Weekend getayay

So the wife and I wanted to get away for a short weekend. We decided to go to Cincinnati, actually we went across the Ohio river to Newport Kentucky. We wanted to go to a bunch of places and eat and drink. Well we ended up in this Irish pub for a while and put down a few pints then stumbled to another bar just across the street. We met alot of people that night but there was a group of three we kept running into. 2 guys and a girl. The girl kept feeding my wife drinks while convincing her to joing up with them for the night, but she wasnt in the mood for that kind of fun, but she was looking to possily add another male. She pulled me aside and told me thet her newly aquainted friend tried to bribe her into some group fun by saying her boyfriend and his friend were relly hung. Buy she wasn't interested in the female, but did like the friend. So I decided to work on splitting up the group. Shady i know, but someone has to have fun...lol. So The friend was at the bar while the couple were still trying to work over my wife, so I went up to him and asken him if he always joins them in 3somes and what his story was. And he proceeded to tell me they do this almost twice a month and usually are sucessful. I informed him that his friend said to my wife that the two of them were hung and I asked if that was true and he said yes but his friend was thicker than him. I asked if he didn't mind me asking how big he was and he said a good 8". After some more chit chat I told him my wife wasn't interested in the group thing, but he was more than welcome to join us if he could get away. He seemed to like the idea. So by this time it was maybe 1am and the women were trashed and the guys were getting there. The boyfriend saw that there was nothing going to happen with us so he and his girlfriend decided to split and the friend said he was going to stay for a bit longer. So off they went and thats when I said let's go to our hotel..and we were off. Got into the cab and within minuets we were at the hotel. By this time my wife was sluring and needed help walking..so we both e****ted her in. When we got into the elevator I flipped up he skirt to show him her ass and he gave it a nice squeeze and said he can't wait to see the rest. So once we were in the room, I told him to go undress and I helped her into the bathroom and got her out of her clothes. She smiled at me and said she was so horny and can't wait for the rest of the night. With that she opened the door and stumbled out to see him staning there nude and half hard waiting...and he seemed he was more than 8". Her eyes were stuck on his cock and said your friend was right..you are hung. And as he looked at he naked body he was getting harder by the second. they started kissing and she grabbed his cock and started srtoking it while he ran his hands over her body. Then he pushed her on the bed and told her to open her legs wide...she smiled and did just that as he went down on her. For about 5-10 minutes he worked her over til she was begging to get fucked. He got up grabbed a condom...then she said for him not to use it, that she wanted to feel him without it...he lookied at me and I nodded it was ok. I think he got harder at that point....so he climbes on top of her and he aimes that cock at the opening and starts sliding in. He slowly slides all the way in without stopping while she starts moaning away then he sinkes the rest into her as her eyes pop open and she lets out a pleasurable scream. He puts all his weight onto her whils she adjusts to his cock, then they start tp fuck...and i mean fuck...the first couple thrusts were nice and easy..nice long strokes, then he started pounding. All I saw were her legs bouncing in the air and her tits bouncing...he held her arms over her head while he fucked her and said now she belonged to him for the night and without a condom on he's going to cum wherever he pleased and said his first load is going in her pussy....I almost came when he said that...and my wife couldn't speak...all she was doing was moaning and cumming...beteween the fucking and the alcohol she was helpless in any decision making...lol. But I knew she wanted us to cum in her anyway. So after a while he tensed up and literally blasted a load in her..she let out a squeal when he came and jerked everytime he spurted in her...she used to do that when I came hard in her so I can tell when it's a large load...and besides when he pulled out it didn't drip, it poured out. As he rolled off her he smiled and said that was one of the best fucks he has had in a long while. I proceeded to flip her over and take her from behind while she sucked him to another hard on. I quickly unloaded another huge load in her and sat back to watch them go at it again...this went on for about 2-3 hours til we were spent. He stayed in the extra bed and in the morning I woke to them having sex under the covers in the other bed...It was hot watching them without them knowing I was awake. The best part was when he flipped her over wan he took her from behind holding her down driving his cock in her pussy...watching the covers slip off as they fucked as he drove it into her and seeing him cum in her again made my morning....They got up, he got dressed and left and she got into bed with me and we fucked a few times more. We finally got some rest and went out again that night...but thats another story.
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1 year ago
Nice story. I think I will visit more Irish pubs.
2 years ago
thats hot ...also i used to work at the irish pub and go to the same bar you were talking about ...do ya cum to cincy often ?
2 years ago
Sounds Like a fun time!
2 years ago
Hot story!
2 years ago
cool story we are similar and go to Cincy a lot
2 years ago
hot story!