Teaching Tony

“Mum! What’s wanking?”

Jenny had been expecting the question or something like it for a number of years and was only surprised that Tony had turned sixteen before asking it.

“Oh, John,” she said in her mind. “Where the fuck are you now?”

John had died in a car crash some years before and left her to bring their son and daughter up alone. Kelly was a year older than Tony and had been equally reticent about asking for sexual guidance and Jenny had refrained from being first to mention it. Now her son was asking.

“It’s when you - play with your - er - penis and make it feel good.”


“Yes. Isn’t that what you call it?”


“Well what do you…”

“My prick! They guys at school call it a prick.”

“Well, haven’t they explained?” Jenny asked seeing a possible way out.

“No,” the boy said. “They just talk about it but never explain and I don’t want to seem an idiot by not knowing.”

Jenny pulled out a chair and sat next to her son. She swallowed hard and plunged in.

“Tony, you know that your - prick, gets hard sometimes?”


“Well that’s so that it can go into a woman’s vagina…..”

“Is that her cunt?”

“….er - yes,” she said feeling a twinge between her legs. John loved the word and to hear her son use it was, she hated to admit, quite exciting.

“Well, A man puts his - cock - into the girl’s - cunt,” the words were having an unfortunate affect on her but she carried on. “And he pushes it back and forwards until he get’s a lovely feeling and he - er - cums!”


“He pumps his semen into her. That’s how babies are made.”

“Sounds messy.”

“Mmmmm,” she said wistfully and realised when she saw the look in his eye. “It’s very pleasant also. If done right.”

“And that’s masturbation is it?”

“No. That’s a fuck.” The words had slipped out before thinking. She saw the smirk on his face. “Masturbation is when you use your hand instead of a…a….”


“Yes. A cunt!”

There was silence for a few moments. Tony broke it.

“Can you show me?”


“Aw, c’mon mum!” he pleaded. “I don’t know if I’d be doing it right.”

“I can’t,” Jenny said, shocked that he’d asked.




“Tony, I mustn’t.”

“Why not?”

“Because you’re my son. I can’t do anything sexual with you?”

“I guess you did it with Dad.”

“That’s different.”



Once more there was silence before Tony spoke again.

“No-one would know.”


“Go on, mum. Just show me how to do it. Ple-ease.”

Jenny looked at her son and smiled.

“No-one must know! Right?”

The boy nodded and she leaned forward and placed her hand gently on his thigh. Slowly she eased it up to the visible bulge. Slowly she let her fingers drift over the bulge and heard his sigh. He was hard. bl**dy hard and she traced the length of the bulge. It seemed to go on and on and despite herself, she wanted to see this weapon. She looked into his eyes.

“If Kelly finds out about this she‘ll be disgusted.”

Tony nodded and Jenny found her fingers at the zipper of his fly. She lowered it and gently slid her hand inside.

“Oh, my God,! She said.

“What is it?” Tony looked worried. “Is something wrong with it?”

“No! No, not at all it’s just that - well - you’re not my ‘little’ boy any more, are you?”

“Is it too big?”

“NO!” she said a little too forcibly. “No, not at all.”

With trembling fingers she unfastened the waistband of his trousers and eased them down. Tony lifted his hips so they could clear his buttocks. With both hands, Jenny took the waistband of his underpants and eased them down. Her eyes widened as his cock came into view. Ten inches of thick meat with a sparse hair pillow for it to rest on and then an enormous ball sack. They looked full.

She gently grasped the shaft and gently rubbed it up and down, the foreskin revealed a purple head, smooth and silky with a nice hole and a little glob of clear liquid.

“Is this how I masturbate, Mum?”


“I said is this…..”

“Oh! Oh, yes. Yes. You hold it like this and gently…..”

She didn’t finish the sentence but gently pumped at the massive organ. Her husband had been nowhere near this size. She was fascinated and didn’t notice his hand sliding down the back of her skirt. His finger slid between her legs and found the wet lips. He probed.

“Oooooohhh!” she said as she felt the tingle generated by the penetration.

“And is this your cunt, Mum?”

“Ohhhhh, My GOD!” she said feeling sensations she hadn’t felt for years.

Suddenly she was lifted off her knees and twisted onto his lap. She never felt him lift her skirt but her legs were wide and the gusset of her knickers was aside and the huge cock was between her legs and feeling very wet as he pushed back and forth.


“Sssshhh, Mum.”

Jenny shushed and felt his fingers guide the head of his cock into her hole. She was ready for it and needy of a cock in her. It had been so long.

“Tony! Tony, Stop!”

“Sorry, Mum. But I’ve got to fuck you.”

“You can fuck me Tony but not like this.”


“On the table.. Lay me on the table.”

The boy grinned and stood up, reluctantly withdrawing, he turned his mother and perched her buttocks on the table. Gently he pushed her onto her back. Her legs came up around him and he gently pulled her knickers off. He looked at her . Long legs led to a neatly trimmed bush. The lips between the legs had been shaved and he idly wondered why. He would have to ask later. But now…..

“Now, my mother, my lover. I am going to fuck you.”



“Fuck away, son.”

He pushed his huge cock into her tight cunt and began slowly to pump in and out. With every thrust she grunted and he could see her neat 36C bust wobble. His hands slid under the jumper she wore and f***ed her bra off the globes, squeezing and mauling them as he drove into her.

“Oh, Fuck!” she said as she felt a long overdue orgasm building inside her body. “Oh, Fuck! Yes! Fuck me son. Fuck me like a whore and make me…. Oh, Yessss! Oh, fucking hell YES!”

She was screaming as he drove hard into her and then. As if in a different world, she felt him thrust hard and stop Her legs were around his waist and she gripped him and through the orgasm she was having, she felt his cum pump into her body.

Through misty eyes she could see his head thrown back as he emptied the contents of his balls inside her, his mouth wide in a silent scream.

And then they were floating. Floating down to Earth again. They were both panting.

“Tony,” she said softyl. “I’m so sorry. This shouldn’t have…..”

“Stop, Mum” he said. “Are you saying you didn’t like it?”

“No! Good God no. It was wonderful but….”

“But you’re my mum and a son shouldn’t fuck his mother. Right?”


“But I came out of that cunt and it’s only natural that I should like to go back and visit isn’t it?”

“Tony. Stop that!” Jenny warned as she felt him beginning to thrust again. “You’ve only just - Ohhhh….”

The feelings were building again in her lower belly.

“You like that, Mum?

“Tony! Please! Don’t! Stop!”

“I won’t stop,, Mum.”

“I didn’t mean….Ohhhhhh Fuck!”

She was cumming again. Her muscles so taut that she was bouncing on the tale as he dfrove harder and faster into her. The lips of her cunt were bruising and she felt every stab of his huge cock like a slap against them. A painful, deliciously exciting slap. She was cumming and her legs almost drove the air from his body as she gripped him so tightly. Her nails raked his back and suddenly eh was biting his neck. Not playful nibbles but hard Vampire like bites.

Then her lips were against his. Bruising his lips like his body was doing to her between her legs. His tongue in her mouth felt like it was being sucked from him. He flicked it in and out in a sexual parody of what he was doing with his cock to her cunt.

His hands gripped her buttocks on the tabletop and slid between them, A probing digit feeling the puckered little hole and thrusting. Without breaking the kiss, she grunted as she was penetrated there also and he finger fucked her as he felt his second load of spunk begin to pump up his shaft. It exploded inside her again.

And Jenny was screaming. She was having a mighty orgasm and without warning a flood of her juice exploded from her and covered their groins. A look of horror was on her face but she was unable to stop the beautiful feelings of another orgasm. She threw her head back and cried out again and again.

Slowly they returned to earth, a sweating, shaking pair of lust filled people.

“Tony,” she whispered.


“Take your finger out of my arsehole.”

“Do I have to?”

“You should.”

“I’m sure I should. But do I HAVE to?”

Jenny laughed and felt the muscles of both holes tighten around the inserted digits.

“You are so much like your bl**dy father.”

“Tell you what, Mum,” Tony said. “I’ll take it out if you tell me something.”

“And that is?”

“Well, two things really. Why you shave your cunt and why the table.”

Jenny looked him squarely in the eyes. She thought it was pointless being coy after what they had just done - TWICE!

“I shave because that’s the way your father liked it and the table because he was a randy old sod who used to come home and take me on the table, he was so desperate for a fuck. And a further bit of information, it’s where you were conceived.”

“Oh, Wow!”

“Now, sonny boy. Ex digitate!”

“Ah, yes. About that, Mum. I lied!”

“Oh no you don’t,” she said as she felt him begin to thrust again. “You can’t! Not three without coming out.”

“I can.”

“And I’m telling you you can’t. At least, not here.” She wriggled and twisted off him, almost falling to the floor. She grabbed his hand and dragged him after her. He shuffled, hobbled by his trousers and pants round his ankles. He managed to kick them off and she yanked him to her bedroom. She had a super king sized bed and she pushed him back onto it.

“Now it’s my turn,” she said stripping the last of her clothes off. “Time for you to really learn how a woman likes to be fucked.

As he watched, open mouthed, she mounted the bed and swung a leg over him. She was facing away and he saw her beautiful round buttocks lower to his face. The bald cunt parting and showing the wetness of her orgasms and the milky thread of cum leaking from her hole.

“Eat, Son,” she commanded. “You fucked it up there now eat your fill.”

He opened his mouth as the wet lips closed onto him and his tongue savoured the sweet juices leaking from her. He felt her lips on his cock, gently kissing the knob, her tongue in the eye and then the thrill as she engulfed the whole cock into her mouth. He felt it slide in and out her teeth gently scr****g the rim of his knob and her throat engulfing it like a vagina.

“How many times do you thing you can cum?” Jenny asked

“My record is seven,”

“Good! No hole will be left out then.”

She sucked deeply and he grinned.

It was about three in the afternoon when Tony slid from the bed, careful not to wake his sl**ping mother. On tiptoes he crept to his room and took a seat on his own bed. He was tired but exhilarated. She had been insatiable and he revelled in every moment, replaying them in his memory.

The telephone buzzed and he quickly grabbed it.

“Hi, Kelly,” he said to his s****r. “…………..Yes, I did and it was bl**dy fantastic! She turned out to be a complete whore. Eight times. I didn’t think I had it in me……….. She certainly had it in her!………Well, it’s your turn now or I win the bet………..OK. I’ll make sure I’m out by half eight tomorrow morning……………Good luck s*s!”

Gently replacing the phone on the cradle, he tiptoed back to his mother’s room and slid into bed next to her. In her sl**p, she turned and slid an arm over his body and sl**pily spoke.

“Am I a whore?”

“Yes, Mum. MY whore!”

She smiled and nestled her head down into his arms.

It was the following morning. Tony had made an excuse to avoid breakfast and Kelly sat at the table as Jenny made coffee.

“Mu-um,” she said. “What’s lesbianism?”

Jenny looked up and smiled.

“Fun!” she said under her breath then turned and looked at her daughter. “It’s when two women are attracted to each other and want a relationship, Why?”

“Someone mentioned it.” the girl said and brushed her long auburn hair back over her shoulder. “But what can two girls do together?” she asked.

“Well,” Jeny said hesitatingly. They like to do what a man and a woman do together.”

“But how? Neither of them has a cock.”

“You don’t always need a cock to have fun,” Jenny said.

“Tell me how, Mum.”

Jenny moved over to the table carefully thinking about her next words. Silently she thanked the gods of technology who had made hidden transmitters and telephone extensions that made no noise when you listened in to other people on the line.

“You must promise never to tell anyone of this. Not even Tony,” she said pulling her daughter up and pushing her back onto the table. “Because it’s not something a mother and daughter should do.”

“I promise,” the girl said. “I won’t breathe a…….Ohhhhh, God! That feels good, Mum!”

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love it great story:)
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Loved it
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nice story ...well written...
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Great story
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i love this story continue it please
2 years ago
This is a humorous story; if contextually the subject of incestual sex was not so serious this story would even verge on a comedy. Very unique, sneaky methods for her son and daughter to use to entice their mother into an affair with her. Very ingenious! Very devious! Very delicious!
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Brilliant stuff, keep it up, more please!!
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