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I trembled with anticipation as I removed my shirt and pants and then my bra and panties which I stuffed under my blanket in the cell I shared with Kya. I was both nervous and excited. I didn't want to make the wrong move by saying or doing anything that might turn her off, yet the burning desire I felt just had to be sated. As it was, I could already feel my clit throbbing with red hot need. My pussy was warm and moist.
Calm down, I told myself, or you'll cum in your pants just from wanting before anything gets a chance to happen. I couldn\'t wait till I was released so I could return to my journal at http://www.my-diary.org/read/?read=333943 and write all about the experiences to come.
Pulling my pants back on and then my shirt over my pink taut, hard nipples, I turned to Kya and asked, "Officer done her rounds yet?"
"Nope. Got the obstacles clear?"
"Some of them," I said with a giggle, referring to my lack of bra and panties.
She too, giggled, then took on a serious expression. "I just want you to know, Sativa, that I don't like to take a lady I can't have. If you don't think you'll want to continue on with this on the outside, then we can't do this."
"I most definitely do want to finish where we leave off on the outs. I had the same worries, you know, that you'd desert me once I was released."
"Not a chance, girl, not a chance, for if I get between your legs, that's it. You're mine."
"I'd love to be yours. I'm so in awe of you," I told her.
"How sweet," she said with affection evident in her dark eyes.
Just then, we heard the hallway officer's walkie-talkie squawking and the jingling of the keys which hung from her belt.
My heart began to pound.
We saw her pass by our cell with barely a glance into our room.
Kya stood up. "Ok, get over here, you!" she said as she advanced towards me.
I giggled, arms outstretched to receive her warm embrace. She gripped me firmly yet gently. It felt wonderful to be in her arms and she felt good in mine as I held her and ran my hands along the knit fabric of her shirt. She was warm and strong. I felt as safe as could be, though I knew she could easily break me in half. Caught in the delicious aroma of her soft, sweet smell, I tossed my head back to peer up at her. About a head taller, she towered over me as she lowered her head so her lips could meet mine. Our eyes closed as we found each other's lips. What began as a soft tender kiss became one of fierceness and hunger as our passion mounted. A little more pressure might've turned the experience into a painful one, but oh how sweet it was!
She pulled back and cupped my face in her hands. Gazing down at me she said, "If I get too rough, just say so, ok?"
I nodded, still unable to believe what was happening. How long I had dreamt of making love with a woman who attracted me as much as she did! What was more ironic was that I'd always had a thing for women cops, and here I was about to make love with a very fine looking one indeed. One foreboding enough not to want to mess with, yet who I felt was as compassionate as could be deep down with those she cared for and trusted.
Yes, this was really happening, I told myself. Believe it. It's real!
I ran the flat of my hands up and down her arms, feeling the warm firmness of her muscles. I could practically feel each individual muscle. I knew she had to be much heavier than she looked. She was rugged, she was tough, but so female as well. I ran my hands around her narrow waist, up and down the small of her back, and her butt which was high and snug.
I felt a dizzying sensation as the bl**d rushed between my legs. My swollen clit throbbed with a desire I'd never felt before in my life. She slipped her hands up under my shirt. My titties tingled with delight as her hands, which first roamed alongside my butt and back, found their way in front, cupping my breasts and kneading my red hot swollen nipples which stood out firm and erect, begging for her caresses.
But there was another part of my body that was much more desperate for attention. Kya seemed to sense this, taking the lead. With both of us breathing heavily, she lowered her hands and slipped them into the elastic waistband of my pants and eased them down to my knees with one swift motion. Then she dominatingly yet lovingly sat me down on the edge of my bed. She crouched down, slipping my pants off completely, now with more frantic, shaky movements that bordered on clumsiness. She was panting so hard I was surprised she didn't hyperventilate.
She placed her hands on my knees and gently parted my thighs. "Oh, your so beautiful!" she exclaimed. "Nice smooth creamy thighs and one very tasty looking pussy."
I giggled with delight as I rested back on the palms of my hands.
As she began licking my pussy, my body came alive with the most intense sensations I ever felt. I was so hot with desire, and just minutes, if not seconds from cumming. I moaned with pleasure as she cupped my butt and lapped away at me. I could sense she was trying to control herself so as not to be too rough with me. I knew she was just as needy and as turned on by the experience as I was. Her tongue flicked upon the length of my clit with gentle teasing jabs. Then she'd suck hungrily, savoring my taste and scent as one would savor a sweet treat they hadn't had in a while.
Weak with desire, my elbows buckled and I lay flat on my back. I lifted my legs and placed my feet upon her bony shoulders as the sexual tension grew. Higher and higher I went with each stroke of her wonderfully creative tongue as she applied just the right pressure in just the right places, never doing the same thing too long or not long enough.
While continuing to lick me, she probed my opening with her fingers. My high degree of moisture allowed her to easily slip inside me. Initially, since I hadn't had anything more than a tampon inside me for quite some time, I tightened up in pain. However, the pain soon became discomfort which then became pleasure. She slid in and out of me, but only for a few minutes, seeming to know and understand that this wasn't as important to me. I found clitoral stimulation much more satisfying.
Suddenly, Kya began to shudder. "Oh, my God!" she said in a shaky and very surprised sounding voice. "I've never felt like this before."
I knew she was as close as I was to cumming. I peered down at her. Her eyes were glazed with a desire I'd never before witnessed. Her face was flushed rosy red. Tiny beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. For a split second I wondered how she'd manage to quickly get herself together if there was a knock on the door, but I was in too much ecstasy to care. I needed to put my own fire out for once and for all.
On the verge of climaxing, my body rocked gently in rhythm with her tongue as it swiped up and down my clit. Seconds later I exploded, throwing my hand over my mouth to keep from crying out in the midst of pleasure. I came harder than I ever had before, my clit throbbing and pulsing, my flowing juices adding more moisture to that of her saliva. At that very instant she too, cried out a muffled, controlled sound of passion and release. We had practically cum together in our ecstasy.
"My gosh!" she cried, trying desperately to catch her breath and slow her heartbeat down as she pulled herself up off of her wobbly knees to sit on the bed beside me. "That's a total first for me. I've never before cum by licking pussy alone."
"Hope no one comes to the door too soon," I said trying to catch my own breath.
"Oh, please don't say that!"
We laughed heartily as we threw our arms around each other.
"It was wonderful," I told her. "I never experienced anything even remotely like it."
"Me neither," she said, gazing lovingly into my eyes. "I mean that, too."
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nice story
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that really hot
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that really hot
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