lesbian catfight

Tammy watched as Amber walked past her in the cafeteria. All week she had been waiting, hoping an opportunity would present itself to get that girl. Friday came along and Tammy knew that she had to strike today or else the weekend would be upon her, and then it would be too late to remedy the situation. She eyed the bitch walking across the cafeteria, food in hand, looking to sit down. One foot in the right place and everything would be on the floor. 'Nah, too obvious' she thought. 'I'll get you, bitch' thought Tammy as Amber walked by 'your pretty little ass is gonna be mine.'

Tammy finally got her opportunity in the locker room after gym class later that afternoon. By some strange coincidence, they were the last two girls in the place. She picked up a towel and quietly made her way over to where Amber was showering. To say that Amber was pretty was an understatement; she was a queen, a goddess who was perfect in every way. Dark auburn hair flowed down her shoulders, her hazel eyes flickered when she laughed and her soft full lips that seemed kissable at any moment made her the envy of the school. That's not to say that Tammy wasn't pretty, she was considered quite a hottie in most circles, but nobody compared to Amber. But that wasn't the reason she was after the girl. She had caught Amber with her boyfriend, she got there just in time to see her take his load into her mouth and watched as his cum slowly trickled out the corner of those beautiful lips. Tammy was livid but knew there was nothing she could do at the present so she bided her time. She would've done something right then and there, but common sense told her that she should wait for a better opportunity to make that 'bitch' pay. And now that time had come.

Tammy crept up to Amber and threw the towel over her face, gagging her. Amber was startled out of her trance under the shower and struggled to free herself, but Tammy was stronger than her wasn't letting up. She reached around and yanked hard on Tammy's hair. Tammy screamed and responded with a knee in the k**neys. 'You'd better think twice before trying to screw me over, bitch' she hissed into Amber's ear. 'So that's what this is all about,' Amber thought.

Despite her anger, Tammy was getting quite turned on. Her naked body was pressed tightly against Amber's and the frequent bucking from Amber was making Tammy's pussy moisten. Tammy suddenly had an idea. She pushed Amber onto the floor and positioned her moist pussy above the girl's face. 'Suck my pussy, slut!' she commanded. When Amber didn't Tammy slapped her across the face. 'Do it!'

Amber cringed from the slap, but realized that Tammy was not only stronger, but had the advantage. She gingerly stuck out her tongue and began licking Tammy's slit. It slid along the opening and slipped inside the velvet folds. Tammy let out a gasp and moved her pussy closer to Amber's face. Amber, however, had gotten a rhythm going and was getting quite turned on by the noises Tammy was making. Tammy's pussy was very wet now, and Amber's tongue had no problem sliding in and out of the girl's pussy. She could feel the muscles contracting and knew that the girl was on the brink of her orgasm. She pulled out of Tammy, moved up to her clitoris and sucked it into her mouth. Her tongue flicked on it repeatedly. Amber managed to free her hand; she brought it up to Tammy's pussy and thrust two fingers deep inside of her. The extra attention on her pussy brought Tammy over the edge as her pussy began spasming and contracting violently. Amber continued finger fucking Tammy and sucked hard on her clit. Tammy screamed and collapsed on Amber as a stream of cum shot out of her pussy, her whole body quivered in delight as the orgasm rolled through her body.

Amber managed to crawl out from under her attacker, but now she had no intention of fighting back. She crawled over to where Tammy was lying and climbed on top of her; her lips brushed against Tammy's before settling in for a full kiss. 'God, that was amazing' Tammy finally managed to say. Amber smiled and kissed her again. 'I want you, baby' Tammy whispered. Amber smiled and got up, pulling Tammy up with her. Amber took her by the hand and led her over to the changing room. The whole place was empty except for the two girls and their stuff. Amber walked over to where her clothes were, sat down on the bench and spread her legs invitingly. Tammy followed her and knelt down on the floor beside her. She looked up at amber and smiled, her hands massaged Amber's supple breasts and her tongue drew playful lines up and down her inner thighs. Amber couldn't take any more of this torture; she spread her legs wider and took hold of Tammy's head, gently guiding it to her pussy. Tammy took the cue and started licking around Amber's pussy. She slid her hands down and gently parted the girl's labia, allowing her to have a better view of Amber's aroused pussy. Her tongue brushed along the outer edges of her vagina before sliding it in as deep as she could.

Amber lifted her ass off the seat to allow Tammy to penetrate her deeper, but in stead Tammy pulled out, got up, and walked over to her stuff. 'Just a second baby,' Tammy called over her shoulder 'I'm just getting something to help me out.'

She came back holding a small, pink vibrator in her hand. She put it up to Amber's lips; amber opened her mouth to let the toy into her mouth. When the phallic object was moist enough Tammy pulled it out and brought it down to Amber's waiting pussy. She teased the opening with it before sliding it in and turning it on. Amber moaned, closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. Tammy slowly worked it in and out building up a rhythm. Her tongue ran up and down the slit and softly massaged Amber's clitoris.

'harder!' Amber moaned. Tammy responded by turning the vibrator up and thrusting it deeper. Amber's moans got louder and her legs started twitching. Tammy continued fucking her pussy and gently slapped her clit with her free hand. 'That's it! Harder!' Amber gasped. Tammy turned up the toy to its top notch and pumped it in and out. 'Yesssssss!..' Amber screamed as she felt the orgasm ripping through her body. Tammy pulled the vibrator out and replaced it with her tongue as she frantically tried to lap up as much of Amber's sex juice she could.

Amber's hands were trembling as she stroked Tammy's hair. 'don't stop, it feels soooooo good.' She cooed. Tammy was more than happy to oblige and continued sucking Amber's sweet pussy. Just when Amber thought things couldn't get better she began to feel a second orgasm coming on. She screamed and bucked her hips into Tammy's face releasing another wave of cum and soaking her face and hair. Then she slumped back into the chair and closed her eyes. Tammy got up and sat on Amber's lap. Amber stuck her tongue out and licked her cum off of Tammy's face before kissing her. 'Next time bring your boyfriend along, we'll see how well he holds out.'
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4 years ago
loved it hot as hell
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very good excellent
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hell yeah
4 years ago
Very very hot! Loved the slap at the beginning