Toph learns to masterbate

Toph had been traveling with Aang and the gang for nearly a year and she had seen some
pretty crazy stuff since then.
Legions of fire benders, sand monsters, and lets not forget the Di lee. Which is what this was
about. Ever since Toph had first realized that earth bending could be used for hypnotizing
someone she had begun her own experiments.
In the months that had followed she had managed to come up with her own system. Unlike
thows mediocre earth benders, Toph was an expert, and had discovered that she could send
subliminal messages through the ground.
Unfortunately her methods had yet to be perfected because when the conches mind was in
control they would just ignore it. Which was why Toph was about to try doing this to Katara
while she was asl**p.
Toph began her subliminal message she would start with the safeguards, A massage to make
Katara fall into an even deeper sl**p, and deeper into her control. Next was the hard part she
had to program Katara's sub conchas to do something.
How about go get some firewood, Toph thought. She quickly programmed in the command and
waited after 5 minutes, still nothing happened. She decided that she should give up and go
back to sl**p. But as she lay down she heard something move she looked back and saw
Katara smiling face. Still she was asl**p.
Oooo another mown Aang I didnt realize it was so big Katara whispered. What the hell is going
on Toph said to herself somehow her command had taken on the effect of some kind of sexual
awakening command. Katara moaned again this time rolling on her side wow Toph though
shes so wet she must really have the hot's for Aang.
Wile she was thinking this though she did not see Katara's hand snake out to her shorts and
under them it took Toph a few minutes for Toph to even realize what the burning sensation
between her pants was. At first she was reluctant to go on, Katara was like a s****r to her but
then again she it felt so good she just had to keep going?
After another few minuets she felt something building between her pants. She had to finish it
no she needed to finish, and the only way to get Katara to finish her off was to signal the end.
Toph slowly leaned downward towards Katara's pussy making shore not to remove any fingers
from her own, and began stroking Katara's pussy with her hand sending vibrations into her.
Katara's pace increased Toph was so close she was going over the brink.
As Katara plunged her fingers into Toph's pussy bringing her to her orgasm, Toph's fingers involuntarily slipped into Katara's pussy and sent a huge vibration through every nerve in her
body. Toph fell to the floor with the f***e of her orgasm writhing.
It was the most incredible thing she had ever felt. After a few minuets she managed to look up
at Katara who was now fast asl**p and completely satisfied. Now then Toph thought to herself
I wonder what she will do tomorrow. (The next day Katara seemed to be in a fabulous mood
why are you so happy Sokka asked.
I had a grate dream last night said Katara. what was it about asked Aang, dicks said Katara
they went silent then burst into laughter well said Toph to herself there may be a few side
effects but all in all it turned out ok, I cant wait until tonight.
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4 years ago
yes naughty naughty part 2???
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nice and naughty