f****y Ties

“Oh that’s good!” Della said as she entered the room.

“Oh shit! Turn it off Bob.” Carrie almost jumped up, rearranging herself hastily.

“Don’t be a spoilsport,” Della said taking a seat and gazing at the TV.

“Mother!” Carrie said. “I thought you were asl**p in bed.”

“I was but this looks far more fun,” Della said with a wicked smile. “Don’t let me stop you from what you were doing.”


“Oh come on,” Della said. “I have watched porn movies before you know.”

“Not with your daughter and son-in-law!” Carrie said.

“Oh?” Della said with a sweet smile. “Do you do it differently then? Leave it on, Bob. I haven‘t had the pleasure since Carrie‘s dad died. Not that he was much good. And he certainly wasn‘t that big“ My God where did they find that one?”

Carrie looked at her husband who just shrugged and smiled.

“I take it you’re not of similar proportions are you, Bob?”

“I…” Bob began to speak but he was cut off by his wife.

“You can’t ask him that? He’s your son-in-law for Pete’s sake!”

“He’s also a fifty year old man and like all men loves to display his bits. Come on, Bob. Let’s have a compare.”

“I don’t believe this,” Carrie said looking at her mother who’s fingers were massaging her groin as she looked at the action on the screen.

“Oh that lucky girl,” Della said with a sigh. Booth Bod and Carrie looked and watched as the huge cock pushed into the soft wet cunt. “I bet she can feel that. I loved being stretched open.”

As they watched, great gouts of sticky spunk oozed from around the prick and as it slowly withdrew Della sighed.

“Oh that’s lovely. So many of them withdraw and shoot it all over the girl. Such a fucking waste. But I don’t believe that!”

On the screen the guy had begun to kiss the wet cunt.

“What do you mean?” Bob asked.

“Well, No offence dear. But in my experience once men have cum they think it’s all over. I’ve never known a man want to go down after they’ve filled you up.”

“Bob does,” Carrie said without thinking and was shocked she’d said it out loud. Della raised a quizzical eyebrow.

“Does he indeed. I’d like to see that,” she said. “Wish I could feel it too.”

She laughed. Carrie turned to Bob who was smiling.

“And by the look on your face you’d like to do it for her,” she said.
“Of course he would,” Della said. “A cunt’s a cunt isn’t it Bob, dear. And a change is as good as a rest. What do you say? Fancy a seventy year old’s pussy.”

As she said it, she opened the dressing gown she was wearing. She was naked underneath. She lay back and spread her legs and with two fingers opened her pussy so they could see it fully. It was a deep pink that glistened in the light from the wetness and to their amazement, was completely bald. Carried looked down at her husband’s lap.

“I think the answer to that is yes, mother,” she said.

“Of course he does,” Della said and her voice had the deeper tone of the sexually aroused woman. “Men come out of a cunt and spend most of their lives trying to get back into one. And by the way you’re stroking yourself my darling daughter, you wouldn’t be averse to a little girl on girl play.”

Carrie’s jaw dropped and she realised she’d been gently rubbing herself.

Della stood, let the dressing gown fall from her and moved over to the long sofa and took a seat on the other side of Bob. She put her hand on his bulging trousers and then slid it inside. In their haste they hadn’t been able to refasten the zip and she soon had a firm grip on his cock, pulling it out and gently massaging it. Carrie placed her hand on her mothers and the two women looked at each other. Carried curled her fingers over her mother’s hand and, together, they began to pump it.

Bob lay back and sighed.

“You have two hands, darling,” Carrie said. “I’m sure mother’s cunt needs a finger and I know mine does.”

Bob slid his arms behind the women and under them, stroking the wet slits and probing his middle finger into the holes.

“And if you dare to compare them,” Della said.

“We’ll rip this out by it’s roots and beat you with the soggy end.” Carrie finished.

They all laughed as Bob began to probe and finger their clits alternately. Soon the girls were writhing and Della put her hand to my face and turned me towards her.

“Pity you haven’t got a spare hand,” she said breathily. “I love my tits squeezed.”

I gently took one of Carrie’s hands and guided it to her mother’s right tit. Carrie needed no second bidding and was soon squeezing and flicking the nipple. They were both close to erupting and soon my wife let her hand drift down her mother’s body and I felt her fingers probing between Della’s wet cunt lips. Della flinched and I knew Carrie was massaging her mother’s clit.

Della was peaking and Carrie moved off me.

“Fuck her,” she told me. “Fuck my whore mother.”

I needed no second bidding, But Carrie had her own agenda. She pulled Della up and pushed her back so that she sat on my lap. I could feel my wife guiding my prick into the well lubricated cunt. It certainly hadn’t been used for a few years and she gripped my shaft. Then our legs were pushed apart and Carrie was on her knees. I felt her tongue on my cock as I tried to pump in and out. Della’s hands were on her daughter’s head, holding her face in position between her legs and I placed my hands there too.

“Carrie,” Della said through gritted teeth. “I’ve got to tell you. I’m a squir…”

She never finished the sentence. Carrie almost choked as great gushes of hot girlie-cum flooded into her open mouth, but she stayed there and swallowed. That was it for me and I emptied my balls inside the older woman. Carries sighed. She loved eating spunk and her tongue was working around my embedded shaft.

Finally, Della pushed her away and moved off me.

“Time for a little mother/daughter quality time,” she said. “Be a good little fucker and make a drink for us all. And you, my darling girl, let mummy clean that delicious little fuck-hole out for you.”

I stood up and Carrie lay flat out on the sofa as Della straddled her and lowered her full cunt onto her daughter’s face. She then slowly bent forward and began a beautiful 69. I was rigid again and working my cock as the two girls licked each other’s twats.

I took my time before I returned with a bottle of Merlot and three glasses. Della looked up and grinned.

“I have the perfect glass for that,” she said, taking the bottle. She inserted the neck into Carrie’s cunt and tipped the bottle. Carrie winced slightly but smiled also and, as the bottle was removed carefully, Della went down on her again, lapping at the liquid. She looked up and nodded to me and I went down and lapped wine from my whore wife. It was the best wine I’ve ever had.

At last we sat back, All of us naked and all of us laughing. If there was any embarrassment I didn’t notice it. We joked and watched more of the movie but all agreed it wasn’t a patch on what had happened in this room. Finally Della spoke.

“Oh, well, Thank you for a lovely evening. You two have fun in bed and think about the old woman you’ve just made very happy.”

“We have a super King sized bed, mother,” Carrie said. “And Bob does like to fuck in the morning and It’s my turn on the prick but I’m sure we’re all going to enjoy it more now.”

I was shocked. Carrie always loved a bit of porn but purely between us. Now she was inviting her mother into our bed. Where would it end?

“What about Karen and Will?” I said. “They’ll be home from Uni soon.”

“They’re old enough to know that it’s our lifestyle,” Carrie said. “Maybe they’d like to join us. Fancy fucking your grandc***dren, Mummy dear?”

“Has Will got a big cock?” Della asked with a glint in her eye.

“We’ll show you the hidden camera pictures we’ve taken of them. I think you’ll be impressed. We were, weren’t we Bob?”

“Er! Yes,” I said and felt another hard-on developing.
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2 years ago
Family matters, equals keeping "it" in the family! Surprisingly ALL sex is so fricking much better when done incestually!!!
4 years ago
An excellent tale. I so love these incest ones, brings back so many happy memories.
4 years ago
nice good story
4 years ago
very good thx for sharing