Idle Jack

An old, old tale of Lady Jane
Of how she lost her honour.
And how the lad called Idle Jack
Inflicted shame upon her.

Young Jane, a pure and simple lass,
Of years just sweet eighteen
With hair of gold and eyes so blue
And skin like golden cream.

Whene're she walked around the town
The local lads would sigh
And all their trouser fronts would bulge
As this fair lass passed by.

But Lady Jane was innocent
And never knew the score
She just assumed the bulge was naught
And knew not what it's for.

Now Idle Jack, a wily lad,
Devised a fiendish plot.
He fancied he would take this girl
And show her what was what.

With smiling face and wicked thought
He talked one day with her.
"Will you," he asked. "Be good enough
To come to Brighton Fair?"

"Dear Jack, Dear Jack, of course I will."
She cried with girlish glee.
"But first my mother you must ask,
She takes good care of me."

With trembling heart the wicked boy
Spoke to the beauty's mother.
"Now listen Jack," the old Dame said.
"So that we know each other."

"My daughter's young, a virgin yet
And I don't want that changed.
If you've ideas of doing that
You'll find you're re-arranged."

"When she comes home, she'd better not
Know what all women do.
For if she does, I'll cut 'em off
And make you eat them too!"

Jack promised her with solemn oath
That Jane would be as new
He crossed his heart but at his back
He crossed his fingers, too.

A smile he gave as from the house
He flew just like a bird.
For fingers crossed allowed the lad
To go and break his word.

So off they set upon the road
That led to Brighton Fair,
And all the way they laughed and joked
A really happy pair.

Young Jack was kind and brought her cake
And Ice Cream by the cone
He knew he'd be rewarded
As they made their way back home.

The winding road ran through a wood
Where Jack took Jane's small hand
"And now, my dear," he said with glee.
"I'll show you something grand."

Jane's eyes grew wide as wicked Jack
Pulled down his woollen hose.
"My God!" she cried. "It's the first time
That I've seen one of those."

"It looks so big; it looks so fat,
Do let me have a feel."
Her hand was cool and soft as back
His foreskin she did peel.

"Oh, Jack! Oh, Jack! It's really hot
I wish that I had one.
I'd hold it all the day and night.
I bet it's really fun."

"It is, my dear, especially if
You rub it, just like so."
"Like this?" she asked as now she rubbed.
"I'd really like to know."

"Oh darling Jack, this is such fun
Can I play more? D'you mind?"
"Of course not, dear. I'm very near
And then the turn is mine."

"Oh no, dear Jack. It cannot be.
My mother's given warning.
No man may place a hand on it
Until my wedding morning."

"Forgive me," he said. "I must insist
My prick has pleasure given.
A flash of cunt my payment is
T'would make the matter even."

"Oh, no," said Jane and made to leave
But Jack was quick, alack.
She found herself upon the ground,
Her hands tied at her back.

"Please don't!" she cried. "For if I lose
It now my life is naught.
For who will wed a once used girl?
My hand will not be sought."

"I will be doomed to single life,
No man will share my bed.
No hot, stiff prick shall stretch my cunt,
A dildo will, instead."

"A shame," said Jack. "But really I
Don't care about your life."
Then from his jerkin he pulled out
A bl**dy great big knife.

He placed the tip upon her chest
The length of dress he split
And with a leer, Jack gazed upon
The maiden's firm, large tits.

"Oh woe is me!" young Jane then cried.
"Just what's a girl to do?
To be a good wife, I've led a chaste life
Now my Bristols are open to view."

But Jack wasn't through for a fine pair of drawers
Were firmly and fairly in place.
With two careful cuts from his wonderful blade
They went, and a blush filled Jane's face.

Despite her attempts to keep knee next to knee
Jack's strength made the young maiden cry.
He fastened her feet to a couple of trees
So she lay in the form of a 'Y'.

"Oh, please, dearest Jack. I beg you I do
I will make you a solemn contract.
I will do whatever you ask me to do
If you leave me a virgin intact."

"Whatever?" he asked and she nodded her head.
"No complaints, and you'll do it real quick?
Well, if that is the case," and he knelt by her head.
"Open wide and just suck on my prick."

Young Jane, never once, had thought of this stunt
For it looked very long and so thick.
As he slid his eight inches deep into her mouth
She thought she would feel rather sick.

But his smooth-headed knob had a really good taste
And she sucked as he pumped in and out.
'Till with twitch and with buck and a really long sigh
His creamy white spunk filled her mouth.

"Oh Jack," said the girl as she swallowed it up.
"I'm surprised that I liked it so much.
And my body just tingles with sensual thrills
As my tits and my nipples you touch."

"As I've eaten your spunk will you now let me go?"
"Not just yet," said the randy young sod.
"For I'm really turned on and as rampant as hell
By the sight of your helpless young bod."

The randy young Jack then knelt twixt her legs
And buried his face in her slit.
Young Jane rolled her eyes and let out a great sigh
As his tongue rolled around her hard clit.

As he licked at her hole, she moaned and she sighed
Her cunt grew just wetter and wetter.
A finger, she'd tried, when alone in her bath
But she liked cunnilingus much better.

As he licked at her cunt she felt the thrill rise
'Till she came with a wonderful shout.
"Oh, Jack, darling boy, stick your tongue up my hole
And don't take the bl**dy thing out!"

Jack licked at her hard and her juice squirted out
He savoured the taste of her come.
Her sexual aroma was filling his head
As his hand gently stroked her young bum.

He sucked on her clit and he chewed it a bit
Then he circled his tongue round her cunt.
He licked in and out, pulled her lips wide apart
And she cried. "What a wonderful stunt!"

Jack turned himself round as his prick dangled down
She eagerly sucked on his knob.
He buried his face back inside her wet cunt
And licked 'til they both gave a sob.

Once again he had filled her mouth with his spunk
And he'd d***k from her orgasmic well.
For a long sixty-nine, the pair of them lay,
Breathing heavy and randy as hell.

Jack finally stood and looked at young Jane
Lying naked, her legs wide apart.
"Will you now let me go?" she asked, soft and sweet.
He replied. "Don't be silly, you tart!"

Jack knelt twixt her knees, took a grip on his cock
And rubbed its knob into her fanny.
She yelled and she begged but it did no damn good
For young Jack was by now, far too randy.

As he lay atop her and kissed her sweet lips
The pleasure she felt, was a sin.
She protested a lot but it did her no good
And young Jack rammed prick fully in.

She squealed and she squirmed. It didn't do much
For his weight held her firmly in place.
He drove in and out and his balls slapped her bum
Then a strange look came over her face.

No more fighting she tried, but thrust her hips back.
Jack couldn't believe of his luck.
Instead of just screaming and crying out '****!'
Young Jane was enjoying the fuck.

With fervour he thrust; with lust she thrust back
Her orgasm came out with a scream.
Jack gave a huge thrust and held it in place
And filled her young fanny with cream.

With a puff and a pant he rolled on his back
She smiled to the heavens above
The feelings she felt deep within her wet cunt
She knew were just lust and not love.

Jack untied the girl and for modesty's sake
Turned around so she looked at his back.
She softly stood up and taking a branch
She gave him a hell of a whack.

When he opened his eyes he found he was bound
Hand and foot, just as he had bound her.
Jane stood to one side, as naked as Eve
To take her revenge on this cur.

"Oh Jack, faithless Jack, you have taken from me
My maid'hood, it's really a bore.
For you have unlocked that which was suppressed.
You have turned me, Jack, into a whore."

"For now that I've tasted the fruit of your cock
And had it shot into my belly
I now realise what a pleasure it is.
Far better than watching the telly!"

"So that's why you're bound like a hog, dearest Jack
And a thong round your todger I've tied
For I have been told it will keep it erect
And so will keep me satisfied."

"I think you have had quite enough time
In which to recover your breath.
So let us begin on a marathon shag.
Jack, I'm going to fuck you to death."

As she spoke the last words she lifted her foot
And squatted above the lad's face.
As he opened his mouth so that he could protest
She settled her fanny in place.

Jack sucked from her hole all the spunk he had shot
And he licked all her come out as well
While Jane rode his face and orgasmed again,
Jack felt he was drinking a well.

Then just when he thought her orgasmic thrills
Had exhausted her sexual stock
She slithered and slid down his sweating torso
And impaled herself onto his cock.

For hour on hour she rode on his prick
Just keeping him this side of coming
But making quite sure she came time and again
'Till her randy young fanny was humming

In the bushes nearby stood a shady old man
Tossing off as he watched the young couple
He decided to take one hell of a chance
For he fancied a maid, young and supple.

Stepping out from the trees and waving his prick
He called to the girl. "Fancy this?"
Her eyes opened wide when she noted how thick
And gave his huge member a kiss.

"Oh give it me all. Ram it up me, please do
For I fancy a penis that size
Will give my poor fanny a really good shag
And may even bring tears to my eyes."

"Then brace yourself, girl, for the fuck of your life
On your knees! I want you from behind
That way, when I'm up you it won't hurt so much
I'm doing it just to be kind."

Jane twisted around on the tied and trussed Jack
Into a neat soixante-neuf
She took the lads prick and swallowed it down
While the man's knob nudge into her muff.

An inch from Jack's nose the prick f***ed apart
Jane's cunt lips and slid slowly in
And as poor Jack watched it pump in and out
The man's hairy balls rubbed his chin.

For an age the lad watched as it pumped, piston like
It's soaking wet shaft told the tale
It was giving young Jane a really good fuck
And soon the lass started to wail.

"Oh fuck me, my friend. Oh fuck me real hard
Please fill up my pussy with spunk.
It want it right now. Please shoot it up, do,
You really incredible hunk."

Poor Jack could just watch as the prick was rammed in
The balls slapped her fanny and tweaked.
With a sigh and a groan, the man held it there
As his hard-on went down her singing cunt leaked.

"Lap it up, Darling Jack," Jane said with a grin.
"For to watch you eat spunk is quite fun."
"If you want him to have more fed in the same way,"
Said the man. "I'll call out for my son."

The son duly came and gave quite a grin
When he saw what his father was doing
"I'll have some of that," the newcomer said.
Jack could see that an orgy was brewing.

Now the son took the place at the backside of Jane
And of bollocks he had quite a pair.
Like two cricket balls, they dangled quite low
In a scrotum all covered in hair.

Jane gave quite a scream as the new prick went in
And once again stretched her young hole.
But she thrust back and forth as quick as she could
Upon the young fella's stiff pole.

Where the father had been the son was now going.
What father had left was f***ed out.
A great stream of spunk now covered Jack's face
And he let out a bl**dy great shout.

"Don't worry, young man," the old fellow said.
"My girl will clear up if you like.
She really won't mind about licking a cunt.
You see, she's a bit of a dyke."

When the son finally shot his spunk into Jane
A girl bent her face to her puss
And as jack looked on, the girl worked her tongue
Over Jane's cunt without any fuss.

Young Jane was so pleased with the other girl's lick
That she started to eat cunt as well.
Which in turn got the men quite randy again
It was really quite easy to tell.

As the girls rolled about licking each other's quim
The two fellas needed a wank.
They started to toss themselves off again
To relieve their testicular tank.

As each of them shot their load in the air
They cared not just where it might land.
So poor Jack was coated from head down to foot
The men thought the sight was just grand.

"He looks quite at home," said father to son.
"I figure he likes it," son said.
They turned to each other and as if they were one
An idea came into their heads.

"A mouth is a mouth," said the young to the old.
"That's right, son. It really is true.
So hold the young sod while I just fuck his face
And then I might bugger him, too."

"We'll take it in turns and we'll switch it about
After all, both the girls seem all right.
And you know your s****r, once she gets a cunt
But I fancy a hole that's quite tight."

Poor Jack was yanked up to his hands and his knees
And was pierced by the older man's knob.
"It looks good," said the lad. "You fucking him, dad.
I think I will just shag his gob."

As Jane looked around at poor jack on the ground
Taking cock at both ends, it was tough.
She just stood, legs apart, for the other young tart
Who was drinking the juice from her muff.

As true as their word, they took Jack, the nerd,
And in turn fucked his bum and his face.
And when he was full, they left the young fool
Pulling Jane round and into his place.

"Now listen, my dear, please don't think us queer
But we think you can give us a hand which
Is easy to do, especially for you.
We're making you into a sandwich."

As Jane's body was pressed between the two chests
She soon had a cock back and front.
And as they filled the holes of the sexy young maid
The other girl wanked her own cunt.

When they'd finished with that, Jane lay like a cat
Who has recently eaten the cream.
As she lay on the grass into sl**p she did pass
And dreamt up a wonderful scheme.

On waking that night she explained to them quite
Of her vision, they all gave a shout.
Twas the girl, called Diane, who loved the new plan
And this is how it came about.

Evil Jack was to go with the two men, you know,
And at home he'd be tied to a bed
Where he'd service the wife ev'ry night of his life
Whilst giving the two fellas head.

The girls would return back to the old town
And set a red light by the door
While Jane took the men who entered the den
Diane took the women, what's more.

And that is the way it stands to this day
They've remained in the village, you see
Which used to be called Compton le Ford
But now it's call Fuckham by Sea.

Six months later young Jack, found his way back
Jane met the lad as he came in.
"I really must thank you for that first wank.
It made me a fortune from Sin."

"Between Di and me, the town's covered you see
I take the men which way they want
While Diane can play with their wives ev'ry day
And satisfy their randy cunts."

"There's only one man who doesn't come round.
That's the vicar. With girl's he's not bothered.
But seeing the way, Jack, you're walking today
I think we've now got that one covered.

And so the house got a really new spot.
It was better than watching the telly.
People queued for a look as Jack rode the Rev's cock
And then wanked off all over his belly.
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4 years ago
the poetry of your words tis a pleasure read
4 years ago
I like your pros its too hot wow thanks poor jack he got it in the end but jane profited from por jack well thanks that was exceptional