Keep the Change

When I was eighteen, I had a summer job as a bank teller. It was a decent job that had it's perks. Every Saturday the business customers would drop off their week's earnings. It was pretty straight forward, deposit the checks and cash then give them back a specified amount of change; so many rolls of quarters, so many rolls of dimes...that sort of thing. I was really good at my job and took pride in making sure I got everything right the first time.

One of my favorite customers was Mrs. X the 40-something, grocery store owner's wife. In part because she was so friendly and would always wear really low cut tops that would show off her perky c-cup breasts. She was in awesome shape from running and swimming in the pool at their house. Whenever she came into the bank my post-pubescent imagination would go wild. We'd flirt and exchange glances every chance we had. I could tell she liked me but never thought it meant anything.

Then one day I was managing a transaction for another customer when one of the other tellers tapped me on the shoulder and said, a customer had requested me specifically. It was Mrs. X. She had her normally list of deposits, change instructions, but instead of coming into the lobby as usual, she was at the drive-thru window. I noticed she was wearing a bikini top and large dark sunglasses covering her eyes. She was driving a large black SUV and had to lean out the window to reach the drawer, pressing her breasts against the edge of the window as she leaned out. I could barely speak and fumbled clumsily with the checks and cash as I stole glance after glance at her perfect, full breasts. Finally I passed the change pouch and receipt through the drive-up drawer and thanked her for stopping by. Without a word, she smiled and slowly pulled away.

An hour or so later, the phone rang and Mrs. X was furious. I forgot her change! Although I followed her instructions to the letter, I was after-all very distracted, I thought…I apologized profusely and offered to set the change aside. She was inconsolable and insisted that I bring it to her home immediately. I gathered up my things, clocked out, and headed straight for her house. When I arrived the front door was open just a crack and a note read, Come in, leave the change on the kitchen table, and meet me out back. My heart sank, imagining the stern lecture I was about to endure.

I crossed through the kitchen and out the sliding glass doors leading to the pool. She was nowhere to be found. Then her silky voice hissed from behind me, “It’s terribly hot isn’t it?” She handed me a glass of water and slid past me. I was frozen by surprise and could feel my cock stiffening at the sight of her tan, toned body glistening with sweat under the hot sun. I took a deep gulp of the water she’d handed me and began blubbering on about how sorry I was to have messed up her order. She lowered herself into the water and stared back at me as I struggled to speak with the bulge in my pants growing larger and more pronounced with every passing second. After I had finished apologizing profusely she asked me if I wanted to cool off in the pool. I complained that I hadn’t brought along a bathing suit to which she replied, “no one’s going to see you and I will never tell.”

I sheepishly stripped down to my underwear, boxer shorts which were enough like a bathing suit but did nothing to hide my raging hard-on. My rock hard 8 inch cock strained against my thin, white cotton boxers. I leaned quickly stood up and dove into the water, hoping she might not notice my obvious erection. To my horror, when I surfaced I was face to face with her and my boxer shorts were floating somewhere behind me. She just giggled and wrapped her arms and one leg around me. My cock pressed up against her and I could barely keep from cumming when she gently kissed my lips. She pulled away from the kiss and slowly began untying her bikini top, letting it fall from around her shoulders and lie floating in the water. She then grasped my throbbing cock and began stroking me slowly while staring deeply into my eyes. She didn’t say a word as I gasped with pleasure and came in her skilled hands.

Without missing a beat she pulled me into a deep passionate kiss. Her firm nipples pressed against my chest as her fingers explored every inch of my muscular, still quivering body. After kissing and probing my body thoroughly she pulled away and said, “now it’s my turn.”

She took my hand, leading me out of the pool and towards the Jacuzzi. I took a seat in the hot roiling water as she positioned herself on the edge of the hot tub with her legs on either side of me. I buried my face in her pussy, ravenously devouring the hot flesh behind her bikini bottoms. Her suit was cut high over her hips and barely covered her hot succulent lips. I could taste her hot delectable juices through and around her suit. Her clit pushed up hard against the fabric as I eagerly gnawed and licked. She began to grind her pussy, hard against my mouth and I realized she was already cumming! Her body tensed up and she reared back as she cooed softly, “Don’t stop, I’ll cum again if you don’t stop!”

I kept licking harder, and harder. Gulping and sucking hard against her suit, furiously sucking her throbbing clit through the fabric. Again she started to shake and rock forward against my eager mouth, this time clutching my hair and forcing my face had against her sopping wet pussy. Once her shuddering subsided and she pushed my head back and ordered me to fuck her. My cock snapped to attention, obediently heeding her command. I quickly untied the sides of her bikini bottoms to reveal her neatly shaved pussy. She parted her succulent pussy to expose her pink and succulent clit. I rubbed my cock against it, allowing the juices to lubricate the head before easing it deep insider her. The sensations and heat were overwhelming. Her hot wet body gleamed in the sunlight as she lay on her back taking all 8 inches of my stiff cock. I slowly pumped in and out of her, letting the full length of my still thickening cock strain the sides of her hot moist pussy. Her hand furiously worked her clit as I slowly and methodically pumped in and out of her. She used her other free hand to twist and pull hard at her nipples, all the while moaning and cooing at me with pleasure. She began to rock her hips beneath me and whispered for me to go faster. I obeyed her every command, pumping her faster and faster as she twisted and shook beneath me. “I’m cumming again!” she cried as her eyes fixed on mine. She then reached out and grasped my ripe bubble-butt, driving my cock still deeper inside her. The warm wet sensation of her juices pushing out around my cock was too much to bear and I too began cumming. My eyes stilled locked with hers, my mouth dropped open and I yowled, “Oh my gawd!!!” I strained against her hips, forcing myself deeper and deeper insider her as each gooey stream poured out of my cock and deep insider her waiting pussy. I collapsed atop her as her arms wrapped instinctively around me. I was spent and unable to move as she slowly circled her hips beneath me, feeling her now messy, cum filled pussy slowly draining around my balls and dripping down my legs.

Finally, I struggled to my feet only to fall back into the Jacuzzi, washing the afternoon’s pleasure from my spent and rubbery body. She slowly stood and went inside. She returned wearing a robe and handed me a towel to dry off with. I took my cue from her, dried myself off, and started getting dressed. She thanked me for providing her with such impeccable customer service and invited me to come by for a swim anytime. “Oh and next time” she said, “bring a friend!”
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Thanks for checking it out!
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yes very hot
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great story well written and hot