f****y Ties 2

“You have a hidden camera in your k**s’ bedroom?” Della said, sitting up on the bed.

“Sorry, Have we shocked you?” Carrie asked. She worried a lot about what her mother thought of her but the evening we’d just had should have gotten rid of any worries.

“Shocked?” Della said almost licking her lips. “No I’m not shocked. I’m bl**dy horny. Let’s have a look at the pair of them!”


“Daughter!” Della grinned. I slid off the bed and opened the drawer of our dressing table. I had made a false bottom in a few drawers and cupboards just in case the k**s were curious and started looking around. This one housed an extensive CD collection. Della joined me and picked up a few looki ng at the labels.

“They are…” I said.

“I can see what they are,” she replied. “You must have every room in the house bugged.”

“Yes.” was all I could say. I selected one cd and placed it in the player and switched on. Della returned to the bed and I put my arms about both of them as the TV came to life.

They were there, My son Will and my daughter Debbie. She was laying face down on his bed her chin in her hands as she watched the TV. She was dressed in a pink blouse and had a very short grey skirt on, Her legs were bent up at the knees and her ankles crossed. She had knee length socks on. She looked like a schoolgirl despite being nineteen.

On the screen a couple were banging away in the typical American style. The sound was of a girl faking an orgasm and a guy faking grunting noises as he plunged in and out of her.

“Why are they always the same?” we hears Debbie ask. Will came into view and sat beside his s****r. He was wearing a white t-shirt and shorts. He passed her a bottle of beer and they clinked them together before drinking. Eventually he spoke.

“I don’t know. Perhaps it gets yanks horny?”

“Does it get you horny, b*****r dear?”

“She does,” Will said with a laugh.

“Oh come on! She’s plastic! You’d get better sex from a coke bottle.”

“And how would you know how good a Coke bottle is?” Will asked.

“Well when you’ve d***k it you have to do something with it. Don’t you?” she replied and poked her tongue out. Will grinned.

“Does that go for beer bottles too,” He asked waving his half empty one under her nose. Debbie rolled on her back and parted her legs.

“Why don’t you see,” she said and hitched the short skirt up. She wore no underwear and had a perfectly smooth mound. Her neat cunt lips glistened quickly as the light caught them then Will had his hand there and parted the. Debbie gave a quick gasp at his touch.

“Close your eyes my lovely s****r,” he said and she did so with that expectant look women get when they know their body is going to be invaded. Will place his thumb over the top of the bottle and shook it gently then placed it between her cunt lips. He quickly found the hole and, removing his thumb, pushed the neck of the bottle into her.

“Fuck!” Debbie said, her eyes widening as the rush of the foamy beer hit deep inside her body. “Oh, Fuck, Will! That is gorgeous. You going to drink it?”

“Oh yes,” said my son as he stood leaving the bottle pushed firmly between my daughter’s legs. He removed his t-shirt and released the waistband on his shorts as Debbie watched, gently fucking herself with the bottle. I felt Della’s breathing increase as he began to lower the shorts and there was a slight gasp from her as his prick bounced up from the garment and jutted out in front of him.

“Oh what a lovely big boy,” she said. “And what a lucky girl to be getting it. I hope she can take it all.”

“Oh she can,” my wife said in a breathy voice. Della looked over and saw her daughter gently rubbing herself. I looked at my mother-in-law and grinned and she reached over me and placed her hand between her daughter’s legs and began to stroke. Carrie leaned back and sighed.

“Thank’s mum,” she said.

On the screen, Will had turned into a 69 position and was licking his s****r’s cunt as she gripped his erect cock and began to lick and suck it.

“Wow she’s a little whore,” Della said. “I would love to have her on this bed at the moment.”

“What about Will?” I asked.

“Oh him too but she is delicious.”

Carrie began to climb on top of me and I got ready to slide my cock into her again but I was disappointed. She wanted to get to her mother and soon she was between her mother’s legs and they were kissing like teenage lovers.

I returned my gaze to the screen. Debbie was having a very quick and intense orgasm and was gasping as she sucked her b*****r’s cock. She began a low moan that built and as it did, Will turned quickly and rammed his prick into her and she went over the top and was bucking under him and he was riding her like a bronco.

“Fuck me! You fucking wanker, Fuck me!” she was saying. “fill me up with your fucking spunk you cunt!”

He rammed his prick hard into her and came and she gripped him with arms and legs as if she were sucking him up into her cunt.

Della and Carrie were fucking each other and watching at the same time. I was left with just my hand.

On screen Will and Debbie were relaxing in that after fuck haze of floating bliss and Della was cumming hard. Seconds later Carrie was also moaning under her mother. It was enough for me and I knelt up and sprayed them both with my spunk. We were all laughing when we heard the applause.

You know that moment of shock when you realise that what you thought was a private moment has been seen by others. The moment you shoot your load and see your mum watching you, the moment when you’re emptying you balls into your wife and the k**s walk in. This was that moment and the k**s had walked in. We were frozen, Della and Carrie with spunk dripping from their faces and bodies, we with a rapidly wilting cock. Time stood still. Or at least we did, not knowing what to do for the best then a flurry of movement, Carrie was off the bed and Della was scrabbling for the bedclothes but Debbie was quicker. She grabbed them away from her while Will stopped his mother from her headlong flight to the bathroom.

“Look, Will,” Debbie said laughing. “Nan the spunk queen!”

Della went to speak but Debbie’s finger went to her face and scooped up the white blob and put ti to her lips.

“Eat, Nan,” she said. “Come on, you’re no stranger to Dad’s cum!”

Della’s eyes widened and so did mine. We heard the intake of breath from Carrie who was firmly held by her son. He was laughing as he spoke.

“Come on, Dad! You’re not the only one can rig hidden cam’s around the house!”

My eyes gave it away.

“It’s better hidden than your ones were,” Will continued.

“Oh fuck!” Della muttered.

“What an apt choice of words, Nan,” Debbie said. “And you all fuck so well.”

She bent down and kissed her nan on the lips and then let her tongue roam over her face, licking the spunk from her.

“Well?” Will asked.

“Mmmm. Told you dad’s would taste good.” Debbie said. “Try it!”

Will kissed his mother and then began to lick the spunk from her. The look on Carrie’s face was horror but changing to arousal. I had to admit that the sight of my c***dren licking Carrie and Della was arousing and soon Debbie looked over to me. She didn’t speak but held out a hand which I took and she guided me to her and her Nan. As I approached, her hand went down to my cock and gripped it expertly, gently pumping back and forth. I knew it was going to be ok with them and placed my hand on Debbie’s arse. She wriggled it a bit and returned to French kissing her Nan who was eagerly returning it and massaging my daughter’s not insubstantial chest. I turned to look at Will. He had his mother’s head in his hands and she was on her knees. His trousers were around his knees and she was swallowing his cock deep into her mouth.

“He loves that,” Debbie said and I moved behind her and lifted the short skirt she was wearing. It was a reward to find she wore no underwear. Gently I bit her butttocks and felt a moan. I reached my hand between her legs and felt Della’s hand there, the two middle fingers deep inside my daughter’s cunt. Holding Debbie’s waist I began to run my tongue along the cleft between her buttocks. I could hear her moan and push her hips back so I had easier access and I worked my way between her legs and felt the tight little pucker of her arsehole. She grunted as I rimmed it with my tongue and I heard her muffled voice say she wanted three fingers in it. I could feel Della working her cunt so I licked my middle finger and pushed it inside the tight little arse.

“More, More fingers!” Debbie said and I eased two more into her. She moaned loudly. Suddenly she pulled away and grabbed me, pulling me to my feet. “Sorry Nan but Dad’s got to fuck me now. I need prick and spunk in me.”

She pulled me to the bed and fell back pulling me on top of her. Her legs were around me and I could feel my knobe easing in between the wet cunt lips. Her hole was soon stretching around me. I stopped despite wanting to thrust. Debbie looked up at meand smiled.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she said. “Fuck your little girl like the fucking whore deserves. Treat me like you’ve paid for me. Fuck my cunt like you fuck Mum and Nan.

I saw Carrie from the corner of my eye suddenly pull back and look over.

“I thought you’d only just…” Carrie began before will stopped her.

“Come on Mum. Keep sucking and Nan, Come over here I want some of your cunt too.”
As I was fucking Debbie I saw Will lay on the bed. Della straddled him facing away and eased her cunt onto his impressive cock. He didn’t get that from me and I could only guess it was from Carrie’s side of the f****y. I thought I’d have to ask Della. Then Carrie climbed on and went down on her mother who sighed at the twin assault on her cunt from cock and tongue.

Then It became too much. I was pounding into my daughter’s cunt and she was whispering how good a fuck her father was and telling me she needed filling with spunk regularly from now on. Now that she had two cocks on tap.

Carrie looked up for a moment.

“You take your turn girl,” she said. “His balls have got to satisfy me and Mum first. That is if he has any after explaining what he’s been doing with his mother in law.”

“Carrie, my dear daughter,” Della said. “Shut up and lick my fucking cunt. I’m coming.”

There was a groan from will and a squeal fro Della and a gurgle from Carrie. Della had cum and squirted.

“Darling Debbie,” I said. “Take that!”

She moaned loudly as I filled her cunt. I let it empty fully then rolled off.

“My turn,” Carrie said straddling me. “And don’t even think of refusing! You have a lot of explaining to do and this is how you explain it to me. Now fuck me, you bastard!”

How could I refuse such a charming request.
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