My Best Friend: the abandoned stall (Part 2)

It had been 2 month’s since Blake left to UCLA when I was just getting settled in to my dorm. I was exited to be at college with a new roommate and a new chapter in my life. The only thing I was upset over was that Blake and I had not spoken two words to each other since he left.

I was in my room writing a paper for my biology class when Ryan my roommate walked in with his friend Mike.

“your still working on that paper?” Ryan asked me.

“I’m just about done I just need to rewrite it” I said to him. School work was very important to me.

Ryan then headed to the fridge while Mike just sat on Ryan’s bed. Ryan turned his back to us to pour himself a drink. Mike then gave me a wink and grabbed his crotch to show me the outline of his dick. I whispered to him. “hot now”. Mike was openly bisexual and was known as a big whore at school. I still had issues with my sexuality so I didn’t tell my roommate I was gay. But Mike had Gaydar that was 100% accurate which overloaded when he met me. Ever since that day he has been trying to get with me. It’s not that I didn’t want him back I mean how could anyone not want him? Ryan was a tall handsome guy with dark brown eyes, he had light skin and pitch black hair in the style of a fauxhawk. He had a strong jawbone and deep adorable dimples. It also helped that he was on the soccer team so his body was perfect head to toe.

“so dude” Ryan said as he turned to us. “tonight is college night at the clubs, everyone in college get’s in free”

I looked away from Mike and looked at Ryan to say “I don’t know I really need to finish this paper”

“but you said you were finished you just needed to rewrite it” Ryan replied.

“I know” I said “it takes me a while to rewrite it”

Then Mike interrupted by saying. “yeah Ryan you know how important school is to Wes. Leave him here with his books, it’s just too bad there’s going to be lots of horny girls there”

Now off course I could of cared less about any girls at any club, no matter how horny they were. I was about to say no when Ryan said “that’s true dude, come get some ass. Unless you don’t like girls?”

I felt my heart beating fast as I nervously said “well I guess I could go for some pussy tonight, get a better point of view on biology”

“that’s my boy” said Ryan as he patted my back. Just then his phone rang. Ryan pulled out his phone and answered it, it was a girl calling him. Ryan walked out of the room to talk in private.

Mike then walked towards me and said. “you know if you need any help with your biology paper I can demonstrate a couple of things to you.” he said the last part very flirtatious like.

I was crazy to turn such a gorgeous guy like Mike down but I was not the kind of guy who would just sl**p with someone. “I’m gonna take a quick shower before we go” I said to him.

“want me to join you?” Mike asked with a smile on his face. I just smiled back at him and just walked away.

Later that night at the club Ryan, Mike and I were at the bar drinking and just talking. A few girls came over to talk to us and flirt with us. Ryan and Mike were both having a good time talking to them and later dancing with them. I danced with one girl just so it would not seem strange.

After a couple of dances I went into the bathroom to freshen up. It was a bathroom that was at a dark corner in the club so no one really went in there. As I washed my hands and fixed my hair Mike walked in.

“wow it’s empty in here” Mike said.

“yeah I guess its hidden well so people don’t really notice it” I replied. Mike then walked behind me and to the urinals. The next thing I know I heard the sound of his pee hitting the water. I could not help myself as I discreetly glanced over the reflection of the mirror to see his dick. He had a beautiful 9 inch dick and just the sight of it made me hard. “ok well I’ll see you out there” I said trying to get out of there as fast I could.

“Wes wait” he said after he flushed the urinal and grabbed my arm. “I know you want this” he shook his dick in front of me. “I’ve seen you checking me out”

“I don’t know what your talking about” I said back to him forcing my voice to sound like I didn’t know what he saying.

“look Wes, its ok. I want you too” his voice got deeper and sexier. “I want to fuck you so fucking bad” as he talked to me I could feel my dick getting bigger and harder to the point where it started to hurt because my pants were too tight.

“too bad Mike. I’m not into that” I said to him as my voice began to crack.

Mike then looked me dead in the eyes and made a smirk. “you sure about that?” he said. Then he reached down to my dick and said “because it seems to me that you are”.

“I have to pee is all” I said to him.

Then he got down on his knees and said “that’s ok, why don’t you try peeing on me?” I wanted to walk out but thought to myself “who am I k**ding! I want this guy! He is so fucking hot and I need to shoot a load” I then said to him “this stays between us?”

“not a single soul will ever know” he said back.

I then took off my tie and tied it to the door handle so no one could bother us. 3 minutes later Mike was going at it sucking me off and making me precum all over his mouth. “oh god!, oh fuck that feels good!” being the little whore that Mike was he sure knew what he was doing. I could tell he had definitely done this before. The combination of my precum and his saliva made a very slippery very natural lube. I tilted my head back and enjoyed the blowjob he was giving me. He stroked my dick harder and harder with every second. I could feel my sperm rushing into his mouth as I came. “ohh!! I shouted”

“fuck man” he said. “ I can tell you liked it”

“ok now its my turn. Here” I said as I traded places with him. I lifted him and sat him down on the sink. “ok now let me show you what I can do” I took hold of his enormous cock and started to suck it.

“that’s it like that” he said with a smile on his face “oh fuck yes. Man. Fuck your good at sucking dick” he made me feel like such a slut but I loved it!.

I sucker that dick for several minutes before he said. “ok lets fuck now”. I got up and he walked me to one of the stalls. He pulled out a condom and got ready to put it on. “oh fuck I hope your ready”

I reached out and took the condom from him and said “oh no Mike, you teased me for so long if anyone’s getting fucked around here it’s you”. he smiled back to me and agreed.

A sat down on the toilet and put the condom on. Then I pulled him on me and sat him down. He held my dick with one hand and slowly slid down on it. “oh fuck” he said as he smiled. I then started to mercilessly fuck him with my dick. I could hear the loud banging sound of his ass slapping against my pelvic area. “ah, ah, oh fuck!” he said rapidity. I could hear the pain and pleasure in his voice. After a few minutes he said “here I want to see you as you fuck me”. then without pulling my dick out he turned to face me. He began to bounce oh my dick while screaming and moaning like a girl. “oh, oh yes, oh fuck you feel good” he said as he bounced higher and higher. He then pulled my dick all the way out and slid it all the way in. he did this over and over, he must of really liked that feeling. “fuck!” he shouted as he came. Then he hopped off my dick and got on his knees and began to stroke my dick. I then came into his mouth. I came for about 15 seconds shooting load after load into his mouth. My cum was dripping out of his mouth as he got up and kissed me. We shared my cum with a very sexual hot kiss.

I then said to him “I’m not done with you just yet” so I stood up and as he had asked me too I peed on him, I peed straight into his mouth. The pee dripped from his mouth to his chest, to his body, to his dick. Once I was dry I pulled on his hair and kissed him again. Then I brutally bulled on his hair and said to him “ok, now I’m done with you” he smiled back and exhaled. I could tell he really enjoyed what had just happened.

I put my clothes back on and so did he. We then left and headed back to the dorms to shower.

Later that night we were in my dorm room where I let him borrow some clothes. He stepped out the shower while I was on the computer. “Who’s that?” he asked me pointing at my computer background which was a picture of Blake with his arm around my shoulder, a picture we took on our senior class trip to Paris.

“just a friend” I said to him. “a friend from high school”

“you still talk to him?” he asked me.

“not since we….. Ah since we went to a party with all our classmates” I said to him trying to hide the fact that not talking to Blake hurt me.

“that suck’s” Mike said back to me. “well I’ll get going before Ryan get’s here and finds out you fucked me”

“cool” I said to him “and remember tonight was just between us”

“and nobody else” he said as he walked out my room.

I stared at the picture of me with Blake and felt sad. But what was I to do?

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2 years ago
My best friend,was great but I want to hear more about Blake.
3 years ago
Wonderful! I would love to read more from you!!
3 years ago
great story! encore!
3 years ago
yes really good, would like to read some more soon!!!!!!!!!