring in some science or other and spent late nights at the labs. Danny was playing a game on his computer. The mouse the tiger used would have been oversized on anyone else, but it just fit into the feline's huge paw as he moved it quickly back and forth. It was some kind of top-down strategy game, but Lawton didn't know which one. He wasn't big into computers and only used his old laptop to check email or write the occasional paper.

The other weird thing about Danny: he never seemed to work out. His bulk came out of nowhere. Lawton never saw him in the gym, but he still had one of the best bodies on campus. The other weird thing about the tiger was he didn't play any sports. In fact, he was majoring in music composition and, he'd told Lawton a while ago, wanted to compose music for video games. He played the trombone and Lawton thought he looked ridiculous, though he sounded really good when he practiced.

Deciding his homework could wait a little while longer, Lawton stepped into the tiger's room. "Hey, Danny, how's it going?" he asked, dropping his bag on the floor near the door. The tiger didn't respond - he usually didn't when he was too absorbed in his games. Lawton grinned as he shut the door behind him quietly and stepped lightly over to the tiger's side.

The tiger was in the middle of his match, it looked like. His brow was furrowed in concentration as he clicked away, guiding various units across some science fiction-ish battleground. The huge feline had still not responded.

Lawton waited a minute or two, but the match continued and the tiger still didn't seem to realize he wasn't alone anymore. The speakers were turned up fairly loud, which probably covered his entrance.

The rabbit dropped down low and glanced under the tiger's desk. The seven-foot tall behemoth had to have a desk brought in specially to fit him. There was plenty of space beneath. Lawton wriggled down between the legs of the chair, trying not to brush up against Danny's legs, until he was in the dark below the computer.

Turning around, he grinned as he saw the tiger's bulging boxer shorts. They were striped red and white. A t-shirt d****d lightly over the upper part of the bulge. Danny preferred to play his computer games sans pants, a fact Lawton used to his advantage now. Reaching out, he slowly opened the fabric of the front of the boxer shorts and delicately pulled the huge feline's thick sheath out. Leaning forward, he wasted little time before starting to kiss and lick the dark pink length.

The tiger didn't even move. All Lawton could hear were the muffled gunfire and commands from the game, along with the rapid clicking of Danny's oversized mouse. The tiger's legs didn't even quiver as Lawton began to suckle his way down the growing length. It was big, to be sure, but nowhere near as big as Coach Roberts'. Lawton had practiced on Danny many times and was able to take a good chunk of the tiger's erection into his muzzle. Deep throating this particular cock meant getting maybe a little over half of the tiger's shaft into his muzzle and throat.

That's what Lawton did, swallowing expertly around the throbbing head. Though he still didn't get any kind of verbal response, the physical response was overwhelming. Lawton almost gagged as he felt the hard cock spit thick pre-cum into the back of his throat. He swallowed it quickly, working his throat muscles around the thick shaft.

He used his paws minimally, both because of space issues and because he was kind of enjoying himself. The tiger probably didn't even realize he was down there, which sent a little thrill through Lawton's spine. He felt his own cock swell up inside his tight pants - he hadn't jacked off after blowing the coach and now the need to do so was really there.

The rabbit resisted the urge as he bobbed his head, sucking hard on the tiger's fat shaft. It was a solid eleven inches long and a little thicker than his wrist. It never got steel hard, though. Just thicker and puffier. Lawton loved the way it would flop around, even hard.

Lawton closed his eyes as he sucked harder. He could taste the pre-cum now, liberally spurting from the tiger's erection. Opening his eyes, now adjusted to the dark, he could see the fat veins throbbing throughout the feline's engorged cock. Just a little more, he knew...

Pushing his head forward hard, he held back his gag reflex as the tiger's cockhead went down his throat. Lawton couldn't do this for long, but it was long enough: the tiger started to cum, spraying seed straight down his bulging neck.

Lawton's throat convulsed as he tried to swallow it all. He had to back off, holding only the tip in his muzzle, as the thick ropes splattered over his tongue now. He swallowed it all, proud of himself for not spilling a drop.

He held the tiger's shaft in his muzzle for a few minutes longer, making sure to get all of the cat's cream he could, before slowly pulling off. He watched as the thickness retracted into its sheath before delicately pushing the whole package back into the tiger's red and white boxer shorts.

He crawled back out from under the desk the same way he went in and stood up next to Danny. He wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his shirt as he watched the massive tiger play. The match looked like it was ending. Lawton waited.

A few minutes later, the tiger's screen flashed "Victorious!" Danny grinned, breaking the grim expression previously on his broad muzzle, and leaned back in his chair. He stretched his arms over his head and bumped into Lawton.

"Oh! Lawton, hello," he said, turning his head. "I'm sorry, was I ignoring you? How long have you been standing there?"

"Oh, just a few minutes," Lawton said, grinning cheerfully. "Looks like you won, huh?"

"Yes, it was a very intense match and I thought I was losing my edge," the tiger said, beaming. "But then halfway through I suddenly felt very vigorous."

A look of confusion crossed his face as he suddenly thought of something. He looked down at his lap, at his boxers, and pulled the waistband out. His cock glistened, still slightly hard and with a good coating of saliva.

"Lawton! Did you?"

It was Lawton's turn to beam. "Well, you were busy and I didn't want to interrupt..."

Danny shook his head and turned back to his computer, ready to start another game. "You are unbelievable, Lawton. Next time, I will notice and fuck you right then and there!"

Lawton leaned over and hugged the tiger, who shrugged him away as he jumped into another match. "Oh, c'mon, Mr. Grumpy, you can't complain, can you?"

Danny rolled his eyes and glanced at Lawton, who was still hanging around his shoulders. "You know I get too involved with my game," he said. "How am I supposed to enjoy that when I don't notice?" He poked a thick finger at Lawton's chest. "Next time, you make sure I know you're doing that so I can enjoy it, understand?"

"Ooh, I like it when you're angry," Lawton teased. The tiger threw his hands in the air before firmly turning back to his screen.

"You are an impossible rabbit, Lawton," he said, sighing. "I don't know about you."

"Well, when you do know about me, let me know," Lawton said, planting a kiss on the tiger's cheek. "See you later!"

Danny waved quickly as Lawton backed away. He was already distracted anew by a game. Lawton left him to it, grinning widely as he grabbed his bag and left the room, leaving the door open again.

He slumped in front of his desk and pulled out a textbook from his bag. He was about to open it when he remembered he had forgotten something. He raced to the restroom and jumped into a stall, where he quickly stroked himself off, sighing pleasurably as the built-up cum in his balls splashed down into the toilet bowl.

There was no way he'd be able to concentrate on his homework with a raging erection, obviously.

* * *

Chapter 3

* * *

It was almost eleven by the time Lawton's roommate got home. The rabbit had just finished his homework when the fox came in.

"Hey, Todd," Lawton said. He closed his book and shoved it back into his backpack.

"Hey, Lawton," Todd replied. He was a regular-looking fox in pretty good shape. They'd roomed together last year and got along pretty well, though Todd had to repeatedly insist he wasn't interested in Lawton's sexual advances. Lawton respected that and backed off, though he still secretly wanted to fuck the shit out of the fox. Not really a crush... just lust. Lawton had a thing for foxes.

By this point, it had turned into an inside joke. Lawton would raise an eyebrow at the fox at the weirdest times, as if to say, "How about now?" Todd would almost always bust up laughing. It was especially funny when they were in a lecture class together. The teacher had given them both very stern looks before continuing with the lecture.

"How's Marie?" Lawton asked. Marie was Todd's longtime girlfriend. They'd been together since high school, though she was a year ahead of them both in school.

"Good. Her b*****r's starting school tomorrow," Todd replied as he dumped his book bag on the floor and hopped into his bed. They didn't keep them as bunk beds, though it was an option. "He just got accepted late, though he'll be able to make up what he's missed in his classes so far."

"That's cool," Lawton said. "What's he studying?"

"Pre-law," Todd said. "He was in an internship right out of high school and it just ended. He was thinking about taking the semester off, but it's only a month in and his parents are pretty hardcore about going to college."

Lawton nodded as he opened his computer and turned it on. He was browsing his emails when Todd spoke again.

"He's going to try out for lacrosse, I think," the fox said from the bed. "Oh, and we're going out tomorrow, me and Marie and him, so if you want to come with, that's cool."

Lawton stopped reading and turned towards Todd. "Why does this sound suspicious?" he asked.

Todd rolled onto his side and grinned at Lawton. "Well, Marie thinks you may hit it off with him."

"Uh huh. Marie thinks this?"

"Well, as she put it... if you're interested in Howie, maybe you'll quit hitting on me," Todd said. He laughed and shook his head. "Apparently, he's just your type."

Lawton grinned and turned back to his computer. "Your girlfriend, the gay matchmaker, huh?"

Todd sat up in the bed. "Well, you want to come with?"

"Yeah, sure... nothing else going on tomorrow evening anyways."

The rest of the night passed quickly and they both went to bed around midnight. In the morning, Todd was gone by the time Lawton woke up and he had to hurry to get to his class on time. It started about forty-five minutes later than Todd's.

He only had three classes on Fridays and was done around 3 p.m. He was supposed to meet Marie and Todd at the library at 5, so he went back to the dorm and changed into a pair of khaki shorts and a short-sleeved button-up shirt before heading to the library. It was a plain red shirt, one of his favorites.

On his way to the library, Lawton passed Coach Roberts, who was heading out for the day. The library and gym shared a parking lot, which Lawton was cutting through on his way to the library on the other side. The grizzly's step faltered a bit as he spotted Lawton drawing near.

"Uh... oh, hi, Lawton," the huge bear mumbled.

"Hey, coach... good luck at your game this weekend!" Lawton said, beaming.

"Oh... um... thanks..."

Lawton grinned as he stepped spryly past the grizzly, who turned to watch him walk away again. He was going to have some good times with that bear in the very near future, he was sure.

Todd and Marie were waiting in front of the library as he walked around the corner. They waved at each other as he walked up to them. Todd was sipping a drink from a straw - probably soda. The fox was addicted to sugar water.

"Hey, Marie," Lawton said. "So I hear you're tired of waiting for Todd to end his affair with me, huh?"

Todd choked on his drink and coughed. Marie laughed as she patted his back.

"What, you think you can compete with this?" she asked, striking a quick pose. She was pretty, Lawton had to admit.

"Yeah, but you don't live with the guy. We're very close," Lawton said, sliding his arm around Todd's waist. "You can't deny us our love!"

Marie played along as Todd looked completely embarrassed. "Todd, no! Say it isn't so!"

"It isn't," the male fox replied, quickly disentangling himself from Lawton's embrace before putting his arm around Marie's hips. "Now knock it off. You're only encouraging him."

Marie winked at Lawton as Todd leaned down and kissed her cheek.

"So where's your hot b*****r?" Lawton asked Marie. "I heard he's a dreamboat."

Marie stuck her tongue out at the rabbit. "He's inside, getting his library card. He'll be here in a minute."

"Oh, I can't wait for this," Todd said, squeezing Marie close to his side. "He is gonna flip when he sees Howie... this is gonna be priceless!"

Lawton was about to respond when Marie started waving at someone over his shoulder. "Hey, Howie! Over here!"

Lawton turned around and stared. Todd was right...

Howie was slim for a fox his height, just an inch or so taller than Lawton. He looked like he was in great shape. Khaki shorts revealed long, lean, and strong legs, while the fox's tight t-shirt showed off additional lean definition in his chest and belly. Howie had a huge tail, fluffier than any Lawton had seen before, and the cutest face. Typical red fur covered his arms and legs, except for his hands and feet, which had the traditional fox "socks" of white fur.

"Hey, close your mouth - you're staring," Todd whispered. Lawton clamped his mouth shut immediately as he watched Howie stride over to them.

"Howie, this is Lawton - Todd's roommate," Marie said, grinning.

"Oh, hey, how's it going?" Howie asked, sticking his hand out. "Marie told me all about you."

Lawton shook the fox's paw slowly. "She did, huh?"

"Yup. Everything." Howie's grin was total innocence, but his fingers took their time leaving Lawton's grip and trailed across his palm teasingly.

Lawton felt his sheath bulge.

"You guys hungry?" Todd asked. "We should go eat, then maybe hit a bar or something."

"Sounds good to me!" Howie said. He grinned at Lawton and nodded his head towards the parking lot. "Shall we?"

Lawton spent the short car ride to the restaurant in semi-silence. He tried hard not to stare at the fox. Todd hadn't exaggerated at all. Howie was gorgeous, like something out of one of his wet dreams. The fox was tall, lean, confident... Lawton's shorts bulged alarmingly as the rabbit tried to not pop a boner, but it was difficult with the handsome fox sitting just a few inches from him in the back of the car.

He was relieved when they finally arrived. He got out of the car and quickly but furtively adjusted his package, hoping it wasn't too noticeable under his un-tucked shirt.

They got a booth. Lawton was surprised when Howie sat across from him. Was it his imagination, or was the fox shooting him looks now and then? The rabbit shook his head and picked up a menu. No way could the fox move as quickly as he did. But still...

The restaurant was a mediocre-quality f****y-style restaurant. Generic menu, cheap prices, pretty good food. Todd and Lawton went there often. It was popular with college students due to its proximity to the campus. They ordered and made small talk as they waited for their meals to arrive. Todd volunteered to be the designated driver, so Marie, Howie, and Lawton ordered drinks with their meals. Todd stuck with his soda.

"So, Lawton, what do you do at college?" Howie asked as their drinks arrived.

Marie snorted. "You mean, besides fucking half the football team?" she said teasingly.

The waitress nearly dropped Marie's beer and quickly set it down before excusing herself. Todd looked chagrined, but Marie just laughed as Lawton glared at her.

"I'll have you know it's more than half, Miss Thing," he replied jokingly.

"Impressive," Howie said, flashing Lawton a knowing grin.

"So... uh, Howie, you're going to try out for the lacrosse team?" Todd said, breaking in to try and change the subject.

"Yeah, I'm hoping they still have some openings," Howie said before taking a sip of his mixed drink. He put a special emphasis on the word "openings" while staring at Lawton.

"Yeah, we do - we need another forward," Lawton said. "What position do you play?" The double entendre was unmistakable and Todd looked around frantically, embarrassed half to death already. Marie giggled.

"Well," Howie said, as he ran his fingers along the rim of his glass, "I'm pretty versatile when it comes to that sort of thing."

"Christ, you two," Todd hissed. "We're in the middle of a fucking restaurant here!"

Marie broke out laughing as Howie glanced at Todd. "Well, it's not a fucking restaurant yet."

Todd's forehead hit the table as Lawton grinned. Howie's foot was unmistakably rubbing up against his. This was going to be a very fun night.

After dinner, they decided to hit up a club instead of a bar. None of them - except maybe Todd - felt like just sitting around. There was a club a few miles away from the restaurant. It was small, dark, crowded, and smoky. A disco ball hung over the middle of the dance floor, but the music was all modern pop - no disco.

Howie and Lawton immediately hit the dance floor. They grinned wildly as they danced together song after song, occasionally joined by Marie and Todd, sometimes just Marie alone, who had to remind them on several occasions they were in public.

Several drinks later, they tottered out of the club. Todd herded them into the car and they headed back to the campus.

"What time is your game tomorrow, Lawton?" Marie asked from the front seat.

"Um..." Lawton had to think for a minute. He was very distracted by Howie's paw, which was slowly circling his knee. "Uh, 3 o'clock."

"Hey, I think I'll go see it," Howie said. "Couldn't hurt to see the team I'm trying to get on, right?"

"Good idea," Marie said, turning back to look out the windshield. Howie and Lawton both missed the look that passed between Todd and Marie.

The ride passed silently, save for a few giggles from the backseat. They pulled up into the dorm's parking lot. Howie and Lawton stumbled out, but Todd and Marie stayed in the car.

"I'm going to Marie's tonight," Todd said after rolling down the window. He shook his head at Lawton and Howie, who were hanging onto each other as they stumbled away.

"See you tomorrow!" Marie called out after her b*****r. He waved back over his shoulder.

"I hope they don't fuck up my bed," Todd grumbled as he pulled the car back out of the lot.

"Mm, I'm sure they'll be fine," Marie said, giggling as she leaned across to slide her hand down his chest. "Let's get back to my place quick."

Lawton and Howie stumbled into their dorm and straightened up as they passed under the glaring eyes of the RA on duty. Lawton flashed him a grin over his shoulder as they passed by, not bothering to sign Howie in.

Their hallway was empty, but it was still early and most of the residents were still out for the night. Banging open the door to his room, Lawton nearly fell over as he searched for the light switch. A combination of booze and giddiness was making it hard for him to walk.

"Mm... leave it off," Howie said, his hands running up and down Lawton's backside.

Lawton grinned at the fox and spun around. He kicked the door shut with a foot as he grabbed at Howie's shirt collar and pulled him forward. They met in a kiss and embrace, hands running down each other's body. Lawton could feel Howie's erection grinding against his own.

"God, you're adorable," Lawton moaned as he broke the kiss and pulled the fox with him towards the bed.

"I think I like this school already," Howie said, willingly following the rabbit.

They collapsed on the bed together. Howie ended up on top, straddling Lawton's waist. He struggled to undo the buttons on Lawton's red shirt as the rabbit simultaneously tried to disrobe him. It was complicated in the dark - there was very little light from the window, but they soon managed. Embracing again, they slowed down as they kissed.

Arms wrapped around each other, the fox and rabbit ground their hips together as they traded spit, tongues twirling. Lawton loved every moment... for all the action he saw, he rarely had the opportunity for cuddling and make-out sessions. Especially not with a walking wet dream... the fox felt delicious. Smooth, sinuous, and strong, Lawton loved every inch of the fox's body.

For his part, Howie was surprised at the rabbit. He hadn't expected to hit if off so well and so quickly. He'd been known as loose back home, but he couldn't compare to Lawton, if even half the stories his s****r told him were true. He found the rabbit incredibly sexy. More built than he was, with thicker arms and much more powerful legs, the rabbit was sex incarnate to a recent high school grad like himself.

They twined around each other, gradually losing their shorts in the process. Lawton's fingers groped at Howie's throbbing erection, squeezing and stroking inside the fox's boxer shorts. Howie's shorts were the one thing Lawton was disappointed with so far. He'd been hoping for more exciting underwear.

Howie pulled Lawton's underwear down and away, tossing the bikini-style briefs to the floor before sliding both hands down the rabbit's well-defined abs. He gripped Lawton's thick, long erection with both hands and stroked, eliciting an excited moan from the lust-driven male.

Lawton pinned the fox on his back. He pulled the lankier male's underwear away before hooking his arms under his legs. The rabbit grinned down at Howie as he nestled his cock beneath the fox's balls, pressing the tip up against the other's tail hole.

A simple thrust and it was done. Howie curled backwards, ass rising as Lawton penetrated him, sinking deep inside. The rabbit was not small, but Howie took it like a champ. The fox was obviously experienced.

Lawton groaned pleasurably as he released one leg, but kept the other high in the air. Using his free paw, he gripped Howie's own erection, just a touch smaller than his own, and started to stroke, timing his paw to move with his hips.

They set up a steady rhythm. There was nothing but grunts and squeaks of the bed now as they got down to some serious fucking. Lawton moaned heavily, breathing hard as he hung his head, ramming his hips forward mechanically, sinking his thick nine inches into the fox again and again. His paw stayed tight around Howie's eight-and-a-half inch length, jacking him steadily. Both males produced copious amounts of pre-cum.

Howie twisted his body onto his side, dropping his leg to the bed while the other stayed in the air. Taking advantage of the new position, Lawton pushed the leg even higher, pleased to find his new playmate was extraordinarily flexible. Fucking the fox sideways, Lawton let out a well-pleased moan of delight as his cock slid deeply into the other male's rump again. And again. And again.

"Oh... fffuck..."

Lawton wasn't even sure who was moaning out those curses when he felt his orgasm arrive. Thrusting erratically, he plunged in heavily only twice more before he felt his throbbing organ erupt in a shower of pleasure deep inside the fox.

Howie let out a small gasp and pushed Lawton's hands away from his cock. Lawton was too busy cumming up the fox's rump to question why. He simply gripped Howie's hip and the bed instead as he continually pushed forward, gasping for air between grunts of pleasure.

Lawton had barely finished when Howie swung his leg down and pulled backwards, scooting up the bed.

"Ung! Damn... you're big," the fox said, grinning hugely.

"Better believe it... hah..." was all Lawton could manage as his twitching shaft flopped against the sheets.

Howie took advantage of how Lawton was leaning forward. He moved to the rabbit's backside and grabbed Lawton's tail, hoisting the male's rump up into the air and eliciting a delighted moan from the former top.

Howie didn't even let Lawton prepare. He plunged his hips forward, taking the rabbit up to his hilt in one swift thrust. Though he could tell the rabbit was used to taking much, much larger units, Howie still found Lawton's rump deliciously warm. Kneeling as he thrust his hips back and forth, he kept a tight grip on the other male's tail, authoritatively yanking it up now and again.

Lawton, for his part, loved the rough stuff and ground his hips back against the fox, enjoying the moderate - for him, at least - size of the fox. It was easier to get rough when you weren't worried about being ripped in half, he thought.

Lawton's ears flopped over his face as he pushed himself back, meeting Howie's strong thrusts. He could feel the fox's paws sliding over his back and sides and shuddered. Going from top to being topped so quickly was fun, and another act he missed when fooling around with the straight boys.

"Mmf! Fucking nice ass," Howie grunted. He shocked Lawton then by smacking the rabbit's ass with an open palm.

Lawton's mouth dropped open as his cock jerked back to life in an instant and brand new feelings of lust and horniness swept through him. Where the hell had this fox been all his life?

Howie came a few minutes later, not lasting nearly as long as Lawton, having already been fucked to the point of orgasm earlier. He didn't cum inside the rabbit, though. He pulled out at the last minute, making Lawton jerk, and shot his thick load across the rabbit's backside with a pleasurable sigh.

They collapsed on and around each other shortly after, sl**ping in their own cum, too tired and d***k to worry about cleaning themselves up.

Lawton woke up with a start. There was an unfamiliar arm d****d across his chest and something digging into his belly. Remembering he'd gone to bed with the sexy Howie, he glanced over at the clock. It was 4 a.m.

Lawton shifted a little, realizing Howie's erection was what was poking into his side. He grinned and slipped out from under the fox's arm. Howie groaned in his sl**p and rolled onto his back, arms above his head. They hadn't managed to get under the covers, so his cock lay across his belly out in the open.

Lawton licked his lips and smiled. There was no one in the world who could pass on this kind of opportunity. He looked the fox from head to toe, loving how the dim light accentuated the leanness of his body, a marked contrast from his usual beefier partners.

Still, the fox wasn't totally undefined. Lawton could see the trace of a six-pack on his belly, just enough to allow his fur to shape around the muscles. Because the fox had such thick fur, Lawton was pretty sure he was in much better shape than his lean frame would suggest. The rabbit smiled as he felt his own erection pulsing, pressing into his belly as he sat up and turned around.

Leaning over, he put his arms on either side of Howie's hips and lowered his head. He could smell the dried cum on the fox's dick. When he slowly ran his tongue down the distended urethra, he could taste it as well. His mouth watered as he watched the shaft throb and bulge in response to the stimulation. Howie let out a moan in his sl**p, but didn't wake.

Lawton waited a moment for the fox to settle down before lowering his head once more. He slowly dragged his short tongue across the crown of the fox's cock, grinning as a blob of pre appeared at the tip and slowly rolled down into the belly fur below. Biceps straining as he carefully maneuvered, Lawton once more lowered himself, this time suckling up the fox's shaft.

Lawton would be the first to admit he was a size queen. He could spend hours - or even days - on Coach Roberts' magnificently huge cock, for example. But there was something really nice about a thick dick he could swallow, really work it in his muzzle, and not just try to stuff as much as he could down his throat. Howie's shaft had just a bit of a curve to it. The perfect curve, the rabbit decided as he swallowed the head in the back of his muzzle. Lawton could deep throat the fox's cock easily, even push his nose into the base of the vulpine's sheath, but it was still thick and long enough to fill his muzzle with that sweet male flesh.

Bobbing his head slowly, he repeatedly deep throated the sl**ping male's erection. Surprised the fox hadn't woken yet, he decided to really get his new partner's attention. Lawton reached up with one hand and tweaked the sl**ping male's nipple.

Howie woke with a start and a look of sublime confusion, which quickly morphed into an expression of sublime pleasure as he saw the rabbit eagerly working over his throbbing maleness.

"Oh, damn... I was having the greatest dream," the fox said, giggling as he lay back down, putting one paw under his head. The other went down to Lawton's head, to stroke the rabbit's ears slowly. His fingers sensually moved over Lawton's sensitive extremities, teasing at the tips.

Lawton's low chirr of pleasure was muffled by the thick sausage in his muzzle, but the fox heard it perfectly in the still room.

"Oh... you must... ah... have been working on me for a while," Howie moaned, pushing his hips up some. He was close... very close. Too close! He gripped at the base of Lawton's ears suddenly, both paws joining together, as he lifted his shoulders away from the bed. The fox let out a ragged moan as he f***ed his shaft deeper into the rabbit's muzzle, pulling the other male's head down hard into his lap. Thick cum flooded Lawton's cheeks as he swallowed happily, bl**d pounding in his ears.

Finally the fox released his ears and collapsed backwards. Lawton pulled away with a gasp, his chest heaving as he took several deep breaths. Howie's cock drooled thick cum down its rigid length as the rabbit snuggled up next to the fox.

"God, you're sexy," Lawton murmured, lips caressing the fox's ears.

"You are too," Howie said, his voice a low murmur of satisfaction. "By the way... will you introduce me to the football team?"

After those eight simple words, Lawton's cock was never the same.

* * *

Chapter 4

* * *

Lawton and Howie tried to live up to their species' stereotypes that night, fucking and sucking and rubbing the whole night through. They stayed in the bed until noon, when Lawton was finally f***ed to rouse himself. He dragged himself into the floor's communal shower and leaned against the wall, letting the hot water sluice over his body. The shower quickly did away with the crusted semen from last night's adventures.

He yelped when a set of paws suddenly grabbed his hips from behind. Whirling, he grinned at Howie, who had followed him into the showers. They kissed deeply under the hot water, grinding their bodies together in the open shower area. Lawton could feel his cock growing stiff again. He loved the feeling - nobody had got him hard so many times as quickly as this fox had the previous night.

Howie smiled at him as he slid his paw up and down the rabbit's erection. "This feels suitably naughty," he said, glancing around at the otherwise empty public showers.

"Worried we'll get caught?" Lawton asked teasingly. He spun the fox around and pushed him up against the shower wall under the showerhead. Hiking the fox's sodden tail out of the way, the soaked rabbit pushed his cock up against Howie's tail hole roughly.

"Unh! I can only hope," the fox gasped, back curving down as he pushed his hips out, inviting the rabbit to do his worst.

Lawton grinned as he pushed forward, sinking his cock deep into the fox's ass. He put his paws on Howie's shoulders, pushing him into the wall firmly as he worked his hips back and forth, grinding deeply into the willing male's firm, round rump as hot water poured over them both.

One surprise in the shower was enough, even for Lawton. He was taken aback, then, when he felt a second set of paws grip his hips from behind. The surprise on his face was evident as he looked over his shoulder to see Danny there.

The massive tiger grinned at him toothily. The much larger male's fat erection was already throbbing as the tiger pushed it up between the crack of Lawton's rump.

"Let's see if you notice me," the bisexual tiger said, a note of playful revenge in his voice.

Lawton could only squeak as the tiger's head popped into his rump, stretching his ass around the thick feline length. Howie craned his neck, trying to figure out what was going on.

"Who's your friend, Lawton?" the fox asked, a huge grin across his muzzle as he realized they'd been joined by someone new. He couldn't really make out details, just a huge expanse of orange and black fur somewhere behind the rabbit.

"This... ohh, fuck... this is DaNNYYY!" Lawton groaned. The tiger was not wasting time. His cock was fat and thick. Because the tiger never got truly rock-hard, Lawton could feel his ass sucking down around the fleshy length. He'd fucked the tiger before, but never like this. His hips jerked, forcing him forward, hard into the fox in front of him.

"Pleasure to meet you," Danny said, his voice almost unnaturally conversational. "I am Lawton's neighbor."

Howie panted as he rested his cheek against the wall. He could feel the difference now, the way Lawton wasn't really moving anymore, just being moved around by the tiger.

Danny grinned as he thrust, slow and heavy. He watched, enjoying how every time he pushed forward, he f***ed Lawton to go deep into the skinny male at the head of their little three way. He hadn't done a three way before, but he decided if this was one way to do them, he liked them very much.

"How... how big is he, Lawton?" Howie gasped, his cock spurting pre-cum onto the tiles.

"About... eleven... I... think," Lawton gasped, his words cut short every time the tiger pounded forward, working more and more of his huge feline member into the rabbit's aching ass.

"He's a big one," Howie moaned.

"Very big," the tiger said agreeably. He grinned, enjoying himself very much. He'd been up all night playing his game and was surprised to find anyone else using the showers this late. Between matches, he'd been looking at porn, so he wasn't disappointed to find it was his friend Lawton fooling around with someone else.

Danny pushed his hips forward, sinking himself even more deeply into Lawton's firm rump. At the same time, he leaned his chest forward, pressing it into Lawton's backside, which f***ed Lawton's chest up against Howie's. The tiger's arms easily reached around to Howie's chest. The tiger's massive arms clenched, pulling the two tight together against him as he moaned, his deep voice reverberating off the shower walls.

That was it for Howie. He cried out and came, shooting a small load against the wall. It would have been larger, but he'd already cum half a dozen times in the past night.

Feeling the fox clench more tightly around his cock, Lawton gasped, his own orgasm taking over of his shuddering, wet body. Like a domino effect, it spread to the massive tiger, who pulled them all even more tightly together as he started to flood Lawton's rump.

Thick cum dripped down between the rabbit's legs. It was washed away by the steaming water almost as soon as it landed, hiding the massive flood of spooge the tiger let loose. Danny groaned as he pulled back, slowly freeing himself from Lawton even as he continued to cum. Thick jets of seed splashed over Lawton's wet backside as the tiger finished that way, using a paw to stroke the last few ounces out.

Lawton would have fallen to his knees had he not still been sheath-deep in the fox, who was similarly slumped forward against the wall.

Danny, whose inexplicably buff body also granted him more energy than should have been his by rights, laughed at the two smaller males as they slowly disentangled themselves. He clapped a hand on each of their shoulders and grinned toothily.

"Come! Clean yourselves, then I'll cook you breakfast," he said, his stiff cock still drooling cum. Danny went back to the entrance of the showers and grabbed a bottle of shampoo. He turned on another showerhead and started cleaning himself as Howie finally recovered enough to turn around. He stared at the tiger, gaping at the size of the feline's maleness, then at Lawton, then back to the feline.

"You took that?" he whispered to the rabbit in awe. The tiger was huge, bigger than Howie thought possible in terms of body mass and cock size.

"Huh? Oh... yeah... Danny's a lot of fun," Lawton said, still a bit dazed as hot water streamed over his body.

"I am really starting to like this college..."

After their showers, Danny was true to his word. He cooked in the communal kitchen in the basement, where they gathered after getting dried and dressed. He served the fox and rabbit some kind of Asian cuisine, but they had no idea what it was. It tasted good and wasn't too spicy, so they were happy. They finished eating quickly, with Lawton explaining he had a lacrosse match in an hour, so they excused themselves as the happy tiger wolfed down the rest of the meal by himself.

Out in the hallway on the way up to Lawton's room, Howie whistled.

"Damn, Lawton, I'm impressed!" he said, hanging an arm over the rabbit's shoulders. "You're an even bigger slut than my s****r said!"

Lawton grinned cheekily at the fox and cupped a paw around his rump. "Oh, don't worry, I'm going to introduce you to all my friends," the rabbit said. "You'll be challenging my title of King Slut pretty soon, I think..."

"How is that possible? You've got it all locked up!" Howie said, giggling as they entered the room.

Todd was standing in the middle of the room, eyeing Lawton's bed warily. The covers were crusted and rumpled and generally looked like they'd been used all night. Which they had, of course.

"Lawton... Howie..." Todd said, nodding to them as they came in. "Have a fun night?"

"Very fun." Lawton blew Todd a kiss as he rummaged through his closet for his lacrosse gear. It was a local game so he brought his stuff to the dorm so he wouldn't have to go back to the gym. "By the way, I'm no longer going to hit on you as long as Howie's around, because if he saw how much you love me, it would break his heart."

"Ha ha," Todd said, shaking his head. "You two must have been up until dawn."

"Does he always take this kind of interest in your love life?" Howie asked teasingly. "Maybe Marie should be worried."

"Yeah, yeah, okay, that's enough," Todd said a little crossly. "Don't you have a game to go to?"

"We're on our way now. You coming?" Lawton asked.

"Nah, I'm supposed to collect Howie so he and Marie can go shopping," Todd said. "In her words, 'Fuck Lawton and his girly lacrosse game because Howie's going shopping with me, damn it.'" Todd recited Marie's words in a monotone that caused Howie and Lawton to giggle.

"Alright, then I guess I'll see you later," Lawton said, tugging on his lacrosse jersey. Howie leaned down and kissed him on the cheek. Todd hustled him away and Lawton left a few minutes later, fully equipped for his game.

Lawton's team won. It wasn't a big league, but they were doing really well this season. As he left the field at the end of the game, he spotted Todd, Marie, and Howie in the stands. He waved and they waved back.

Catching up to them after he showered and changed in the locker room, Lawton wrapped an arm around Howie and pulled him close.

"Good to see you two are getting along," Marie said. "It's good to have friends, huh Lawton?"

"Oh, speaking of friends, should we introduce her to Danny?" Howie asked.

Marie looked confused, but Todd just glared. "Oh my God. You did not have that tiger in the bedroom, did you?"

Lawton tried to stifle his giggles as he glanced at Howie. "No, we met Danny in the showers."

The look on Todd's face sent them both laughing as Marie looked on confused. Then a light went off and her eyes widened. "Oh... Danny the exchange student?" she asked Todd. Her boyfriend nodded. Pantomiming a horrified expression, Marie clutched her imaginary pearls and swooned into Todd's arms. "I've corrupted my young b*****r by setting him free with such an influence as that rabbit!" she cried dramatically.

"Well, what did you expect?" Lawton asked, grinning at Howie. They kissed lightly as they waited for Todd to set Marie back on her feet. "I'm introducing him to the football team on Monday. Coach Roberts is going to love him."
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