The Custodian..

The porno I was watching seemed interesting enough. Audrey Bitoni was getting the life fucked out of her by some dude with a HUGE cock.

I mean, this thing was massive.

I loved popping a porno into the DVD player when I had a Saturday off. I could sit there for hours watching a good fuck. It was my relaxation, I suppose. By now, the bitch was screaming out loud as he pounded away.

Oh, let me introduce myself.

My name is Satine Cullen. I`m twenty one years old and single. I have chocolate brown eyes that change colors in the Summer and Winter. I have full, pink lips that never fail to deliver a natural pout. I`m a size ten body with NATURAL 38DD breasts and a nice, taut ass. Out of everything, I admired my legs the most. They were long on their own, but strap on a good pair of Coach pumps and my legs were never ending up to my short skirts and shorts. With all these and long, straight black hair, I was an erotic, exotic jewel from the Caribbean.

And like I said, I loved porn. And getting off watching it.

I could sit there and watch a porno for hours without touching myself. It added greater pleasure when I fondled my pussy afterwards. After a few hours of watching a bitch get pounded and jizzed on, the feeling of my hands on my pussy was heavenly. And being single, it happened often.

I made the decision to enjoy life for at least another year or two before settling down. To me, enjoying life was getting d***k at the club with my girls and maturbating. I was always into orgasms. I used to hump a pillow before I lost my virginity. It sufficed. Until I got my dildo.

I loved dick. I absolutely do not sl**p around, but my didlo ; was my companion. The guy I marry will be one lucky son of a bitch. I`ll be humping him every chance I get.

Oh yeah, about my lifestyle.

I live in one of those sunny apartment complexes with a gym and in ground pool in Orlando, Florida. I work as a secretary for The State of Florida. The pay was great, and I always had a chance to save for my future. By now, I had well over nine hundred thousand dollars saved up. Yeah, I was ballin.

My apartment was beautiful. Obsidian floors throughout and modern pieces evertwhere. My bedroom had a king sized bed and glass sliding doors leading to my private balcony. My balcony was my private retreat at night. I had one of those one armed ther****ts chairs out there. I would walk out there naked at night, sprawl out on the chair and just listen. I would listen to the sounds of the local beach that I had a magnificent view of. I would hear the waves crashing against each other and I imagined them washing up on the shore to the rhythm of the palm trees swaying. I would listen to the bubbles of the seafoam reducing to salty nothingness. And when a light, briny breeze caressed my naked body, I would let out a sigh of content. It certainly was something I needed at the end of a hard day at work.

The apartment complex was always clean. I mean, like, not even a dustmite in sight. How ? The custodian, of course. Thats how he stayed fit. Always keeping this place in tip top shape. His body was glorious, especially when the heat got to him and he took off his shirt.

He was like a Greek Prince sent here from, well, Greece.

Toned, muscular abs leading down to I`m sure a huge cock. His face was carved by angels, I swear. Sandy blonde-brown hair with blue eyes and a dazzling white smile.

Maybe he worked for Abercrombie & Fitch. He certainly would have me buying everything from there.

He was hot. I would often pump my pussy imagining him fucking me senseless. It was divine.

By this point in the porno, Audrey was getting ass fucked. Damn, she was hot, too. Her tits, I could eat them. I was straight, but I loved tits.

To think that a womans breasts can both pleasure man and nourigh c***d was the most beautiful thing to me.

So, back to other things.

I was laying there, naked on my bed, enjoying my day off. It was reaching that point where I was ready to get off. The sliding doors were open, and I was totally exposed. I didnt have a care in the world.

So, I began rubbing my clit.

"Ohh, yeahhh", I moaned, feeling ultimate pleasure.

"Ahem.", a throat cleared.

I whipped my head around, only to find the Greek Prince custodian on my balcony, cables around his waist and a bucket full of window cleaner in his hand.

I didnt care. I continued pumping my pussy away until I orgasmed into oblivion. I even out in a little show for him, arching up as my body climaxed and licking my fingers clean.

I walked over to him, completely naked.

"Like what you saw?", I asked.

He nodded.

I began unhooking his cables as he set the bucket down. I even rubbed his cock through his faded Levi`s. It was huge.

The he took off his shirt.

FUCK ME. He was fucking sexy.

I needed him.

N O W.

I pushed him inside, closed the doors and curtasins and cranked up the AC.

I pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. His cock was quickli stiffening in his jeans. I kissed him hungrily on the lips.

He kissed back.

The feeling of the cold air hitting my back mixed with his scent and tongue working my mouth sent me wild. I began kissing down his body, down to his huge fucking cock. I unzipped his pants.


His massive cock jumped out at me. It was gargantuan.

I began sucking his dick like I`d never give head before. I sucked him until he jizzed in my mouth. It was sweet. Not sour tasting like the other guys I`d given head to in High School when they all fucked me in the janitors closet. That couldnt compare to this.

He fucked me senseless after that. For HOURS.

One year later...

Now we`re married, Sky & I. Sky van der Hausen & I, specifically. We fuck every night and he now works with the state with me. We fuck in the office, bathroom, at home, in the car, EVERYWHERE.

& I measured his cock.

13 inches.

And we get to meet Audrey Bitoni tomorrow. I`m gonna make her suck his cock off.

While I get off.

Happy Masturbating, fellow ones.

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Aww, thanks guys. Will post more soon ! (:
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very good
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Great job. More please.
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great story