It was a long while ago. I was seven and so was my girlfriend. We loved to play together and because my parents worked, I would be looked after by her mother, a widow, who had to do work as and when she could. On these days, Val and I would be left to our own devices. It would be frowned on now but then it was just life.

We would be told that on no account were we to leave the house and we were good k**s and did as we were told and would only be left for a couple of hours at most during which time we would play in Val’s bedroom.

We would play mums and dads and as such would need to strip each other and examine the differences between our bodies. So at seven I had a pretty good idea what the sexual organs of the female of the species looked like and, in fact, tasted like.

We would put our things together and laugh because they seemed to fit so well but at that age there was nothing that could be done about it. But my fingers certainly probed her and it was the first cunt I ever kissed.

Alas her f****y had to move away and I found a new friend. He was Tony. A classmate and a soul mate. We enjoyed the same things and laughed at the same things. We were part of a group that would now be regarded as geeks. We were serious about our studies and loved science based stuff and loved to hang out together but Tony and I were special friends. We used to go apart from the group and in the forest, close to where we lived, would explore each other.

It was a short cycle ride to the forest and we would be totally alone and free to explore each other’s bodies. We were eight? Coming up to nie and we would strip each other naked and examine ourselves in great detail.

Both of a similar age and build, we would measure our cocks against each other’s and ensure they were in good alignment with our legs and that our balls were neat and tight.

It was during one of these examinations that I wa kneeling before Tony and leant forward and took his cock in my mouth. It felt good and although it only had a semi erection, I loved the feeling of sucking it. He was fascinated and after I’d finished, he bent forward and took mine in his mouth.

So we spent our time, We would meet up with our friends and have a good time but then cycle off together and have a better time, naked among the bushes.

We were f******n and into swimming. We would go to the local swimming baths and always shared a cubicle to change making sure we studied each other before going into the pool and drying each other - intimately - when we came out.

On one such occasion, Tony asked if I could come. I, being the naïve soul that I am, asked where. He laughed and totally naked, knelt in front of me and began stroking my cock. Nothing unusual there and I lay back against the cubicle wall and enjoyed. He’d never done this before and it was wonderful. My cock went rigid and I felt his fingers pulling my foreskin back and forth as he rubbed me, his eyes focussed on my knob. I’d never been so hard.

After a short while I felt it. A gathering feeling in my balls drifting into my lower abdomen. I gasped and great gouts of white spunk shot out and Hit Tony across the cheeks and shoulders. He gently teased the tip of my cock, squeezing the last drops out of me and I felt like I’d stepped off the edge of the world and was in freefall.

No sooner had I come back down then I wa kneeling before him and rubbing his cock. We are of a similar length but he is a lot thicker than me with a full foreskin and I loved easint it back over his knob. As I rubbed it, I looked up and saw the ecstasy on his face and soon it looked like it turned to pain and he shot his load over me. It hit my face across the nose and cheek then my chest and shoulder and finally dribbled down onto my legs. It felt wonderful.

We laughed and dressed and cycled home and I went straight to my bedroom and wanked again to prove it was not a one-off. It felt divine.

By eleven o’clock that evening I had come three more times.

When I met Tony the following day, we agreed that we should keep it between ourselves and we did and have right up to the present time.

Our group had matured and we would hang out in our ‘dens’ in the forest and have wanking sessions and occasionally would wank another guy or her would wank us but it was always Tony and I who would cycle off together and do our special thing.

The special thing developed from his being left at home alone one time and discovering his father’s stash of Italian porn mags. They showed everything and we decided that if it was good enough for the models on the pix, it was good enough for us and we moved into oral and anal sex.

It was Tony who made the first move, I was laying on his bed looking at the mags when he landed on top of me. That was nothing unusual but this time I could feel hie prick searching for my areshole and soon he found it and pressed. It was a no-go bt he leapt off the bed and disappeared only to return a few moments later. I wa still reading the pictures in the mag when I felt the silky smooth application of grease to my arse. Then he was on me and I felt his knob open my arsehole up. I moaned but it felt gorgeous as he went deeper and deeper into my tunnel and the his balls were banging against mine and he began to slowly fuck me.

“I’m going to shag you my lover,” he whispered into my ear as his prick went in and out of me.

“Yes!” was all I could say and within moments I felt it swell and the warm, sticky fluid pump up inside me. That was it. I was a whore for him and he laughed as he came. The sheer pleasure of shooting his spunk up into me was too much for him and he laughed.

When he had emptied his balls he rolled off and handed me the jar of Vaseline.

“Fuck me now,” he said. “Fuck me and we will be lovers for ever.”

I scooped out a great gout of the grease and worked it into his arse and then pushed my rick into the hole. He moaned and it felt wonderful easing my knob along his tunnel. I whispered into his ear what a dirty little whore he was and within moments I was spurting my spunk up inside him bum.

Now we were lovers and everything else was a variation on that theme and we worked on a lot of variations.

We were now f******n and looking at girls and soon had our own girlfriends.

This was at an age before the pill and girls had been taught from the credle that when with a boy, keep knees together.

Both Tony and I were lucky. I found Sheila and he found Mary. Both girls liked to be felt in the knicker area and Sheila loved to get my cock out and stroke it. She was fascinated when I came and loved to play with the white, sticky liquid.

It took a while. Stroking her through her knickers, then slipping a finger up past the elastic and then removing the knickers. Sheila was a treasure in telling me how to make her cum and I loved doing it.

Soon I was rubbing my cock along her cunt and then gently easing it into her hole. She was nervous but within about a month I had managed to get the whole length inside her.

It was a warm and sunny day in September. We had met up at lunchtime ( we were both in single sex schools and could only meet at lunch ). We walked the quarter mile to the woods and I had her knickers in my pocket and my cock deep inside her. She had cum and I was close. I began to with draw and she placed her hands on my bare arse and looked at me.
“Fuck me” she said. “Fuck me all the way”

I asked if she was sure and she nodded and I let go and filled her sweet cunt with my spunk.

We lay together and held each other and she cried a little. We kissed and I knew this was the woman for me.

The next day, I was picked up from school by a girl called Lyn. She was Sheila’s s****r and had a car which was great. She drove me home but before we got there she stopped and turned to me.

“You’ve fucked my s****r,” she said. Even at f******n I was a gentleman and denied it but she carried on. “She told me.”

I do believe I blushed.

“Are you a fucking idiot?” she said and the venom in her voice was intense. I was shocked and totally dumbstruck. “What if she’s up the spout?”

“I didn’t think…” I began.

“No you little turd. You didn’t think. Let’s hope you haven’t done it for her. She spoke to me last night.”

I sat silent. Let’s face it I didn’t know what to say! Lyn took control. At nineteen she was an adult as far as I was concerned. She looked at me and grinned.

“Dirty little fucker!” she said and reaching into her bag, pulled out a box of condoms and threw them into my lap. “Use your fucking head and use one of these.”

“I thought you’d…”

“She was going to lose it some day and it’s better that it’s to someone she loves. When you run out give me a call and I’ll get some more for you.”

“I…” I stammered. She put her forefinger to my lips.

“Treat her bad and I’ll cut your bollocks off,” she said and that was the end of the conversation. She started the car and dropped me off home and Sheila and I planned for our future while her legs were round me.

All this time, Tony and I were still meeting up and his arse was mine as mine was his. Then the bombshell. His parents were moving to the other end of the country and our sex lives were put on hold. We vowed to meet up when we could and fuck when possible but it was a very long way off.

We still kept in touch by phone and letter and told each other what was happening in our lives. Sheila and I drifted apart and I went to college and met Eileen and she married a local guy who later becam mayor of an East London Consituency.

Eileen was an eye opener for me. She was totally free and introduced me to all sorts of pleasures. One time after a late party, walking back to our flat, she sat me on a bench about a hundred yards from home and straddled me. She never wore underwear and her flaired skirt was up around her waist. As we kissed, I felt a warm glow across my lap. I looked up at her and she smiled.

“Enjoy,” she said. She had pissed on me. And I enjoyed!

We took that all the way and she loved being pissed on and in and I loved it too. I have found many girls love the feeling of hot liquid flooding them.

Eileen and I would indulge our little fetish whenever and wherever we could. She would often go out in a trench coat and high-heeled shoes. Nothing else. She loved to be daring and many’s the time I would guide her to a quiet spot and open her coat and fuck her standing there. We loved the danger.

Tony would make an appearance about once every six months and we would go off somewhere quiet and strip each other and fuck. I loved to feel him shooting his hot spunk into me whether it was mouth or arse.

We are now in our sixties. Women have sum and gone. I have been married for over forty years and so has Tony but we still meet up once or twice a year and his cock still sends shivers through my arsehole.
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Nice story man
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Much the same scenario here
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great story
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great story , lucky you to of had such a close friend growing up and marry a women who was openminded . and loved the water sports , look forward to some more " Wet " stories