The Late Dorothy

“First may I offer my deep condolences, Mrs Davies,” Bradford Walker, solicitor and lifetime f****y friend said as he shook hands with the young woman who stood before him. “Your grandmother was a lovely woman.”

“Thank you,” Jenny Davies said as she closed the door behind the two people who had just entered.

“I thought it would be better to do this here, at your home, rather than the office,” he went on as he took a seat in the lounge, acknowledging the other woman and man also there. “And I have brought along Carol Summers to answer any medical questions you might wish to discuss.”

The blonde girl smiled and took a seat. Brad Walker opened his briefcase and removed some papers. Speaking as he did so.

“Mrs Peters left a will and not to drag it out too much, the bulk of the estate goes to you, her daughter, Mrs Holmes,” he said, smiling at the middle aged woman. “Are there any questions?”

“Just one, Penny Holmes said, looking at some papers. “The autopsy showed that my mother died from a heart attack?”

“That is correct.”

“But what brought it on?”

“Perhaps Dr Summers can answer that question for you.”

The blonde girl sat forward and spoke softly.

“It is not uncommon and there can be no definite idea as to the cause of the heart attack,” she said. “Your mother was in extremely good health and physically very fit. There was evidence of an active sex-life…..”

“I’m sorry?” Penny interjected.

“Er….there was evidence of sexual intercourse…..”

“No. No, there must be some mistake.”

“I can assure you, Mrs Holmes. There is no mistake.”

“But my father died fifteen years ago.”

Dr Summers looked at the shocked faces. She spoke slowly, choosing her words very carefully.

“I appreciate that but it does not have to have been with…..”

“No! That’s impossible. She was a 76 year old woman. She had no idea about - Sex!”

* * * *

“Oh, God!” Dorothy Peters said. “I’m so…..I just wanted some - er - teabags.”

“It’s OK, Gran,” Tony said. “I should have put a dressing gown on.”

“No, No. It’s your flat. You dress how you want. I’ll just….” she said sidling towards the door.

“Don’t be daft. The teabags are on the side over there. Help yourself.”

“Er - thank you but I…..”

“Well you’ve seen it all now,” he laughed. “And at your age I guess it’s not the first one you’ve seen.”

“Well, no. But only the one.”

“What? Your husband’s?”

Dorothy nodded and Tony saw her eyes were fixed on his naked groin.

“bl**dy hell! A good looking woman like you? I’d have thought the guys were queuing up to take you out.”

“Yes. Well, it was a bit different in those days. We never -you know.”

“Well you must have or none of us would be here.”

“Yes. But not with every Tom, Dick or Harry.”

“I’m sorry,” Tony said. “I’m embarrassing you. Let me get my dressing gown.”

“No! No. It’s OK Honestly. I was just a little bit shocked. I’ve never actually seen one openly on display, so to speak.”

“But what about Arthur’s? Surely you saw his.”

“No. Never. He always had underpants on and I always wore a nightdress. I don’t think we ever saw each other naked.”

“Blimey.” Tony said smiling. “Well I hope it’s not too much of a disappointment for you.”

“Not a disappointment at all actually. I rather think it’s good to be free rather than hidden.”

They looked at each other and Tony could see she was thinking she should leave but wanting to stay.

“I was just sorting out some pictures,” he said. “Contract job I’ve got.”

Dorothy moved over to the table and looked and her eyes widened.

“Good Grief!”

“She’s a model and the guy I took these for wants her to make some movies. Specialist movies you might say.”

“Well she’s very - open - isn’t she?”

Dorothy gazed at the pictures of the naked girl for a while finally selecting one and studying it.

“She looks in pain.”

“She’s having an orgasm.”

“A what?”

“An orgasm. You must know what that is,” he said incredulously. “She’s cumming!”

“She is? But I thought only men…..”

“You are k**ding me,” Tony said. “Are you trying to say that you’ve never had one?”

Dorothy shook her head.

“When we were young, it was assumed that sort of thing only happened to men.” she looked at the next picture. “Well, she seems to have enjoyed it.”

“Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy!” Tony said. “You need to find a man who’ll take you to that heaven and back.”

“Oh, yes,” she laughed. “And where does a 73 year old woman find a man to do that? Most of them are doddering old sods who’ve forgotten what a woman is.”

“Then find a younger one.”

“Not so easy for an old girl.”

“You must be joking. You’ve got the looks and a bl**dy good figure. Pity I’m married to your grand-daughter. I’d give you one.”


“Well I would. You are a very attractive lady. And don’t tell me you’re surprised because you’ve been looking at something that shows you’re attractive since you came in here.”

Dorothy blushed. She hadn’t done that in years but now she did and felt like a schoolgirl seeing her first cock.

“Well,” she said, coyly. “I did notice it sort of grow.”

“And it’s still there,” Tony said. Dorothy giggled and in answer to his quizzical expression, said. “I thought how sorry I was for poor Jenny. It must be agony for her.”


“The size of the thing. Poor girl must be ripped in two.”

“Oh you do know how to flatter a man.”

“It’s not flattery. Arthur wasn’t half that size and it was killing when he pushed it into me.”

“Well you obviously weren’t prepared, were you?”

Dorothy looked puzzled. Tony carried on.

“Would you like me to show you?”

“But Jenny…..”

“No need for Jenny to know anything about it.”

He took her hand and, sitting down, pulled her onto his naked lap. Gently he slid his hand under the long nightdress and she gave a little shiver as she felt it against her legs, passing her knees and to the inside of her thighs. She bit her lower lip, knowing that she should stop him now but not being able to get the words out. She went to close her legs together tightly but the message got scrambled in her brain and they spread wider and his fingers were at her pussy.

“You shave?” he inquired.

Dorothy shook her head.

“It used to be vary hairy,” she said softly. “But as I grew older, I went bald. Sorry!”

“Don’t say sorry. I like them smooth.”

She gave a shudder as his fingers parted her vaginal lips and then flung her arms around his head as he stroked her clitoris.

“Oh, my God!” she said. Softly at first but with growing strength. “Oh, my God, oh my God! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oooohhhhhhhhhhgggggggnnnnnaaaaahhhhh!”

The orgasm hit her quickly and hard and she was lost. Her hips gyrating and grinding against the fingers. a****l grunts coming from her throat. She could feel his face between her breasts, clothed though they were, he was biting them as she clung to him hard. His fingers working still and not letting her come down from the orgasmic plain she was on. Grunts, moans and screams were in her ears and sounded far off but she knew it was her.

And then a rush! A gush! Her whole body was shaking. She had no control over it. Every limb was shaking uncontrollably. A gush of hot liquid flooded from her and she screamed.

As Tony held her tightly to him while she regained control over her body she was crying and sobbing.

“Tony, I’m so sorry. So sorry. I couldn’t control it. It just happened.”


“I pee’d myself. I’m so sorry…..”

“Don’t be daft. You orgasmed and squirted.” he said with a laugh. “You’re a squirter, Dodorthy.”

“A what?”

“A squirter. When you cum you squirt all that lovely juice. That’s what makes it easy for a cock to enter your cunt.”


“Sorry. Don’t you like the ‘C’ word? You should do. It’s a beautiful word for a beautiful organ of the woman’s body.”

“I’ve only heard it used as a swear-word.”

“Well it shouldn’t be. A cunt is a marvellous organ. Go on! Say it! Say you enjoyed me fingering your cunt.”


“Say it!” he insisted. She looked embarrassed.

“I enjoyed you fingering my…..Cunt!”

“And that you want me to finger your cunt again.”

She looked at him and felt deliciously naughty.

“And I want you to finger my cunt again.”

He grinned and she felt his fingers probing into her. She threw her head back and groaned.

“I haven’t had anything in there for the lat thirty years,” she said, and revelled in the delightful feelings.

“Feed me your tit,” he said softly. There was no registered shock from her. Instead her right hand unbuttoned the front of her nightdress and pulled it aside and she cupped her large left breast and eased it to his mouth.

They remained like that for a long while before she spoke again.

“Tony. Stop.” she said. “We must stop.”


“Because you’re married to my grand-daughter.”

“If she doesn’t know?”

“We’ll know.”

Twisting out of his arms, she stood up and looked at him.

“And what am I going to do with this?” he asked. She giggled.

“Well you could wait until Jenny comes home or I’m sure you have other methods of dealing with it.”

“You caused it so don’t you think you should help?” he said, stroking the full length of his shaft.”


Wank me off.”

“I don’t know how. You’ll have to show me.”

“Let me see you naked.”

She hesitated but then slowly eased the dressing gown off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. The nightdress followed and she stood, leaning against a table. No-one had seen her naked since she was a baby and she was shocked to find she was enjoying it.

“Open your legs,” he said as he sat and gazed at her. She perched her buttocks on the table and spread her legs wide.

“You have a beautiful cunt,” he said, his voice hoarse with passion.

“Thank you but I’m sure Jenny has a nice cunt too.” She was amazed how easy the word slipped from her lips.

“Not as nice as yours.”

Dorothy felt a trickle on the inside of her leg and let her finger find it. She peered at the finger, glistening in the light and then, on impulse, took it into her mouth. It was sweet.

“Oh, God! Yes!” Tony said watching her. She replaced the finger, probing deep inside her body and brought it once again to her mouth. Another probe and she felt the tingle as her finger passed over her clitoris. This time she left it there just gently massaging as she watched Tony rubbing faster and faster at his huge cock. She could feel the orgasm build and work it’s way to the climax and then, suddenly, the gush and a stream of liquid shot across the room towards Tony. At the same time, he came and a jet of milky cum fired into the liquid. She was quivering and struggled to hold onto the table and he was bucking on the chair.

Finally the calmed down and panting and sweaty, laughed together.

“Thank the lord for Vinyl flooring,” he said.

She laughed. “I’ll clear it up.”

“Oh no you won’t lady. You can make tea and I’ll have a coffee. Black - no sugar!”

* * * *

“Had you no idea, Mrs Holmes?”

“No! Never!”

“Mum,” Jenny said. “There was that time, you told me, when you came home early and found her in bed in the middle of the day.”

Penny thought for a while.

“Ye-es,” she said. “But she said she didn’t feel well.”

“But you did say that she looked flushed and guilty. Maybe someone had been there.”

“But how would they have got out without me seeing them?” Penny asked.

“Sounds old hat, but I don’t suppose you checked the wardrobe. Or under the bed.”

“Don’t be silly,” Penny scolded. “Besides, Tony was here and he would have seen or heard something.”

Tony looked stunned.

“He wouldn’t hear an earthquake,” Jenny said shooting him a glance. “Not when he’s into his pictures.”

* * * *

“I wondered if I’d see you this morning,” Tony said as he looked up to the doorway. Dorothy stood leaning against the doorpost, her arms folded and holding the floor-length dressing gown around her.

“I just wanted to see you were all right,” she said. There was silence for a moment.

“I’m fine. How about you?” Tony asked.

Dorothy shrugged her shoulders.

“You know it must never happen again, don’t you?” she said.


She rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Because I’m a seventy-three year old woman and you are a twenty five year old man and also my grand-daughter’s husband and I’m…..

“You’re fucking sexy,” he interrupted. She stopped and smiled.

“Thank you,” she said modestly. “And I can see you’re pleased to see me.”

“I’ve had to do a lot of work on him because of you yesterday.”


“Yes. You. Even poor Jenny had to suffer a hard pounding while I was fucking you in my mind.”

“Poor girl.”

“Poor girl be damned. She came four times before I finished. Said it was the best fuck we’d ever had.” he said moving over to the older woman and putting his arms around her. “And all the time I imagined it was your cunt taking it. It was your belly I was filling up and it was you squirting all that lovely girly cum over the bedclothes.”

His arms were around her but she kept her arms across her chest holding the dressing gown tightly. But down below, his was gyrating his hips and his erect cock found the gap and slid inside the woollen material. Tony’s eyes opened wide.

“No nightdress?”

“We mustn’t,” she said, closing her eyes and feeling his large knob ease between her parting thighs. “Tony, I…..”

“Ssssshhhh!” he said, pulling one of her hands free and placing it on his buttock. She gripped the firm flesh and he used his hand to open the front of her dressing gown. The large breasts were bare and rested against his chest and her other hand found his other buttock and squeezed.

Easing his hips back and forward, he could feel her cunt lips part over his shaft and feel the wetness from her. They were looking into each others eyes and he had pulled right back so his cock head was between the wet lips and pressing to her hole. She closed her eyes and groaned.

“Sorry. Does that hurt?”

“No,” she shook her head. “I know it will in a minute but not yet.”

“You know I’m going to fuck you.”

She nodded her head.

“But not here,” he said. “I want our first fuck to be in bed.”

“My bed,” she said softly. “It’s never been fucked in. I want our first fuck there. Our bed.”

Tony bent and lifted her easily in his arms and carried her up the stairs to her part of the house. Gently he laid her on the bed and knelt beside her. Their lips met and a deep, tongue wrestling kiss seemed to last forever. As it went on, the dressing gown was wriggled off and she lay, legs spread as he gently eased himself onto her.

Kneeling between her spread thighs, Tony gripped his erect cock and eased the head the full length of her cunt. She giggled as it passed over the clitoris and sighed as it probed into her. Gently with each pass, lubricating him, he eased further and further into the hole, slowly stretching it until he got to a point where she winced.

“This will hurt a little,” he said. She nodded.

“Do it! Do it to me. Imagine I’m a virgin,”

“No way. A virgin’s no use. I want a fucking woman.”

“Well you’d better make me one then.”

He grinned and pushed hard and she squealed as he opened her fully and felt his cock slide all the way inside. He leaned forward and kissed her and slowly began to pump in and out and she wrapped her arms around his neck and curled her legs around his. As their kiss broke, he began to nibble her neck.

“That’s it, Tony,” she said. “Fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty whore.”

“You want to be a dirty whore?” he said into her ear. She bit his ear before speaking

“I want to be your dirty whore.”

It wasn’t long before she was crying out with orgasmic lust and he felt her nails on his bare back and made a mental note not to let Jenny see they were fresh.

And then he was cumming. She was bucking and flooding the bed and he was pumping what felt like a gallon of spunk into her belly.

He lay, propped up on his arms looking down into her smiling face.

“Wow!” was all he could say.


“Fucking fantastic. You are one hot little bitch!”

“I never knew a fuck could be so good,” she said putting her arms around his neck. You are one hell of a lover.”

“Can I go down?”

“What to your flat?”

“No, you silly woman. Can I go down on you?”

“I don’t understand.”

Smiling, he backed down the bed and pulled her legs up. As she protested, he bent forward and put his face to her wet, full cunt.

“Tony! You’ve just ….Oh, my God! Tony! Oh, yes! Ohhhh yeeeeesssss!”

Her legs closed around his head and her hands pressed him tighter to her. The feel of his tongue licking and probing into her wet cavern was gorgeous.

Then sh froze.

“Tony! The door! I just heard the door go!”


“I just heard the fucking door…..Quick. The wardrobe!”

“Don’t be silly I’ll never…..”

“Then get under the bl**dy bed!”

He rolled of and onto the floor away from the door and was almost under the bed when he heard the bedroom door open. Dorothy had been quick enough to let the duvet down so that the underside of the bed was shielded.

“Mum!” Penny said. “Are you all right?”

“Yes, dear. Why?”

“Well, you’re in bed and it’s only half past eleven.”

“Oh, I just felt a bit hot and coldy.”

“I can see. You’re sweating. Let me get you a cold flannel.”

Penny left the room and Dorothy peered over the edge of the bed and whispered urgently.

“I’ll get her to go downstairs and get me some asprin. You nip down to your room and get dressed. And control that bl**dy monster. Unless you’re thinking of fucking my daughter as well.”

Tony pulled himself up and gave her a quick kiss and was back under the bed when Penny came back into the room. She placed the flannel on her mother’s forehead and re-arranged the bedclothes and squatted down beside her. Tony was looking up a pair of long legs with a bush of dark hair.

“No knickers!” he thought. “Looks like daughter is a game girl too..”

“I have a terrible headache,” Dorothy was saying. Have you got something for it?”

“I’ll go and get you some. You certainly seem tense.”

As she left the room, Tony slid from the bed and kissed Dorothy on the cheek whispering what he’d seen. The old lady slapped him and laughed.

As quietly as he could he slipped down the stairs and had just closed his bedroom door when Penny came past on her way back to her mother’s room. Quickly Tony slipped on shirt trousers and socks and tip-toed down and out into the garden where there was a shed for some of his work. Waiting five minutes he headed back in, bumping into his mother-in-law as he did so.

“Mum’s not too well,” she said.

“Something she ate?”

“I don’t know. She’ll be all right. I’m sure. You just never can tell as they get older can you?

“No,” Tony agreed. “You never can.”

* * * *

“I’m afraid there’s no mistake,” Dr Summers was saying. “We took swabs and all showed traces of semen and, along with other marks on the body……..”

“You mean she was ****d?”

“No. Not marks like that.”

“Well what marks?”

“Hand marks.”

“Well if there’s hand marks,” Penny was almost shouting. “Surely that suggest f***e.”

Dr Summers looked over to the solicitor before making a careful answer.

“Well, no, actually. It shows - enthusiasm. That’s all.”

“Enthusiasm? What does that mean?”

“Mum!” Jenny said.

“No, Jen. She’s making her out to be some sort of……sort of……”

“I assure you, Mrs Holmes. It’s quite normal for an older woman to have sexual relations.”

“She was a widow, for Christ’s sake.”

“Doesn’t mean it had healed up,” Jenny said a little louder than she intended. Both Bard Walker and Tony stifled a laugh. Penny glared.

“Just where were these marks then?”

Carol Summers shot a glance to Brad Walker then carefully placed fingers on her hips in as best a position as she could……….

* * * *

Tony ran his finger through his hair as he padded, naked as usual, into his kitchen. It had been an adventurous night with Jenny who was always horny as hell after a night out with her friends and he wondered what on earth they did to get her into such a state.

As he opened the door, he stopped and smiled.

“I guess you are in need of cock,” he said.

“No! Just thought you’d like breakfast laid on the table for you.” Dorothy said. She was naked and spread on the kitchen table, her legs wide and her hands behind her head. She was smiling and had the look in her eye that he knew so well.

“Mmmm. And I’m hungry.”

“You shouldn’t be. You and my little whore grand-daughter certainly went for it last night.”

“You heard us?”

“Faintly. But it was clearer when I came to outside your bedroom door.”

Tony laughed out loud.

“You dirty old bitch,” he said. “Did it give you a thrill?”

“You know bl**dy well it did. And as for dirty old bitch, I’m only what you’ve made me over the past year.”

“A year today,”

“A year today. So what’s my anniversary present?”

Tony went over and picked up his briefcase. Opening it, he pulled out an obllong package, wrapped in golden paper with a large bow. Dorothy looked surprised.

“What’s this?”

“Open it and see.”

Carefully, Dorothy undid the bow and removed the paper. As the box came into view, her eyes widened.

“Oh, Tony. Thank you. My very own vibrator.”

“Don’t worry, you can still suck Jenny’s but I thought you’d appreciate one that’s just for you and me.”

“I do.” she said removing the long cock shaped item. She fiddled with the end and heard the buzz and as he watched, she placed the head of the toy between her cunt lips and on to her clitoris. Her hips seemed to move by themselves and she moaned as the vibrations shot through her body. Moving to the side of the table, Tony pushed his cock forward and she turned her head and engulfed the head in her mouth. He loved the way she used her tongue to swirl around it and then she pumped a little but there were moment when she just had to moan and grunt as her orgasm built.

Then she was cumming. Her hips bouncing on the table and the sucking on his cock was getting painful. Pulling out, he moved to the end of the table and pulled her legs up over his shoulders. She had the vibrator firmly against her clitoris and he had easy acces and slid his cock deep inside her and was rewarded with a moan as it opened her up. He was soon pumping into her and she was cumming over and over and squirt after squirt tightened her cunt muscles around him. When he came, he thought he’d never stop. It seemed to pump more and more into her.

It was no use. He needed more and twisted her face down on the table.

“Tony, What are you……Tony! That’s my…..Oooohhhhh! Ohhhh shit that hurts. Ohhhhhh, Fuck!”

She gripped the far edge of the table as he rammed his still erect cock into her. Her tits were pressed hard to the table and she could just feel the floor with her toes.

“Fuck, Tony! Fuck me! Yes! Fuck my arse hard!”

Tony was looking down at the firm buttocks. Far too firm for a 74 year old woman but he wasn’t complaining. His fingers gripped them and he saw the white marks. She would be bruised but he was too far gone to care and he knew she did like the occasional spanking when she was a naughty girl. And she made sure she was a naughty girl - often!

For the second time he erupted into her and fell on top of her, his hands working under her body and squeezing her ample tits. She was laughing.

“What?” he asked.

“I’m, seventy-four,” she said. “And you’ve taken my virginity.”

“You lost that years ago,” he said.

“Not for my arsehole.”

“Oh. Then I am honoured.

“There’s only one thing left.”

“And that is?”

Dorothy opened her mouth.

“Well, we can’t leave that out can we. Let’s have coffee and we’ll see about taking that too.”

“Am I a whore?”

“Yes! A total whore and I love you.”

The silence was instantaneous

“And I love you too, Tony.”

* * * *

“No way!” Penny said. “My Mother doing it doggy? She wouldn’t have had the faintest idea……”

“Mum!” Jenny said. “Maybe she wasn’t as innocent as……”

“No!” Penny snapped. There was silence for a moment before she spoke more thoughtfully. “You said ‘swabs’.”

“Pardon?” Carol Summers said.

“Swabs. You said swabs. What did you mean by that? Surely just one would have sufficed?”

Carol once again glance to the solicitor before speaking.

“We take swabs from all orifices. It’s standard practice.”

“All orifices?”

“Vaginal, mouth and er anal.”

Penny’s eyes widened as she realised the implications.

“Up the……”

“Some people like it,” the pathologist said simply.

Penny’s mouth dropped open and she turned to face her daughter. Jenny blushed and Penny’s eyes widened. Jenny shrugged.

“Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it, Mum.” she said. Brad had a coughing fit and Carol placed a hand over her mouth.

“Who was this woman?” Penny asked the rhetorical question.

* * * *

“My daughter wouldn’t recognize me,” Dorothy said as she curled her body around the young man laying next to her. Tony smiled.

“I’m just glad I recognized her,” he said and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

“I should feel guilty.”


“I’m 76, Tony. And I’ve been fucking my grand-daughter’s husband for three years. I’ve even fucked him in her marriage bed……”

“We’ve fucked in every room of the house and the garden shed.”

“And the garden, remember!”

“And the garden.” he conceded.

“It’s not right, Tony.”

“Bollocks! I love you Dorothy.”

“And I love you, my darling. But you are married and I’m fifty odd years older than you. You should be popping a baby into your lovely young wife’s belly.”

“Wish I could pop one in your belly.”

“Well I’m well past that. That doesn’t mean you should stop trying, of course. At every conceivable opportunity.”

“You whore,” he said and kissed her.

“Your whore, Tony. You whore. You’ve fucked me more in the last three years than Arthur did in forty odd years of marriage. They’re going to have to find a ‘Y’ shaped coffin for me.”

“And I’ll fuck you in that if I can.”

They laughed and she cuddled close to him. They were silent for a while.

“Can I ask you something?” she said at last.


You remember that day we nearly got caught?” she asked and Tony nodded. “You said my daughter had no knickers on.”


“Did you fancy her?”

“No. Only you.”

“If anything happens to me…….”


“Sssshhh! If anything happens to me, would you do for her what you’ve done for me?”

“I couldn’t…….”

“Promise me. She’s an uptight little cow and a good fucking would do her good.”


“And let Jenny in on it. She’s a dirty little whore too and would appreciate a threesome and, if I’m not mistaken, would enjoy another cunt to play with.”

“And how do you know that?” Tony asked with incredulity.

“Because I do listen at your door and hear your fantasies. And yes, I have heard the one about me too. Turned me on no end.”

“You are amazing my love,” he said. She kissed him on the nose.

“I knoow. Now we must get up as Penny will be home soon and Jenny later. I’ve been well filled and am going to have trouble with leaks.”

“You love my spunk leaking.”

“I know! Now get up darling. We must be respectable til tomorrow.”

They grudgingly climbed from the bed and dressed. Tony had just begun working when he heard the door downstairs go and Penny’s voice call out to say she was home.

It was about four in the afternoon that he heard the scream. Dashing down to the flat they had downstairs. Penny was standing over the prone figure of her mother. Tony immediately told her to call and ambulance but it was no use. Doroothy was dead and, he noted, smiling.

* * * *

“She left this letter for you, Mrs Holmes,” Brad Walker said, handing over the pink envelope. Penny opened it and read out loud.

‘My darling Penny. I left this for you to read after I died because you will no doubt hear a few things that will surprise you. I havee no idea what those things will be but I want you to know that in the last few years of my life, I have found a man who has opened me up in so many ways and showed me things which I had no idea existed. He is a wonderful man and I love him dearly but we could never be together. Suffice it to say, we make use of every moment and are totally happy together. The only advice I can give you, my darling girl, is find a good, randy man and do it everywhere and in every way you can. And Jenny, who I assume is there also. You do the same. No limits! Love you both. Mum.’

Penny folded the sheet of paper and put it back in the envelope thinking. She spoke.

“She hardly ever went out alone so he must have come to the house. Which means, over time, Tony. You must have met him. You must know who this…….”

“She also left this letter,” the Solicitor said passing over another one. Penny slowly took it and opened it up. She read.

‘Penny, Stop asking questions! Of course Tony knows who it is but he’s on a solemn promise never to tell you who took a grumpy old woman and turned her into a sex maniac. My only advice to you is to do the same. After all, you……..’

Penny put her hand to her mouth and Jenny took the letter and continued to read.

‘………After all, you never wear knickers so you must be up for it. Stop just sitting on it and use it. I can assure you, you will be well satisfied. I have been. D xxxx’


“How the hell did she know that?”

“You mean it’s true?”

“With that I think we’re done,” Brad Walker said. “Carol and I will now leave you to contemplate.”

Jenny showed them to the door. Returning to the room, she began to laugh.

“My mother! No knickers!”


“Oh, come on, Mum! You’ve got to admit it’s ironic. You’re always lecturing us and you’ve been totally shocked about Gran but you’re out there letting the wind blow through your hair.”

“Well, Not all of us have a husband to take care of their needs.”

“Well you could always share mine.”


“Yes, steady on, Jen,” Tony said.

“Oh come on, lover. You know we’re always fantasizing about what Mum would be like in bed. Perhaps we should find out.”

“Hmmm,” Penny said. And looked at Tony who smiled.

“First we have to clean out your grandmother’s room. Come on.”

They climbed the stairs and entered the room which hadn’t been touched since Dorothy had died. Tony looked at the bed and felt himself welling up but managed to control it. Penny went to the wardrobe and opened it.

“These can all go to the Charity shop,” she said and turned suddenly as she heard a sharp intake of breath from her daughter.

Jenny had opened the dressing table drawer. Penny joined her and her eyes widened.

“My God!” she said. The drawer was full of sex toys. Jenny picked up a pair of handcuffs while Penny took a very large vibrator.

“I never knew,” she said. “I had no idea.”

Jenny took the vibrator.

“I’ll have this,” she said. “It’s bigger than my one.”


“What? Do you want it?”


“You’d like it, Mum,” the girl said turning it on and placing it pushing it between her mother’s legs.

“Stop it! It’s your grandmothers’”

“Well she doesn’t need it now, does she. Let’s have fun. Yes‘ Tony?”

Tony looked up from the bed.

“I think she‘d enjoy that,” he said.

“Come on, Mum. Let’s enjoy what she had.”

Jenny grabbed her mother’s wrist and pulled her to the bed. “Hold her arms, Tony. Let’s show her what it’s all about.”

Penny struggled but only enough to show token protest as Jenny released the waistband on her mother’s jeans and lowered the zip/ A neat triangle of pubic hair was in view and sure enough, no knickers. The jeans were soon on the floor and Penny was writhing with pleasure as her daughter worked the vibrator expertly up and down the wet gash.

“Fuck, Mum. You really seem ready for this.”

“Am I?”

Tony grinned and looked up to the ceiling.

“Rest in peace, Dorothy,” he mouthed and turned back. Jenny smiled at him knowing that he would soon be giving his mother a good seeing to and then he would turn to her.

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2 years ago
I loved this story! Looking for more with Penny and her Mom.
2 years ago
Lovely story.
2 years ago
Great Story!!!
2 years ago
A wonderful read.
2 years ago
Great story