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Gus took one step out of the LAX airport after waiting about an hour for his luggage and shivered. It was a cool 66 degrees in the sunshine state. It was January but, a lot colder than he expected. The Philly native hadn't been to LA in years but, was glad to be back. "Semi 9 fit me fine hit a nigga twenty times" a verse from his favorite wayne song, his phone was ringing. His Grandpa Willie was calling he had arrived to pick him up. The 05 ruby red maxima he rolled up in was clean the rims were stock but gus knew they had to at least be 20s. G-Hey grandad! Thanks for taking time off to run me around.GW-No problem Gus how was the ,flight? Grandpa Willie was there to take him to his new school to fill out some paperwork and help him move into his dorm. The two hugged and after a few formalities and throwing the luggage in the trunk they were cruising down the 405 to santa monicas art school chatting away about the flight and the fact that that Tina, his grandmas god daughter was staying at the house for a few days. Gus smiled remembering how last thanksgiving he'd ended up Hooking up with her in his aunts playroom. His girlfriend had decided they needed a break and he confided in tina. It was her first orgasm and his first time with gymnast. They ended up not speaking after gus's girl decided the break was over and gus took her back. At the school he was surprised that the campus wasn't like the ones hed visited on college tours in high school but rather a building in a business park whic was highly dissapointing. During his placement test his his girlfriend called. Her name was Keke gus was annoyed by her voice but addicted to her company. She was a cute dark chocolate girl. Dark brown almond shaped eyes kind of a big nose but it fit her face, pouty lips and long brown curls accentuated her young face. perky c cup breasts on her petit frame and the fact she wore a size 3 with a more than ample bubble was part of the reason gus hadn't broken up with her when he decided to go to california for school. He figured he'd be visiting home every chance he got. The other part was fear of another attack... Keke and gus had been together for about a year he was 18 and she was 16. She was a cheerleader he was the 1st string reciever on the football team. So far keke had hit gus with an umbrella a backpack, a baton, and whatever else she could pick up. Keke had a hell of a temper and gus was a guy that played too much. K- What you doin?. G- taking a test babe what's up? Gus was in a room alone taking the test and no one was really paying attention to him after they tossed him in front of the testing cpu. They talked about the flight the weather and how horny they both were gonna be since they had sex almost every chace they got when he was back in philly. After about 10 mins of sex talk, they exchanged goodbyes. After the test gus found out he didn't have a dorm yet along with about 15 other students he was gonna be housed at an extended stay america but that wasn't gonna be ready until tommorow afternoon. Which meant a night at his grandparents house. Which also meant confronting tina. Down the 405 up the 105 and into compton. Guss grandparents didn't live in the worst part of compton actually they lived in a nicer suburb of compton called sunny cove. When they arrived home the house was empty which was pretty normal. Both of gus's grandparents had full time jobs. Gus stowed away his luggage under the stairs. after looking around gus figured he would be sl**ping in the den on the couch in front of grandads 62 inch screen. It was around 9 but to gus it felt more like midnight. His Grandad gave him a blanket and a pillow and as he expected and directed him to the couch. As gus layed down he realized how tired he actually was and passed out immediatly.

Gus! Keke whispered gus opened his eyes and it was his girlfriend. He was confused but glad to see her. K-you miss me? But for some reason gus couldn't talk so he nodded a silent yes. As she kissed him she sucked his tounge she always did that. It was her signature Her kisses tasted like strawberry trident. Gus didn't care how she got there all he knew was that she was starting to undress and he should do the same which was easier for him since he slept in shorts and a beater. 3 second and he was completely nude and helping her strip. Gus loved kekes nipples the areolas were big and a lighter shade of brown than her body and as soon as her bra was off he was on them. Licking and sucking them like a perverted baby and rubbing his face in between them. She dropped her purple lace thong on his head and kissed him again. Keke pushed him down and out of the mammaries he love so much and licked his nipples. She knew that turned him on. Continuing her way south she kissed his chisled athletes body chest abs then grabbed his semi stiff phallas and put it all in her warm mouth which she wouldn't be able to do when he got fully erect. She could barely go past half way when he was all the way hard She licked and slurped on his manhood until it was rock hard. she was about to mount him when she lost her balance they both fell of the couch.

Gus opened his eyes to "nigga you gay!" it was the boondocks cartoon on tv. He looked around no keke but tina was there. Laughing at her favorite cartoon. T- hey boy looks like you were having a good dream. She pointed at his throbbing member poking out the leg hole in his ball shorts. T- so you miss me? G- just a little bit... then he laughed as she relocated to sit next him. T- you know I missed you. She started touching his subsiding erection. Gus moved away from her but she corned him at the end of the sofa. She moved in to kiss him he turned his head giving her cheek. T- don't act all new now boy! You know you want me... Gus couldn't lie tina was sexy and after that dream his hormones were going crazy. Gus started to tell her no but she put her index finger over his lips shushed him and started removing her clothes. Speechless gus noticed how she had grown in the last couple months. Tina wasn't as busty as keke but her body was lacking for nothin. Long toned legs leading up to her phat shaven vagina her booty was thick and firm her stomach was hard and she had a sexy six pack that most women would kill for. Under the light of the television gus saw that her breasts had gotten bigger. When they first hooked up tina barely had a handful now she had almost a c cup. Tina was half panamanian and black with slanted eyes button nose and big sexy lips that were as soft as pillows. her hair was long and thick and she kept it natural and up in a bushy ponytail like this night. Gus was so captivated by tinas nude body he could barely move as she started toward him. Tina was a lot more agressive than keke and taller too she stood at around 5 10 she could have been easily been a model. She pulled off gus's shorts and boxers at once grabbed grabbed his dick and put it deep in her hot wet pussy. As she came down on it she let out a slight wimper She looked into guss eyes and whispered in his ear this is your pussy. And began rocking back and forth moaning gus started to feel her get tighter as his erection grew stronger. She kissed him as she rode his dick and the way she was sqiunting her eyes with a look of pleasure and pain gus could tell she hadn't had any in a while. Gus closed his eyes and enjoyed the ride. She sudenly stopped and put her a leg on each side of the couch doing a full split on his dick and started bouncing. All he could say was damn baby Gus felt himself succumbing to a climax so he lifted her off his manhood and into his face gus licked her pussy lips then kissed her hood. He sucked her swolen clit into his mouth and began to go to work. Up down left right not too hard but with enough pressure to make tina jerk spiratically. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter so much that it started dripping down gus's chin. That was his cue gus started licking circles around her clit clockwise then counter. Tina was holding onto gus's head as she shuddered and came hard drenching gus's chin and soaking his beater. Gus liked to keep licking after she came because her clit was extra sensitive but she was a runner ,the look on her face was priceless. After she came gus bent her over the couch and entered her from behind. She was soo wet it made a squish sound and Her thick ass felt so good on him and he had to reach around and cup her breast and play with her nipple. Tina stood up with his dick still inside her and grabbed the back of his head. Gus put his free hand on her face she began sucking his fingers he took his wet fingers and started playing with her clitoris while whe was stroking he felt himself coming G- I'm about to come baby. Tina bent over and started throwing it back until gus pushed her off his dick. Tina quickly turned around and started jerking his dick furiously with her mouth over the tip. G- I'm coming but tina just looked up into his eyes and winked. Gus came in tinas mouth hard and she kept sucking like she wanted every last drop. Tina went into the bathroom to spit gus never expected this would have happened. He put his clothes back on and thought about what just went down. He Layed on the couch staring blankly at the TV. Tina came back into the den minutes later still nude T-what no round 2?? gus gave a slight laugh. She was a piece of work. Tina curled up under gus and they fell asl**p.

Gus woke up earlier than usual that day. He told a groggy tina to go upstairs and sl**p in her bed before his grandparents came down and figured out what went down in their den. Gus took a shower and brushed his teeth. By the time he got out of the bathroom his granmother had already started Breakfast bacon eggs and grits. At breakfast tina wasn't there appearantly she was still sl**ping. Gus hoped to be on his way to his dorm before she woke up. Just as gus finished his breakfast tina came prancing down the stairs with the biggest smile on her face. Gus exited the dining room where everyone was eating and talking and posted himself in front ofthe tv. Tina scarfed down her food which was most likely cold by then and plopped dow next to gus so close she almost sat on him. T-so what are you doing today, boy G- school. I have to get my classes and move into my dorm.Tina started talking about her plans with his grandma but gus zoned out thinking about the move. He couldn't wait hed heard from his entrance councelor they had the best student housing in la. Even the extended stay sounded pretty cool free cable wireless and it was literally a block away from the mall. After the dishes were done and the table cleared gus loaded his things into the car again and the set off for the school. When he arrived he was the only one there besides this beautiful caramel complected girl with green eyes and long wavy brown hair she had to be mixed gus thought. She was with an obviouslly gay man who resembled ryan seacrest. She introduced herself as Belle and the man as Colby. Gus was captivated by Belles beauty she wasn't dressed sexy in fact she was wearing overalls with paint stains but her face was gorgeous and her smile was big and welcoming. She had perfect teeth and even though she was wearing frumpy clothes her curves were undeniable. Gus reached out to shake their hands Colby first then Belle G-Hi, im Gus. Then he hit her with those honey brown eyes and a soon as the connected she seemed a little more girly. Gus knew at that moment it was gonna be hard to focus in this sunshine state but, he was up for the challenge
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