Cadogen Street Car Park - Part 1

The story features cross dressing and gay acts. If this offends please do not read on.

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Cadogan Street Car Park (Part 1)

My name is Peter and I am 49 and married but a secret sissy cocksucker. I have a very dirty secret. The feel of women's lingerie against my skin makes my 6” cut cock harder than steel. And it’s more than just the cross-dressing. I am bisexual and I love to submit to dominant older or younger men.

I remember as a c***d my older s****r Vanessa had the best and softest bras and panties I had ever worn. The first time had been out of sheer curiosity, I wanted to know what girl's underwear felt like compared to my plain white Y fronts. So when everyone left the house when I was 16 and a horny teen I made my way to the clothes hamper and grabbed some of my s****r's underwear and then ran back to my room. My finger clasping her dirty things were trembling but locking my door I stripped naked. At the time I was just starting to fill out so I still had a bit of a slim girlish build to my body. Vanessa wasn't that much bigger than me other than in the breast areas and I had often spied on her with my cock in hand and feeling it shoot hard as I watched my own s****r dressing and undressing.

After I had slid the panties on I looked at myself for the first time in the mirror. My young cock was like a bolt and rock hard. I knew at once that this was the thing for me. I put her bra around my body and pranced around in my bedroom for awhile feeling very girl then collapsed onto my bed, my cock was throbbing and leaking cum. The underwear was already dirty so it’s not like I felt bad for wanking myself off to the strongest orgasm of my young life and filling her panties with load after load of my own cum. This became a nightly ritual. After everyone was asl**p I would sneak downstairs, grab the bra and panties she'd worn that day and then put them on. I was always careful to not make any noise or get caught.

But marriage and a career followed and precluded me from my secret desires for many years until I finally came back to them, one morning when my wife left for work and I was in the house alone. I stripped and slid her fishnet hold ups on followed by pink lace panties and a bustier. Within seconds my cock was like a rock again and I wanked happily as I looked at hot porn. This became my new ritual and it wasn’t until I finally got up the courage to meet someone else when I was dressed that all my dreams came true.

I made contact with a few dominant males some older some slightly younger. They all loved the idea of me servicing them while dressed up like a sissy as they looked at porn. The one that really caught my eye and made me hard was John as we talked about kissing and caressing and touching and wanking and sucking.

After several long conversations and sending him several pictures of me dressed up we agreed to meet.

And this is why I am now sitting in my car with an overcoat on and nothing underneath but a black lingerie set that I had bought specifically for John to see me in. It is a black halter top teddy with matching holdups and panties. Very tight and very, very sexy.

My fingers drum the steering wheel nervously. John would be my first encounter I would be having in a few years. But, being dressed so sexily I felt like a virgin, it was thrilling but also scary at the same time. We had decided the covered parking of Cadogan Street would be the best place to meet up and we could drive somewhere more discreet. The fourth level was perfect and I sat in the last space near the wall. I knew we would have great coverage from prying eyes. The flash of headlights caught my attention as a sleek black Vauxhall pulled up alongside me. The windows were darkly tinted and the headlights flashed twice. It was him. After he turned his engine off I waited a minute before making my way over. My heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest as I opened the door and slid inside.

“Take off your coat, slut!” He ordered in a smooth English accent. I nodded and slipped the coat off as he ran his hand down my bare shoulder. My cock was semi hard against my panties and already starting to leak.

I kept my eyes downward as he reclined his seat back and unzipped his grey trousers. He was wearing no underwear and his cock sprung into view instantly. It looked bigger in person than it did on the computer. A full thick 7 inch cut cock pulsating and throbbing. It was straight and topped with a thick mushroom head. Precum was already gathering at the tip.
Licking my lips I asked. “May I suck your cock sir?”
“Show me first!”
“What?” I queried then remembered. “Oh, oh yes sorry!” I reached into my coat pocket and removed photos of my 2 step daughters, aged 19 and 21 in their sexiest dressed poses, along with naked and half naked pictures of my wife. I then produced a pair of dirty panties from all three females in my life.
I watched as John placed the pictures on the dashboard and sniffed the panties in turn. I watched with growing excitement as his cock seemed to grow even bigger and harder.
“Yes, slut!” He grinned. “Suck it all you want.” He closed his eyes and relaxed as I bent over and ran my tongue along his hot shaft. My taste buds exploded at the first taste of cock in so long. I moaned softly and wasted no time and taking him into my mouth. Slowly my mouth began to glide up and down his throbbing cock, sucking and swallowing. He moaned every so often and closed his fingers into my hair. Soon the dominance that I so craved began to show itself as I felt his hands push my head down, making me take all of it into my hot wet mouth.
“Good slut, suck Daddy's cock!” He purred and began to thrust upwards as he pushed my head down again, my nose touching his pubic hair and his cock almost choking me. But the scent of him was so manly and thick. My cock ached and the urge to stroke grew, but I knew I wasn’t allowed to cum until he had. As the thick head filled my throat I swallowed, making him groan and thrust more.

My right hand slid down to cradle his thick balls, my fingers caressing and rolling them around in the silky flesh. His balls draw up to his body, the skin growing taunt around them. I knew he was close now. I could taste more precum with each upward stroke. I felt his hand slide to the back of my neck and with only a little pressure he pushed me down as his cock suddenly exploded. Gagging a little I pulled up but he kept me in position. The cum tastes salty and sweet at the same time and thick as well, clinging to the back of my throat. I didn’t care. I was here to please my new master as he ogled my wife and sexy young step daughters.

There was a huge cum stain on my panties now and I need to cum, badly.
“May I cum now, please sir?”
He grinned and nodded. Slowly, watching the expression on his face, I pulled the black panties down and pulled at my cock. Licking his cum from my lips I stroked very slowly before my cock and balls exploded. I made sure to tilt my cock against myself to keep cum from hitting my master or his car. Moaning I fell back against the door. Thick white blobs of cum decorated my stomach, my panties and the top of my black teddy.

After the world stopped spinning I reached into my coat pocket and pulled out a cloth handkerchief. I cleaned us both up before tucking his cock into his trousers. As I slid on my coat and prepared to exit the car he spoke. “That was good slut. We should do it again.”
“Yes we should.” I smiled back at the older man. “You know where to find me.” I had a smile on my face as I slipped from the car and returned to my own.

He drove away first and I started my engine to drive home. I pick up my phone and dialled my wife's number.
“Hi hun, it’s me. Listen how about we go out tonight? It’s been awhile since we've gone out to a nice dinner.”
I could almost hear her smile through the line. “Oh that sounds wonderful. Let me call Kathy and I will be home in about an hour. You’re such a lovely husband.”
I smile as I headed home. My mind wasn’t on my wife or the dinner that evening.

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6 months ago
Very horny story, love the outdoor setting
7 months ago
what a great story , many thanks for sharing , ps I must get your no , lol
7 months ago
very sexy
7 months ago
Now that was an extremely well told story my little sluttish friend, I would love to meet up with you so that we could reciprocate one another fetishes...interested?