My Last BlowJob...Maybe...

It' was a hot summmer day and I was a Man with a Mission, It had been more than a year since I had sucked a cock and even longer since I had been with a woman. So it was time for a trip to the gloryhole. I entered the store first casually looking at the Non-Porn Magazines, First the Celebrity ones, than the Tattooed girls ones. Than when I felt it was time I purchased 5$ worth of tokens and entered the adult portion of the store I glanced at the magazines briefly and than went into the adult video booth section. I knew which booths had the gloryholes and picked one next a booth that was already occupied in hopes I would have wait for cock. I entered the booth locked the door and put a coin in slot, I decided to be conservative with coins because I was more interested in sucking cock than watching porn (which I do at home and is such better quality). I spread the tokens on the chair planning to spend most my time on my knees, and looked through the hole the man inside there seemed as if he had just came and was looking to leave all I could see is a bulge in his ghakis. He soon left but I was happy to see some one new had entered I never saw his face but put my mouth in the gloryhole opened my mouth and stuck out my tounge the sign for I want to suck your cock. I was soon obliged by a floppy 7 inch brown cock which I imediately be gain to lick and kiss and suck the cock felt so good in my mouth and I really wanted to make hard so kept sucking and and licking it as I jack of my hard 6 inch cock. The cock must have grew at least an inch and I tried deepthroating it and fucking it like my mouth was a vagina but after what seemed like 20 minutes of pleasuering that magnificient cock he withdrew it from the gloryhole. Feeling unsucessful I decided to use the rest of my tokens and watch some porn first a guy getting pegged by a girl which was somewhat interesting than a great lesbian porn with two cute females. as I jacked off to the lesporn I started to think how was enjoying this more than the cock I had come to suck and started to think maybe I'm straight not Bi. So now I don't know... because after this I had an aversion to cocks but maybe that will change who knows.
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2 years ago
Some days are like that! Thanks for the story!
3 years ago
I sorta had an experience like that. Someone entered a booth I was in and we touched each other and he pulled out his cock and I proceeded to suck his cock but after a few minuted he pulled out and left! Wow! was I that bad? Well I watched some vids and jacked off and left.
i have been trying to hook up with guys locally on Hamster but they are all talk and promise but never want to meet. I love this site and wonder how others hook up and have now given up that hope and will enjoy watching and just jacking off alone.
Hang in there. I would suck a cock if I had the opportunity but that now seems kinda remote.
3 years ago
hi i can tel you im bi and i thank you or too to bad you not here love to helpe yu out