I don’t actually know how it happened. Opportunity I suppose. But happen it did and it was fantastic.
I was twenty three, a freelance photographer working from home. My 22 year old wife had a good job in the city and she had to go out early and came home fairly late.
When we married, just over a year before, we moved in with her parents. They had a rambling old place with room to spare We had the top two floors. It was a totally separate flat. Below us was my wife’s grandmother and her parents had the bottom two floors. All independant but we all got along so there was no problem.
My mother in law always knocked before she came in, ever since the day she came into the kitchen and found me and Gill screwing like rabbits on the kitchen table. We jumped up but as we were bullock naked, she had a good eyeful. Gill told me that a few days after her mother said she was a lucky girl and that meat wasn’t on rationing when I was born. I noticed she looked at me differently afterwards and we got on really well.
I was working one day on some pictures I’d taken for a friend. His latest girlfriend and he wanted them explicit. I was retouching them. All had to be done by hand those days. No digital so very fine brush and a bl ack dye called spotting medium.
“You fancy a cup of coffee, Brian love,” Gill’s grandmother. She was a nice old dear. Seventy-three and slim but with a good figure. You could see the lines on her face but she kept herself in good nick. A mane of silver-grey hair was always well coiffure. Today it was a little untidy and she looked a little red-eyed.
“Sure, Nan,” I said. “You all right?”
She assured me she was and went over to the sink and filled the kettle and switched it on. I watched and she was definitely not all right. I stood up and wen over to her. She pulled the dressing gown around her tighter.
“Come on,” I cajoled. “We can’t have my favourite girl miserable. Tell me what it is.”
She laughed and as she made the tea she told me that it was ten years to the day since her Harry had died. They had been married for over fifty year and had three c***dren. Gill’s mum was the youngest.
I finished off making the coffee and took it to the table and then sat her down. I went to the cupboard for some biscuits and when I returned she was looking at the pictures, wide eyed.
“They never had pictures like this in my day,” she said selecting another one. “A girl would rather die than pose like this.”
“You reckon?” I said as I placed the biscuits before her. She took one but her eyes were looking for the next photo.
I went over to my book rack and selected a German book. I opened it to a page and placed it in front of her.
“These are Victorian pictures,” said. “Nothing new under the sun. She was amazed. It was a rare book. Well, rare in England. Our censorship laws meant that ‘art’ book had to be sold in plain brown wrapper from seedy shops in Soho. I must admit I’d been a little naughty. I had shown her a picture of a couple of girls in a very explicit scene to see how she reacted. I had imagined she would drop the book. But no, she actually started to turn the pages and there were some very explicit old photos in there.
“bl**dy hell,” she said. “I never knew this sort of thing existed. I don’t think Harry did either. If he did, it never did anything for him.”
I was a bit surprised that she’d actually said that.
“Was he not into it then?”
She looked at me as though she was debating something in her mind. She looked down at the book again then back at me.
“He gave up sex after Annie was born,” she said softly. “That was over forty years ago..
“So what did you do then?” I asked.
“What do you mean?”
“Well, for – sex?”
“What could I do? Nothing. He just went off it so I had to lump it. And you didn’t go out and find someone else then”
“But didn’t you even sort yourself out?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, I mean – Masterbation?”
“No! That’s for men!”
“Is it hell,” I said and took the book and found a page showing a girl with a large dildo.
She was engrossed.
“And Harry’s been dead now for ten years,” I said. “Isn’t it about time you let another man have the pleasure of your body.”
“Have you seen the men old enough to want me? Fat old sods for the most part and haven’t used it for years. Same as Harry. And look at me. Who wants a wrinkly?”
“Hey,” I said moving in behind her. “You’ve still got a lot going for you. Great tits,”
As I said it I reached down over her shoulders and grabbed one in each hand. I was surprised at how firm they were for a woman of her age. I had expected her to knock my hand away but she didn’t and I had a good grope.
“Well?” she said. “Had a good feel?”
“If you’re giving me a choice,” I said. “Then not yet!”
She laughed and slapped myhand but didn’t try to remove them. Instead she rested her head back against me and let me massage them for her.
“It’s been bl**dy lonely here,” she said. “What with Annie out all day at work and your Gill out. I was rattling around in here all by myself. It’s good to have someone else in the house.”
“Especially when he’s kneading your tits?”
Once again the laugh. “No-one’s needed them for years,” she said rather wistfully. “It’s nice to feel them held so gently.”
I slid one hand under her dressing gown and inside the nightdress. Her tits were firm and felt good but she placed a hand up to stop me massaging.
“Come on, Brian,” she said. “You’re my grand-daughter’s husband. What would Gill say?”
“Will Gill know?”
She turned her head to look at me.
“I don’t know if I could face her,” she almost whispered. I moved round in front of her and knelt before her.
“She won’t ever know from me,” I said looking into her dark, hazel eyes that had lost none of their allure and now had a sparkle. “And if it helps you, she’s fucking her way to the top at work.”
“She is?”
I nodded.
“How do you think sshe got her promotion so quickly. Her boss was very, very grateful.”
I eased the dressing gown off her shoulders and down her harms. Then the straps on a rather fetching and lacy night-dress. Her tits were beautiful. Firm. Not saggy as I’d expected and her aureolae were a delicate pink with neat, hard nipples. It was totally silent as I moved my face towards them and took her left tit in my mouth.
“Oh, Fuck!” she said and immediately followed that with. “Sorry, Brian. I didn’t mean to say that. It just slipped out.”
I looked up at her worried face and grinned.
“I like you saying that,” I said. “I find it very exciting.”
“But I’m a lady........”
“Yes and I love to hear ladies using the filthiest of language. So go ahead.” I returned to my sucking.
“Things have really changed,” she whispered and cuddled my head to her. “My Harry would have gone berserk. Oh, Yes that is so nice.”
With my left hand free, I began to move it up between her legs and it was nearly at the top of her thigh.
“No!” she said suddenly standing up and pulling her clothes back up. “We can’t. We mustn’e!”
“Are you saying you didn’t like that?” I asked standing and looking at her.
“That’s the trouble, Brian. I like it too much and it’s not right. You’re Gill’s husband and I’m a seventy-three year old Grannie who hoped....”
“Hoped what?” I asked noting the sudden stop. “Come on, Gran. What was it you hoped?”
The blush went right down to her upper chest and I wondered it it went all over her chest.
“If you must know,” she said defiantly. “I hoped you would be undressed and I’d catch a glimpse of you naked. There! Satisfied?” I’m just a silly old woman who let her imagin......”
My lips locked on hers to stop her talking and my tongue teased between them. She resisted at first bu then let herself go and her tongue wrestled with mine and her arms went round my neck. From me doing the kissing it had changed and she hungrily tried to eat my lips.
We must have been kissing like that for at least five minutes before we pulled apart and looked into each others’ eyes.
“No-one has ever kissed me like that,” she said. Taking her right hand I guided it down between us.
“Well you can feel that I enjoyed it,” I said with a grin placing her hand on my hard erection. Her eyes opened wide.
“Fucking hell!” she said, this time she didn’t apologise for the expletive. “Bet that makes Gill’s eyes water.”
“Thanks for the compliment,” I laughed. “It’s not that big. Here, Have a good feel.”
Unzipping my flies I guided her hand inside and into the waistband of my very brief pants. Gill always liked me to wear a size too small to show it off to its maximum. Her fingers groped around it and gripped it firmly.
“It feels a bl**dy sight bigger than Harry’s was.”
“You could get it out and have a good look. Just to be sure.”
She giggled like a schoolgirl holding her first cock and her hand wrestled it out of my trousers. I winced a bit as she bent it against its will through my flies, but it was out and she was looking down at it. I had to admit, he’s put on a good show for the old girl I think I’d only seen him that hard when I’d popped Gill’s cherry as a fifteen year old schoolgirl.
I began to ease her dressing-gown and nightdress up but she stopped me.
“Come on,” I said softly. “Fair’s fair. You’ve seen mine now it’s time for me to see yours.”
She dropped her hands and stood rather like a naughty c***d caught pinching sweets. I went down on my knees and slowly raised her clothes. I was thrilled. Her skin was smooth and unblemished. Very pale for lack of sunbathing, and blue veins showed through. She only had one wrinkle that I could see. The big wrinkle between her legs and it was as bald as a baby’s. I placed my hand on her mons and felt the intake of breath but her legs were firmly together. With my thumb I gently massaged the little inverted ‘V’ and heard her soft sighing moan.
“You shave,” I said.
“No,” she replied, a little huskily. “No, It lost its hair when Harry died and it’s never grown back. Looks like a plucked chicken.”
“It looks like a young girls,” I corrected and tried to ease my thumb between her legs.
“Please, Brian,” she said. “We shouldn’t.....”
“Sssshhhh”” I said as I put my face to her groin and let my tongue explore the soft groove.
“Oh, my God! What are you doing?” she almost cried and tried to pull back. I held her buttocks and she squirmed as I probed the small part of her pussy that was available. Fianlly she pulled away.
“Didn’t Harry ever give cunnilingus?” I asked.
“Cunni, what?” she said straightening her clothes.
“Cunnilingus. Didn’t he ever lick your cunt?”
“My -, My -......”
“Cunt, Gran. It’s your cunt!”
“He never did anything like that,” she said, almost shocked. “And he never called it that.”
“Well from now on, you will call it that.” I said and pushed her back so her bum rested against the table.
“I can’t,” she gasped.
“You can,” said as I kissed her neck from her ear-lobe down to her shoulder and back. “You can, my sexy lady.”
“No, Really I can’t – I really, really.....Ooooohhhh!”
As I was kissing her my hand went back under her clothes and she just wasn’t quick enough to close her legs and my fingers were in her cunt and stroking it, one penetrating her hole.
“Tell me you want me to stroke your lovely, sexy, soft, cunt. Tell me.”
“Oh fucking hell!” she said. “Fucking, fucking hell – Yes! I want you to finger it.”
“Finger what?”
“Finger my – cunt! You bastard. There I’ve said it. I want you to finger my CUNT!”
“Good girl,” I said softly. “Now you will always call it that for me.” I said softly and knelt on the floor, easing her clothes fully up and parting her legs.
“What are you....Oh my God! Oh no, You can’t lick me there Ohhhhh! Fuck what is that.... Oh Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooooohhhhhhaaaahhhhh!”
Her hips bucked and writhed and I had a very hard time trying to keep her on my tongue. Juice was flowing from her very wet slit and I was swallowing as fast as I could but could still feel it dripping down my chin. She was almost crying and then she screamed and a flood came. She gushed into my open mouth and her hands were at the back of my head. It felt like she was trying to f***e me into her hole. I was snatching breaths of air as I could but loving the feeling of her cunt over my face and her cum flooding my mouth.
Then it was subsiding and she lay back and released the pressure on my head. I stood up and kissed her firmly on the lips and she hungrily ate my face, savouring all her juices. Finally we separated and she lay panting on the table like a cheap whore, her clothes up, her hair all over the place and her legs wide.
“I thought I was having a heart attack,” she panted. I laughed.
“You had an orgasm,” I said. “That’s all.”
“All? I’ve never had anything like that in my life before,” she said and looked at me. “My God, you’re covered. Did I piss myself. It felt like I did.”
“No,” I assured her. “You just squirted. You should be proud. Not many girls can do that.”
“I’m shaking all over.”
“Well we can’t have that now, can we,” I said scoping her up in my arms. She was quite light and her orgasm had made her very compliant. I carried her to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. She watched as I stood and unbuttoned my shirt, unfastened my trousers and let them fall to the floor and wriggled out of my tight underpants. I climbed onto the bed and eased her dressing gown off her and slipped the nightdress over her head. She looked like a frightened schoolgirl waiting her first time.
Pulling her legs apart I gazed down at the cunt I’d been slurping juice from moments before. She made no effort to cover herself in her post-orgasmic state and I moved between her legs and guided my cock head to her wet gash.
“Brian, love,” she almost whispered. “This is Gill’s bed. Gill’s and yours.”
“Yes,” I said as I ran my cock head up and down the wet slit, feeling her hard clit on it at one end, and her deep well at the other end. “And I’m going to fantasize about this when I next fuck her.”
Our lips met and she was passionately kissing me, her tongue working inside my mouth like a snake. Then a sudden moan of pleasure as I thrust hard into her. She was tight. Very tight. Despite all her cum lubricating my cock, she was like a virgin and I’d never have guessed that three babies had come out of this hole.
“You’re like a virgin,” I said. Your cunt is beautiful and tight.”
“It hasn’t been used for over thirty years,” She said.
“Well it’s going to get well used now,” I said looking down at her.
“Yes! I’m going to fuck you all over the house and every day,” I replied as I thrust into her hard.
“Oh, Yes, Brian. Yes, yes, yes. Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt til I scream again. I want it to fucking throb.”
I rammed my cock into her, all the while telling her that she was now my little fucking whore and she laughed as another orgasm built in her belly.
“Fuck me! Fuck me Brian.” She was almost crying and her hips thrust back at me. “Fuck me like a whore and fill my cunt up with you cum. I want to .......OoooohhhhhhhhYES! YES! YES! YES!”
She came at the same time I did. I watched her eyes roll back in her head and a silent scream came from her mouth and she was cumming all over my cock and balls and I was shooting spunk deep inside her belly. More spunk than I’ve ever shot before.
Finally we fell back and lay side by side, panting and laughing.
“Is that what fucking is?” she asked the rhetorical question. “No wonder they make such a fuss about it.”
“Have you never...”
“No!” she said sharply. Then softer. “No, I never have. And, Brian, my sexy lover, neither must we again.”
“Oh I’m sorry Annie,” I said, feeling that calling her Gran after what had just happened was wrong. “But we won’t stop now. I’m not going to let you go now.”
“No,” I said and turned and cuddled her to me. “I’m going to fuck you again and again.”
“When?” she asked after a long pause.
“When are you going to fuck me again?”
I placed a kiss on her silver-grey hair.
“About half an hour,” I said. She laughed.
Then I can get forty winks,” she giggled. “Wake me up when he’s nice and hard again.”
It was a hell of a day and a hell of a three years we had before Gill and I had to move abroad for work. Annie died while we were abroad. In the years we had together, she was the sexiest woman I have ever met. After her first reluctance, she turned into a really dirty whore and would do anything that we enjoyed. Ask me nicely and I might just tell you some of the fun things we did.
Neither Gill nor her mother, Anne ever found out about our relationship. A few of Annie’s friends knew. But they were discrete. They didn’t want their husbands to know what they did of an afternoon, after all.

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A lovely tale, soo erotic.
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great story, i was wanking as i read and the phone rang, it was my 75 yr old mother, couldn't help but cum as she spoke to me, thank you
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