Come a long way for sex.

I called you an hour before I got there just to listen to your voice telling me what you wanted to do to me. As I drove and listened I stroked my cock through my pants. I saw the exit and pulled off. It started to rain. I turned on the wipers and mentioned it to you. You asked how close I was and I said I was five minutes away.

“Hurry up!” you said, “I’ll be waiting outside”.

“It’s raining” I replied, “and you’re in your PJ’s”

“I know, hurry up or I’ll be soaked right through”

My foot pressed on the gas. When I pulled up I saw you sitting outside your building’s front door. Your hair is soaked. Streams of water were running down your face to and neck and streaming between your breasts. The front of your pajama top is stuck to your chest. My crotch felt warm and my balls felt tight as I saw you stand up. The air was warm but I could tell the water was cold because little bumps poked through your top. My cock filled with bl**d. I grabbed my bag, put my keys in my pocket, and got out of the car. You stood up, completely soaked.

“Oh wow.” I said under my breath.

Your shirt clung to every shape of your body, accentuating your tits, hips and legs. I smiled to myself when I noticed that I could see your pink polka dot underwear through your pants. I walked up to you and it hit me that this will be the first time our bodies actually touch. I had been everywhere and done everything on your body in my mind, but this would be the first time it’s real. I took off my jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. You purred as my smell and the heat of my coat ran over your body.

“I didn’t think it would be this cold”, you said.

I smirked at you, gave you a long kiss on the cheek with my mouth slightly opened, slid my hands into the jacket and rested them on your hips. Your body had warmed the wet shirt. It was very sexy.

“Hey.” I said as my hands ran up the sides of your body and along the outside of your breasts.

“You’re soaked” I said as your lip started to shake, “Lets get you out of those clothes.”

You smiled, wrapped your arms loosely around my neck and pressed your body against mine.

“I’m so glad your here! I’ve been waiting for so long”, you said to me.

“Is that what I think it is?” you said, looking down at my pants. You moved in close and reached for

Pressing your wet pants to my crotch, feeling out a bulge?

I laugh coyly, “no… it’s my keys, see?”

Fishing them out I hold up my keys for inspection. You turn to walk away from the front of the building to the side. Looking back at me over your shoulder as we pass through your door you reach back and put your hands over the top of my pants. Feeling around you find the obvious bump. Squeezing it gently, you open your mouth and let out a gasp.

“I was referring to this, I never thought you’d be so hard.” you say to me as you walk through the door and up the stairs.

I inarticulately say “Huh?!”

You giggle and quietly remark “Your muscles.. they looked good on the cam, they feel harder than I expected when I hugged you.” You shyly turn away “It’s nice.”

I follow you up the stairs, watching your bare feet leave footprints of water on each step. I look you up and down. Undressing you with my eyes. I catch your eyes on me the second we enter the second floor. I see that you are doing the same. You turn towards me and look me straight in the eyes. You place two fingers on your stomach near your abdomen and slide them under the elastic of your pants. I can see that you’ve lifted up the fabric of your panties tightly clinging to your body. You pull your hand slowly back out grasping a key between the fingers. You place it in the door and skip through. You hang my coat up and turn around. Pulling your soaked shirt off you toss it at me and head into the room to get changed. I peak around the door and see you pulling your pj pants down around your ankles and stepping out. You are standing in the low light of the room in just some pink panties. You turn and look at me over your shoulder. I can see the beautiful curves of your breasts.

“The camera does nothing for you, the real is better”. I walk up to you and scoop your breasts in my hands. You coo as my hands touch your sensitive skin. I nuzzled your hair back with my nose and place a couple of light kisses on your neck. I swirl my lips in tiny circles towards the front of your neck so I can peer down over your chest at my hands grasping you. You turn and press your breasts tightly against my shirt. Still damp from the light dousing of rain it received you get a chill and pull away slightly. You start with the top button of my shirt and as soon as it parts revealing the shadows cast by my pecks you begin to kiss the skin behind each button as you move down and down… and down. My body quivers as the touch of your warm lips proceeds past my navel to the top of my pants. I feel my penis bulge as you undo my belt buckle. Your slap your hands on my chest from your kneeling position and sc**** them over my chest and abs until they end up resting on my thighs. Pop! The top button is undone and my cock starts to take shape. Your hands firmly slide around and grab my ass. You put your lips on my zipper and pull my ass cheeks apart while you pull the zipper down. I groan deeply. The second your mouth releases my zipper I stumble backwards to the nearest wall for balance. My pants fall down around my ankles.

“You’re good”, I remark.

“I’m just getting started with you, hon.”

“Oh damn”. Topless with your skin showing a beautiful shear from light bouncing off the moisture on it you crawl over to my resting place on the wall. You grab my boxers by the top. Pulling them down to where you can see my erect dick but not letting it bounce out from the elastic you pull me away from the wall.

“You have to stand on your own. I don’t want you to cum too quick, and I’m really good at this”, you say in an incredible seductive voice.

“Woah, w… w… we’ll see.” I clumsily reply.

Tugging harder and harder on the elastic, my boxers clinging to the bulge of my butt in the back, finally you pull the fabric under the complete length of my shaft. My dick springs up. I let out a gasp as I feel your eyes on my penis as it stands full in the cool air, inches from your lips. Running your index finger and middle finger across my scrotum you ask “do you like this”.

“Uh huh”

Grasping my cock firmly in your hand you give a tight squeeze and slide it to the top. I groan. You pull it up as high as you can. My balls bulge outwards. As I see your lips going in for the kiss I look away, so I won’t be overwhelmed with the visual. Then I feel it. Your tongue touched first, followed by your lips sliding along the same path as your tongue. Closing your lips around the testicle I can feel you sucking and moving to another spot with your tongue and then sucking again. The whole time you’re moaning and I’m trying to ignore it. The sound of your pleasure turns me on and I don’t want to blow my load all over your face. Not yet, anyway.

You take my hands in yours and place them on my cheeks. You motion for me to pull them apart so I do. You run your fingers down the inside of my butt. The feeling of your mouth on my testicles and the feeling of your fingers near the hot spot of my ass makes my cock swell instantly. Seeing the size of my dick grow your fingers rush my asshole. I get weak in the knees as your fingertips swirl around the soft spot. Just when I don’t think I can take any more I feel the hot warm slide of your tongue on my dick. Sliding in, and in, past the head and down the shaft. I squint with delight. I look down to see my manhood disappearing into your mouth, in and out, in and out. Saliva covered the entire length of the shaft. Just when I don’t think it can get any better I feel your lips touch my balls. The head of my cock squeezes down the back of your throat.

Watching you sucking on me turns me on like nothing else can. My head leans back and I stare at the ceiling. A strange room in a strange city. There’s a cold chill in the air from the rain. I peel back the fabric from my shoulders and let my already half-opened shirt fall to the floor.

I hear you moan happily as my full upper physique comes into your view. The hum of your purr vibrates up my shaft from your mouth. I can feel the tingling in my balls. The cool dampness of the air across my chest and back contrasts perfectly with the hot wetness of your mouth on my penis. I can feel your tongue massaging my purple head and I can’t resist any longer. As I pull your head off of me I feel your nails dragging roughly across my butt, leaving bright red scratches behind. A soft moan slips from my lips as your mouth sips and sucks on the tip.

“Okay, have it your way” you say to me as you move from the floor to your feet and begin kissing my neck.

I moan into your ear and nuzzled your neck with my nose. All the while you never let go of me. Softly stroking it in your delicate hands.

“I told you I give good handjobs” you boasted.

“You’re mouth has done most of the work so far so it doesn’t count” I respond.

“Hmphhh!” you grunt.

“Mmm!” You’re surprised as my hand finds its way to your clit as I start to rub it gently through your panties. You’re stroking feels unbelievable. My knees feel weak as I stroke you between your legs. With your free hand you slide your fingers around the top of your undies and pull them over your bottom. They fall to the ground as my hand finds it’s new resting place on the bare soft skin at the top of your pussy. I can feel your wetness as my fingers slide back and forth. Every time I apply pressure my fingers start to slide inside you. You pout and tell me “go inside me”. Our eyes lock as your pelvis starts to grind in an inverse motion to my with my fingers.

“I want it” you gasp in my ear as you bit the lobe.

You squeeze your hand tightly around me so that there is no doubt in my mind what you want. I kiss your cheek and your eyes lit up. As your head slowly turns towards me your hair brushes my face.

“We had our first blowjob before we had our first kiss” I sarcastically remark. To which you sharply replied “shut it” as you quickly embraced my lips with yours.

At first your lips massaged my upper lip, then your tongue gently touched my lower lip just before your wet lips embrace mine. My lips and tongue move over your upper lip as we kiss and switch, kiss and switch. The entire time we’re kissing we don’t stop stroking each other between the legs. We are both ready to blow. Your heavy breathing breaks the kiss and as you look into my eyes your hands stop what they’re doing and grab my shoulders. I can feel the weight on my back grow as your knees begin to quiver. I notice your red cheeks as you let scream, “Ooo! OH!”

You push my hand away from your pussy and smirk shyly. “That shouldn’t have happened”.

I chuckle and say “I’m glad, takes the pressure off me.”

“Oh no you don’t mister, I want you to give me another one” you remark as you lightly tap my penis on the head. “and I want it right now” you say to me as you turn and saunter to the bed.

You turn around and sit down with a sexy curve to your back. You pull yourself onto the mattress and swirl the sheets under your hands. They travel from the sheets to your body. As your eyes stare into mine, your hands rub your breasts and chest seductively. Your legs slide together, pushing yourself into a pleasing position. I can tell you’re applying pressure to your clit, still warm and bothered from your impromptu orgasm. Your legs part and you stare at me from in between.

“It’s all yours, come and get it.” Now your stare is focused on my crotch.

“Hmm… it’s nice” I say.

“It feels even better, come, stick it in… I want you inside me.”

I bounce over to the bed. Hover over top of you and put the head of my cock against your wet spot. Your hands grab my butt and you pull towards you as quickly as you thrust your pussy on my cock. It’s now deep inside you and we both moan gratifying. Your pussy is slick and smooth, and tight too, in a matter of a few early energetic strokes I have to slow down before I blow my load.

“I want you to cum inside me, it’s okay” you say to me. my thrusting continues as you feel my head swell inside you.

Your gasping continues as your back arches. Your breasts touch my chest.

“Keep talking like that and I won’t have a choice in where I cum”

“really?” you slyly remark, “well let me tell you, you can cum anywhere, in my pussy, my mouth, on my tits, where do you want to cum?”

“Awww… not yet.” I pull myself out.

I can feel you squeeze me with your groin trying to keep me in. I gesture you to turn over I kiss you softly on your breasts and mouth. I help you flip onto all fours in front of me.

“Oooh, I like where this is going” you say to me while looking over your back. I watch you arch your back, pushing your puss out from between your legs. You spread your legs a little, estimating the height of my cock as I kneel on the bed behind you. I press into your slit again, not expecting it to be so tight. I go slow because it’s still tight but you pull me into you. We both let out a moan and I see you biting your lip. A smile crosses my face. Our groove quickens as our bodies begin to sweat. As we get faster and faster I slap your cheeks with my open hand. I pull your butt as tight to me as possible as my penis swells and blows hot cum inside you.

We both collapse in a sweaty cuddle and I finger your pussy until the quivering subsides.
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