One night in Vegas pt. 2

So my cousin and I walked down to the adult superstore to see if we could find someone to join us in our night of fun. The first thing we saw was alot of people. I didn't know there were that many people who were as horny as us. I guese that's why they call it sin city. We looked at the videos for awhile then we paid our 5 dollars to go into the video arcade. It was dark and you could smell the cum and pussy juice in the air. I saw a girl in one booth sucking on a cock through a glory hole while her man fucked her in the ass. further towards the back I saw a guy sucking a cock while he jacked off. I was getting so hot! I finaly found a booth way back and put my money in the machine. I started watching a video of a guy sucking his own cock. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. My cock was hard and slick with pre cum. As I started to jack off I closed my eyes and imagined I was getting penetrated by the guy in the video. Just then I felt a hand push mine away only to be replaced by his. He started jacking me off roughly, I could feel the calises on his hand and his forearm was thick I imagined him in carpenter pants and a tool belt. It was to dark to see anything else. As he jacked me off he would pause to rub my balls and run his fingers through my butt crack. Man I was in heaven. My breathing started to quicken and he started to stroke me fast and hard, then I shot my load It hit the video screen and I moaned out loud. He squeezed my cock pulling my cum out then he pulled his hand through the glory hole. I heard him say mmm that's good stuff. I thanked him and then he was gone. I leaned back in my chair spent but satisfied. After a couple of minutes I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned to see my cousin and a black guy looking at me. He said come on lets go, so I zipped up and we left. I introduced myself to our new friend as we walked home. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants. It looked like he had a mag light stuffed in his pants. He caught me stareing at it and he smiled at me and said You can see more when we get to your place. I couldn't wait. When we got inside our apartment he slapped me in the ass and said go get ready, we'll have a line waiting for you when you get back. So I walked quickly to the bathroom and cleaned up. When I returned he was undressed sitting on the couch, he had this ginormous dick cradled in the palm of his hand and on top of it was a line of cristal. My jaw dropped and I froze in mid stride. He said hurry up this stuff is starting to burn. So I grabed a straw off the coffee table and snorted the line half with one nostril and the rest with the other. I felt the rush and then I licked off what remained. As I held it in my hand I marveled at the size
and thickness of it. my fingers couldn't reach around it and the length went from my collar bone to the top of my head. He looked at me and said, your cousin said he wanted to see you get fucked by a big cock, what do you think? is this big enough? I said I don't know if I can take that horse dick in my ass. He looked at me and said, OH yes you will. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and f***ed my head down to the carpet with my ass sticking up in the air. He knelt behind me and f***ed my legs further apart with his knees. My cousin handed him the lube and he poured a large amount on my ass crack. It was cold and it made me shiver, he said I'm going to fuck the hell out of your ass and your going to love it. I have to admitt I was scared, I've never been handled like this and I thought that cock might put me in the er. He pushed two fingers in at once I felt the burning pain from his penetrating fingers and my ass squeezed his fingers. He said dam your ass is tight, I'm going to enjoy this. After he had worked four fingers into my ass he added more lube to my ass and then to his huge cock. I braised myself for what was going to happen next. I felt the head of his cock press against my spincter, I started to pull away but he grabbed my hips and bucked forward. I let out a scream and he shoved his cock in untill I felt his balls slap mine. The feeling took my breath away as he started fucking me for all he was worth. My eyes were closed and my mouth was wide open. Then all of a sudden I felt my cousins cock push through my lips and back down my throat. I looked up to see the lust in my cousins eyes. Every time his big black cock buried itself in my ass my face was pushed into my cousins scrotom. I couldn't catch my breath and I could feel my orgasm approching. Then it happened the black guy came in my ass, It was hot and flooded my ass to the point that it came back out I moaned and then my cousin came filling my mouth with cum. all of this made my climax so intense that I started to jerk and shake all over. I guess I must of passed out because the next thing I know they were carressing me all over and I was laying flat on my stomach. When I looked at both of them they said wow! We ain't never seen anything like that. I smiled and drifted off to sl**p.
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2 years ago
Well Done.
3 years ago
thank you, That was awesome, where you at the store on first St?
4 years ago
Wow that was great i even jacked off while I was reading thanks
4 years ago
Lucky you.