f****y ties

“Let’s get this straight, Lucy,” Tom said as he closed and locked the door behind him. “You ARE going to do this!”

“And I told you I am NOT, you sick, perverted bastard!”

Tom’s hand flew out and grabbed the nightdress of the girl and pulled her roughly to him. She struggled but he was far too strong for her and , although she twisted her head, she couldn’t stop his rough, unshaven face pressing against her young, smooth cheek as he kissed her. She struggled but he had too firm a grip on the material and she felt his other arm go around her, pulling her body tightly against his. She bit at the skin but it only made him laugh. He grabbed her long dark hair and roughly pulled her head back, his mouth covering hers and his tongue forcing itself into her mouth. She tried to bite it but his face was pressed too hard against hers.

She was being pushed backwards. She felt the edge of the bed behind her legs and still he pushed. She was falling. She put out a hand and he grabbed it as they toppled onto the bed. His weight knocking air from her. She was struggling but he was heavy on her and he had her arm in a vice like grip.

“You cunt!” she screamed. “You fucking r****g CUNT!”

He laughed and she felt the metal on her wrist, heard the ratchet. Handcuffs! She pulled her arm but it was fixed to the bed and he was wrestling her other arm, pulling her further onto the bed. She was kicking and struggling but he was far too strong and soon the other wrist was manacled.

Lucy glared up at him as she lay still, recovering her strength. If he came close her knee would hit him and it would hurt him. He was grinning down at her.

“What a little spitfire you are,” he said and as if to prove him right, she spat at him. He laughed. His hand shot out again and he grabbed her ankle. She kicked as much as she could but he held her firmly and wrestled the leg to a point where he could slip an ankle manacle on. Then the other leg. She was spread-eagle on the bed and at his mercy and she could see that mercy was not in his vocabulary.

“What do you WANT!?” she screamed at him.

“I’d have thought that was perfectly obvious, my dear,” he said, his voice soft and silky. “I want to fuck you! And what’s more I am going to fuck you!”

“No you are not!”

“And how do you think you are going to stop me? Mmmm?”

Once again she struggled but she was chained down too firmly.

“I’ll fucking kill you, you arsehole!”

E laughed as he unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off his shoulders. Although not in the first flush of youth, he still had a firm body and his muscles showed as he moved. His hands were unfastening the waistband of his jeans and her eyes followed the garment as it fell to the floor. He had a flat belly and good, firm thighs and was wearing bright red boxer shorts. She could see the bulge in them. He was very turned on.

“You like what you see?” he asked.

“Fuck you!” she replied. He laughed and let the boxers down. His prick, a good eight inches and thick stood erect before him.

Climbing onto the bed, he knelt between her legs and gently took the hem of her nightdress in each hand. He looked into her eyes as he tensed his muscles and she heard the material rip from the hem to the neck. A final pull and the lace at the neck gave and she lay exposed to his stare.

“Mmmm,” he mused. “I do like the young ones. So fresh and smooth and unblemished and very little hair around that sweet little pussy.”

She struggled as his hands massaged along her thighs, squeezing and stroking. She twisted as far as she could but could not get away from hi,.

Then he was at the fork in her legs and she felt his fingers along the lips of her vagina.

“Oh such a sweet little pussy and so wet,” he cooed as he gently parted the lips and stroked his finger in the gully. “Such a sweet and dirty little whore cunt.”

“I am NOT a whore!”

“You have a cunt between your legs, my dear,” he said. “You are a whore. A slut. A fuck-bitch and what’s more, you are now MY whore!”

“I will NOT be a whore for you, you bastard!”

“Yes, my dear, you will,” he said softly and suddenly thrust his finger deep inside her.

Lucy screamed and arched her back as she felt herself penetrated. She could feel him inside her, flexing his finger and stroking all around her. Then his weight moved. He was on her and his unshaven face rasped against the soft flesh of her tits as he sucked first one, then the other into his mouth. All the while he was stroking and probing into her.

She knew she was wet. She could feel it flowing down between the cheeks of her bum. She wriggled knowing it was useless because she was held firmly by the manacles. Then he was on top of her, Laying between her outstretched legs, his cheek against hers and he was whispering in her ear.

“Now, my sweet Lucretia. My Lucy. I am going to fuck you.”


“Oh but yes, my dear. I am going to fill your little cunt with all my delicious cum and you will love it!”

“I will not!”

“Oh but you will because you are a little whore. MY little whore. You are here solely to please me sexually. Now feel it. Feel my cock as I open you up.”

She could feel it. His hard knob probing into her hole, stretching her as it eased forward. He pulled back a little to coat it with more of her juices then pressed again.

“Stop! Please! It hurts! Please, it’s too big for me. I cant……AAAAAAAGGGGGHHHH!”

“Oh yes, my Lucy. Scream as I take you and you see. It wasn’t too big. It’s all the way inside you and you are being fucked my dear. My beautiful little whore.”

Lucy felt him all the way, Her senses heightened, she could feel his pubic bone pressing against her clitoris and the feelings it was generating inside her. Each thrust sent a new shiver through her. She twisted and struggled but he was too heavy and his thrusting was forcing things from her despite everything she tried to stop them.

“Oh please, don’t.” she said. “Please I….Ohhhh……Ohhhh my God!…..My Gooooood! No! No! Noooooooooo….. Fuck you! Fuck you! FUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!”

She had orgasmed and at the peak she could feel the spurts of his cum filling her. Every sense down between her legs was working overtime and every spurt and dribble she could feel inside her. He was crying out as his cock jerked and shot his cum into the girl.

Finally he slumped on her and they lay panting together for a while. Finall, he pushed himself up and looked down at her.

“Fucking hell, Dad!” she said with a smile. “That was a bl**dy good one.”

He grinned and released the handcuffs.

“You were bl**dy good yourself,” he said. “How did I ever get a dirty little bitch of a daughter like you?”

“Luck and a big cock,” she said putting her arms around his neck and kissing him full on the mouth. “Now let me go. I’ve got to get to school and Mum’ll be home from her nightshift soon.”

“Oh, Just a quick lick,” he pleaded.

“Well I still have my ankles tied,” she said. “So I can’t really stop you. But quickly!”

He grinned and went down between the outstretched legs and buried his face into the wet gap, his tongue probing and licking.

“Does mum like the **** game?”

“Now and then,” he said, looking up. “But you mother prefers the hooker and her mark. Costs me a fortune.”

“She actually makes you pay for it?”

“Too true she does! Where do you think she gets the money to buy her shoes and underwear?”

Lucy laughed.

“Maybe you’re not the only buyer?” she said. Then, after a moment’s thought. “Is she a better fuck than me?”

Tom thought for a moment.

“No. Not better. I wouldn’t say either of you was better than the other. Different.”

“In what way?”

“Well, she’s a lot older and therefore a lot slacker down there for a start.”

“Mmmm. And you like a tight little cunt don’t you Daddy dear?”

“Yes. But I also appreciate a nice big one that I can get my whole fist up occasionally.”

“Oh Wow!”

“Now go and shower and get dressed, my sweet little whore. Quick! Before your mother comes home.”

Lucretia giggled and placed a kiss on her fathers’ nose and walked from the bedroom and Tom lay and watched the sway of her hips and the tight buttocks as she went. She was very much like her mother was at the same age. She too loved sexual games and **** was one they still played. Both ways. He loved to be tied down and f***ed to do anything her mind could devise and Penny had a mind that was very good indeed at devising things.

“Tom, Darling!” her voice called from downstairs. “Are you awake? I’m home.”

Tom swung his legs from the bed and padded over to the door where he unhooked a silk dressing-gown. He fastened it around him and padded downstairs.

Penny was in the kitchen and filling the kettle for a coffee. He padded over and put his arms around her waist. Not as slim as she used to be. Her figure was now best described as voluptuous and his hands cupped her 44DD tits as he ground his groin against her buttocks.

“I see that someone had a good nights sl**p and is feeling a little frisky this morning.” she said as he kissed her neck. “I suppose I’ve got to perform my wifely duties before I get some sl**p.”

“Well if you insist I’m sure I can rise to the occasion.”

“By the feel of it, you’re already risen.”

“You know your arse turns me on, babe,” he said as he slid his right hand under the short skirt. “And this wet cunt.”

“Don’t mind me,” Lucy said as she walked back into the room.

They separated, grinning.

“I think you’re old enough now to know what happens between a man and his wife.” Penny said.

“Gross!” Lucy said with a wince.

“I’ll go and shower,” Tom laughed and gave his daughter a kiss on the head as he passed. “Have a good day at school.”

“I won’t!” the girl called to his retreating back. She continued packing things in he schoolbag and neither woman spoke. Faintly they heard the shower start.

“What time will you be home?”

“I have a half day today,” Lucy said. “Should be home at about one.”

“Good. I’ll get some sl**p before you get back. Then, young lady. You’d better prepare yourself because I am in dire need of some pussy and you are going to give it to me.”

“Am I?” Lucy said, coyly as Penny came up behind her and slipped her arms around her slim waist.

“Oh, yes, my darling girl. Mummy is going to use your tight little body for her pleasure, whether you like it or not.”

“Yes, mummy dear. I’ll be a good girl. A VERY good girl.”

“Good and then you can tell me all about how Daddy fucked his little princess.”

They laughed.


“Yes, dear?”

“Dad said he can get his whole fist up you. Is that true?”

“Yes. If he gets me excited enough.”

“Mind if I try?”
Penny kissed her on the forehead.

“You know bl**dy well you can do anything you like.”

Lucy put her arms around her mother and rested her head on the ample bust.

“Will you tell Dad about us?”

“No! Fuck him! Let him think he’s the only one in your life. He’s going to get a bit of a shock from me anyway.”


“Well, let’s just say that you’re going to have to stretch a little more to put your arms around me for a few months.”

Lucy looked up, shocked.

“You’re in the club?”

Penny nodded and smiled

Lucy grinned and kissed her mother fully on the lips then thought for a moment.

“But I thought Dad has had the snip?”

“HE has but a few of the guys at work haven’t.”

“A few of the guys? You dirty whore!”

“I know. Lovely isn’t it. And don’t tell me that your father is the only one.”

Lucy smiled.

“No! There are three guys at school.”


“Seven? You are k**ding!”

Penny shook her head.

“So which one is the daddy?”

“Who knows? Who cares? What do you fancy, a baby b*****r or s****r?”

“Who cares? I’m bi so I’ll fuck whatever comes.”

“Penny!” Tom called from upstairs.

“Coming!” she called back then turned and kissed her daughter fully on the lips. “Don’t keep me waiting or you know what will happen.”

Lucretia grinned.

“Yes mistress,” she said. “Please make it good and hard.”

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2 years ago
Bloody marvelous; would love to have that situation with my mom and sister. Fantisised about it often enough.
3 years ago
Great story