G & T

HI! I’m Tina. I’m 50 years of age and I have been fucking for 38 of those years but having sex for forty years. Does that give you a clue? Let me explain it all to you. I’ve told the story using diary notes my lover made and recounting my own memories of the events.

My father worked in the oil industry and was posted overseas for a few years but he wanted me to continue to be schooled in the UK so it was arranged that I would stay with my Uncle Gordon and Aunt Anne. I first knew Gordon when he married my mum’s s****r Anne. I was five and fell in love with him immediately. k**’s love of course. I would stay at their place any opportunity I got and would cuddle Gordon all the time. We were inseparable and I wanted it that way and I loved it that way. We laughed all the time and I know he loved having me as his niece. I just wished I could be his wife. Jesus he was only 15 years older than me! But he was always a gentleman and although we wrestled and played ‘Touch’ or ‘It’ as it was called, the touching was only ever on the shoulder or arm.

It’s quite wrong what they say about c***dren not knowing about sex. In my school everyone knew the difference between boys and girls and loved to try to see that difference. I always wondered what Gordon’s ‘difference’ was like compared to the boys who were ony too eager to show me theirs.

I loved going into Gordon and Anne’s bedroom when I stayed. They slept with nothing on and I always wondered why. I had always had to wear a nightdress and to see them naked , from the waist up of course, was a revelation and I began slipping my nightdress off when I went to bed and sl**ping in the nude. I felt terribly daring and wicked. Funnily enough I never got caught or, if my mother noticed, she said nothing. She and Dad always wore clothes in bed. I never understood why mum did until I grew up. They were transparent and you could see her body through them.

Anyway, Back to Gordon. He would read me a bedtime story and I would demand he went on for ages because he had a fantastic voice and would play every role. Also I noticed how his eyes would stray to my legs and if I sat correctly, my nightdress would be over my knees and he could see between my legs. And that made me feel all sort of warm inside.

* * *

My name is Gordon. I don’t know if I should be writing this down but I feel I have to. I have been having an affair for nearly forty years now with my niece. She was and always has been, a beautiful girl and full of life and love. But let me begin at the beginning.

I met Anne, my wife, at a concert. We hit it off immediately and after a few dates I knew I wanted to marry her. We were both 20 years old at the time. I remember going to her parents’ house and being ‘vetted’ by her mother, a Matriarch of the old school. Her father was a quiet man and her s****r, Ellen, was already married to Dave. They were all there and so was Tina, Ellen and Dave’s daughter. She was a stunning girl and laughed a lot. We really hit it off and I think it was that which really made the difference.

Anne and I were married a few months later and Tina was bridesmaid and soon she was staying with us at weekends and we were almost surrogate parents. I would read to her for hours. She loved my reading and I would act out the stories.

Anne was concerned that I was being taken advantage of by her but I loved the role plaay and, to be honest, I loved the way she sat there and listened with her arms around her knees giving me a free view of her little pussy.

Nothing ever happened. I mad sure of that. She never noticed anyway.

Dave worked in the oil business and was often sent abroad and Tina would stay with us for weekends to give her mother a break and she would always run into our bedroom and jump on us in bed and wrestle me. Anne would just laugh and get up and go make breakfast and we would laugh and romp.

To be honest I never knew when it happened but I one day noticed that she was sitting astride me and her nightdress was up around her hips and I was liking the feeling of her little cunt on my belly.

I felt dirty thinking that way but it was nice and I honestly didn’t want to attract attention to it by stopping her. And I didn’t want to stop her anyway!

* * *

I used to stay with them weekends and I loved to run into their bedroom of a Sunday morning and pounce on them. A couple of times I caught them fucking and he had to roll off her quickly as I came in. But they never lost their temper with me. I know when my k**s come in and stop me getting shagged by my husband I’m fucking tetchy all day but Anne and Gordon never were and I know they used to find a quiet time to finish what they had started.

I would jump on Gordon particularly and straddle him and ride him like a pony. I know it excited him and I made bl**dy sure my nightdress was well up so that I could feel his hairy belly against my little pussy. And I loved the feelings it gave me.

They’d been married about five years when Dad was posted abroad and he wanted mum to go with him. I was happy to stay with Gordon and Anne and only go see my parents in school holidays. It meant I could be close to Gordon and I loved that.

One Sunday, I dashed into their room and jumped on him and we began to srestle as usual. Anee told me to be careful and not nurt him as she wanted him to look after me while she went out with her mother for the evening. She then went off to make breakfast and I was left to subdue Gordon. We were laughing and, as usual, my k
Nighdress ‘accidentally’ rose up. I was easing back and back and suddenly felt it hard between my legs. He wriggled and tried to move me aside but I knew I was on him and eased even further back. I could feel his hard cock between my legs and the boys at school had told me that it needs to be hard to go into my cunt. It was hard and I wanted it in there.

As we struggled, I could feel it ease between my bald little cunt lips and I guessed, by the occasional shudder, that he was enjoying it too.

Then Anne walked in and told us breakfast was served. I got off him and went out and he rose after I left the room. He was always careful never to let me see him naked down there.

But now I’d felt it and I wanted it!

* * *

I had to be really careful when she came in of a morning. A couple of times she’d nearly caught me filling Anne for the day and we used to laugh about it later about the way she had to get out of bed and scoot to the bathroom before a nasty sticky mess dribbled out for Tina to see. But the girl never noticed and was soon wrestling me in our play fight. Mind you, I had to be really careful that there was no residue on my prick because occasionally she would sit on it.

I guess it’s bad but I used to love it when her nightdress rode up and she wriggled around on my chest and belly. I always loved it when she slid back and one day, the tip of my knob touched her bare buttocks. She has a lovely bum and as she wriggled, the cheeks parted and it felt really good. I just hoped she hadn’t noticed. Nothing was said and the incident passed.

Slowly, over the weeks, the wriggling got lower and lower and I wondered occasionally if she was doing it or me but it felt good and sometimes her whole pussy was astride my rigid cock as we laughed and wrestled. I let it go for a while before pushing her off and, making sure the bedclothes were concealing any hard-on, chatted and laughed with her.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Anne had scooted out of bed saying she was going to leave it to Tina to get me up and Tina pounced on me as usual. We were struggling and she had slid down onto my cock and was really wriggling. I could feel her small cunt lips parting around my knob’s most sensitive area and it felt really good. But too good. I felt it coming and couldn’t stop and, instead of pulling her towards me and letting the sheets take the load, I pushed her back onto my thighs and she had a good look at my cock shooting it’s thick, creamy cum over my belly. I was shocked. I immediately pushed her off and got tissues and began cleaning up, apologising to her as I did so.

She was silent and as I looked, her eyes were wide and she was staring at my rapidly shrinking tackle.

She was as good as gold and just listened as I told her what had happened. Then she told me she’d heard of it from the boys at school so she knew what it was.

After a while I rose and put on my dressing gown. And we went down for breakfast. I didn’t ask her to say nothing but she didn’t mention it at all.

* * *

Oh God, I remember that day. I thought all my wishes had come true. We were laughing and joking and Anne got up and told me to sort him out. I jumped on him and was soon rubbing my little pussy against his hairy chest. I loved the feel of it and the feelings it gave me as I squirmed on him. Then sliding down his body as he tickled and teased me. His hard knob easing it’s way between my buttocks and onto my very sensitive pussy. Then heaven! The lips parted and I felt it between them and I was tingling. I just needed to rub it back and forth.

Then he grabbed my waist and pushed me right back onto his legs.

And there it was, his long cock laying on his belly and, as I watched, it jerked and a spurt of white, creamy spunk went up just past his belly-button. Another followed and another and he was grunting.

Darren, at school, had told me that men shoot what he called spunk and that they shoot it up into the girl. Now I was seeing it and it looked fantastic. I couldn’t speak. I remember going to touch it but he was holding my arms too tight and I saying over and over how sorry he was. I was in heaven. It was not only the first time I’d got a really good look at his cock, But I was watching it shoot. It was lovely. I knew I had to see more and more of this.

He had used tissues to clean himself up and I wanted to do it for him but he climbed out of bed and put on his dressing gown and we went down to breakfast.. I held his hand tightly to show him I wanted more and at the bottom of the stairs he lifted me up under one arm like a roll of carpet and carried me through into the kitchen. We were laughing and I was very happy.. We had a good day and I took as many opportunities as I could to push myself against him. I still had tingling feelings and didn’t know what the hell to do to relieve them. I felt that in his trousers lay the answer to my problem.

Anne was out with her mother for the evening and Gordon was ‘baby’ sitting me.

She left at about four and we were playing cards. It was a little while but I finally plucked up the courage to ask him what had happened this morning. He was embarrassed I could see but he explained to me what happens when a man’s cock is rubbed and that the stuff usually goes up into a woman and that’s where babies come from. I knew it in theory but this was the first time I’d seen it. Once again he said he was sorry and that it wouldn’t happen again. That was my chance. I asked him if he would show me again.

Of course he said that he wouldn’t but I can be very persuasive and after a lot of pleading and cajoling, he sat back and lowered the zip on his trousers. He fished inside and with a struggle pulled out his huge hard cock. He explained all about the foreskin and the fraenulum and balls and erections and all the while he was stroking it and I was enthralled as the he pink knob eased into view and back.

After a while I asked if I could do it. He looked nervous but finally nodded and I reached out and grasped it. I guess he liked it because he let out a sigh and seemed to relax as I pumped it up and down. I looked up and his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily so I guessed I was doing it right. Then his hips were moving along with my rubbing and I just knew that it was going to happen.

When it did he cried out and great gouts of spunk shot out. Three shots then the final dribble over my hand. His eyes came open wide and he saw what he’d done. My skirt acted like a bowl and caught all his spunk and I was gently squeezing his foreskin to release the last drops over my hand. It felt lovely.

“Oh, Fuck!” he said and I giggled. “Take your skirt of Tina. I’ve got to wash that out.”

I unzipped it at the waist and wriggled out of it, not spilling a drop. I looked at his cock. It was still peeping out of his trousers but had gone down.

Gordon carried the skirt carefully to the kitchen and rinsed the spunk from it and used some washing powder to clean it out. I stood next to him in my blouse and knickers. As he washed it, I reached up and into his trousers. He tried to twist away but he was to engrossed in the washing and I soon had the soft cock in my hand and was feeling the stickiness of the tip.

He told me I was a very dirty girl and the way he said it I knew he liked it and I could feel it hardening up again.

“Is that what wanking is?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “That is exactly what wanking is. I’m surprised you know about it.”

I explained that a boy at school let me hold his little cock and told me about wanking although he couldn’t do it. As he wrung out my skirt and took it to the cupboard to dry, I told him that boys were lucky to have one to wank. He told me that girls can do it too and I asked how. He looked at me.

“Well,” he said. “Since we’ve come this far…”

* * *

I was bl**dy terrified all day that she’d say something but she didn’t and Anne was due out with her mother later. When she left Tina and I were playing poker. Five card draw! I love the game and taught her. We played with Monopoly money and she was good. I kissed Anne goodbye and she told Tina to look after me. A grin spread across her face. She was looking forward to waiting on me hand and foot and I liked the attention.

Don’t remember how long it was after Anne left that Tina brought up what had happened that morning. I tried to pass it off but she was insistent and I decided to explain all about it. I I gave her the mechanics and the whys and wherefores and she told me about what she did with a boy at school. I must say I was a little shocked though, looking back to my school days I remember doing the same with my girl friend then.

Then she asked if she could see it again. I refused and said we mustn’t but she carried on and on and I finally gave in and let her see it That was the worst thing I could have done because she then wanted to touch and do it for me and when you’re aroused, it’s easy to say yes and I did. I showed her how to hold it and rub it just right and sure enough, after a short while I lost control and shot a load which landed in the bowl her skirt formed between her legs. There she sat grinning and holding my cock, spunk lay like a small pool and dribbled over her hand. And she had a smile a mile wide. I felt very dirty.

I quickly helped her take her skirt off and washed the sticky mess out of it. She was generally chatting about it and, as I hung the skirt to dry in the airing cupboard, she told me that boys were lucky to have a cock to wank. I said it without thinking of the consequences. I told her that girls could wank too. And of course, she wanted to know how.

We went back to the cards after putting her dressing gown on. I explained about her clit and how rubbing it would make her cum and she listened enthralled. Then, as I watched, she spread her legs and eased the gusset of her white knickers to the side and began exploring between her legs asking me if she was doing it right. As we’d gone that far I guessed I might as well show her amd guided her small finger to the right spot. I was surprised how wet she was. She was obviously enjoying it and trying hard to wank.

“Here, Let me,” I said and she lay back and sighed as my finger parted her cunt lips and found the spot. It took only a short while and she cried out as she came. As I slowed she told me not to stop and I just carried on until the whole orgasm had gone.

She lay back panting and with her eyes closed. I sucked my fingers tasting her cum on them. As I was doing it I noticed she had opened her eyes and was looking at me. I explained that it was a lovely taste and that I loved it. Without a word, she placed a finger in her cunt and then to her mouth. She smiled and repeated it. She said she liked it and asked me if I wanted more. I told her that men often liked to lick down there and she spread her legs wide. Not a word had been said and I bent my head silently to her small cunt and lapped at it. Her hands were on my head and she was writhing under me as my tongue opened her up. She was delicious and I explored the hard little nub of her clit and her little hole. She was laughing and cumming as I licked and I felt the cum dribbling out of her and loved it.

* * *

He told me that women could wank and I was hooked. I wanted to knoow just how they did so I could do it.

We picked up my dressing gown from the bedroom and went back to the sofa. He explained all about my cunt (oh he used all the words too) and as he explained, I opened my legs and eased my finger up under my knickers and began feeling the spots he described. I had my legs wide so he could see what I was doing and I know he was loving the view.

The feelings were gorgeous but I was restricted. It was an instant and I had my knickers down round my ankles. My little cunt was now wide and I had easy access to it and was loving every moment.

I asked if I was doing it right and he said I was but needed my finger higher. He moved next to me and I removed my hand and felt his finger on the spot. I nearly fainted with the pleasure and then I was cumming. From the fingertip he switched to the full length along my slit and rubbed gently. I could feel it on my clit and at my hole.

I was bucking and threshing. When I opened my eyes, his face was close to mine and I stared in his eyes then a new wave of orgasm took me and I cried out. When I looked back, he was smiling and I think he asked if I liked it. I gasped. I couldn’t speak the thrill was so intense. Then he kissed me. Not the little peck on the cheek we usually had. It was a full on lips job and I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. I was hot and shaking with the thrill of the orgasm.

He stopped and I rested. I was panting and had my eyes closed feeling the pleasure run through my body. As I opened my eyes I saw him bring his finger to his lips and suck the glistening juice from it. He saw me watching and told me that it was delicious. I tentatively eased my finger between my tender cunt lips and then tasted it too. It was good. He explained about cunnilings and asked if I’d mind him doing it. I shook my head and spread my legs. I wanted everything this man could give me.

I was fascinated as he bent forward and then I felt his tongue on my bald cunt lips. I moaned and writhed trying to get it in between them where it was so sensitive but he knew exactly what to do and played me like a musical instrument and I gave beautiful music.

When he judged I was ready, he knelt on the floor and pulled me round to the edge of the sofa, putting my legs over his shoulders and burying his face in between them. His tongue was probing every part of my cunt and up into me as far as it would go. I was cumming over and over. I felt so wet I didn’t know if I’d cum or pissed myself. I didn’t care as long as the feeling lasted. When we spoke later he told me he didn’t care either.

Finally I was exhausted and he lifted me in his arms and carried me to my bed. There he stripped me naked and I loved being like that with him. He lay me on the bed and I instinctively spread my legs. But he merely kissed me again, once more the full lip and tongue job, and said we would speak the following day and that I should sl**p.

“Fuck me!” I said to him. He smiled and said he wouldn’t do that. He told me that he wanted me to think long and hard about us fucking as there was no going back and that, in the future, I might meet someone I really wanted to give my virginity to. He said he wanted to be absolutely sure before we took that step. I asked if we could do this again and he smiled and said now we’d done it once he was sure we would be doing it regularly. I grinned and felt my eyes heavy. He lay beside me and put his arms around me and I woke with the sun shining through the window and Anne calling me for breakfast. I didn’t know if it had happened or been a dream until I touched my cunt. It was tender. It HAD happened.

* * *

I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. All I knew was that this delicious young woman wanted me and was performing better than the most seasoned whore. I lapped at her juices which were flowing like a river and she writhed and moaned and seemed to be cumming over and over. Her hands were on my head and she was humping her hips at my face as I tongued her.

I don’t know how long I was licker her but she took it all and seemed insatiable. Finally she was just moaning and I could tell she was exhausted. I came up and kissed her and she was almost eating my face off. I gently lifted her in my arms and carried her to her bed and gently lay her, naked, onto it. I covered her with the bedclothes and she took my hand and asked me to fuck her. I was sorely tempted but I knew that if I fucked her there and then, she may regret it later. I told her I wouldn’t until she had thought long and hard and I felt she was still a little too young to make that decision. I told her we’d talk in the morning and she smiled and I held her naked body to me as she drifted to sl**p. I slid from the bed and went to my own bed and wanked I was just about to cum when Anne came in and caught me and asked what it was all about. I told her I was just feeling randy and needed to relieve it. She was out of her clothes in seconds and sitting on my cock. She was hot and was talking about Tina and saying that she thought I was wanking over her. I denied it and she laughed and told me that she knew I did. I admitted that I fantasized about it and she asked if I’d seen her cunt. I told her about how she sat when I read her stories and then Anne said something that astounded me. She told me that she’d often seen Tina naked and would love to get her tongue into her.

When we were next alone together I asked Tina what she thought about seeing Anne naked and whether it embarrassed her. She grinned and said it didn’t and that she liked to see her naked. She also said she’d like to see us fucking. I thought for a moment and got out a videotape and put it on. It was one Anne and I had made with my new video camera. A big old thing in those days, noot the neat little ones of now.

Tina was fascinated and watched as Anne stripped and displayed herself in detail for the camera. Then she filmed me and finally, a bit static because I was trying to film at the same time, she watched Anne suck my cock and finally take me inside her cunt and she loved the shot where I closed in on Anne’s cunt with the cum dribbling out of it.

After that she would put the tape on whenever she wanted and I loved watching her wank herself as she watched.

* * *

The next time we were alone, Gordon asked whether I was embarrassed about seeing Anne naked. I laughed and said I rather enjoyed it. In fact I was fascinated and wondered what it would be like to touch her cunt and maybe lick her like he licked me. I was wondering if she got really wet and how she came and what it was like when they fucked. I told him this and he looked at me for a few moments and then got out a tape and put it on. I was enthralled. Anne stripping and big close-ups of her cunt and tits. Then it was his turn and finally nice close views of his cock going into her and fucking. Then the last shot. Her cunt, wet and open and the dribble of spunk oozing from it. My knickers were soaked and I told Gordon. He told me to give them to him. I slipped them off and no sooner did he have them than he sucked the gusset. I told him there was a lot more and soon he was licking me out again. I loved it. This was a regular and I had seen later on the tape, Anne sitting on his face and taking his cock in her mouth. The classic sixty-nine and I was soon doing this. And he had no problems with shooting his spunk in there and I had no problems in drinking it.

So we went on and I was soon living with them as my parents had been sent abroad. It was shortly after my birthday that he told me that Anne was pregnant. I told him that I wished it was me and he laughed.

“Be sure!” he said. “Once you lose your virginity it can’t come back and there may be someone special you want to have it rather than me.”

I knew that no matter who I went out with, I wanted Gordon to break me in.

I remember when my cousin Lily was born. Anne was taken in at seven in the evening and I was allowed to go with them and be there at the birth. It was fascinating. Lily popped out at ten past one in the morning and was lovely. Gordon let me hold her too and after a while, we kissed Anne goodnight and as I was about to go, she took my ha nd and whispered in my ear to be good.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll look after him.”

“You know how I mean.” she said with a smile. “He’ll feel randy when he gets home. Take care of him til I’m back in business.”

I kissed her and said I’d be very good.

We went home and he poured us a large scotch each. He’d taught me to love whisky when I turned s*******n and I did love it. We chatted and then without words being spoken, we went up to bed. I don’t know whether Anne had primed him but he didn’t even pause by my bedroom door but went straight to his own bedroom with his arm around my waist. She stripped me in the way he always did and kissed my body all over. As he undressed I lay on the bed watching and with my eyes constantly gazing on his erect cock. As he turned to me, I put my legs up.

“Fancy seeing me in stirrups?” I joked. He climbed on the bed and between my legs. He’d often been like that with me. I felt his knob at my cunt and easing my lips apart. I took his face In my hands.

“I’ve thought,” I said, looking into his eyes. “I’ve thought for ages. I want you to fuck me. I want you to have my virginity I want you spunk inside me from this end now.”

He merely smiled and I felt the pressure on my hymen. I was uncomfortable and then he thrust and a sharp pain. I cried out but it wasn’t for long and then I felt the thrill of his prick right up inside me and he was fucking me.

“Use me like a whore!” I whispered in his ear.

“No!” he said. “Tonight we make love. We are lovers. Plenty of time to be a whore for me later. Not tonight.”

And he fucked me.

The feeling when that load shot into my belly was gorgeous and after a few minutes rest he withdrew and went down on me and began to lick at my full cunt. I asked to suck his cock and he said he needed to clean up as some of my virgin bl**d was on him. I didn’t let him get away with that and took his cock deep in my mouth.

We fucked three times that night and again when we woke.

We went to see Anne at visiting time which was one o’clock. She smiled and we made faces and cooing noises at Lily in her cot. Gordon went off to get another chair and Anne looked at me and took my hand.

“Hope it wasn’t a disappointment,” she said. I actually blushed and smiled. “Still full up are you?”

“How did you know?”

“The same way you knew when he’d fucked me. Pity we’re in here or I’d inspect the damage.”

“Well it is a little sore,” I giggled.

“I could kiss it better,” She said and I felt the familiar dribble in my knickers. “Something to think about?”

“I don’t need to think,” I blurted out. Pity you can’t do it now.”

She stretched out a hand and slid it under my skirt and pulled the gusset of my knickers aside and I felt her finger probe deep into my cunt.

When Gordon returned she told him that when we went home he was to kiss my cunt better as he’d made me sore. He smiled and said he would and I knew that we had emerged into a new relationship. I couldn’t wait.

* * *

I remember the night Anne told me she was pregnant. She had been really horny all day. Now we were laying in bed and she was really hot. Like dripping and she straddled me and I slid in so easily I was surprised. She was in a filthy mood which I loved.

“That lovely cock of your has done it’s business,” she said. “It’s fucked a baby into my belly.”

I was staggered and really thrilled. I rolled her onto her back and told her I’d better make sure by giving her a few more cunt-fulls.

As I pounded into her cunt she whispered into my ear asking whether I wanted a daughter she could turn into a man-pleasing whore when she grew up or a boy I could teach to please girls. It was a really dirty fuck and so were the following ones up until the time when I couldn’t shag her and she had to give oral for me.

The baby came one evening and Tina was allowed to accompany us and watch the birth. It wasn’t bad, as far as births go. Anne called me all the fucking bastards under the sun and explained in great detail what she would do if I brought my prick near her again. I was as consoling as I could be. I apologised to the midwife and doctor who only smiled and said they’d heard it all before.

Tina was fascinated and watched intently as the birth took place. It was amazing and soon we had a perfect daughter. I held her and so did Tina.

It was only a short while before the staff bundled us out saying we should go get some sl**p and let mother and baby sl**p also.

Tina and I went home and I poured us both a large scotch and we chatted for a while. Finally we went up to bed. Both of us knew what would be happening and we made no pretence of going to her bedroom but went straight to ours and I stripped her naked, kissing every part of her young body. She lay on the bed as I stripped and when I looked her legs were up and she was asking me if I would like to see her in stirrups.

I gazed down at her well shaved cunt. It looked delicious and I simply positioned myself between her legs and guided my knob to her wet lips. They parted and I was nudging into her hole. I felt the hymen and looked into her eyes. She smiled and I thrust. She cried out at the stab of pain and then I was all the way inside her and her legs wrapped around my thighs confirming she was not going to let me go until I’d filled her with my spunk.

“I’m on the pill, darling,” she whispered. “Don’t stop. Just fill me up. Make me a woman.”

I didn’t stop but fucked her hard and it was agony trying to stop myself from cumming until she was at the height of her orgasm. As she bucked under me and cried in her pleasure, I let it go and filled her up. I rolled her on top of me and we rested, panting and laughing.

That night we never slept until dawn and we fucked twice more. It was fantastic when we arose in time to go and see Anne and the baby.

Anne was radiant and the baby looked wrinkled and was asl**p. We chatted for hours and Tina watched as Anne fed the baby when it woke but all too soon we were going home. I went to return the chairs leaving Anne and Tina to chat. When I returned I bent to kiss Anne and she whispered in my ear that she knew all about it and that when I got home I should kiss Tina’s hot little cunt because I’d made it sore. She also asked me to give it a kiss from her which surprised me.

I was surprised to say the least but now knew that we had Anne’s blessing and that in the future there would be a new relationship between the three of us.

It was exciting!

* * *

That is where Gordon’s notes ended. We had many years together all of us and it was fascinating and sexually fulfilling. He’s no longer here but Anne and I are still together and Geni, the baby, is now at college. She is aware of our relationship but it’s not for her. She’s happy about it though.
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