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[Story] The Hotel bar

My wife and I hadn't been out for a while due to crappy weather and events with k**s. So when the weather broke a little we took a night off for ourselves and went out to a few of the bars we used to go to just to see what's changed. So we grabbed a quick bite to eat and went to the first bar. We knew the bartender for out wild days and pretty much drank for free. So beers and shots were flying and we were getting tipsy so after another round we went to a second bar wich was attached to a hotel. When we got there it was sore of slow. A few people at the bar and a few tables. So we grabbed a ta... Continue»
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Night I met my wife

Well it was quite a few yr=ears ago...maybe 15 or so. I was dating someone else at the time and she and I have been going out on and off for 5 years. We were at a friends party and just haning out drinking and doing shots and I see my girlfriend talking to this blonde in the corner. I didn't think much of it, just women chatting. As the night went on a bunch of us wanted to go to the bar before we went home. We get there and guess who's there...the cute blonde. So after another rounds of drinks and shots the girls go on the dance floor as the rest of us were talking. Then after a few minuets I... Continue»
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[Story] Little extra help

My wife has a pretty wild past...dated alot of guys and slept with them, been with women, group sex, d***ken sex and partied on extacy and liquid E...So one weekend we were out and ran into one of her old suppliers and hook up...after a few drinks he asked if she still played around with "E" anymore...she said no...hard to come by. He said he would give us some if he could play around with her...I said up to her but I was game. So we went to his apartment and he poured a few shots and put the liquid E in her shot and said here's to a fun night...after a few minuets I noticed her getting a litt... Continue»
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[Story] Birthday

So recently it was my wifes birthday. She didn't want to do much so I suggested we just go out for maybe some appitizers and drinks. She said that would be nice so se sent the k**s to her mothers and went out. We went and grabbed something to eat and a pitcher then went to an old hangout we havent been to in a few years. We ran into an old friend of mine she hasn't met and we sat with him and started drinking. She was asking how long have we known eash other and stuff and next thing it was late. Shots were flowing and it was getting close to last call. We were close to our house so she asked h... Continue»
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[Story] Weekend getayay

So the wife and I wanted to get away for a short weekend. We decided to go to Cincinnati, actually we went across the Ohio river to Newport Kentucky. We wanted to go to a bunch of places and eat and drink. Well we ended up in this Irish pub for a while and put down a few pints then stumbled to another bar just across the street. We met alot of people that night but there was a group of three we kept running into. 2 guys and a girl. The girl kept feeding my wife drinks while convincing her to joing up with them for the night, but she wasnt in the mood for that kind of fun, but she was looking t... Continue»
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[Story] Wifes night out

A few years back I was trying to talk my wife into swining. She used to be a wild one when we first met. Alot of nights out drinking, recreational d**gs and of course sex, including multiple partners. But things change when you have c***dren. Unfortunately the sex life took the biggest hit because she wanted to be a good role model...I told her she could do both. She never regretted being wild and she actually missed that part of her life. So it didn't suprise me one night when she came home real late one night......

She was going out with a few friends from work for a girls night out and w... Continue»
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