My friend and I

Me and Ryan had been close friends for about 3 years, we were both 13 or 14 the first time.
we were playing a game with our two friends, where we were turning the light off, striking a sex pose and turning the light back on, a little like a photo.
After a few goes, we were pretending that he was taking me doggy style and thats when i first felt it, his trobbing hard cock, pressed upto my arse, it was strange to think that I didnt go mental, but, instead pushed back. I was rewarded with a twitch from his cock and I liked it.
After a few minutes of different poses, and him dry humping me, he came in his jeans and as it soked through, I felt a wet patch on my arse... Luckely for us, our friend didnt notice and it had given me a taste for things to come.
about a week later, Ryan was at my house and came into my room to wake me up, or so I thought). After a few minutes of chat, he grabbed my hand and placed it on his already stiff dick. Without another word, he took it out and I began to rub his vainy shaft. It was the first time id seen another guys dick, and the smell of his sex was amazing. His cock was about the same lenght as mine, (about 8 ins), but almost twice as thick. it felt hot in my hand. After a few minutes of working his fat shaft, I could felt him start to tense up and knew he wouldnt last long. I dipped my head and started sucking on his massive balls, one at a time. His head tilted back and he groaned as his cum shot all over my hand and arm. this turned me on so much that I took my cock out and wanked hard using his cum as lube, it only took me 30 seconds, untill my own cock was shooting cum all over the floor.
About 6 months went by and nothing happened, some nights, I would wank myself silly thinking about that time when i had pleased him so much and longed for a repeat proformance. Anyway. one night he stayed over at my house, sl**ping on a matteress next to my bed. We'd both had a few to drink and he broached the subject as we lay watching a movie. he asked me what i thought and i replied that it made me horny to think about it. with that his cock became rock hard again as he took it out. he commanded me to 'Suck my Fucking cock, Bitch!' It exited me to be treated like a little whore and readily accepted his swollen manhood into my mouth. it tasted of salty musk and the smell again drove me wild. i tryed to deep throat him but his dick was just too wide to fit. as i worked him off with my tongue and lips, i cupped his balls and slowly began massageing them. Not long after that i felt his nuts tighten and he pushed my head off and moaned deeply that he was about to cum, i said 'No, I want it on my face' and pushed his hand away just as he fired his load all over my eyes, nose and lips, damn it was horny.he told me to clean my face and i snuck into the bathroom hoping that my parents wouldnt come out of their bedrooms to see their sons face covered in another mans spunk. again I wanked as i looked at my spearm splatterd face in the mirror. i felt dirty and i liked it....
Next time ill tell you about our only time in his house, but that was a few years later
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