Time with Claire.

On my way from work, walking in the rain i passed through the town centre, popping into several shops in order to stay dry.
Entering one shop i held the door for a lady following me in, as she passed she dropped something from her bag. I picked up what i could now see were a bunch of keys with several key fobs attached.
"Excuse me", I said.
The lady turned and looked at me, "Yes" she replied.
"Oh, i think these are yours", i said as i held out the keys.
"Yes they are, thanks"
handed the keys over and the lady smiled. She was smaller than me and now that the umbrella she was holding was out of the way i could see she was blond haired and had a pretty face.
She smiled again and said," Thanks, its so wet out there, i just came in to get out of the rain."
"Know the feeling, i'm doing the same."
She undid her coat and i saw that she had massive tits, a low cut jumper showed her cleavage well,i must have been staring when she said," I'm going for a coffee to warm up, let me buy you one for handing me my keys."
"Yeah, great, thanks", I said.
I followed the lady over to a small cafe, we ordered and sat down sipping at our coffee.
"I'm Claire." she said.
"I'm Phil, good to meet you."
We chatted , and i occasionally looked at her cleavage wondering what her tits looked like.
She wore a dark colour skirt with snall black heeled shoes, guessing i would say she was about 55 years old.
We talked further and found out that we lived close to each other, i explained that i was walking home and she offered me a lift in her car which was parked nearby.
By the time we left the cafe the rain had all but stopped, we walked to Claire's car and with my directions she drove towards my house.
As we entered the estate i lived on she turned right instead of left.
"Just got to nip back home then i will drop you off Phil."
" No problems."
Claire pulled onto a driveway and parked.
"Just going to pop in an get something, you can come in if you like." Claire said.
I nodded and followed Claire into her home. The hallway was well decorated, I followed Claire into her lounge, she turned and looked at me.
"Phil, i could feel you looking at my tits when we had coffee."
I blushed and said," Sorry, its just that they are big and your cleavage was on show."
"I know, that's the kind of reaction i like." Claire said.
She stepped towards me and placed her right hand onto my crotch, her left hand reached up and pulled my head towards hers, kissing me and plunging her tongue into my mouth.
My cock was twitching and growing as Claire rubbed it through my trousers.
Still kissing her hands worked loose my belt and undid my trousers zip, my trousers fell to the floor and Claire released my cock from my underwear.
Claire looked down and then looking at me smiled, she knelt down and started to lick my shaft , cupping my balls in her hands, taking my bell end into her mouth and licking the pre cum away from the tip.
She moved away and stood up, taking her jumper over her head i saw she was wearing a black lacey bra which she undid and pulled away from her massive tits.
Her tits hung down onto her slight stomach, the brown nipples puckered and hard. Claire started to touch her nipples, pulling them and twisting them slightly.
I held her tits and massaged them, kissing the nipples, sucking them into my mouth, flicking them with my tongue. Claire held my head in place pulling me in close.
I undid her skirt and let it drop, she wore dark colour tights and a pair of small panties. Through the tights and panties i massaged her cunt, she moaned and moved backwards towards a couch.
Sitting down Claire opened her legs i started to kiss her cunt through the tights making her move slightly and moan with pleasure.
I tore the tights and opened up a hole , pulling her panties to one side i saw a shaved cunt, her cunt lips were wet and i licked and sucked at them.
With my fingers i found her hole and pushed two fingers in, she was surprisingly tight and very wet. I licked her and played with her clit with my tongue, pushing my fingers into her until she came , her cunt tightening around my fingers and a small amount of juice dribbled onto my tongue.
Claire moved and took her tights and panties off. She turned away from me knelt down on all fours and raised her arse towards me.
Her hand reached through and took my cock, pulling me towards her cunt, i placed the end of my cock at her opening and pushed in slowly. Back and forth slowly as she cupped and squeezed my balls.
I licked my thumb and pushed it slightly onto her arse hole, entering her arse a little at a time until my thumb was all the way in. I could feel my cock moving and started to massage the inside of her arse with my thumb.
Claire was moaning and said," Now my arse, put your cock in."
I withdrew my cock and pushed it into her arse, her cunt juice lubricating my entry. Claire gasped and started to rub her cunt and clit making herself cum again.
As she came i fely my cock begin to tingle and my balls tightening.
Claire must have sensed my impending explosion and pulled away from me. She took my cock in her mouth and started to suck and pull at my balls with her hands.
I tried to hold on but came long and hard into Claires mouth, her tongue cleaning my shaft and tip.
Claire let my cock slip from her mouth, my cum dribbling from her mouth onto her tits where she rubbed her nipple with my cum.
"I love the taste of cock after its been in my arse.", Claire said.
I just laid back on the couch, Claire lay on top of me, her tits pushing into me and her wet cunt on my leg.
Claire began to kiss me, the taste of my cum and her flicking tongue started to arouse me again.
Claire took my now hardening cock in her mouth and started to suck and lick me to full stiffness. Facing me she position her cunt over my cock and pushed herself down onto my shaft.
She was so wet, moving backwards and forwards and playing with her tits.
I puled at her nipples making them hard and stand out.
She got off my cock and sat on my face where i could lick her and lay with her arse, she came and her arse and cunt got wet with her juice. She started to wank me into her mouth until i came again shooting my load over her face and tits.
We lay together for some time talking about sex and our experiences.
After a while we swapped telephone numbers and i left.
Later that same evening we chatted and arranged to meet up the following weekend when he wanted me to meet a good friend of hers who wanted some young cock.

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