wife invites friend to join us

This is a TRUE Story

This was is 2006 after 6 months since my wife told me that a friend of mine told her he'd like to fuck her. I talked with him and told him to keep coming over and Partying with us and eventually she's let us do a 3 way with her.
The time was a Sat. Night when my friend named Sean stopped by to party and caught my wife of (at that time) 34 yrs. in a Net, Black Teddy with a snap crotch on and was getting d***k.
Sean came in and began to drink with her as I got stoned. Soon she (Shreen) was d***k and went to lay down up stairs in our bed. As Sean played on the Game Console I went to check up on Shreen.
I walked in our room door as it stood open wide. She laid there on the bed not under the blankets. I sat next to her and began to grope and than fondle her as she watched TV and suggested, "why not lay on the couch?" Shreen asked instead, "would you mind if Sean came up here instead of being all alone down there? Think he would come up here?"
I tell her he'd do it for sure. So Shreen calls down to him, "Sean, want to come up here and join us?" He replies, "sure." We wait 4 minutes and Shreen begins to question her decision. I tell her that if she changes her mind now he'll think I made you. I'll see what is taking him. I go down stairs to check.
I tell him he better hurry or the offer will be pulled. Then back up and got into bed next to Shreen and began to finger bang her wet pussy. Within 2 minutes Sean came up and stood in the doorway looking at Shreen with her body covered from the waist down and seen my hand moving under the blankets as I fingered her with 3 fingers.
Shreen tapped on the bed and told him to come get into bed next to her. As Sean did, she suggested I put in a Porn Movie to get us in the mood but we were already in the mood but I put in one.
Slowly I ran my hand up her body up to her tits and uncovered them as her nipples stood erect and I looked at Sean and asked if he'd like to play with a tit? he said sure and began to fondle and suck her nipple and I pulled the blankets down till the where at her knees and her pussy was out in the open as she opened her legs and I fingered her once again.
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2 years ago
grat story......
3 years ago
this is real