Saturday morning and I was standing by the kitchen window looking at the peaceful garden I had created. The cash win hadn’t been a fortune but it was enough for me to give up work and, at 45, give up work and take life easy with my twin sons, John and Paul.

“Morning,” they said as they came into the kitchen. I smiled at them. At twenty they were tall and well built and each sported a nice nine inch manhood. We never wear clothes around the house and I watched as they bobbed and swung before them. It was Paul who came over to me first and put his arms around me. I leaned back against his chest and he gently bit on my neck. Both of them knew how to get me nicely aroused and I was already there. Saturday mornings mean I get really well shagged.

“I feel you’re ready for it then,” I said.

“I’m always ready for it,” he said and I felt is cock between my legs from the back. Then John was next to me and guided my hand to his massive erection too.

“Don’t forget your other son,” he said. “Doesn’t my prick turn you on?”

“You know it does you dirty little fucker,” I said and they laughed and pulled me backwards over to the kitchen table. I always kept it clear because it was one of their favourite places to have me. I was pulled back onto it and lay down, my legs spread wide so that Paul could take his place between them. He raised my legs over his shoulders and his b*****r took his prick and found my hole. I moaned slightly as I felt his large knob open me up and then that wonderful sensation as it slid deep inside my body. I watched his face as he felt me all the way up. Despite the number of times they’ve fucked me, my hole was still quite tight and they both loved it.

Slowly at first, Paul began thrusting and I felt his balls slap against me while John came to the other end of the table. It was why they loved me this way, When I lay on it, my head hung backwards over they end at a perfect height for a good stiff cock could slide into my open mouth.

I reached back and took hold of John’s balls as he advanced and then his knob was at my mouth. I kissed it and gently licked it and he moaned slightly as the tip of my tongue found his slit. Then I engulfed the prick and he slid it as far in as he could. Over the past three years I had grown used to their size and could almost take them into my throat.

As they fucked me from both ends, I remembered how it all started. I had given them a video camera each and one day, when they were out, I found one of them and looked to see what was on there. I was shocked. They had been filming each other both singly and together, wanking and sucking each other and a couple of their friends.

I knew it was their personal life but I couldn’t help going back time and again and seeing the new films they had on there and using them to bring myself off.

It was during one of those sessions that they returned and found me. I’d been so wrapped up in my ‘reverie’ that I hadn’t heard the door and nearly had a heart attack when they came and stood beside me.

“Boys!” was all I could say trying to cover myself but they just laughed and told me it was OK and that they thought they would like to help me out as I hadn’t finished.

They dragged me to their bed and took turns fucking me and mouth fucking me. Later that evening, I was standing by the kitchen window with my mind racing. I had let my sons use me. I should feel guilty but I didn’t. I felt excited. They came into the kitchen.

“You ok?” Paul asked. I nodded.

“We just thought that you might - well, you know…” said John.

“It was,” I said. “It shouldn’t have been but it was. In fact it was more than all right. I loved it.”

They grinned and dragged me to the kitchen table. That was the first time we’d used it and now we were using it regularly.

Over the past couple of years, we had fucked all over the house and in the garden. They had shagged me in every position they could think of and had included a couple of their ‘discrete’ friends when they’d treated me to a wonderful gang-bang for my birthday. This had also included a couple of girls they knew and was a garden party to remember.

Now Paul was building to a peak and It felt like his cock was expanding inside me. I knew he would be watching John to see if he was ready to come too. They had brought it down to a fine art to come in me together and the thrill as you feel spunk being pumped into you from both ends at the same time is wonderful. John was giving short little jabs into my mouth and I felt a shudder from Paul.

“Yes!” John said in that orgasmic voice and Paul groaned. I felt the twitch of both their cocks and the warm flood of spunk in my mouth and body. I sucked hard and squeezed my muscles as tight as I could to hold it all in me.

The boys withdrew. I opened my mouth and they could see my mouth full of spunk. I swallowed.

“Delicious,” I said.

I rolled from the table and stood by it resting my buttocks on the edge they were before me. I motioned them to kneel and the did.

“Well, my fucking randy sons,” I said. “Which one of you is going to suck your old dad’s cock first?”
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4 years ago
crazy story but i liked it
4 years ago
great sons of yours
4 years ago
Thanks for sharing
4 years ago
Now thats a family that fucks together stays together thanks