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Its just recently that my wife and decided that some time aaprt would be good. We were both kinda drifting in many ways. Maybe to clear our heads. Maybe to end and try new things in new lives. I'll leave the stories up becasue they are great.But anyone asking, we are nolonger together so really cant share her anymore, sorry!
Posted by phillybilly 10 months ago

[Story] The Business Trip

Hello All

As you can see I have a few stories on here but this one is not about my wife and I. As we got older, in our 40s now and started to branch out sexually when the nest was empty, we also took it upon ourselves to say that if something came up in a siutation, with another person and it was right and safe, go for it, life is tooooooo short.

My wife and her two best friends (one I have written about) took a weeks vacation on a criuse last year, just the girls and she related to me how the three of them took turns with a young bartender they meet. As we both say to each other, dont b... Continue»
Posted by phillybilly 10 months ago

[Story] My oh my wife!

Well, as all have seen here, I have a few stories. As we talked about, once the nest was empty, my wife and I explored many new things in life. This one however was unexpected.
After more than 20 years of marriage and especially the last few years, we have explored everything, toys, lotions, positions, holes, threesomes, gang bangs, but this one was interesting.
While not really being swingers we had watched videos and inquired about such things. Maybe its the thoughts of to many partners, but this is a little different.
About a year back, I had been away for business and had not talked to ... Continue»
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[Story] One wife, Four guys

Well, here is the story I promised of my wife and her fantasy. For a few years after our k**s were out of the house, we had indulged our kinky side. Of course that involved my wife with me and another women. One story I wrote, another I have still too write.

This one invloves My wife's fantasy and how we got there. One summer night, as I had my wife's face on the mattress and ass in the air, plowing her tight, well lubbed ass, with her moaning and thrashing around, I asked how much of a dirty whore she was, that she would like more guys with us, she moaned YES, I thought it was only pillow... Continue»
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[Story] My wife and I, our early life....

I have another story on here, but this starts much early. While not 'high school sweethearts' my wife and I got together at a young age. we were married not to long after that, I was 21, she was 20. This isn't maybe a hardcore sex story, although sex is certainly invloved, its about two young people in love, bonding over our situation. Her parents, my parents thought we were both crazy for marrying so young, but we didnt. I had a job with our local gas company and she was a secretrary at a law firm. We made ok money for two young k**s but knew things would change,

5 months after we were mar... Continue»
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[Story] Suprising the Wife

My wife and I have been married a while. She has been Bi-sexual for most of her life, she also has even been into taking on me and another guy, but thats another story.

We have a very healthy sex life, with each other, threesomes etc., She has a best friend that they are more like s****rs at times and she was always a little reluctant to act on her wish to have her.

So one night (my wifes good friend is married, but her hubby knows what she does for fun too) one night my wife went dancing with the girls from work. Now I had been talking to her friend, lets call her E, so I knew my wife... Continue»
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