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[Story] My Day as a Hooker

I was quite depressive for some time after the abuse I endured in the strict female highschool and I didn't turn myself into a woman for at least two weeks. Then an order from eBay arrived that I ordered almost a month ago a crotchless full body fishnet stocking and a pair of black satin crotchless thongs.

That gave me an idea. It was time for me to get a revenge and destroy some dreams as mine were destroyed. I will dress as a hooker and let guys pick me up and then I shall fuck them in their sorry asses until they cried. The plan was perfect.

Since I wasn't really a woman for... Continue»
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[Story] My First Day at a Girls Boarding School

When I woke up I decided it should be time for me to go to school today. I was told it is a very special school so I decided to wear my special uniform. First of all I took a shower and trimed the hair on my body. I made special care to shave my anus man vagina. When I was done I've put some lotion on a small tampon and put it in my vagina for it was a day for menstruation.

After that came the miniature thongs, a short black schoolgirl skirt, my bra, a white shirt, and my favourite black and white stripped thigh high socks. I wasn't light on makeup either - I decided for a ... Continue»
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[Story] My Female Day

When I woke up that morning my first decision was to be a female for a day. First of all I had to clean myself. First of all I had to clean my new pussy. I took a bootle with a small drinking cap and filled it with some water. I've applied some hand lotion on it so it won't hurt my virgin pussy. I bent over and slowly inserted the top of the bottle. With a gentle push I started filling myself with water. The feeling was very new to me and I liked it. I slowly started to turn on, but it was no time for that.

When I emptied the bottle I stood up and had to rush to the toilet to expu... Continue»
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