It had been the last inning. We were up three runs and there was no way the cubs would win. The pitcher grounded his feet toughly into the mound. Second base crouched and the catcher readied himself. The batter arched his back, very determined. It all happened very quickly, but the hit was definite, though it was only a first base attempt, and apparently a success. I stood on the sideline, peering through the gated holes in front f me.

The second batter in the lineup walked up to the plate, his jersey an orange and white mix. He took his first swing and missed. The second was a reiteration of the first. But the third was another base hit. I worried just a little, but still had confidence in my team.

Mitchell Sums, the one with the ball, stood tall, dark, and handsome. His cap was set low to blockade any sunrays from infecting his pale skin. He spread his feet apart as the following batter took his place. With a little bend Mitch set both the glove and ball behind his back. He looked carefully at the catcher, lifted one of his legs and in a swift movement swiveled his body throwing the ball to second base. It was so quick the runner hadn’t noticed until he was smacked with a glove in the back.

“He’s out!” I heard the umpire shout.

“What!” the runner had retaliated. He cursed a few words, and then settled angrily on the bench.

Mitch took a breather studying the batter and his position. Somehow he could always pinpoint where each batter’s weak spot was. The pitch was launched, and then another followed.

“Strike two!” the team helped the umpire announce.

Mitch pivoted his pelvis, raised his knee to his groin and threw a powerful line drive. No one in history was able to hit it. The batter sat down and the next one stumbled onto the plate cockily. Mitch did less examining and hurried to pitch. It was pretty straight and pretty fast, but the batter had managed to hit it. It was a fly ball that drew very near the foul line. They scored a point and had a man on second, but were still three points from taking the game.

When the fourth batter arose a bunch of tension had followed. Well deserved tension. He hit the ball passed the short stop who had just missed. They scored another point. Everyone seemed to shutter, to shake their heads in disbelief. All except Mitch. He stood high and untouched, almost in another world. But I wasn’t surprised. He was always in that particular state, unmoved and yet annoyed.

Mitch was definitely what I would call popular. With a body like his and a smile like the one he barely shared with us, he could get any girl. But he hadn’t dated. At least not that any of us knew about. He kept his life private, and let no one in. He was well known, but avoided the lime light as much as possible. I could tell he didn’t enjoy giggly blondes or hanging out and talking about sexual encounters with the guys. Odd, very odd. We were the exact opposite. I’ve dreamt for his position since freshman year. I wanted to be the well known jock, and yet he wanted to be left alone. What a shame.

Up to bat was a very muscular guy. His shoulders were wide and his biceps were clearly steroidal. He looked more like a football player. All but Mitch was intimidated. He pulled his cap a little more, as though it could have gone any lower and reenacted his gestures before sneakily lobbing the ball throwing the giant of guard. The next pitch was his famous unhittable fire balls. With two strikes the batter held on tight to the bat, planning to swing with full f***e. Mitch peered at the catcher’s glove and leaned in sending the ball forward in a concentrated trance. When it reached the batter he swung vigorously in a single sweep. The crowd cringed in anticipation. I could hear girls in the background whispering acronyms.

Upon contact the ball flew upward, but only upward, almost directly upward. With some heavy squinting I saw the ball hit the very tip of the bat then in a near parallel line. I also was able to see the tiniest of smirks upon Mitch’s face as he raised his glove. The ball fell right into his hand flatly. He didn’t even look to catch.

The crowd went silent as Mitch walked off the field, tossed the ball at the coach and walked past the bleachers and I guess headed home. It took some time before the teams started to either cheer or complain, but it happen eventually.

After some high fives and a lap around the field, our team headed into the showers. Everyone talked about Mitchell’s surprise catch and how it simply came out of nowhere.  It was as though he planned the whole thing. I caught some dialogue as I stood in my own area. Most of the team showered in the front. They would all huddle and fight for the faucet. I was like a game for them, a game I’d never find interest in. Well, in all honesty a wanted to play more than anything, but I was just too afraid. I don’t know if I was the only one, but if I saw an exposed body, male, female, whatever it may be, I sprung a boner. I couldn’t control it and sure as hell wouldn’t be able to remain soft cuddling with a bunch of naked guys wrestling for a few splats of water to wash the soap of me. I wasn’t gay or anything, just you know … s*******n.

When everyone was done washing up, the game over and done with, coach had relayed a speech. Apparently it was a good game, but it was too close. He liked to win by at least four points, but settled if we at least won. After the coach’s vocalizations he issued everyone home and bided us a farewell. I was near the exit when my phone had rang.

“Hey, chica,” I publicized. Luckily I was alone.

“Hey, Ted,” it was Tracy, my best friend. “I was wondering if you could come over in a little.”

“What, Brent not giving you any?”

“Shut up, he’s away for the week, you know that.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right,” I realized.

“Well, yeah, be here in an hour. My parents leave in half.”

“Why is it that you never want me around when your parents are there?” I questioned.

“Ugh, cause they want me to go out with you. Apparently you’re their better pick. I try to explain that Brent is so much hotter, but they don’t get it.”

“You little bitch,” I joked.

“Ha-ha, see you in a little.” I shook my head and hung up, heading for the exit.

I walked out care free, without a worry, until I realized I left my batting gloves on the bench I had claimed my own before showing. “Shit!” I announced to myself, turning around to head back. I squinted my eyes when I was nearly fifty feet away. I saw someone entering the lockers, but couldn’t make out who it was. I hurried my footsteps, hoping it wasn’t a thief scavenging for left over equipment.

When my feet slowed in pace and I entered I heard an odd sound. It was a grunt, a session of groans that made my legs dance with nervous jolts. I continued to walk forward though. I cornered the hallway searching for my gloves and the source of moaning, when I suddenly stopped. I dropped my book bag and my jaw followed. It was Mitch, completely nude, erect, and with the handle of a baseball bat lodged into ass. It was set on the floor while his foot sat on the bench comfortably. As I stared in awe he continued bobby up and down slowly, all while stroking his erection.

I couldn’t move an inch. My gut clenched in total shock. I directly looked into his eyes as he stared directly back into mine. Eye contact was constant until he released a groan that rattled into a growl. He close his eyes and threw his head back, his hand finding its way to his chest.

I couldn’t lie to myself, it was an amazing sight. Mitch was more muscular than I had thought. He had tight clearly visible abs and a bulging chest to die for. I wasn’t entirely sure if was jealous or turned on.

Mitch blew out some air then stopped all of his movement to glower in my direction. He let loose of his pecker and slid his other hand down his body to his side. He then positioned his feet on the floor spread apart, just as he has them as he pitches. We both stood there, complete opposite in emotion. I tensed as the bat slithered closer to the ground and fell out of Mitch hitting the floor hard. My body jolted, but Mitch’s was immobile. He smirked with a dangerous arch in his lip and raised his hand. He circled his pointer finer in the air pointing to me and then to himself. When he dropped his hand he bit his lip pleasantly and I couldn’t resist following his command. I walked shakily up to the boy.

We were just about the same height so when I closed in on him we stood eye to eye. My insides celebrated as my outsides wouldn’t dare to move any closer. Guess Mitch’s insides were partying too, but instead his outsides reacted, touching my chest, feeling the silky material of the team’s jersey. He grasped some of it and held it in his hand, then pulled me closer. My hands at my sides shook as though undergoing an earthquake. Mitch, on the other hand, was smooth and calm as usual, like nothing was even happening and he pressed his lips onto mine. He grabbed the back of my head and guided me deeper into a pucker and then spread my lips into a sandwich. It was a layer of lips, a covering of tongue and saliva, and finally another pair of lips to hold it all together.

My trembling had weakened after a minute or so and transformed into pure lust. I hadn’t tried to think about it much, but there had to be a reason I couldn’t tag along with the other guys in the shower. There was a reason my dick always stiffened as it was right now.

Mitch let go of my head and ventured down my sides to pull out the jersey from my tight grey pants. He unbuttoned my shirt to reveal another, a white tee. He grabbed the under shirt and lifted tossing both shirts off. My pants, starting at my calves and ending at my groin, hadn’t covered the trail of hair leading to my crotch, so Mitch circled the area with his finger. Suddenly he dropped to his knees. His dick had sprung up then bobbed downward in the swift motion. Mitch opened his mouth and his once caged tongue was now free to roam. He placed it over my pants directly above my cup. I couldn’t feel it, but I knew how warm it would be and how soft and wet it would feel.

Usually I got hard by a glance of nudity, but not this time. Somehow I stayed flaccid, making Mitch work for the erection I so wanted to shove into his mouth.  Mitch made a pleasant antagonizing sound as he held tight to the waist band on my baseball slacks. He tugged downward as slowly as possible revealing my jockstrap and then my thighs and then my calves covered by my blue socks. He lifted each of my legs making sure my cleats and long ass socks stayed in place. I guess he liked the whole uniform thing.

Mitch raised his body upward as his knees pressed into the tile floor. He buried his head onto my stomach and licked at my short black hair. I noticed he had his tool in his hand jacking away as he bit down on the jockstrap’s band. With his hand that wasn’t occupied he grabbed my ass cheek and circled it around f***efully. When he yanked his head down and reiterated the movement with his hand my dick, half hard, pounced out of containment and smacked Mitch’s temple and cheek. He smiled like I had never seen before and he swiftly pulled my undergarments the rest of the way and snake them off only one of my cleats. It was obvious he was in a hurry to get eye level with my cock and tease me until I was as hard as rock.

As I stood stiffly, Mitch came close breathing on my dick head. My balls ached just a little as the rising humidity dampened my dick. When my heart beat and my dick throbbed into a full hard on, Mitch tapped the tip with his tongue. It was swift and nearly unexpected, but there was no denying that it felt amazing. He slapped his tongue against the head and I almost heaved. I had never been so turned on, so ready to cum.

Mitch smiled widely and took hold of my shaft to steady it. He sneakily roped around to my ass. He fondled it and I took noticed until the feeling dulled as another took place. Mitch held out his wet tongue and placed it under my cock. He leaned in allowing it to taste my shaft. The heat on my dick was as warm the showers, but nothing compared to when Mitch clasped his mouth shut. I felt the velvet curved touch of the roof of his mouth and his entire tongue prodding the tube that was present under my shaft. I could feel the precum etch its way out as Mitch guided it with his tongue, pushing and curling it.

The scene was pure pornography, the feeling pure ecstasy. I almost toppled over when Mitch arched his back, spread his knees and played with his and my dick. I looked down watching my cock enter and exit, the shaft disappearing and reappearing like magic. Below it all was his body, thick and strong. His chest protruded as he continuously gasped for air. His stomach held a constant ab exercise as he pumped his pelvis in and out of his hand. Mitch hummed and I felt the vibration as he leaned back and let my cock bounce in the air no longer a prisoner to his lustful cave. He stood up slowly, a little sore from the position. He leaned forward, our dicks touching. And may I add that his was huge. It was not only long, but thick with width. I thought about grabbing it, taking it in as my own to have, hold and cherish till death do us part, but Mitch had different plans. Plans that I hadn’t dreamed about, simply because I wouldn’t let myself.               

Mitch held my shoulders and positioned me over the bench. He then pushed me down to sit. He lifted my leg and set on the other side. Mitch followed the movement, his fantastic tool waving in my face. But before I could even dare to taste it, he roughly pushed me onto my back. Mitch hoped onto my torso as he looked behind him staring at my cock that was peering up at the ceiling. He bit down hard on his lip. I raised my head once again trying to take in his magnificent manhood, but he journeyed downward right before I had opened my mouth. Was he purposely teasing me?

Mitch stood once again, his body a canvas of beautiful curved lined. He bent his knees and held on to the bottom of my pecker. Continuing his snaillike tour he slipped my dick onto his ass, right between the cheeks. I felt the grasp of his ass cheeks and the puckered wet skin of his asshole. I never once imagined such a thing would occur, but he eased his body straight allowed my dickhead to enter extremely slowly.  I had nothing to grab onto so I held Mitch’s knees, squeezed them, allowing him to feel the intensity that he brought to my groin. Mitch pushed a little deeper and I moaned in pleasure. When past the head it looked like a pole extruding from his insides. In a swift movement, he let gravity take over and slammed into my pelvis gently. The scream I set free wasn’t completely intended, but it surely happened.

From there Mitch took matters into his hands, jumping up and down, swallowing my dick with his ass and then spitting it out just enough to take it all back in. My chest heaved, my toes curled and my eyes dance staring at Mitch’s ever so big cock slap against my naval. Mitch held tightly onto his chest and I wondered if his legs were hurting. I knew for a fact that his ass was. There was no way that it was all pleasure in there. There had to be some pain at the speed he was going, so I decided to take action. I took hold of Mitch’s shoulders, pushing him down as far as possible on my dick. I didn’t let him move until I pulled my torso up and allowed him to rest, sitting on my lap. I grasped his chest in a bear hug and he embraced my head pulling at my hair. I rocked back and forth barely sliding my dick out of Mitch, but instead nudging his walls. He growled in my ear as I panted. Mitch wrapped his legs around me and squeezed. With every breath trying to escape my lungs, my ass cheeks clenched and shuttered on the cold metal bench. My stomach muscles closed into one single entity and my dick swelled twice as big as it was before, or so it seemed. Mitch helped the rocking motion leaning into and away enjoying his dick rubbing against my torso.

When it seemed too unbearable, like the world itself was erupted under our feet, I let out a massive manly cry and I swear I could feel the cum being sucked out of my ball sac and up my shaft. It was like I stuck my dick in a vacuum and let it consume my fluids. And that’s exactly how it felt as I came inside of Mitch. I blew hard and long resulting in what had to be the best orgasm in my life. Even if I was only s*******n.  But it didn’t even end there. Mitch continued to bounce around my cock slapping his on my skin. The sensation made me tear, but it was worth it. Goodness, to be able to hear Mitch scream out in pleasure and cum so hard it reached my neck and rolled down my chest was a dream come true.

I fell backward, Mitch still in my embrace as my back hit the bench. It was slow and felt like my groin would crack or explode, but Mitch had shifted his butt up and let my dick fall out, only partly hard. Our breathing rapid and far from uniformed started to ease, breaking into small grasps. Mitch stood up and headed into the showers. He turned a single faucet and turned to me signaling that he required company. I instantly shot up and headed for his back holding him close as the warmth of the water tingled our skin. We didn’t bother with soap, it would take too much energy to actually shower, so we simply stood under the falling water loving the sensations that still lingered slightly.

When we exited and dressed my phone had wrung. “Hello,” I said exhausted.

“Where the hell are you? You were supposed to be here fifth teen minutes ago,” Tracy replied angrily.

“Sorry, I just got caught up with something.”

“Better be something good. Were you mugged?” the anger continued to flow.

“No,” was my annoyed reply.


“No,” I chuckled under my breath.

“Were you ****d?”

“Not exactly,” I told her looking up to find no one. Mitch had gone.

“Whatever, are you still coming or what?”

“Goodness no, I came enough to last me a month,” I said with sheer honesty.

“Was that supposed to be a joke?”

“It was nothing, I will be there in ten,” I hung up and headed out fully clothed. I had completely forgot about my gloves.


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