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I apologized for English: traction google
The first blog for me.
I will not tell you now my various sexual games that I play only what I do now.
You like to learn to know me if I continued my blogs, but in short, almost no practices are not allowed and I try and pushed back even further my fantasy (which is often at the stage of fantasy).
All this to tell what I'm doing now and especially for your comments and suggestions.
So, here is my perversion of the moment:

I am currently writing the testicles tied with 10 turns of rope for 30 minutes (see picture profile to imagine). My excitation is huge, my penis is engorged with bl**d, not by the cord, but by the imagination to see you read this blog ...
This is going to do five days I play a reppousser my limits: 5 days do go on and I think all this week to see the result.
Denial ........... ..................
Every time when I can take some time, I start a handjob which end up not enjoy this:
I ground the tail to the excitation maximum and STOPPP is stopped just at the last moment. when it is so close to ejaculation a few drop of sperm flows out of my sex.
the excitation is at its peak but it is even stronger when I think (and assume) the amount of sperm I produce when I would go after.
to be honest, I will go and fetch two clothespins that I put directly on my breasts. I tape more and the pain of the rope around my balls increases with time.
it becomes hard to resist me but I'll keep enjoying .... my instinct and desire back also sodomize me with a dildo is huge.
What dildo, the more I think about it, the more I want to have fun the washer (it's my greatest sin: all sizes are acceptable, I use the smallest to the largest rarely makes me crazy.
in all cases, ejaculation banned tonight.

I no longer has power to tell, we must act too. we will start slowly by my little plug:

length 15 cm, diameter 6.5cm.

enema before anal imperative ....

Back from the shower well down the pug in my ass, balls always tighten more and more pain caused by the clamps on my breasts.
I resume my writing but I can not take, I must touch me, I descended a gentle hand under my robe and begin a slow back and forth.
From the time I know my limits and I know that this game can last long if the movement is cool. however, difficult to write at the same time.
my cock is harder than ever. I massage gently with two fingers the tip of my penis with emphasis on the brake: huge sensation, in fact I think I'll enjoy ....
Stopp, I stop because the touch is too close to ejaculation. few drop of sperm, however, so my glans.
too hard to resist but it must continue. I spend my index finger gently on the tip of the glans to recover the drop of sperm and then I lick my finger gently.
is the only time I get to taste my cum, I always fantasy of drinking it after a lot of sex but I can not. too hard after orgasm.
I descended again and my hand shot edoucement on clothespins: houaaaa. delicious pain.

continuous descent, my cock is still hard: some lubricant on the finger and get more than a massage of the gland.

excitement is enormous, all my thoughts become extreme.

my immediate desires (realistic because I have what it takes)
- Tighten the proximity switch the cord around my balls: do not dessérage because when the pain becomes such that it becomes impossible to make it stronger.
- Play clothes pegs on my dick
- Me dildo 1 - big plug
2 - double long (60 cm) in general I go 50.
3 - vibration: by insisting on prostate
4 - fisting ...

my urge to come back, do not touch: a new drop of semen flows from the tip of the glans, two very large drop.
Do not mix, j'eesuis gently with my finger and swallow it all.

I must calm myself, my desire to enjoy becomes unbearable. I wonder if I would not do a good prostate milking aténuer for the exit.
I look now, it's been over two hours that my testicles are tight and time that my breasts are sore.
You have to go down this despite the enormous desire to continue the game.
Gently take off the first clothespin: for those who have practiced, you know it's time the most terrible.
before falling back pain, I remove the other without opening it, but by pulling. mmmmmmmmh huge.
I then put this one on the underside of my penis and began to undo the knot of the cord.
I take this one, the first round is no problem but I get to the end, the pain becomes. the last round is terrible.

not stop there, I took over the first clip over another and I put them back on seins.mmmmmh

my testicles are still blue, I start to massage them a hand. I began slowly down my penis and jump when I touch the clothes peg fixed always on my glans.
I start then back and forth slowly. I feel even more pushed in my plug in my ass. I then began to soritr gently to dilate the anus and goes suddenly.
I repeat the process several times and then I can not, I must expand the hole. I'll get my second plug (15cm in diameter and 9).
after well lubricated, I landed on my desk chair and starts to sit down gently.
if I could not feel the other, it make me the effect.
done well filled beyond my ass by my me feel good dilate. I get up slowly encircling the well not to expel him.
it is so big that it is difficult and this one ended when even out. I resumed my position rests and seat expansion.
Then I remove the clip from my penis to regain my little massage.quelques minutes and again it stops flowing and sperm.
last small drop on my tongue because I know that if I continued, I could not stop.
the game will end for today, I withdraw the claws of my breasts, I remove my big hands and I plug the other that fits easily. I'll keep this one up going to bed.

I leave you now to go clean my accessories and I hope that this first evening you will be more.
thank you for your comments and feel free to let me scenario ....


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