Tina and Grace

Tina was, and for that matter still is, my niece. My s****r-in-law’s daughter. She was a stunning girl from an early age and no, I did not take advantage of her at all when she was young and vulnerable but I must admit to having stirrings in the loin when she sat on my lap and wriggled when I tickled her, or when I read her a bedtime story and she would sit, enthralled, listening, her knees pulled up to her chest exposing herself. It was very tempting but I resisted.

I used to tell my wife and it always got her excited as I described the view.

Anyway, back to the present. Tina was living with us for a while. My b*****r and s****r-in-law were abroad where his firm had sent him on a two year contract and they wanted Tina to do her A levels here and perhaps Uni if her grades were good enough.

Grace, my wife, was over at her mothers for the day doing the housework while the old dear was in bed with a virus. I laughingly joked that I’d help her sweat it out. My mother-in-law is dishy for a seventy year old woman! Grace said she’d ask her and see whether she would, after all, she hadn’t had nooky since her husband died. Then she laughed and I knew she was only joking. Pity!

I had been busy with some paperwork and with it finally finished, I went up to take a leak. As I got to the top on the stairs, I saw through the half-closed door of her bedroom, one of Tina’s long legs. I have always walked quietly and so moved over to see whether I could get a view of her now she was older. See how she’d changed. I neared the door and she was laying on the bed, her leg over the edge and I was rewarded with the sight of a gorgeous leg and her beautiful thigh. She always wore very short skirts so I hoped my luck would be in and, if she was dozing, with that leg over the edge of the bed, I must have a good view.

It was a better view than I expected. She wasn’t dozing. She was looking at something and her hand was between her legs and she was massaging herself. I could see now, she was holding a photograph as she massaged the soft, silky material between her legs. She obviously hadn’t heard me. As I stood, feeling my prick trying to burst from my trousers, she placed the photograph down and selected another from a box file she had beside her. It was then I realised that the box file was the one I have all the porn pictures Grace and I have taken over the years, not only of ourselves, but of various friends we have accommodated.

Tina looked at the next photo and let out a low moan as she studied it. By now my hand was massaging the front of my trousers but I didn’t dare to lowered the zip in case she heard. I watched her tongue push out between her lips and moisten them and my mind raced, thinking what it would be like between my lips. Or, better still, around my cock.

Tina was getting more and more worked up and her fingers had probed under the elasticated leg and exposed her pussy, Full lips, completely bald. She was beautiful.

As I watched, she closed her eyes and the picture turned towards me and I saw she was looking at a shot of Grace’s cunt with my cock-head opening it. I remember taking the shot, the camera on a tripod close by.

I was transfixed and when I finally looked away and back to her, she suddenly noticed me and sat up, shocked, trying to cover herself. I walked in and sat beside her.

Terry,” she began. She has never called me Uncle thank heavens. “I thought you were working.”

“I thought you were sl**ping,” I said, picking up the picture and looking at it. “Looks like we were both wrong.”

“I’m so sorry,” she almost stammered.

“Don’t be,” I laughed. “I’m flattered that a beautiful young woman wants to use my old porn pictures to play with herself.”

“You don’t mind?”
“Of course not. It was a pleasure to watch and see….”

She blushed and smiled.

“I’ll put them back.” she said softly but I stopped her.

“You could carry on looking,” I said. “There are some interesting ones in there.”

She looked up into my eyes.

“I know. I have looked at them before.”

That took me by surprise and then a sudden thought hit me. It must have registered in my face.

“Ah!” was all I could think of to say. Tina rummaged for a moment and brought out a picture.

“My mother?”


“Does Grace know?”

“Who do you think took the pictures?” I said. Bob, my b*****r-in-law, was completely unaware of anything but Grace and her s****r, Gina, used to love a bit of dirty pictures and they were both happy to perform for and with me.

Tina smiled and picked up another picture. I figured that I might as well try so I slid my hand along her leg and was soon at the wet crotch of her panties. She stiffened as my fingers brushed across the thin material and I moved my hand back but her hand snapped onto mine and she pushed me back there. I stroked the soft wetness and then she turned onto her side and I lay behind her, My arm around her shoulder and my body tight against hers as we looked in silence at the pictures.

I could feel her breathing deepening and eased my finger under her knickers and felt the bald mons and the wet lips. Tracing my finger down, her hard little clitoris brought and sudden catch of breath and then I was down at the well of her pleasure. And well is a good description. She was flowing with juice and my finger eased into her. Her right hand was now behind her and she was massaging my erection through my trousers as I nuzzled her neck through the long, dark hair. I felt it then and she rested her head back.

“Yes, Terry,” she said. “It’s still there. I’m a virgin.”

“OK,” I said a little unsure. “And….”

“And I don’t expect to be a virgin much longer.”

I kissed her cheek and gently rubbed and she came. A long and deep, hip bucking orgasm. I had no idea where she’d learned the language but she was filthy.

As she came out of it, she was trying to open my trousers.

“Fuck me, Terry!” she said. “Fuck the niceties. Just stick your fucking prick into me and fuck me hard. Fill my cunt up with that lovely spunk.”

“Wait!” I demanded. “I want you naked.”

She was off the bed in a second and stripping. This girl was desperate. I revelled as her skirt slipped down and she had cought her knickers with her thumbs so they were off at the same time. Her bouse was almost ripped off and she wore no bra. Her small, pert little mounds needed no support and her pink aureolas stood slightly proud and small, hard pink nipples jutted out. I stood and unbuttoned my shirt but she was on her knees and unfastening my trousers . She yanked them and my pants down together nearly causing me a serious injury but it bounced up and she had it in her hand, gently pumping it and then bent her face forward and engulfed it. I very nearly came there and then. She was sucking and her teeth were catching on the ridge of the knob with exquisite pain. I held her head and pumped gently and she let me control it.

Suddenly I pulled it out and pulled her to her feet. I put my arms around her and kissed her full on the mouth. I could taste my own precum on her lips and she eagerly ate my mouth in her passion. I scooped her up and was about to put her on the bed when she spoke.

“Not here!”


“On your bed. I want you to fuck me where you fuck Grace and my mum.”

She was light and I carried her easily into the next bedroom where I placed her gently on the bed. We have a super king sized bed and it gives plenty of room for fun.

“It’ll be good to have another member of the f****y cumming on this bed,” I laughed.

“It won’t be the first time for me though,” she said. “You’d be surprised what I do when you and Grace are out.”

That came as a shock to me and she looked impishly at me.

“And Grace’s vibrators are such good fun!”

I pounced on her and rolled her onto her back, spreading her legs wide I buried my face deep into her pussy and licked and probed for all I was worth. She was laughing and moaning and telling me just what she wanted.

Finally she pushed my head away and looked down.

“Fuck me!” she said. Simple and like a little girl. “Come and fuck me. I’ve waited years for it.”

I didn’t need a second bidding. I moved up her body and guided my cock to the very wet cunt. It pushed her lips apart and I eased it into her hole. Our eyes were locked together.

“This may hurt,” I said and she nodded and that sexy tongue moistened her lips again as I pushed in. I felt tight around me and her maiden-head. A pause then a thrust and she cried out, her head going back as the length of my cock went deep into her body. She was pinned to the bed and was now mine. I eased it back and forth letting her get used to it. On the backstroke I could see the bl**d on my prick and it made me very hard indeed. Then I eased my weight down onto her and began those beautiful long strokes as I fucked her. She instinctively curled her legs around mine and her hands squeezed my buttocks with each thrust.

“Oh darling Terry, fuck me!” she whispered in my ear. “I’ve wanted this for so long now fill me up you bastard. “

And then she was cumming. Her hips were writhing against me and she was laughing and crying and begging me not to stop. Demanding I fill her up. That was all the encouragement I needed. I felt it building in my balls and that delicious tingle in my prick. I grunted as I shot my load into her belly. Once, twice, three times my cock jerked and the cum poured out.

Gently I eased it back and forth revelling in the feeling of it and she was kissing me. Hard and passionately, Our tongues wrestling between our mouths. I went to roll off her but she held me in place.

“I must be heavy on you,” I said.
“Just stay there. I love it in me and I love feeling you on top of me. Later I’ll go on top but now I want to feel you there.

We lay for a long while in each others’ arms, kissing and laughing and I could feel the erection going and it begin to slide out. When it did I lifted myself and went down on her. A mixture of her bl**d and my spunk was oozing from her wet and stretched hole and I ate it. I love eating a cunt after it’s been fucked and hers was delicious. Soon she pushed me back and went down on me, licking and sucking it until it was rigid once again and she grinned as I pushed her back onto the bed and eased my cock back into her.

“Again?” she asked.

“Again!” I replied. “This time we can savour it.”

And we did.

Grace wasn’t home til late that evening and, like always, she called me as she was about to leave.

“Hi darling,” she said, her voice crackling on the speakerphone. “I’ll be about twenty minutes.”

“Ok,” I replied and smiled up at Tina who was sitting astride me listening. When she’d hung up we laughed and she dismounted, a trickle of spunk falling onto my belly as she did so.

“Well, UNCLE Terry,” she said. “Better get cleaned up before Auntie Grace catches you fucking me”

“Who says I won’t tell her?”

Tina raised a beautiful eyebrow and smiled. “That would be fun,” she said and went to her room.

Grace arrived home and Tina was in her room. We had a couple of drinks and went to bed. I kissed her and she lay facing me.

“Well?” she inquired. “Did you fuck her?”

I was taken aback. She has always known I wanted to fuck her but this was out of the blue.

“What?” I was all I could think of to say.

“Come on, Terry. You’ve always fancied her and today’s the first time you’ve been alone with her since she was a k** and I know you didn’t do anything then. Did you today?”

I’ve never been able to lie to Grace so I started at the beginning and went through. She laughed out loud when I told her that Tina was straddling me when she called.

“I had a feeling something like that was happening,” she said then throwing the duvet cover back she got up. “I’d better go to her and tell her not to worry.”

I lay there going over and over the day and my niece’s body in my mind and quite lost track of time. When I did come round I had a raging hard-on and two hours had elapsed. I went quietly to Tina’s door and peered round it. In the moonlight I could see my wife on her back, her feet astride and her knees drawn up. She had a hand between her legs and was working her cunt furiously and kneeling astride her face was Tina, She was supporting herself on the bed-head and moaning as she ground her pussy onto Grace’s face.

I silently returned to my bed and began to relieve myself. It was about a quarter of an hour later that Grace returned.

“Lucky we have a very big bed,” she said, snuggling up to me. “Tina’s just having a piss then she’ll be joining us.”
“Should be an interesting night,” I said and kissed my wife, tasting the girl-cum on her lips.

“Night?” she said smiling at me. “I’ve told her that this is all the time she’s with us and we’re going to turn her bedroom into an orgy room.”


“So you’d better get your DIY skills going. It needs to be waterproof and have plenty of toys to keep us amused. Be inventive!”

Tina came in and got into bed the other side of me. And both women cuddled me. I knew how inventive I was going to be and it was going to be a lot of fun!
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3 years ago
Thanks Pictureman, it was definitely a pleasure to read!
3 years ago
well done
3 years ago
Extraordinarily well told HOT story. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
I love this,so natural and fun.
4 years ago
excellent & the continuation
4 years ago
top marks and saved in my favorites.
well done and thanks for posting it.
i hope there is more to come.
4 years ago
Great! - Five stars ... sounds like much more is coming up ;)P
4 years ago
Well written, our friend. We're hot as firecrackers, so this is going to be a short message as I spread my legs for Bill. Here he comes...bye for now.

xoxo, Monica
4 years ago
Very nice story! Definitely got me at attention!